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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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the sea gives me everything the waves the wind i have to give something back to my phantom line just we seem to many of us are. waves surfers fighting against one single seed starting in january seventh on w. . this is news live from a series of explosions have hit the afghan capital kabul all fourteen saying dozens of dead after the blasts which included
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a suicide bombing we'll go live to kabul for more also on the program a major prisoner swap after months of negotiations ukraine and it's pro russian separatists exchanging captives in the biggest such swap since a still it is broke out in the country's east. and europe's hackers are debating the dangers of our digital future of major annual congress on the agenda cyber threats data security and artificial intelligence. hello and welcome my name is chris of his bring it good to have you with us we begin with breaking news from afghanistan an interior ministry spokesman there saying that at least forty people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a series of explosions in the capital kabul a suicide bomber is reported to have detonated his device. at the gathering at
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a shiite cultural center there are reports that many of the victims that were students there has been no immediate claim of responsibility the taliban have issued a statement denying that involvement. on the line now from kabul journalist tom hit cut daytime here do we know who might be behind these attacks. well first of all let me add that today the people resent of the capital kabul they started really a day with such a news while i mean most of the streets and roads are today actually very not crowded it's general and i think it was a pre-planned attack on a cultural and religious place here in kabul on the shia. religious sometimes she had a students so as far as we know the taliban as you say have denied any kind of involvement that recently over the last few weeks whatever happens here in afghanistan especially especially here in the capital kabul the isis state take responsibility
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for it and then let me add that most of the people who are there and there is just time they were talking about the suv you envision anniversary here in afghanistan and the number before the last number which i talked to my reliable sources they say that the number at the base toll is rising so it could be more than that sixty and sixty people. here you know we've seen a series of attacks in kabul light playing how fragile is the security situation at the moment. well the security situation has always been quite fragile here in the capital kabul even though over the last few weeks the capital only witnessed one attack a couple of days ago as a result ten people killed so it was much more karma but with this one i think now it will put everyone on a kind of a long again for the second of all for for the next time because it's not defy the fighting season here in afghanistan but they with the emergence of isis and what the afghan media report that ten thousand isis troops are coming to afghanistan
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we've already come from syria one front for example the fighters so that is you know putting everyone on a lawman the security situation is quite fragile the afghan national unity government is so much under pressure but also by the afghan citizens and by and by the political parties here that they say that you need to focus on ensuring security of your citizens rather than you know other city politics ok to him many thanks for that d.n.a. reporting from kabul time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world russian president vladimir putin says an explosion innocent supermarket on wednesday was an act of terror at least ten people were injured in the blast a homemade device containing two hundred grams of explosive was traced to a bank which look. a spanish humanitarian group has rescued more than one hundred thirty migrants in the mediterranean as they attempted to reach in to leave from
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libya was all miners were among those rescued the spanish and she was responding to an emergency call from the italian coast guard. united nations children's agency unicef is warning that children have become targets in conflicts around the world at a shocking level this year in its latest report the group documented cases of children being used as human shields being raped and being forced into marriage unicef has urged warring parties to respect international law governing the treatment of children now ukraine and its separatist rebels have exchanged hundreds of prisoners in the largest such swap since and still it is broke out in the country's east three years ago the deal followed months of negotiation and as part of the minsk peace accord signed in twenty fifteen the hope now is that the exchange could help deescalate a conflict that so far claimed over ten thousand lives. in the dark and the
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cold seventy four people came home ukrainian president petro poroshenko greeted former prisoners held by russian backed separatists. one former volunteer ukrainian fighter said he faced daily threats and beatings in captivity. in the beginning there was strong psychological pressure they threatened me and my relatives. they told me they would send me my mother caught up in pieces . at some point the beatings began. look what's left of my teeth but it's ok i'll buy new ones. earlier in the day ukrainian authorities sent two hundred thirty three people back to the self-proclaimed separatist republics of the hanscom donetsk both of which are allied with russia. many of the prisoners had been held for more than a year. they were in the critical.
