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tv   Reporter - Learning How to Walk with an Exoskeleton  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2017 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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has the recipe for success to keep his team on track for another title. well thanks for joining us here at g.w. news in berlin we'll leave you with some images of more attractive side of wintry weather footage from the world's largest ice sculpture festival in harbin china enjoy. the d. w. media center see it find it here it discover.
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video and audio podcast and language courses in the d w media center at media center dot d w dot com. sustainable protection for the earth ideas designed to preserve our ecosystems the exist around the world. takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. t w dot com slash global ideals. the notion it does confined to a wheelchair three years ago a botched hepatitis vaccination car lies to both her legs i know because twenty
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four years old and she's determined to learn to walk again with. hell of an exoskeleton but so far only a few paraplegics in germany have made their dream of walking again come true. a new schmidt tender partner look us copper have become experts on exoskeletons a new kind look at us are intrigued by these mechanisms that can help some people walk again the couple spends hours doing research online. even though that's fine you can't tell if you're wearing black. it's like something out of a star wars movie. but he has never used crutches. you know look at
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this. and that's why don't you just nikki wearing that re walk on the direct biopic the xcel together. i know it's favorite model is made by and we walk tomorrow she'll try it out for the first time she has high hopes for what this exoskeleton can do not only for self but also for her relationship with luke us they met two years ago and he was as close as to move us now i'd love to be able to see him at eye level so steve we've only known each other sitting in standing he does heels my motion. because you know he sometimes he lifts me out of my wheelchair. i can't stand on my own and he can't hold me up for very long. i just want to be able to stand up and look at him directly in the eyes. become. a new court also like to go shopping on our own without having to rely on others. well
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how many six. you're the cook i'd say six. would they do most of their shopping at this organic supermarket in their hometown near frankfurt it might be a bit more expensive but the aisles are especially wide and even then a nuke soon reaches her limits. when you see something that's high up on the shelf i can't reach it i don't know i've tried i could fall i can't do much shopping on my own. i know copes that are next to a skeleton will make her life easier for example she could deal with people that i level now and she often feels that people treat her like a child simply because she's you know wheelchair. before she was paralyzed a nuke loved to cook and all she can do is help blue cross that said yes we did
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he's done that i was told we divide the workload. and i do the slicing and locust does the fun stuff. and who doesn't think she'll get much sleep tonight she's too excited about tomorrow's first practice run with the exoskeleton. pieces politically here. who sign as i kneel to meet people at eye level they're not sitting down but they're getting roaming corruption because poret know people talk over my head even when they bend down to meet me. and i even as i mean to me i'd love to stand at the same height as others and walk on my own i can't even describe how great that would be. it's come on the gun for. the next morning a new car arrives in her specially equipped car for physical therapy. her first test with the exoskeleton is just minutes away.
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i know knows that the new mechanism own fully replace her wheelchair. still she is excited at the prospect of being able to stand on her own two feet again for the first time in three years. and she bought a pair of larger shoes just for today's test because the exoskeleton takes up extra room at the soles of her feet but slipping into the high tech machine is harder than it looks. if i'll give you hand the i'm just bullet i won't break cord with us. it takes several minutes to fit three walk properly. for the. new guys can hardly wait to see a nuke standing on her own two feet. the
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trainer explains how to operate the mechanism i just started she has to lean forward. when she leans back and stops. swaying forward move the supports forward. then finally a new guy takes her first steps. you can. lean forward and back it sounds easy but in practice it's pretty difficult and it wears you out that's what they must have got spasms in my right leg in the walking is making it a little worse it was as much as i need to take a break although over the supports back catch yourself.
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some water. please i know because exhausted lucas is stunned one metre seventy is taller and you think. yeah after a short break the training continues come as well that was better right yeah. now a new can really enjoy walking her trainer is impressed that she learned so quickly . criticized him she worked with the system and did a good job of reacting to all the data that came in and she was quick to find her center of gravity. that usually takes three or four sessions. we've been taught to tell a lie start i'm so relieved and happy i can't stop smiling it's always been about ourselves but i'm also glad that the session is over i'm staying on the last few steps really wore me out a lot like a clock does not want to leave and i got really confused with leaning forward and into the turn but i'm definitely looking forward to next time. the nukes
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insurance company will decide whether there will be a next time the re walk representative tells her that the approval procedure can take time the exoskeleton costs over ninety thousand euros so far only twenty three re walks have been authorized in germany and the patients often had to wait several years to get one. six months later a new andrew connoisseur visiting a trade fair for physical products. a nuke will demonstrate how the re walk mechanism works but the insurance company has denied our request for her own exoskeleton. that went up the boxes that i expected that but i was still disappointed they said i had a wheelchair to compensate for disability and could do various standing exercises so i couldn't justify the cost of every walk. we walk and. that's how
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steep but my doctors and i disagree with that assessment when i had finished and we walked as it's experts say walking is the best therapy for wheelchair bound patients especially paraplegics if you arrest you rust. then i'd like to see those insurance people sit in a wheelchair for just a week and then they can stand up and sit back down on done i'd like them to tell me how it feels as if this is the on. a nuke is frustrated but really walks head of marketing john fried has provided some comfort. but i new goals and the goal some insurers now realize that this isn't just a gimmick it's every day reality a law that's the only thing so i think eventually buy more and more of them will approve coverage and we'll see what all what he says with all. this during the presentation a nuke sees what life could be like if she stays with the training program this man has been paralyzed for years by now even stairs are no longer an obstacle.
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i know quantz to be able to walk like that too has soon as possible. but now in front of a big crowd she's overcome by a case of nerves. asking me if i don't feel as safe in this mechanism as i did in the original. i'm with my partner it's a case of mind over matter. isn't completed on any of the people here are really good at using it. and i wouldn't want to trip or anything i was happy that i could just stand up. front spam and i welcome this like the host asks a new quote she do first if she had her own exoskeleton take a walk with my dog and my boyfriend. this is we sure hope that happens thank you for coming today. it's almost christmas the letters from her insurance
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company and local government officials now fill several binders but they still haven't given their approval because you think the district accused them concludes that this device is non-essential. just. because of poor blue i think the insurance company is just trying to put off making expensive investments for as long as possible. because after two years and countless requests that have been killed i had patients lose interest in a doctor and you. or they simply might not need something expensive like that anymore. but a new grief uses to give up she's just filed her third appeal with the insurance company. but wading through all this red tape has taken its toll on her.
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i might not appear desperate but inside i have to admit that i am in this was once on the. light side the sea but at the same time i see that others eventually get every walk. and that gives me hope now we've been i think i'm just too optimistic to give up on something like this. you just have to keep on hoping. for. after all the nukes dream of walking with her dog and boyfriend is bound to come true sooner or later. their songs are dance floor hit. their fans are found around the world.
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their careers been full of ups and downs. and explosive look at the world of cost cutting. special. just wanting more to match it this really is the last line and i'm give the money i'll save it and the health benefits i'll be so my challenge to your. kid has had a it's a new year it's a fresh start i can do that becoming a nonsmoker and staying here's how to do it. in good shape in sixty minutes on. they live to serve the. danger lurks in the longer we were there all year long
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suffering waste and polluted water. basically for the safety of all as long as they back up a little nation full of. these really decent it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more time the same gives me everything the way the winds have to give something back trying to feel obliged to assume. one waves surfers fighting against unseen the sea starting in january seventh on g.w. . hello and welcome to a special edition of pop export this time the show is all about the dance act and
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our singer natalie horler.


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