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tv   Eco-at- Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines meet the germans new and surprising aspects of license culture in germany. u.s. american keep music takes a look at germany it is increasing use of their traditions every day lives and language in this family. so i'm young good. looking guy i'm much d.w. dot com the germans. hello and welcome to you could africa be environment magazine coming to you from
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nigeria kenya and germany i am now a. part in lagos nigeria my colleague shonda my joins us from nairobi hello sharon. hello and today we have a glittering a ray of environmental ideas for you here's what we have lined up on the show. today we are traveling to the stunning national park in kenya where locals and leave alongside. we'll find out how a mobile app in germany is helping to keep that would link. in morocco we're catching a ride in an electric car to explore how the country's transport system is going. as you may know nigeria has a very ambitious plan to reduce c o two emissions by at least twenty five percent within the next ten to fifteen years it also has a lot of initiatives that could help to better or me to get the effects of climate
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change but we have to totally sensitized people in nigeria if we want to achieve that says nigerian lady george who is an environmental activists well we did catch up with her quiet and serene place george tells us what she can do or what she thinks others can do for the environment. thanks for having me it's. very good what you do i'm starting consultancy i walk a climbing finance and how africa nigeria is kind of climbing finance some an activist some are searcher and that's about what i do if. i want to ask you how old you are but for a young person i mean you have the world ahead of you while you go to visit and i
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was fascinated about the environment and all the anger calos of there's a difference so colorful it's so beautiful sometimes but i will feel sad when i went to niger delta and saw how where all the money nigeria has came from. and you just saw such on the development so it's pretty sad when i go to the beach on the beach is no one of their beach so it's it's sad. so someone has to talk about it how can we encourage other young people to get involved i mean look at how to encourage the larger society to buy into this climate change martin kind of environment. we are the one that's going to face the impact of climate change we have a younger one so we have a low should be included in all the decision making processes which be included in all the stakeholders gauge ments so that we have a voice we can because it's easier with social media coming up everybody shares
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things easier to follow up on what is happening to you you've travelled around homeless around you recently germany or in other countries where you grew to do. and as a climate witness to speak about climate change migration we have a lot of activists in germany that's a walking towards them shutting coal factories and industries so they brought us there me and another person from the philippines to talk about how climate change impact of how we have felt climate change so they can have sympathy and they can know what their mission is cause they're in the other parts of the continent do you think that any they would be said to meet any sense you know they made a lot of impact because some studies studies say that germany in the g seven countries will contribute about fifty percent to twenty missions historical emissions so we can say they are responsible for climate change so they take up their responsibility and help all the countries that are still trying to develop and we had our government talk about crew was
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a source of general who has anything to do jim. and i think it's not a good idea for niger to go into court but i'm positive i'm positive after the climate change conference morrocco the government of the german to the government to move in nigeria and i think there are lot of partnerships in the way for solar. energy and for viewable energy there's also a world of renewable energy in the north east so there's a lot of things on the ground and we're hoping with good advisors and with. with focus. the interest of the people at heart. leaders who make the right choices in my decisions have done well and i hope they continue. to thank you. from a dirty city street to dusty roads out in the bush let's move from nigeria to the
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other side of the continent to kenya and talk about a new partnership in the amble slowly national park shire only one tell us what's going on there well the african wildlife foundation is busy setting up a network between the masai community and a safari operator all in an effort to protect the i mean bulls that inhabit the result here is more. when the sun rises here in southern kenya elephants make their way to the watering hole no matter what season it is in the subtle n.r.i. conservancy they can count on finding water. the private conservation area is home to a diverse flora and fauna. the elephants and other species like zebra and will the beast use the current all to migrate between tanzania and kenya. however human settlement and agriculture posed
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a threat to the ecosystem in order to protect the wildlife the african wildlife foundation decided to partner with the local mass like m unity. i think it's long been recognized that. government alone cannot effectively steward natural resources and people began to talk about the need for involving the local people who live and depend on the natural his sources in the conservation of those resources i think that's a much more sustainable long of conservation. together with the african wildlife foundation the mass i devised a land use plan now one part of the area is reserved for agriculture and settlement and another part is reserved for conservation. a small luxury lodge was set up to develop tourism at several hundred euros a night a room here doesn't come cheap yet the large attracts tourists from all over the world. then vironment the majestic mountain who suddenly comes up
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yeah it's always beautiful and suddenly in the early morning hours when it is just there in it's in it's got on there. and. the environment. typical. elephants in a row kilimanjaro behind. this holiday. the lodge not only benefits wildlife and tourist it also benefits the community. the lodges the community over four hundred seventy thousand euros so far. part of the revenue is used to fund community projects such as a school a well and husbandry services. the large also trains and employs about twenty five members of the local community. for having it one of the beneficiaries of this program i make the b.b.c. at the souvenir shop at the lodge. even the cattle you see at the bull
