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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Cascada  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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basically for the safety of. the initial goal of. these wheaties it's sad to. see more and more each time the scene gives me everything the way the winds have to give something back. to us. waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the sea started in january seventh on g.w. . hello and welcome to a special edition of pop export this time the show is all about the dance act and our singer natalie horler. will tell you the story of their success take you along
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on a video shoot and go on tour. have been together since two thousand and four and of sold more than thirty million recordings. but are most successful and germany. exports portrait of tracing their rise to the top of the charts. run is the first release following a two year break during which singer natalie horler gave birth to her first child twenty seventeen back with a new single and we've been hearing great reactions i'm really really excited about on this. one thing. around the world been able to live her dream for some fifteen years. you can leave
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us i love what i do and i'm able to do it professionally and make enough to pay my rent it can't get better than that if it continues like this then i'll be happy. natalie harder is the voice and the face of cascada but there are two other musicians involved. money won't loiter aka d.j. mannion is one of the two producers deejays on weekends trying out what sounds and beats get people onto the dance floor. the other producer is yon peiffer aka john yoo who has a degree in music he writes the songs and does the arrangements. for the sound which i don't want to say that we shut off cells up in the studio and try to concoct something like cooks and then nothing says up the dishes so that
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image isn't really accurate but not to use the one who goes out to represent the act which means to of course but at the end of the day scott is not in any. natalie horler was born in england and grew up in bonn where she still lives her father david horner is a professional jazz musician who passed his love of music on to her when she was young after finishing high school natalie worked in a clothing store as a waitress and also sang in a bar. on a cocktail bar with an aa i sang one or two evenings a week in a cocktail bar it will bounce that was good because it was what i wanted to do for a living well that's seventeen i started working in studios and that was how my development took us cut a started how i met my producers still wanted for ten king and. got a got started in two thousand and four and a year later they had their big breakthrough. with every time. we touch a cover version of
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a hit by scotland's maggie riley the dance act and platinum records in four countries and gold and one other. has got to had their biggest hit to date in two thousand and nine evacuated dance floor sold more than four million copies. it's all risky job and i was just really lucky so i wouldn't tell someone hey it worked out for me it'll work out for you that's unrealistic but my advice is to work hard and believe in yourself. the casket i had great faith in themselves when they appeared as germany's entry in the twenty thirteen year old vision song contest in sweden i but their song glorious only made it to twenty first place. that euro vision appearance seems to have put the jinx on coskata none of their subsequent singles can reproduce the success of their early releases still the trio continues to work on new music. where i
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actually got and track by track at the moment we're just going to be releasing some new songs i know the album but a lot of the live appearances cast got a place throughout europe. we're going to be doing a lot more in germany as well which is nice for us because we have now to be we have been doing that many gigs that. porter has no problem combining motherhood and a singing career she has as much energy as ever she and her band mates want to prove that cats got it is still a force to be reckoned with. ever since evacuate the dance floor to have been a guaranteed crowd pleaser at the club here's the most successful song to date in all its glory.
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body is a kim. coles. would be the key to getting in the soul. to. soul of. islam.
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sure. to spotify. every week publishes a new playlist on spotify with twenty songs made in germany. you'll also find chart toppers new releases and classic hits. on spotify. natalie horler often performs complicated dance choreographies in their videos which takes a lot of work we accompany a singer to a video shoot in canada. the
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largest city in canada it's where the video to cast got his single pyromania is being shot on set are thirty five film professionals only one day has been scheduled for the shoot. you. made a deliberate decision in favor of a studio in north america. made a lot of videos in germany but in north america you notice that everything has a more international touch to say that in a broad sense everything made america looks like it has a big budget. hollywood and another for this video hired two choreographers since natalie horler had little time to prepare for the shoot. fake arms. hugh.
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physically demanding to dance to. the remnants of. a huge artist her music has such an infectious beat it's high energy it's perfect for dancers for all ages i think everyone in the dance industry. the dancers especially were so excited to be part of it. was amazing. it's eleven pm and they're still not through. the video is finished and uploaded to the internet where it gets millions of hits
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pyromania ended up in the charts in five countries. there are videos all over the world for the video. to the spanish. the single was the only.
