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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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the good news is their own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines . this is d.w. news live from berlin a major prisoner swap between ukrainian forces and separatist rebels the exchange of three hundred eighty prisoners is underway in eastern ukraine will be going live to our correspondent in the capital kiev for more on why it's happening now and
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what the immediate future may bring. also on the program detained in me on mon a court orders to voices journalists to be held in custody for another fourteen days of allegations they breached the country's official secrets act. got to go go go go go go go go. getting to grips with the monkey business in south africa conservationists come up with a novel way of keeping pesky primates away from humans. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a thanks for joining us it's a rare moment of deescalation in the basic conflict between ukrainian forces and pro russian rebels in the east of the country a prisoner exchange between the two sides currently under way you. and central
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government is releasing three hundred and six prisoners and expects the separatists to release seventy four of its captives in return this after talks in moscow mediated by the head of the russian orthodox church. we're going to get the latest on this now from our correspondent david stern in kiev david first of all who was behind this deal and you know how did it come about exactly. well difficult to say exactly what is what brought it about this is actually part of ongoing talks known as the trial lateral contact group which meets regularly in minsk now that's russia ukraine ians the o s c e plus the russian backed separatists taking part on the side the talk about exchanging prisoners is is can it constance what brought about this this one which is the largest so far remains
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to be seen but one thing we can say is that a key figure previously has been made the choose now mr bender is an interesting and suddenly ambiguous figure he's ukrainian he takes part from the ukrainian side but he's very close to russian president vladimir putin in fact mr putin is the godfather of medved daughter and they meet regularly and talk about among other things the prisoner exchange so as i say what exactly brought this out the mechanism of this one remains to be seen but obviously this is he could have played a role in this ok and david apparently a father prince prisoner swap is already being worked on this is what a spokesperson for the pro russian rebels had to say just a little bit ago and that's the last they have there are sixty more prisoners in kiev who are not part of this exchange they weren't included in the first list we've placed them in a second round of prisoner exchange we haven't forgotten them i'm sure will return to this discussion after the new year but had to say. so an upbeat statement there
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from the rebel side david is there any suggestion that these prisoner exchanges the talks. surrounding these exchanges may lead to a more productive peace process perhaps. well certainly there is the hope of that in a nice and of course this is a positive sign of any time you have a prisoner exchange of this size taking place it does give an indication that there is some progress taking place however also at the same time it has to be said that the fighting does continue in fact just within the last twenty four hours we've seen one ukrainian soldier killed and five wounded so the fighting indeed in the last weeks in fact of the last week has been particularly intense so much so that emanuel mcallen angle americal issued a statement calling for an immediate cease fire whether this takes place whether takes place is a hope over the over the holiday season that remains to be seen but if it does
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obviously that is another positive sign that will give people hope david stern in care for many thanks for that background. turning now to man mall where a court has remanded to reuters journalists in custody for a second fourteen day period before it is a probing allegations of the to breach the country's official secrets act they were reporting on the crisis in rakhine state where a military crackdown forced more than six hundred thousand range of muslims to flee the country. who are alone in the blue jacket hasn't seen his family in two weeks. even so as he and fellow journalist arrive to a courthouse scrum he protested their innocence. we're just carrying out our jobs we would never violate journalistic ethics he told the crowd. in the frenzy no amount of police or press could stop his wife. and.
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the men are accused of breaking secrecy laws as they pursued the story of a military crackdown on range of muslims human rights groups and foreign governments have condemned their arrests observers say it's an attack on press freedoms. outside the hearing while loans wife called for him to be released. i want my husband to be free soon and i trust him that he would never violate the rules of law he has good morals so he should be free soon. but not for another two weeks at least as the judge extended their detention oh had his say. we tried to tell the truth. with the men level range while don's wife made one final bid to hold him.