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hole we bought those with money we got from the lodge because i'm one of the shareholders and. since the lodge was set up many locals have become more environmentally aware. what used to be viewed as a threat is now regarded as a valuable source of income. because. i would personally love elephants. i love them because when most tourists come here they come to see the elephant. and. even in the conventions we've attended we see that the elephant has the most value. so we're protect our over there and then where are the other animals. solving human wildlife conflict isn't easy but the n.r.i. conservancy shows that it is possible. protected areas make up one tenth of kenya's
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territory and the human population keeps on increasing so it's crucial to find solutions that benefit both humans and wildlife. fire best is bad for your health but there's been no way to know exactly how much of it is in the vicinity at any given moment and how i mean we should save that is building a network of sensors across the german city to measure how many of the dangerous particles are in the air in real time and the data can be called on at a time on the internet four hundred of the devices have already gone online i have a review of that last year amount of five deaths in the air x. rated third levels are worrying number of time. the city of stuttgart in southern germany some of the country's best known car manufacturers are based here most
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families have at least one car but lots of vehicles emit lots of harmful fine dust particles. this intersection is where nyco cheek nine lives he'd like to drive less but that's easier said than done when combined fabric transport just doesn't take you where you want to go then you have no choice but to take the car because stuttgart lies in the valley cycling is also really exhausting. stuttgart is the fine dust capital of germany the tiny particles emitted in car exhaust can damage the heart and lungs she can or measures levels of the particulate around his home at a station he put together himself the data he collects is passed on to the website loft darton dought info their users can check to see how high levels are in real time in their neighborhood and throughout the city when levels rise cheap no leaves his car at home. he's measuring equipment came from ok lab stuttgart which also
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provided online instructions on how to build it from scratch it's made up of a processor and wireless chip a u.s.b. power supply source and two plastic pipes that shield it from the weather total cost about thirty euro news. and that as i'm still just put it together and stick it in the pipe and the hardware is ready to go of course there's still the software but it isn't hard to get it up and running you don't have to program anything yourself. yeah it's the head of ok lab stuttgart set up doughty info two years ago after he discovered that just five percent of the city's residents leave their cars at home even after fine dust alarms are issued. that bothered him so he decided to do something to wake people up to the danger by making the data more visible and more accessible.
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to mention it's a way to help people change their consumer and mobility behaviors in this area has been shaped strongly by automobiles we have to do something and continue to develop our products productive right and this should provide a little impetus for people to just stop and think hey what are we doing here today . the burtonsville to back state government in stuttgart has already announced that in twenty eighteen days when fine dust levels climb to high it will bend certain types of diesel cars. bourbon climatologist is responsible for the city's official measuring stations. he's generally in favor of the self installed fine dust census though he does have a few reservations. certainly
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a good measure for raising consciousness if the devices are used properly but there is a danger that data could be falsely interpreted. how. well say one person measures on the street another in a courtyard one says his spot is heavily polluted the other says here where i live there is little pollution but only because the two locations really can't be compared at all and the movement to set up private measuring stations isn't confined to stuttgart people in other regions are also using them four hundred have been set up so far. because we're getting really positive be back at the trans regional level is it people are enthusiastic and want to build one straight away. the group has received inquiries from as far afield as south africa ok lab stuttgart is now cooperating with the organization open data durban
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which tracks air and water quality there. in many of south africa's cities traffic is posing the same environmental challenges as it does in stuttgart. in europe millions of tons of food end up in the rubbish every year much of it from restaurants and cafes that have not been able to sell everything at other startup wants to change that empty knows more that's right sharon too good to go has developed an app that helps restaurant owners to pass on leftovers before little money at the end of the day before they are tossed into the garbage another example a good one at that of doing your bit for the environment. did you know you can reduce food waste with an app. when restaurants and cafes
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call it a day they often have left as a food which they throw away. that's how every yeah over one million tons of edibles end up in the garbage in germany and. the startup too good to go wanted to do something about that. they developed an app designed to reduce food waste. with the app customers can order food that otherwise would be thrown away. later when the restaurant closes they can pick up that order they just showed the receipt and take home perfectly edible food for less than four year is. the business and a little extra and cuts down waste disposal costs. it's
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a win win situation for everyone involved since the company was set up in twenty fifteen over one million meals have been saying. that if you are also doing your bit tell us about it. website or send us a tweet. tag doing your bit we share your stories. the danube delta is one of the most stunning landscapes in europe much of it lies in romania thanks sees a vast wetlands and rare wildlife it remains a unesco world heritage site jungle countries comedy's much of the delta was drained for farming and that proves to be an environmental disaster now. help. resident an environmentalist hoping to strike a balance between the. and the conservation.