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most years it's emotional i talked with my wife on the phone. through them what do you want most now just to see my son and my wife is a. prisoner exchanges like this one were envisioned back in two thousand and fifteen as part of the minsk agreement but the final details of the deal were only agreed last week authorities are still waiting to see a full implementation aimed at resolving the conflict. europe's hackers are meeting in the german city of lights the moment to grapple with to grapple rather with some of the tougher questions of our digital future how for instance can we protect our personal data and how can we stop cyber criminals from targeting. us under the motto do something fifteen thousand participants are currently attending
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the annual congress of the chaos computer club. normally this c.c.t.v. cameras at the leipzig conference center record everything but right now they're switched off one major theme at this year's chaos computer club congress is privacy including house state surveillance and spices dims endanger it. then. those who want to be able to hack an entire population need to find a unique vulnerability on every single device but that doesn't mean that this point of axis will only be exploited by authorities fighting crime. and looks that. chaos computer club members have warned that such vulnerabilities leave users open to being spied on by criminals or even foreign governments but digital rights groups also warn users that they're handing over too much personal information voluntarily including to big businesses like facebook and google. is
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a document of in this data is used to build the most accurate user profile possible this is then used for business and sometimes even to manipulate us it's not always for profit but very very often it is. the chaos computer club says it's expecting about fifteen thousand attendees from all over the world at the forty congress and with speakers covering issues from it security to artificial intelligence there will be plenty for hackers and computer experts to talk about. that's right plenty to talk about as far as the subject is concerned with me now. who's been spending time chaos computer club congress in light to ponder what are the disturbing threats that we need to worry about well the most disturbing threat is actually sitting in a pocket it's just smartphones there's a lot of apps and i was smartphones and those are the most threatening aspect of security today because always that we give a lot of axis terms of tracking and in terms of basically the data that the
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companies that own those apps have access to so this is the biggest threat and why a company's not doing more to make those secure well there isn't enough of an incentive for them to do a lot in terms of fines they don't face hefty fines when it comes to data breaches so that's something the government should work on exactly this something government needs to work on unfortunately government is not forced to do that because consumers are largely unaware of some of the dangers and so it's like events like the communication congress that help us realize what some of the threats are ok so government should work on have to find because otherwise companies don't have enough of an incentive to to make secure and of course they're in competition with each other what can we do as individuals to protect us as individuals we probably should just be well informed and we should be giving access to apps just you know
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in terms of like your contacts for instance and your fault you should just give access to the i. always ask exactly and they always won that access because for them it's like i say you know they know if you can i mean of course they are instances when you need to do that but think about it just sort of ask yourself why a company wants to get access to some information that you just give it for free just think about it at least that already is a good step forward kaye so say no now the congress is looking ahead into the technological future you know what what. one of the main challenges that they're looking at well the main challenge is the internet of things basically devices that are connected to the internet that could be a smart watch that could be a fridge could be well a host of you know household devices as well so anything that you can control via internet and that's what they are afraid of because of course is not enough security safeguards in place already for smartphones and the fear is that there's not going to be enough for the technologies that most of us or if they want access
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to because it's cool it's interesting we can always least show off to our friends and that's definitely the biggest fear right now and again that's a case of companies not putting enough safeguards in place because they're in competition with each other exactly everybody wants to be first and so that's one reason to ok good to talk to. jim belew on the dangers of the digital future. now boxing is a high impact sport no matter what level you are competing at it requires a robust physique which is why boxers are usually young a group of pensioners in south africa however now showing that age is in fact no real obstacle once you've made that decision to step into the ring. seventy nine year old constant and seventy seven year old lad is on just best friends and neighbors there or so books in populous. twice a week they come to the a.t.m.
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gym in johannesburg to hit the punching bags and keep fit constant used to suffer from high blood pressure but has already noticed improvements in our health almost by look i enjoy boxing because it makes me fit and when i go to the clinic the doctors say i no longer have high blood pressure i feel stronger since i started coming to the gym because. the development of obesity and noncommunicable diseases like high blood pressure high cholesterol and type two diabetes is on a critical rise in south africa which is why nutritionist klug along welcomes the pensioners combined cardiovascular and resistance training routine when you combine those two kind of ascertaining things like crunching runnings swimming i walking this is resistance training which is body weight exercises circuit training training exercise like that not any votes muscle mass but also cruising this abolish race which means you can control that developing american city there's no
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disputing the importance of exercise but it would be ill advised for pensioners to receive inland punches to the head or body especially as preexisting conditions like aneurisms or high cholesterol could lead to faint tallahassee or strokes according to dr salis cosigner a medical supervisor boxing matches in south africa extreme force being applied to that to the head or to any part of the board. would need to some for eternity. bearing in mind that these people have not been chaired by dr us scott sun advises a full check up before anyone can box in the meantime these grandmothers are fighting their way to fitness. a fantastic trio there you're watching. more from us at the top of the hour but we're going to leave you with some of the pictures of our planet the astronauts on the international space station take from
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their windows that's the sight from their office as thousands of images to choose from here are some of the best taken this year stay with us if you can. which makes her feel worthless complete. society expects them to be. this is a bird. childless women.


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