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a trial date has been set for january tenth. ok we're going to catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world the red cross in syria says the evacuations have begun of critically ill patients from the rebel held on klav eastern go down forces loyal to the government of president bashar al assad accompli besieging not taking place where almost four hundred thousand people live in the united nations and called on the government to allow the evacuation of five hundred patients urgently need medical care in libya militants have blown up a pipeline pumping crude oil to the port of sea that the explosion occurred near the town of. libya's oil output has been cut by one hundred thousand barrels a day leaving oil prices to surge to two and a half year highs the country's state run national oil corporation is blaming
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so-called islamic state. south korea says the comfort women raul with japan is unresolved despite the two countries having reached a deal in twenty fifteen officials in seoul saying the agreement over south korean women who were forced to work in japan's wartime brothels fails to meet the needs of the victims. residents in erie in the u.s. state of pennsylvania spent the day after christmas shoveling their way out a record slow fall the town has had one hundred thirty five centimeters of snow over the last two days and more is on the way local media are reporting that this is the greatest two day accumulation in the state's history well vote counting is underway in the west african nation of liberia after a presidential runoff yesterday there were no reports of violence during the polling and results are expected within the next few days liberians hope the election will mark the country's first peaceful transfer of power in of
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a seventy is observers say the election has gone off smoothly with only minor irregularities former nigerian president goodluck jonathan who is there to observe the vote count called on the candidates to respect the results and the will of the people. so well as it was without this is. because it was a source of labor so the issue is now we know it was that if you when you celebrate what is celebrated in the shouldn't it was to go to the president of everybody if you lose yourself accept that it's a runoff vote between former international footballer george weah and vice president joseph bach both of whom join voters in casting their ballots. that are great beer because of democracy as we were anyone there would want your work and i would use a tool. we have created a process there's
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a process that we're through we're willing to live with. born in a slum in the capital monrovia george weah star performances for europe's biggest football teams in the ninety's won the hearts of young liberians. this is his second run for president. outgoing president ellen johnson sirleaf rule cemented peace in the west african country after civil war ended in two thousand and three but the majority of liberians still live in dire poverty whoever wins this election will face that challenge and will have to prove that he can govern in a way that will benefit the country and its citizens. imagine coming home from work to find a huge boon trashing your kitchen that nightmare is actually real for many people
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on south africa's cape peninsula weapons often break into homes in search of food but now innovative new method of deterring the animals could solve the problem once and for all. a boon by glory in south africa's keep potential people dashes primate is an almost daily occurrence thanks to brazen but boone's in south of their next meal. pot riley has seen her fair share of the monkey business. woman cape town and coming to your house and they make an awful mess. with it but not too bad they have been in my house quite often. then not aggressive i did find them aggressive and they're not really interested in you they they were looking for food that's what they're looking for to drive the monkeys out of our brain areas conservationists from the human wildlife solutions organization have been testing a new strategy g.p.s.
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callers are used to track the baboons movements. once the pesky primates get close to town come the boom boxes. you play cause pertaining they are predators along the prison sounds of being killed they're scared to go. if you bangs. reinforces the scariness and the void. with the health of predators such as lions leopards and hyenas the aim is to create. an imaginary birendra that the monkeys do not dare to cross for villagers in nearby her manas it's music to their ears we've heard just in the last two weeks since the team arrived with what they call the virtual fence we've had like
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literally for the last two weeks they were saying is there are magination are there certainly never varies but there are. at stake is the region's famed but britain population until recently the cheeky monkeys would have been shot following positive results the plan is now to rule out the system in other cape town suburbs hopefully ensuring that fewer and fewer light fingered friends are killed unnecessarily. boxing day football yesterday in the english premier league giving top them forward harry kane the opportunity to break a longstanding record kane netted his thirty seven thirty eight and thirty nine the premier league go this year in a five to win against southampton the england striker breaking an insurance record of thirty six goals in a calendar year which was set back in one thousand nine hundred five came by the way also the highest scoring striker in europe this year with a total of fifty six goals for club and country. meanwhile in cricket australia may
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have won the ashes but arch rivals england impressed on day two of the fourth test in melbourne australia all out for three hundred twenty seven following a lower order batting collapse meanwhile ended the day on one hundred ninety two for two with alastair cook pairing his way to his thirty second test century straightly do have a three nil lead in the best of five series and one of the longest running competitions in sports history. a quick reminder for you top story this hour a major prisoner swap between ukraine and pro russian rebels is underway in total three hundred eighty prisoners are being exchanged and will soon be returning. now time to get you can always get the news when you're on the go just download from google play or from the apple store and that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications when we have breaking news for you you can also use the app to send us photos and videos.
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that's your world news update for now we'll have more of course at the top of the hour now it's time for d w business with. he has a look at when robots may be taking over some of our jobs it might well be sooner than you think that's up. see it find it here it discovered. video and audio podcast.


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