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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. in transport. find out what you can do today. this is the w. news live from berlin brushes opposition leader calls on voters to boycott next year's presidential polls and south of the country's election commission alexei navalny from running against president putin an outspoken critic of the kremlin
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avali has vowed to appeal the decision. also on the program from the outside world in austria a massive rockslide has blocked access to over one hundred people in a remote valley. and fresh clashes erupted in peru over the pardon granted to former lead to alberto fujimori protesters accusing the current president head of the christians of issuing the pardon to save his own career. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a thanks for joining us russian opposition leader alexei not only has been barred from running in next year's russian presidential race the country's election commission ruling him ineligible to take part due to a suspended prison sentence that nirvana he says was trumped up the opposition
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leader believes the move to stop him running is aimed at stifling any possible challenge to a further term in office for president vladimir putin. the election commission's vote was a setback for no vaal me twelve of the thirteen members supported the motion to bar him from running in next year's election with one member abstaining earlier the commission argued the opposition leader was in eligible due to a past conviction for embezzlement. the crime which alexei until you gave it was charged with is a serious one which deprives a person who committed that crime of the right to run for the post of russian federation president. no valving can sense the charge was trumped up to thwart his political ambitions speaking before the vote the kremlin critic said a candidate was needed to confront the country's problems. it's not about an
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avanti but a candidate is needed who will finally speak openly about everything taking place in our country now one who will describe our reality honestly the lack of any future prospects and the poverty i did that and that's why you want to allow me to take part in the election. that me and i will but it just moments after the commission's decision to reject his bid volumnia released a prerecorded message calling on supporters to boycott next year's vote when we announce a boycott of the election and. the way they want to carry out the vote is not a real election it will feature only putin and the candidates he has personally selected the ones who don't pose any threat to him they haven't campaigned and they will not campaign is better to look up on your. president vladimir putin is campaigning as an independent polls show him on course to win a fourth term. allowing him to stay in office another six years.
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time now for some of the other stories making the news around the world syrian rebel groups have rejected russian sponsored peace talks planned for january saying it was trying to bypass the u.n. sponsored peace process the rebel civil to accused russia of committing war crimes in syria and failing to put enough pressure on the syrian government. liberians are voting today in a runoff poll to choose a new president for international football a joint way is facing vice president shows if i were the analysts expecting a tight outcome when it will succeed president ellen johnson sirleaf she's stepping down off the twelve years is africa's first elected female leader. in yemen the saudi backed and strikes on the outskirts of the capital sana'a and fresh fighting elsewhere have left more than one hundred people dead over the past three days
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pro-government forces are pushing forward in an offensive against to thieve rebels as they try to reach the country's second largest port. and authorities in vietnam have been evacuated hundreds of thousands of people from low lying land on the mekong delta this is tropical storm tembin moves across the country's southern tip the storm earlier lashed the philippines where it left two hundred thirty people dead as a result of floods and landslides. now they've been fresh protests in clashes in peru over the release from jail of ex leader alberto for him already the former president who's now in hospital was granted a medical pardon the serving less than half of a twenty five year sentence he was imprisoned for corruption and human rights abuses that included overseeing forced sterilizations and illegal executions is a pardon comes by order of the current president had the public which in ski.
