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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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one can apply. waves surfers fighting against one simply. starting january seventh. this is the daily news live from berlin a former. president elected as liberia's next leader his supporters celebrating into the night in the capital monrovia that we are now faces shuji expectational. campaign boost
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a fucking economy will get more from our correspondent in monrovia. also on the program italy switches to campaign mode after president dissolves parliament with elections set for march of next year analysts are predicting a hung parliament and more instability. for analysis. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us liberia is poised for its first peaceful transition of power in decades that's off the former soccer star george weah won a landslide victory in the west african countries presidential runoff liberia is africa's oldest republic but its last transfer of power from one democratically elected leader to another came back in one thousand nine hundred forty four the country was devastated by a fourteen year civil war that ended in two thousand and three.
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was to the cheers of jubilant supporters liberia's new president weeps tears of joy . george weah has waited a long time for this moment after past election defeats this time he's won a landslide victory. supporters on the streets celebrate the triumph of the rags to riches candidate. the only solace in the korean is not a kid to own up to it is the man they prefer to own such a just a reality present to the era. we are has long been a familiar face to liberians born in a slum he shot to soccer stardom in the one nine hundred ninety s. playing for europe's top clubs since retiring he's been active in liberian politics
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for over a decade. in this year's elections he stood as a candidate of change running against outgoing vice president joseph barak i. we as promises to fight corruption and boost the economy went down well with voters well enough to dispel concerns about his running mate jewel howard taylor the ex-wife of former president and convicted war criminal charles taylor. despite rumors that taylor was pulling the strings there was only one name on everyone's lips when the results were announced the old was that we will take the reins from incumbent president ellen johnson sirleaf in january it will be the first democratic transition of power in the country in over seventy years. ok we're going to take you to the capital monrovia now standing by for us that evelyn. evelyn
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a big victory for george weah what worked in his favor. well i don't want to seem josh we as failure is that this election this year all people will say he has given this support of charity of the country as young people and these young people have had so many expectations like a nation and secondly judge we have people say yes good is somewhat of president so you think about president. has also has an interest in working with people to make his government went better especially when it comes to drawing his government so he has the support of president some of those and then a good thing for him ok. what you're saying he won the young vote the question is what is he promising liberia's wrong young his his critics say his campaign offered very few concrete solutions to the country's problems what can we actually expect
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from him now. that has been the melting point we have has not played these series how you will go about these different things about corruption he has stressed over and over you should have about you know education for your people that's why sure you said gladney is going to a good system now provide free education for the country's population especially the young people but the defense systems that you will put into play is going to show that there is asses to education which is a serious problem the liberian he says you have to explain the system and to procedures that were damaged by the quality and free education a system corruption yes promised to fight corruption but how this is when critics are still criticizing him that he should glad to tell the lumbering people how he will go about with these developing issues does develop their genders of the country ok and evelyn and one other thing that was quite controversial during his
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campaign his running mate the former wife of charles taylor the worst of liberia's former warlords during its fourteen year civil war is there any suggestion that those warlords could regain influence in liberia politics. one of the issues have been during the campaign where speculation that president to know who's not you know he was what is the stream but just before the election there's someone goes down i would get into government interested position slow down in the senate so i'm getting a plan to position the c.d.c. has every piece at least that in more way and from one president to another is going to have any influence in my view as election over into his government but don't know it is also claimed that he has been having a conversation with the from one precedent doing became been p.v.a. but it's something that everybody is working out to see and to have judge not do
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his work and got of where to go for president to learn that the law away from one president to those who have any influence or any take in congress policies but the our what laws are already in governments that are also at the senate when it's in the till and is currently ok so some serious challenges there for the new president evelyn many thanks for that evelyn pat a sad bank reporting for us from monrovia. ok let's look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in new york at least twelve people have died in a fire in an apartment building the city's mayor called the blaze in the bronx neighborhood the worst seen in new york in a quarter of a century a one year old child was reported to be among the victims. in india at least fourteen people have been killed by a large blaze in the financial capital by officials say the fire started in a popular restaurant and quickly spread through
