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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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the state of the news coming to you live from berlin and russian president vladimir putin has cleared the first step towards another term in office his backers of support of his bid to become an independent candidate this comes a day after his biggest critics elected of all they was bored from challenging him
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in the march vote also coming up. liberia prepares for its first democratic transition of power in more than seven decades the presidential runoff pits a former soccer star against the country's current vice president plus dozens of villagers in the remote valley of to role remain cut off from the outside world for a second day after a christmas eve rockslide dumped tons of rubble and rock on to the only access road . and several farming welcome to the show it's good to have you with us russian president vladimir putin is on another six year term in office and now he's been formally endorsed to participate in next year's vote more than six hundred supporters including prominent lawmakers and actors have gathered. for the
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endorsement their support allows putin to submit documents to take part in the march election as an independent candidate this follows the russian election commission's decision to reject opposition leader alexina vollies bid to participate in that race for more d.w. emily sure when joins us now from moscow emily why is putin running as an independent candidate and not for his own party well put in the official ian announced the decision to run as an independent at his yearly press conference in december and he actually gave no official reason there could be several reasons the first one could be the polls. more people trust putin then they trust the government for example more people in the polls trust putin than they trust me david who heads the government so he may be trying to distance himself from the united russia party and from the government and this could also be a way of keeping up public interest after all this is his he's running to have
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a fourth term in office and it's important for the kremlin to have a high turnout to show that these votes these elections are legitimate and so perhaps experts here are talking about the fact that maybe putin is trying to present himself in a new light as a new putin an independent candidate for the most outspoken putin critic alexina not be permitted to run against him what he have been of threats of putin. well yes and no recent polls show that putin would've probably won anyway according to those recent polls. independent and government polls put him at around sixty to eighty percent of public support so he's not really a threat in that sense but me has been campaigning all over the country and there have been big crowds coming out for him to support his bid for the president
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presidential election ahead of this decision and and he's also had he's also called for big protests and organized big protests this year and it seems that that is what the government is really afraid of a repeat of the mass protests that happened after duma elections in two thousand and eleven and this call for a boycott seems to have made the spook the kremlin they're now calling to check whether that call to boycott the elections that came from the viney is legitimate and according to the law or case an evolving is out briefly emily is there any other credible contender who can challenge putin. well credible is the key word here or there is saying a sub shock who has positioned herself as a vehement critic of putin she has also now said that he could join her campaign which seems unlikely because no viney has been rather scathing about her but people
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are have also been saying that she might be herself an instrument of the kremlin her family her father was very close to putin and this may be an attempt people say by the kremlin to legitimize these votes by putting forward a real authorization candidate as she seems to be so far opposition candidates are polling in the low single digits however so there isn't really. a candidate that could really threatened putin all right no competition in sight that's emily sure win in moscow thank you. the upper chamber of russia's parliament has ratified a deal to extend the lease of a syrian naval port by forty nine years the moscow can now access syrian waterson the port of tartus the development is part of a deal between russia and syria that allows russia to boost its military presence
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in the war torn country as part of the deal russia will also be allowed to maintain a permanent indefinite president's presence excuse me at the who may min air base. here's a look now us with the other stories that are making news around the world right now syrian rebel groups have rejected russian sponsored peace talks planned for january saying that moscow is trying to bypass the u.n. sponsored peace process the rebels have accused russia of committing war crimes in syria and failing to put pressure on the syrian government. a british vessel has a scored a russian warship as it passed near u.k. territorial waters over christmas as according to the british defense ministry officials say they've noticed an increase in russian naval activity in the area and would not tolerate any form of aggression. and china has sentenced a prominent rights activist to eight years in jail for subversion gun is a blogger better known by his own line pseudonym super vulgar butcher has drawn
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attention for mocking china's government as the lawyer says he'll appeal the sentence. all of west african nation of liberia is selecting its new president what could be the first democratic transfer of power in over seven decades now voters are choosing between senator george we are former world footballer of the year and incumbent vice president joseph. the winner will succeed president ellen johnson sirleaf who won the nobel prize as africa's forced elected female leader for helping secure peace after liberia's back to back civil wars. for more i'm joined now by maria the chief observer for the european union election mission in liberia she joins us from the capital monrovia thanks for being with us it's liberia's first democratic transition since one thousand nine hundred forty