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protesters and police clashed on the streets of lima the anger over ex leader out there to feel he mores pardon isn't going away some demonstrators carry photos of victims saying during flu he mores decade in power. korea is current president pablo christian ski appealed to the people calling the pardon the most difficult decision of his life. i am convinced that those of us who consider ourselves democrats cannot allow alberto fujimori to die in prison justice is not vengeance. that families of four he mores victims see no reason to release him to him or in has served twelve years out of a twenty five year jail sentence for graft and human rights abuses. that if he has families the rights to justice that we have are being trampled we are here reacting with a rejection of that pradhan and demanding that all the processes be made more
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transparent in the manner that must be followed and according to the new music peruvian laws dictate what some people believe the circumstances surrounding the pardon are part of a political quid pro quo to keep the current president in power for their part though he maurice children are delighted by this turn of events. with just with my father his four children. and i can tell you that for him despite being in intensive care i feel it has been the happiest christmas of the past twelve years and you know. while some peruvians do support the move thousands more are in the streets demanding the current president's resignation. authorities in western australia are watching the mountains above the valley after a massive landslide buried the access road they're worried that some of the slopes
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also unstable more rocks could still come crashing down the landslide came on christmas eve with people in a nearby village lucky to escape. rocks keep falling adding to the tens of thousands of tons of rubble in the valley the mayor of vols says the precipice above the village still poses a risk that if the danger is far from over after the first helicopter flight today we thought we could clear most of the roadblock but during the day than it turned out there is still a risk of rocks coming down to play out in light of the ongoing danger all evacuations from the valley have been suspended leaving around one hundred thirty people cut off from the outside world the rockslide just missed a group of children on their way back from a christmas service locals say it's a miracle no one was injured. you know. it sounded like an earthquake
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the entire house was shaking we ran out onto the balcony where everything was dark there was a huge dust avalanche blowing down it was so dark and scary it was unbelievable everyone here in the valley just says it was unbelievable. the sole access road to the village now lies buried under fifty meters of rubble and might not be cleared until the middle of the week for those who are trapped there's one crumb of comfort because of the christmas holiday everyone was well stocked up on food. and the last couple of years hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria have used the circle balkan route to reach but many of them have had to leave loved ones behind them with a broken route clothes they remain separated from their families reuniting with family members is a complicated process and even when the german authorities approve bureaucracy in
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greece can prolong the wait. moore yod and his younger brother abdul rahman like living in cologne their new home but they say they can only be truly content when the rest of their family joins them the two brothers traveled along the balkan route from syria and arrived in germany two summers ago they've been waiting for their parents to join them legally ever since. people here told us it would only take about a month or two but two years have gone by in the meantime has been raising his little brother on his own he speaks with his parents every day on skype he says his mother has the same question each time. what did you do in school today. the rest of the alyssa family is stuck in the northern greek city of thessaloniki despite permission from german authorities they haven't been able to travel to cologne their case seems to be stalled in greek bureaucracy. it's so
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hard that so far away i wish i could give them a hug one of them was on the phone. for the family going back to syria is unthinkable even once the war ends one of five sons was shot dead in aleppo he was twenty two years old. they were bored they were both i mean i still dream about him all the time. in the last one he laid his head on my lap and i stroked his legs i told the military man that i missed him. the other children try to keep their parents' spirits up eighteen year old amar goes to school instead. but she's taught herself to speak german in hopes of joining her brothers in cologne and studying further she's tired of living in limbo and wouldn't even and. it's been two years since i've seen my brothers and all of us
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mother my siblings it's such a long time but i don't miss it so. in cologne the two brothers have to be patient along with their parents some forty five hundred other refugees are waiting to join their families in germany we asked the federal office for refugee migration why some of the family reunification seem to be taking so long one of the arguments was that everything needs to be organized with the greek authorities and that's not always. has this message for his parents until he sees them again from a sort of i miss you. and i'm waiting for you is called for. he adds that he's ready to wait as long as he has to until his whole family can be together in germany. russia's deputy prime minister vitale moot court has temporarily stepped down as
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head of the country's football federation but because resignation comes three weeks after the international olympic committee handed him a lifelong ban over his alleged involvement in the state sponsored doping of russian athletes but of course as he's stepping aside in order to appeal the ban at the court of arbitration for sport. at the beginning of december the i.o.c. is executive board were presented with reports containing evidence of systematic doping in russia and they came to the following conclusion that the russian olympic committee is suspended who is immediate effect. russian athletes and the olympic committee were the only ones to be banned. no official of the russian ministry of sport will be a great it it for the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen. the then minister of sport restudy tally would go. then deputy minister yuri had
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gone it will be excluded from any parties from any participation in all future olympic games since this decision was made on december fifth we tally macaws position as the head of russia's football union has been under scrutiny and he has faced calls to resign on monday he ceded to the pressure at least for the time being. with this when i addressed the russian football union's executive board regarding the temporary impossibility to perform my duties during the period of my court proceedings in order to let the union work normally i have asked to be relieved of my duties for up to six months if i can return earlier than i will do so i have not resigned i have a mandate until twenty twenty so we must go is still the chief of russia's well couple guys in committee but he has not ruled out vacating the post if asked to by president vladimir putin monday's interim resignation has cost a dark cloud of uncertainty over the world cup in russia with just under six months left until the tournament kicks off in moscow on june fourteenth. before we go
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a quick reminder of our top story for you russian opposition leader alexei now following his bid to get his name on the presidential ballot has been rejected russia's election commission saying that he's ineligible to run against putin in next tuesday's vote criminal conviction. you're watching to. do stay with us for more in the meantime you can always check our site for the very latest updates that stayed up until. i. succeed in dividing us not succeeded in taking the people off the streets because we have time.


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