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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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when and have to give something back to me and i can apply to listen to me on this . point with the surfers fighting against one simply. starting january seventh on t.w. . the running this is the only news line from berlin running unopposed putting critical x. in of all the barred from running for office calls on his supporters to boycott next year's presidential election russia's election commission declared the opposition leader in eligible blocking the outspoken kremlin critic from
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challenging president putin he is set to be nominated formally by supporters today for a fourth term also coming up. clashes erupt for a second day in a row in peru's capital after ex-president i'll bet a full team already has been pardoned for medical reasons the move causing an uproar protesters accuse peru's current president of political opportunism issuing the part of to save his own career. and cut off from the outside world in australia massive rockslide has blocked access to over one hundred people in a remote valley. thank you very much for spending your time with us i'm away a lot of iraq. supporters of russian president vladimir putin are expected to nominate him as presidential candidate later today unlike in previous elections put
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in will be campaigning as an independent in next year's ballot instead of running for his united russia party his nomination comes a day after his main critic opposition leader alexina vali was barred from joining the presidential presidential race of all he says officials are trying to stifle any possible challenge to putin. the election commission's vote was a setback for no vaal me twelve of the thirteen members supported the motion to bar him from running in next year's election with one member abstaining earlier the commission argued the opposition leader was in eligible due to a past conviction for embezzlement. the crime which alexei until you gave each was charged with is a serious one which deprives a person who committed that crime of the right to run for the post of russian federation president. and you know for those of us
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who know valving can sense the charge was trumped up to thwart his political ambitions speaking before the vote the kremlin critic said a candidate was needed to confront the country's problems dealing you know warning them it's not about nirvana but a candidate is needed who will finally speak openly about everything taking place in our country now one who will describe our reality honestly the lack of any future prospects and the poverty i did that and that's why you want to allow me to take part in the election when you get you to respect me and i will but it was just moments after the commission's decision to reject his bid no volunteer released a prerecorded message calling on supporters to boycott next year's vote. we announce a boycott of the election but the way they want to carry out the vote is not a real election it will feature only putin and the candidates he has personally selected the ones who don't pose any threat to him if they haven't campaigned and
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they will not campaign is better to look up our new. president vladimir putin is campaigning as an independent polls show him on course to win a fourth term. allowing him to stay in office another six years. let's explore what this all means we do w.'s emily sure when she joins us now from the russian capital moscow emily. with the most outspoken putin critic blocked from running what suspense is there left around this upcoming march election. i'm sorry i didn't understand what you said. so with no volley blocked from one running what they dispense what suspense is there left for around this upcoming election in march. well absolutely that is the question
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because polls show that putin is likely to take sixty to eighty percent of the votes whether you look at independent polls or government polls and that's kind of the big job that the kremlin has in front of it at the moment to make these these votes these elections interesting in order to bring turn up turnout up on the weekend the kremlin said according to media reports that they wanted turn out to be as high as seventy percent now to do that they need to present putin as a new candidate and perhaps him running as an independent is a strategy to do that you know let's talk a little bit about the volley he has been characteristically defining and called for a boycott talk to us about his supporter base how large is it and is there any other credible contender who can challenge the incumbent president
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well it's hard to know an exact number of how big his supporter base is in the run up to this decision he has been campaigning all over the country and even in smaller cities like ormskirk hundreds of people have come out in support in his support so he does seem to have a rather large supporter base in fact around the country over fifteen thousand people suggested his candidacy on the weekend so he does have quite a supporter base it is still presumably a minority when it comes to the entire country and the other opposition figures in fact all opposition figures in polls have shown to only poll in the low single digits so the question is whether the opposition had a chance in the first place in these elections and we sure win in moscow thank you all right want to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making
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news around the world. russian officials say the country has begun to stablish ing a permanent presence at its two military bases in syria as armed forces will keep to him in air base and expand the naval city facility excuse me near the port city of tartous making it fully a fully fledged naval base. china has sentenced a prominent rights activist to eight years in jail for subversion who gang is a blogger better known by his online pseudonym super vulgar butcher and has drawn attention for mocking china's government is lawyer says he will appeal the sentence we turn to peru now where for a second day running clashes erupted when demonstrators protested the pardon of ex-president morning for medical reasons bruce current president of the republican ski is under fire for granting the release of the ailing strongmen convicted if
