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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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pushes a teenager over the ads. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear. this is the news live from berlin europe's hackers debate the dangers of all digital future the chaos computer club holding its annual congress at the moment here in germany on the agenda cyber threats data security and artificial
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intelligence business will be joining me in a second for more details also on the program a major prisoner swap after months of negotiations ukraine and its pro russian separatists exchanged captives rather in the biggest such swap since the still the g.'s broke out in the country's east. and premier league club liverpool splash out millions to sign van dyke making the dutchman the most expensive defend in history . hello welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us we begin with news just coming in from afghanistan officials there saying that at least forty people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a series of blasts in the capital kabul one explosion hit
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a gathering at a cultural center in the western part of the city an interior ministry spokesman saying a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the building where the event was being held there are reports of at least one more blast near the same site. and on the line now journalist ty he cut data he joins us from kabul here could you tell us first of all you know is a series of attacks do we know anything more about the targets that the attackers have been attacking. well yes as you say they are actually side attacks attacks you know one of the. centers in kabul we are here is also a news agency called afghan boys these children there was a cultural event going on and they were discussing about the. invasion in
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afghanistan because it's the anniversary of them so the suicide attack or most probably they knew about the cultural event and they targeted and which for which which were followed by two form class as well as my sources tell me and as a result forty people were killed and thirty one that it's still i mean the afghan ministry of health say that the. toll is rising so the students were there was a cultural event and over the last few weeks actually the eye of the so-called ices their things just targeting sunset here in afghanistan including mosques and such as vents and of course to hear that we've been seeing a series of violent attacks in kabul lately how fragile is the security situation there at the moment. well the security situation has been quite qualm over the last few days except for one attack which happened a couple of days ago which as a result ten people were killed except that i think kabul was almost almost. people
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were spending like their normal life but it seems that now i think it is changing last night that i could see loads of security personnel on the streets of kabul just picking up on cordoning off the streets so probably knew about this happening or they had information about such attacks especially in the west of kabul where the houses are of people the as our community lives there so the situation now people are of course worry because even though it is not the. fighting but on the other hand i mean since taliban at they are not claiming any attacks but recently it is actually taking all the responsibility of what they were a terrorist attack which happened here in this any capital of afghanistan ok to here to here in kabul many thanks for that we're going to turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world russian president vladimir putin says an explosion innocent petersburg supermarket on wednesday was an act of terror at
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least ten people were injured in that blast a homemade device containing two hundred grams of explosive was traced to a baggage locker. a spanish humanitarian group has rescued more than one hundred thirty migrants in the mediterranean as they attempted to reach into the from libya dozens of miners were among those rescued the spanish n.g.o.s responding to an emergency call from the italian coast guard now europe's hackers are meeting in the german city of light to ship a moment to grapple with some of the tougher questions of our digital future how for instance can we protect our personal data and how can we stop cyber criminals from targeting all mobile phones under the motto do something some fifteen thousand participants are attending the annual congress of the chaos computer club. normally of this c.c.t.v. cameras at the leipzig conference center record everything but right now they're switched off one major theme at this year's chaos computer club congress is privacy
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including house state surveillance and spices tems and danger it. those who want to be able to hack an entire population need to find a unique vulnerability on every single device but that doesn't mean that this point of access will only be exploited by authorities fighting crime. computer club members have warned that such vulnerabilities leave users open to being spied on by criminals or even foreign governments but digital rights groups also warn users that they're handing over too much personal information voluntarily including to big businesses like facebook and google. does it have and this data is used to build the most accurate user profile possible this is then used for business and sometimes even to manipulate us it's not always for profit but very very often it is the chaos computer club says it's expecting about fifteen thousand
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attendees from all over the world at the forty congress and with speakers covering issues from it security to artificial intelligence there will be plenty for hackers and computer experts to talk about. and joining me now in the studio for more on the chaos computer congress and life. you've been spending time at the congress on the first day the event held on of the slogan do something what exactly do europe's hackers want to do something about the fact that there is a lack of awareness about what's going on a lot of people feel you know they just they about they have the gadgets they have the devices they use and the security and their security and it's basically a throwback to nine hundred eighty one when the computer was actually found so there's as much stenger now if not even more than then that's what a lot of them are saying and people need to take note and start doing something
