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tv   Treasures of the World - Havanas Old Town Cuba  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2017 8:15am-8:31am CET

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before we go quick reminder the top story for you russian opposition leader i like saying that these bid to get his name on the presidential ballot has been rejected russia's election commission saying that he's ineligible to run against putin in next year's vote he took past criminal convictions the first watching t w news in the lead and do stay with us for more in the meantime you can always check on website for the very latest updates that steve you don't call. the. images from an isolated country images from the portfolio. any tell me is a toggle for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. a north korean diary starting december twenty eighth w.
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this sunday maria had sailed over eight thousand kilometers when the spanish sailor rodrigo de triana at last sighted land and shouted land a white it's cryan else the most spectacular error in the history of mankind instead of landing in india as he had intended discovered america to be exact. two weeks later he reached cuba. gradually this. of havana
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developed situated in a sheltered bay the jewel of the caribbean. was . was. in stark contrast to the modern metropolis the old town on the v.a. ha this never ceasing to and fro of old and new inside and outside noise and quiet gives her vanna a rhythm all its own. virtually
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nothing has remained in its pure and original state everything is a mixture and this is been going on for five hundred years ever since native americans began to intermix with europeans and later with africans to. god it was. god when sacred places seemed to exert a strong power at any rate visitors to the city love to come to the square where the say buck or silk cotton tree stands according to legend the city was originally founded under this magic tree but more important than the legend itself is the way the tree story has gone through so many versions in its history the native americans worshiped it the spaniards well the legend of the virgin mary around it and the africans naturally believe their. lived in its powerful branches.
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but despite the legends in the various religious beliefs surrounding the place the people of havana played safe and built powerful walls and well fortified citadels to protect themselves from infidels and conquerors and pirates. history doesn't record the fate of that governor of havana who set out to look for the source of eternal youth was he just too gullible or did he fall under the spell of another woman at any rate his wife went blind and spent the rest of her life waiting patiently for his return a woman remembered still as the perfect example of steadfastness strength of will and devotion. later a new fortress the citadel was built on the other side of the harbor entrance directly opposite its old counterpart at night a chain was stretched between the two castles so that no ship could enter unnoticed from then on the city was practically unassailable.
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than his coat of arms symbolizes the two main sources of the city's pride its position as the key to the new world and its determination to defend this position daughterly. was. the the. plaza view the old square with its hotchpotch of architectural styles and the dilapidated state of its facades and plaster work the square exudes an air of melancholy and.
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the sun blazes down on to the city two hundred fifty days a year temperatures rarely fall under twenty five degrees celsius during the day. where there is so much light it seems natural to make it a feature to play with it use it creatively and to give it artistic form. most all the larger buildings have decorative colored glass windows known as b. travis. was.
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hidden behind the rooms which face out onto the street pleasant courtyards open up beautifully decorated in bright colors. they could be drilled squares probably the most important center today the cathedral looks old but in fact it was built only two hundred years ago a soft coraline stone has been eaten away by the damp salty sea air. as are so often the case it's precisely the element which gave the city its well it is destroying it as a. court advantage became the gateway to the new world now sun and water and wind
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seem to be demanding back what was snatched from was the. are a. small wonder that the american author ernest hemingway wrote his famous novella the old man in the scene here the fish that the sharks reclaimed from the old fisherman in the story was a marlin a type of swordfish. it's a long time since any really rich people have lived in the old town they all moved long ago to modern villas on the outskirts the old palaces were left to share the fate of the cathedral and the rest of the old town until you nasco declare the whole ensemble a world heritage site. despite the country's poverty more and
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more buildings and court your rights were restored and today architecture and painting museums and dance ordinary school lessons and tourism mix and merge creating together the opportunity for a new culture to arise. now that the palaces are open to everyone the grills and railings on the houses served no practical function up to the last century they were made of richly carved wood and their primary function was to keep out the blinding sunlight and the prying looks of all too indiscreet neighbors these days they're made of wrought iron and look light and delicate despite the heavy material. cuba's former wealth was based on raw sugar and tobacco.
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tobacco is still a major source of income when columbus sent out his scouts to look for gold and other treasures they came back empty handed but they all told stories of strange chimney men with pipes in their mouth which glowed at the tip. it was able to be. a sealed. the main thing. a good day.
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the hotel in which nobel prize winning author and his hemingway once lived. he was an american the cubans are proud of he mixed with the people drank with them and helped to make another of cuba's important exports world famous. reputedly hemingway came every day to meet the dead may deal for his mohit duel a drink made a rum soda and displayed a fresh. all
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the palaces here tell the story of the people's history though the architecture comes from far away europe the people who live here on the way of life are indigenous to this world. ho. ho same the cuban national hero was aware of this thanks to him the native americans the blacks and the peasants learned to cope in their own way with life in the big unfriendly city. on the malecon the longest coastal prominent in the whole world we can see again what makes her venice so special the countless different styles of architecture and the melancholy air of the people but here the open sea let some freedom and some hope into the crowded old town maybe that's why this is a favorite place for lovers to meet when darkness begins to fall. every evening at nine o'clock. in the history quiet this used to be the signal for
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the closing of the city gates today it startles newly arrived tourists for the local people it's simply something to set their watches. to cause the big song. yeah from the sun news it's a kind of culture war the new song astronomic. good morning.
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the family. is a son of the revolution. of tunisia since the revolution he's been working to strengthen the young democracy. fighting for the environment jobs and against brother. believes in the power of his generation. for tunisia's future. isn't in sixteen it's no new. freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history. but so poor. this makes it especially difficult for an depend.
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i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the. song might get along the way some might follow. with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is life experience of the day you can visit but your call come back from. my name is your fish food and i work and. i don't want to look at the video was.


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