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a four story building or than fifty people were injured. in peru police have been clashing with people demonstrating against the pardon granted to former president alberto fujimori thousands of people taking to the streets of lima in the biggest protest yet since the pardon was announced for he modi had served less than half of a twenty five year prison sentence for corruption and human rights abuses. at full has apologized for its decision to secretly slow down some old i phones the company saying the move was aimed at addressing problems associated with older batteries critics however have accused apple of slowing down the phones to encourage people to buy new models as part of its apology the us company is slashing prices on battery replacements. people in italy will be heading to the polls in march of next year to elect a new government that's after president said that i love dissolved parliament on
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thursday the move was expected as the country seeks to break its political deadlock but analysts believe the march election will do little more than produce further instability. italy's president signing the document that will dissolve the country's parliament and pave the way for new elections. he took step after talks with senior political leaders it was not unexpected the current government of prime minister paolo gentil loney has completed its term but the move could spark a period of political uncertainty as a poll is unlikely to produce a clear winner. earlier in a traditional end of year address the prime minister defended his government's record for most of what he said they had put the economy back on track and were managing the refugee crisis. through the transition from criminal migration to the management of migration it's possible it lead is proving it with
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the one third reduction in arrival of this year and a seventy percent reduction in iraq from july until now. but migration is likely to be one of the most divisive issues of the election campaign. and italy has been one of the main destinations for refugees trying to reach europe in their presence has fueled support for populists such as the conservative alliance including former prime minister silvio berlusconi. a conviction for tax fraud will prevent him from becoming prime minister but despite his reputation among ordinary italians as the king of banga banga he's still vowing to make a comeback of sorts. of you know how the polls suggest the biggest party to enter parliament to may well be the anti establishment five star movement. their views on a host of issues such as the euro zone membership are unclear. the third main group
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in the contest is the incumbent democratic party led by former prime minister gordon see. their support has been hurt by splits in the party in a number of scandals. but the expectation is that no party will secure a parliamentary majority. and that negotiations for a new government could go on for months leaving a vacuum at the heart of the eurozone thirteen largest economy. ok let's get more on this now from correspondent philip will in rome philip let me pick up on the five star movement the populist party the anti-establishment party which is leading the opinion polls at the moment is there any possibility that it could actually end up leading the next italian government. i think that. the likely as you say there's
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a good chance that they will appear as the largest single political party after the elections and that could mean that the president will invite them to attempt to form a government but the post on movement has always rejected the idea of an alliance with other mainstream parties it's traditionally the credit that matters corrupt and incompetent and the kind of people who need to be swept away to give it a chance of turning the page share on a troubled history so it would be illogical to then accept an alliance with the said parties that they've been attacking so fiercely so where they may well lead shot that well but the chances of actually putting their ideas into practice as the government of the country are probably that's fairly remote
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possibility at this stage and for that what impact could an inconclusive election have on the rest of europe how might the rest of europe view it. certainly i think . service in the rest of europe will not be happy with a stalemate as the outcome of the elections. appear on set b. and instability clearly is not good for a country like italy which has a economic and financial problems and is also wrestling with europe's migration crisis. the. upside on these there is as italians point out italy has long experience of dealing with political instability a kind of instability that is. presently new in other countries further north in
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europe and i think also the. role of the president set a matter as. reus respected and reassuring failure would probably be reassuring for italy's friends and neighbors in europe italy has a constitutional mechanisms for dealing with instability and with. the necessity to complicated coalitions after an election so we're probably this will be business as usual for italians after the election and many europeans could not from that for the per will in many thanks for that. turning to the northern united states large parts of the region in the grip at the moment of bitterly cold weather weather forecasters are saying there will be no change the days to come in the town of new york state for instance the icy
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temperatures have seen parts of lake erie freezing over with ice also forming around the surrounding trees and bench so. a quick recap for you the top story in liberia a former soccer star george weah elected to president in the first time in over seventy years but the west african country will see a transition of power from one democratically elected leader to another. you're watching. us at the top of the hour as ever now though it's time for shift magazine on all things digital that's up next here on g w. w's program guide. the whole. dot com highlights.


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