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tv   Treasures of the World - Valletta - The Maltese Fortress Malta  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2017 12:15am-12:31am CET

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and. behind the walls of st elmo there's feverish activity the knights of the order of sin john the trying to organize the lines of defense a feat of two hundred turkish men of war has been sighted off the coast of molten forty thousand heavily armed autumn and are about to attack seven thousand christians by the knights of malta with attempts to withstand the onslaught. on the eighteenth of may fifteenth sixty five the tux attack the despite their superior numbers they meet unexpectedly determined resistance the attempt to take the full by surprise fails the defenders put up a dog fight within a month the texas lost eight thousand men and then does fulton elman full.
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weekend the tax launches second attack on the opposite side of the haba there the defense is led by the grand master of malta john kerry so delavan met with his soldiers and circled by the turks they resist for a full long months. then at last the help they have been waiting full arrives from sicily the tables are turned the sultan's army demoralized by the long struggle phase from the island in panic. i i. i i am. the whole of europe rejoiced at the victory of the aggressively expansionist autumn and the knights of st john was celebrated as the saviors of the christian occident brave defenders of the faith in gratitude and to protect the island better against
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future attacks pope pius the fourth sent them one of his best architects francesco . a people of michelangelo and an expert in the construction of fortifications. according to his design on the back hills of mount scabrous a town came into being the first in the modern era to be conceived on the drawing board. valletta. like a grid twelve streets around the breadth and nine the length of what was until the end of a can spit of land and crowning the whole development at the point of the primary was false and so bitterly fought over in the famous scene which.
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for all its jim metric layout the town has nothing statical rigid about it the up and down of the streets the colored facades of the houses with their wooden balconies sinew at it against the blue of the sky convey a feeling of mediterranean lightness. the peaceful it ill of the town was dependent on protective wools malta had been weakened and fear during new takesh attack us to build up our alley and suckled by that with towering ramparts hugh not the rock built stone upon stone forbidding and impregnable. ratch across the peninsula the builders dug out a ditch fifteen meters deep in the stony bedrock twenty metres wide and
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a kilometer in length. possibly the longest and deepest ditch evident by man. inside the city hall will swell huge out of the rock fortifications within the fortifications built to serve us retreat fortresses and cannon platforms over the coals that decades a gigantic stronghold came into being through stanley forbidding aspect would deter any enemy from attacking motive for the next century it's. valid time grew and developed into a modern city a fuss that would. buildings in the plain style of the renaissance nature of ording
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to the manor the age the knights of malta built a mall that is your estate animal brock style they also built the sagrada and family of a hospital with a thousand beds highly modern for its time in the hospital as took care of the sick until it anatomy and surgery to students of the older. than a year old was one hundred sixty five metres long an entry in the diary of a british ships chaplain described it as follows it is so wide that twelve men could easily walk abreast down the middle of it on both sides the beds with iron posts which have cabins and sheets and come to paint and a cat scrupulously clean and fresh.
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the conventual chuch of the order of st john the baptist now was the religious center of top on the outside it looks sober unadorned a stronghold of faith. the interior is one of the rock splenda attesting the wealth and grandia of the older of knights hospital a us and john jerusalem the whole church was a gift of a french knight yeah he was elected grand mosque to the water and this was his way of expressing his gratitude. the floor of the cathedral was transformed over the years into account. of colored
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stones memorials at the graves of the sons of european artistic rafiq families who died in the service of the order. to it. the order was clearly a stretch it the knights were divided according to the native language into nationalities on long each of the nationality is its own side chapel in the chapel of the italians there's a huge stock office and a st jerome a painting by caravaggio representing his patron vignacourt grand master of the order.
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to it. that end of the italian nom resided in the notch bash of italy as commander in chief of the fleet of the order he had come on and over the sailors on the walls when the marshal sculpture of the entrance originated in the later years of the religious walls between muslims and christians on the mediterranean the stone age and scimitars and taverns and cannons and souls then witness to the constant battle of the brother members of the order against the islamic saracens. in the all that they all met with the administrators of the old contracts diplomatic documents and the seal of the order the kept the palace was built in seventeen forty full by pinto defense echo his bust is almost lost at the. center
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of the mighty bulk of ops over the main portal a sumptuous piece but the rich long could well afford vast a minus brought in a high income they provided the most nights in a correspondingly influential. pinto lead the order for fell to two years longer than any other grandmaster. the defense of christianity and the care of the sick with the original duties of the order in times of peace these objectives were lost sight of the crusades were long over and the infidel autumn and is no longer threatened the christian world the knights of st john were not needed anymore as a protective force increased affluence had come to them over the last centuries through new avenues of calmness and trade.
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privateering expeditions on the mediterranean and now mind this up the pub has increasingly well for the night said long since abandoned the strict rules of that woulda in favor of a life of luxury and ease. here in the grandmasters palace political issues of significance when i no longer on the agenda twenty seven masters of the order had resided here the twenty eighth would be the last one. that inland from home pash an austrian grand master was sitting alone in his pot as on the ninth of june seventeenth ninety eight in total indifference to what was happening around him massa story and how. the enemy who had assembled his fleet this time of malta was a frenchman. napoleon bonaparte the most famous fortress of the mediterranean was
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surrendered without a shot being fired. the flag of the order which had waved so proudly of a countless battlefields in the holy land and in the east which was the dread of the muslims at sea was no good up to two hundred sixty ideas without so much as a. hand.
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