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human rights abuses after serving less than half of his twenty five year sentence the pardon is the latest in peru is continuing political crisis. protesters and police cash on the streets of lima the. better to fouhy padan isn't going away. some demonstrators carry photos of victims slain jaring for him henri's presidency. during a decade in power for him henri oversaw extrajudicial executions massacres and the forced sterilization of thousands of women. families of the victims are furious with current president pedro pablo could since he thought ordering food he mores release. was there as families the rights to justice that we have are being trampled we are here rejecting that pardon and demanding that all the processes be made more transparent in a manner that must be followed and according to the norms that peruvian laws
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dictate what the. president pedro pablo could since the appeal to the people calling the pardon the most difficult decision of his life. i am convinced that those of us who consider ourselves democrats cannot allow alberto fujimori to die in prison or justice is not vengeance. nor is bringing guns. kaczynski had campaigned on a promise not to pardon for him henri his change of heart appears to many to be political possibly part of a quid pro quo that's allowed him to stay in office who had just survived a no confidence vote spearheaded by the daughter of all bev tofu he maury when he announced who he mores padan. for he mori now aged seventy nine is in hospital being treated for heart back and stomach problems his children are delighted by the turn of events. despite being intensive care it has been the
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happiest christmas of the past twelve years only. in the way i know. to have mores legacy and career is a nation divided his supporters credit him with defeating rebels and stabilizing the economy his opponents say he belongs behind bars and now they're demanding that the current president go as well. authorities in austria are keeping a close eye on the mountains above the vals valley after a massive landslide buried the area's only access road there are worried some of the slopes are so unstable that more rocks could come crashing down the landslide came on christmas eve with people in a nearby village lucky enough to escape unhurt rocks keep falling adding to the tens of thousands of tons of rubble in the valley the mayor of
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wasilla says the precipice above the village still poses a risk. that if you follow the danger is far from over after the first helicopter flight today we thought we could clear most of the roadblock but during the day then it turned out there is still a risk of rocks coming down to play i'm told in light of the ongoing danger all evacuations from the valley have been suspended leaving around one hundred thirty people cut off from the outside world the rockslide just missed a group of children on their way back from a christmas service locals say it's a miracle no one was injured. you know. it sounded like an earthquake the entire house was shaking but we ran out onto the balcony where everything was dark there was a huge dust avalanche blowing down he was so dark and scary it was unbelievable everyone here in the valley just says it was unbelievable to reopen going on over for the sole access road to the village now lies buried under fifty metres of
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rubble and might not be cleared until the middle of the week for those who are trapped there's one crumb of comfort because of the christmas holiday everyone was well stocked up on food. russia's deputy prime minister vitaly m would go has temporarily stepped down as head of the country's football federation and is considering quitting as head of the twenty eight hundred world cup organizing committee macos resignation comes three weeks after the international olympic committee handed him a life long ban overs alleged involvement in the state sponsored doping of russian athletes he says he's stepping aside in order to appeal the ban at the court of arbitration for sport. at the beginning of december the i.o.c. is executive board were presented with reports containing evidence of systematic doping in russia and they came to the following conclusion that the russian olympic committee is suspended who is immediate effect. russian athletes and the olympic
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committee were the only ones to be banned. no official of the russian ministry of sport will be accredited for the olympic winter games two thousand and eighteen. the then minister of sport restored vitali would go and then deputy minister yuri not gone nick will be excluded from any parties even from any participation in all future olympic games since this decision was made on december fifth battalion macos position as the head of russia's football union has been under scrutiny and he has faced calls to resign on monday he ceded to the pressure at least for the time being. with this in your calls i addressed the russian football union's executive board regarding the temporary impossibility to perform my duties during the period of my cool proceedings in order to let the union work normally i have asked to be relieved of my duties for up to six months if i can return earlier than
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i will do so i have not resigned i have a mandate until twenty twenty so much who is still the chief of russia's well a couple guys in committee but he has not ruled out vacating the post if asked to by president vladimir putin monday's interim as ignatius cost a dark cloud of uncertainty over the world cup in russia with just under six months left until the tournament kicks off in moscow on june fourteenth. it's been a dramatic day on the first leg of the sydney to hobart yacht race one of the sailings most grueling competitions blackjack is leading the pack but early on it was a near collision between two of the favorites that stole the headlines comanche wasn't too pleased with some erratic maneuvering from wild oats alive in the two yachts almost bumping into each other just after leaving a sydney harbor comanche has subsequently lodged an official protest there wins could mean the race record of one day and thirteen hours falls this year.
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before i let you go want to remind you of our main story right now. russian opposition leader looks into volleys to get his name on the presidential ballot has been rejected russia's election commission says he's in eligible to run against president putin in next year's vote due to a past criminal conviction. thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us on layla rock on behalf of all of us here in berlin we hope to see you going to the top of the hour.
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