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here's a roundup of other stories about short and sweet. enough to permit. such . things as videos natalie horler often plays a free and easy siren but in private the thirty five year old is happily married in two thousand and eleven she wed banker moritz awful bag whose last name she took so legally she's now mrs raffle there and since two thousand and fifteen natalie has
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had two jobs singer and mother with a lot of help from family and obviously my husband and babysitters it has been possible to continue doing my job going home toll but also being a mom during the week as well. and indeed just a few weeks after giving birth porter was performing on stage again. like we can. cause connor represented germany at the twenty third vision song contest with the song gloria having qualified through a national competition. pundits and fans predicted natalie horler would land in the top ten and the singer went into the competition with the best of intentions. i want to really apply all the professionalism. i've gained over the years and do
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the best job i've ever done that's the plan who knows if it'll work ups as i've advised i. the grand finale was a disappointment for germany despite a thrilling performance because got it ended up in twenty first place one of the worst results of the evening for. the city however they did get out half of the world that the sides here and i just never know how it will go it didn't work out so well for germany and i think i'm the most disappointed because i put myself on the line and said i'll fight this battle for germany he came for doesn't come for dollars land but instead of licking her wounds or are simply continued her international career you can't keep pescado down.
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and natalie horler can create a buzz off stage as well in august twenty seventh she posed nude for playboy magazine the blonde was on the cover and in an extensive photo feature porter said it was a great honor to pose for the magazine and that she prepared for the photo shoot months ahead of time with a diet and fitness regimen. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook get d.w. music stories stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook and send us a message we love hearing from you. because got it were honored in twenty seventeen when their song play. it was the
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official song of this year's world championships natalie horler presented in front of thousands of fans at the opening game in cologne here's a video of that performance.
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and. the. moment.
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now works very hard performing up to one hundred concerts a year and touring around the world we accompanied her on the road and here is our exclusive tour report. the airport at fort lauderdale florida ten o'clock in the morning natalie horler and her backup dancers are on their way to their first appointment of the day they were in new york yesterday and today they have a long day of interviews and performing in miami. to cope with the rigors of touring the singer places a lot of value on having a harmonious team. we
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have a very close relationship you're around each other all the time every second you're travelling. badly and maybe you get cranky so it doesn't make sense to tour with people you can't stand. a stop at a local radio station it is why one hundred back. after the interview there's an exclusive acoustic gig at the radio station. two hundred listeners have won a ticket giveaway and they all know the lyrics to all the stops. in the.
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get this feeling in every family. can't have been hot that i want to. need you bad that i. really like i love her boy i heard her. i never. lied for the audience was the opportunity to take photos with their idol having contact with her fans is an important part of the job for an adult. a new country a new landscape an outdoor festival in denmark an audience of five thousand is expected including a lot of cast got a fan. come on stage and people are having a good time it pushes us to turn it up another notch no matter how little sleep
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we've had you just get an adrenalin rush and then we have fun to. the day to get to and. there are always dates at home in between the gigs abroad this time during a club near the city of munster staying up until the wee hours of the morning is a normal part of boilers life. they. say. and then nagesh i'm very energetic and a lot of people call me a bundle of energy which is good because i don't get a lot of sleep in this job. right after this. headache. to the next stop.
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to round out our special edition of. here's their very first single which came out in two thousand and. six. and joy. i was. told. i.
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i am honored to be a. chance to see that you saw me and. told me i may be. the be. the be.
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the be. the be. the best morning morning. sickness really is the last minute of some of the money i'll save. and the health benefits i'll be so much alimony obtain the kids have
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a it's a new year it's a fresh start i can do this becoming a nonsmoker and state law be the be a good cheat in thirty minutes w. . checkin. fasten your seat belts. look at this. chick in. the travel guide w. climate change. waste. pollution c. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and
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projects that are changing a live fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire. the committee for the environment magazine. d w.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin a show of support in the streets for iran's religious rulers pro-government demonstrators. and other cities for the supreme leader this is after a rare government protests erupted.


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