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about it so essentially the techies show we call them at the computer. saying we all have to do something computer security is an issue for all of us it's a wake up call if you will exactly it's the wake of cole nine hundred eighty one it's just as bad today if not worse that's what they say basically ok and you know what one of the toughest challenges that they're talking about of this county all the main challenge or one of the toughest challenges is what is called the internet of things now these are devices that are connected to the internet so it could be or smart watch it could be your phone notice lee most of us have a smart watch smart phone rather and also we're talking about even things like your fridge or your stove so you know basic device that people use every day are sending data over the net and all of this without security because companies are being forced to launch products that are not secure enough or not protecting our data enough fast in the market to make money and there's not enough incentive as
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well for companies to make data secure it just because of course the punishments are not you know they don't hurt enough on their revenue at least and and just briefly hit even the electric charging stations for electric carts can be manipulated can be hacked exactly that was the big news here in germany the cards they used to pay at public charging stations can be easily copied because they're not encrypted and that's a major issue that we have so that's something that consumers were unaware of but because of the congress this year that's something that's become big news ok so governments have to do something about that so but so do all of us exactly ok chip on now many thanks for all that. ukraine and separatist rebels have exchanged hundreds of prisoners in the largest such swaptions hostilities broke out in the country's east three years ago the deal followed months of negotiation and as part of the mint peace accord signed in twenty fifteen the hope now is that the exchange
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could help deescalate the conflict that so far claimed over ten thousand lives. in the dark and the cold seventy four people came home ukrainian president petro poroshenko greeted former prisoners held by russian backed separatists but. one former volunteer ukrainian fighter said he faced daily threats and beatings in captivity. in the beginning there was strong psychological pressure they threatened me and my relatives with them they told me they would send me my mother cut up in pieces. and some point the beatings began to look what's left of my teeth but it's ok i'll buy new ones. earlier in the day ukrainian authorities send two hundred thirty three people back to the self-proclaimed separatist republics of the hanscom donetsk both of which are
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allied with russia. many of the prisoners have been held for more than a year. sort of for the group they were in the article on the most original of its emotional i talked with my wife on the phone. through a little what do you want most now just to see my son and my wife is a. prisoner exchanges like this one were envisioned back in two thousand and fifteen as part of the minsk agreement but the final details of the deal were only agreed last week authorities are still waiting to see a full implementation aimed at resolving the conflict. after a relentless summer pursuit premier league club liverpool have finally signed southampton defender virgil van dyke for eighty four point five million euros that
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makes him the world's most expensive defender the dutch international will be moving to anfield on january the first he was expected to join liverpool at the start of the season after requesting a transfer but the move fell through when liverpool were forced to make a public apology after accusations of making an illegal approach for the player. with me for more chris harrington from v.w. sports crests the question everybody's asking is virgil van dyke worth that kind of money yeah i think it's safe to say he is when you factor in a few things number one since his debut in the premier league he's fierce in the air he leads the premier league with winning aerial goals with three hundred twenty one and also only interceptions he rates the top ten he has over one hundred seventy interceptions instantly after january first he will become liverpool's best defender there struggling a little bit and he's the perfect ingredient to fix and remedy that situation
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because they are conceding too many on the road goal that's right they have too many holes at the back one of the one of their problems so far this season it's a record transfer for liverpool where are they getting all this money to letters for the chris t.v. ok the t.v. money you know injected into all of the premier league sides give them more flexibility you know that's one side and then when you just look at the overall market value how it's been increasing i mean the record transfers we've seen have been astronomical two hundred one hundred on the defender side of things he is now thirty thirty euro thirty million euro more expensive than the last defender in the premier league so it all makes sense but obviously he's going to have to propel that side to win several silverware that's ultimately what their goal is and good luck to your conclusion company and that really don't need to qualify for the champions league to keep that money coming in harrington from d.w. sports you're watching a billion years here in berlin more from us at the top of the hour we're going to leave you with some of the pictures of our planet astronauts on the international
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space station take from their windows thousands of images to choose from here are some of the best taken this year to stay with us if you can.
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