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fisherman valeri zero trophy mav loves his home he grew up in the danube delta in romania here the river danube widens before emptying into the black sea. a network of waterways covers fifty eight hundred square kilometers a paradise for birds and fish but many here are wondering how long it will last. the area has been under threat before particularly during the communist rule of nikolai ceausescu he ordered land to be claimed and tried to set up large scale industry in the process huge spawning grounds for fish were destroyed and now the site geist has changed. we need to find a new solution to protect nature and to protect us residents to where on the right track. many of the twelve thousand residents here believe that eco tourism could be the solution. the locals want to attract visitors to this eastern part of
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the european union to enjoy the river landscape with its rich ecosystem. the idea of eco tourism started in the village of meal a tray in the local community center. has invited everyone to a meeting. forty years ago he used to be an olympic gold medalist and canoeing. now he's developed an initiative for sustainable development in the delta. the idea is that conservation is important but sidespin urges the locals to preserve their houses in traditional style he says everyone stands to benefit but that's not easy. we just want to rent out little cottages but have to fulfil the standards of a small hotel we can't do it and then big hotel chains come in from outside.
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understands the concerns but it's exactly because he doesn't want big hotel chains in the danube delta that he's encouraging the locals to get active themselves. at this building site they're eager to show that living in a traditional cottage doesn't mean giving up the benefits of modern life. building materials and this type of construction have almost been forgotten there are hardly any builders these days who know how to produce loam bricks or how to thatched roofs but we want to change that. and there are already signs of success some villagers have spruced up their homes and canoes and are now offering lodging for tourists. larry a trophy is also renting out his home. a room here goes for twenty five euros a night with half. still feels happiest
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when he's out on the danube pursuing his main livelihood. but if eco tourism can help to preserve this natural paradise he's willing to adapt to new business models . let's now get back to africa morocco is one country in africa upon the arming role in the fight against climate change and has therefore a long. green strategy plan to cope with threats and. reduce greenhouse gas emissions. tell us more. of course this country has ambitious plans they want to get more than fifty percent of its energy needs from renewables by twenty thirty and one key aspect of the climate action plan is morocco is determination to promote mobility in the future that doesn't rely on fossil fuels take a look. off from an ad buy in loves riding his bike he works as
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a waiter and can't afford a car it wouldn't be much good to him in central america anyway here the most efficient way of getting around is on foot or by bike. she just you know inside the wall is that outside the newtown takes you twenty minutes twenty five minutes to go anywhere you want to just you have to be a strong legs on stronger knee. and buy in takes advantage of an initiative called medina bike it's a cycle sharing scheme three hundred bikes are stationed at different sites across the city membership costs fifty year as a year all the organizing is done via cell phone. and if problems crop up. up users can seek help from one of the bike ambassadors who work at the stations twenty four hours a day. a simple just how to code i knew no need to know how to
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use it properly that's it. user data is collated in a basement workshop just outside the city center. this is where. founded the start up six months ago it's the first bike sharing scheme in africa five thousand users have already signed up. and this really we plan to concentrate on tourists. we set up the stations at main site where tourists would see them. what if it worked out even better now locals use the bikes even more than tourists do. the young entrepreneur even managed to enlist the support of the moroccan government which is keen to make the country more environmentally friendly. it's investing in renewable energies such as solar power the plan is that when you will provide fifty percent of america's energy consumption including in the transport
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sector. the green energy park is a thirty minute drive from are a cash around seventy scientists work here researching future technologies such as electric mobility. the country's hot temperatures pose a particular challenge. but as engineer. explains another major challenge is changing public thinking. from technical side. the battery and the performance of the vehicle but then we need to make sure that cars will be accepted. in the city. to help this happen the research has donated several electric cars to social institutions such as a home for people with disabilities. it makes it easier for residents to be taken
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out on trips. and it allows the researchers to see how the vehicles hold up to every day use. the staff at the home love their new wheels. save money. we don't need to fill up on petrol. we use the car a la exist but we only need to recharge it once a week. but for electric cars to become more popular they need to become more affordable says. until then people like kaufman and his friends will stick to bikes. so that's all for today's show we hope you've enjoyed latest addition about nature and the environment my name is now it's a way from the first to park in lagos nigeria. and of course visit our website if
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you want to find out more about us tories all visits as on us social media pages and have your say my name is sharon will mine you will see you again next week one of a decent off the european empanada environment magazine. the but. the but.
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the big countdown continues goof in the us in thirty minutes john w. . me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be useful to reporter so what are the skin plugs field sides here because ultimately. draws on a wealth of insight to different experts in the coal fields of medicine the ribs good shape the body. d.w. . they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa the own. stories of those people making
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a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com or go on the move. they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were there all year long surfing waste and polluted water is not only being the witness but it can be victims i mean with you troubles all gastric troubles. basically this a sort of always moment in back up a little there's a little on a shelf. is really decent and it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more of a man from issue to time sort of assumed gives me everything the waves the wind have to give something back to me and i can apply inched museum to many of those.
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point waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the scene started in january seventh on t.w. . this is you don't need to use live from berlin from world player of the year to president soccer star george weah is elected as liberia's next leader his supporters celebrating into the knights in the capital monrovia but we are now faces huge expectation.


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