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four just how important is this election for the country's future. it's really important because it's so they want credit transition our it's important for lengthier in people and so on and have to have a credible election day credible election process to assure not only for maybe a at or software or the regency halyard there we'll have election the next murtherer in a few months and other country in the region so it's really important to shore that democratic transition with an actual process credible election process is there doubt able to manage it you're there to ensure fair play in the country so how free and fair has the process been so far. here for the european observation mission we have here. till september and we're still here till january so it's
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a very long term observation mission. we observed the first round and i it's the second round earth for do that actually we can say that all the process even if we have had so i inserted into a different complaint that had between the first and second round we can say that all the institution but also all the political parties and the citizen deliverance it isn't there they have to do it to responsibly to have this predator process so we have to wait now till the end of the process because we have had is election day now but we also have and of distrust this by some days and saw at the end of this we can see if these elections are credible but more of this is we have to make some recondition on top of the. ok i suspect or soon to say if the election has been framed fair but we know you and your team will be on the
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ground observing the election thank you very much maria rana she's the chief of super for the european union election mission in life very. author already in western australia are keeping a close eye on the mountains above the vaules valley after a massive landslide buried the area's only access road they're worried that some of the slopes are so unstable more rocks could still come crashing down a landslide happened on christmas eve and amazingly it appears no one was hurt rocks keep falling adding to the tens of thousands of tons of rubble in the valley the mayor of vols says the precipice above the village still poses a risk. the danger is far from over after the first helicopter flight today we thought we could clear most of the roadblock but during the day than it turned out there is still
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a risk of rocks coming down to place told in light of the ongoing danger all evacuations from the valley have been suspended leaving around one hundred thirty people cut off from the outside world the rockslide just missed a group of children on their way back from a christmas service locals say it's a miracle no one was injured. you know. it sounded like an earthquake the entire house was shaking we ran out onto the balcony where everything was dark there was a huge dust avalanche blowing down it was so dark and scary it was unbelievable everyone here in the valley just says it was unbelievable. for. the sole access road to the village now lies buried under fifty metres of rubble and might not be cleared until the middle of the week for those who are trapped there's one crumb of comfort because of the christmas holiday everyone was well stocked up on food. well for centuries dogs have been not just man's best friend but
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also trained to carry out of aligning of different jobs for humans now they've added a new task to their repertoire for helping children improve their reading skills this unusual idea and volves children reading out loud to dogs at animal shelters at as our next report shows it's a win win situation. and for their new or retracts. when jonathan reads a story in jackie comes down visibly the canine has been in the shelter for years and is normally highly suspicious of people. but with jonathan it's different the eight year old comes here once a week to read aloud and it's clear that jackie likes it. he lies down like that for example. when exactly does he do that. when he likes what i'm doing and feels relaxed. children who find reading
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a challenge practice on dogs in an animal sanctuary. it's an idea that originated in the united states and it might sound strange but it seems to work. being read to has a relaxing effect on the animals i'm found himself at first they get excited and curious and they bark even more but then after about fifteen minutes they calm down and it gets very quiet that's all you can hear the gentle voices of the children the dogs sit or lie down listening sometimes they even fall asleep the dogs stay in their compounds just in case. but the kids are allowed to decide everything else like which dog they read to and what they read many of the children have had bad experiences with reading out loud but having someone listen patiently to them can be transformative ever miss if they get more confident because they're not being judged on what they've read or how they read it instead they have a creature that visibly enjoys listening to them they can make heaps of mistakes or
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invent words or sentences none of that matters to the dogs any better that's where fim said so that's within them hundred thirty three. the children read for forty five minutes and afterwards the dogs get a treat for being such great listeners. many kids now come regularly much to their canine friends delight. but it has been a dramatic opening to the sydney hobart yacht race one of the sailing world's most grueling competitions blackjack is leading the pack but early on it was a near collision between two of the favorites stole the headlines comanche wasn't too pleased with some erratic maneuvering from one end of eleven that the two yachts almost bumped into each other just after leaving sydney harbor not comanches obsequiously launched an official protest and favorable wind conditions mean the
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race record of one day and thirteen hours falls this year. you're watching t.v. news still to come on our program in the business series on china's new silk road i'll take you all the way to georgia where a local businesses are lining up for the flood of new trade heading their way from the east. at stories coming up with daniel at the business desk in just a few minutes to stay with us if you can. make your small team the small. or small. what you want what you want to. up to date. extraordinary.
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