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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2017 6:02am-6:16am CET

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the blaze which authorities say started on the ninth floor of the twelve story building. this week thousands of hackers and internet experts gathered in leipzig for the chaos communication congress i.t. vulnerability was one of the hot topics at the annual meeting internet experts warn that new technology is being rolled out without adequate security for users. take a look trick cars touted as the next big thing for environmentally friendly a transportation that experts say that data infrastructure for either calls is vulnerable to hacking in germany for instance customers and public charging stations are open to fraud because transactions and encrypted researchers say that's because companies are placing other priorities ahead of security. these companies are growing very quickly simply because they want to have the best
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location for their charging infrastructure and they are trying to. build the infrastructure right now and have the profits later so they are for growing more quickly instead of focusing on the security side of things data protection in general was a major focus of the meeting experts criticized that companies don't have enough incentive to protect their customers dot up they want corporations that experience data breaches to face hefty fines. it's not expensive enough for companies if they fail security wise but when you look at the internet of things the so-called i like this many video camera us toasters networked was to smart smart told application that come with like zero security. measures just because it would companies those companies would think it's too important it's too costly it's too expensive to have. to install security measures it's
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unclear where the finds of a solution in any case the boom in connected devices seems unstoppable and so data security is lagging. the age of automation so advances in twenty seventeen these soccer robots did ok for rookies and they'll learn like many of the other models presented over the past year nero the robot dog for example can learn the floor plan of an apartment and fetch help in case of emergency he often makes cute noises and likes to have his back scratched. at the see but electronics there pepper got a lot of attention with his coffee service for the workplace he'll serve you a hot drink of your choice without bothering you with small talk. you go get it and you'll get back to what it was a plus and he talks to people it's really that's personal touch it. leg of their lives you're probably what. robots like this one can already take over simple tasks
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like making deliveries. and when this arm learns to complete tasks more quickly and precisely assembly line workers will have to look for new jobs. as a new phase of automation comes then people just move to something else but only at that time the new ones will do. the range of human jobs that robots can do is growing rapidly soon farmers won't need farm hands to feed their animals tennis clubs will do without ball boys. and pizza delivery will become a job of the past even though this delivery robot only has a top speed of fifteen kilometers per hour. true twenty seventeen also brought us robots trying to do jobs that some people considered unnecessary how would the rehearsal have gone if there'd been simply a metronome on the conductors podium. robots are coming that much is clear
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the little high tech helpers are stepping into our lives. but some obviously have a way to go before they offer serious competition to humans. crude oil ended the twenty seventeen trading year at around sixty six dollars a barrel the highest level in more than two years while prices have been steadily rising for weeks but got another boost early this week when an explosion at a pipeline in libya interrupted supply lines. the incident cut flows by as much as one hundred thousand barrels per day. british airways owner i.a.g. and now it's that it will snap up bankrupt airline nicky. the price for the budget carrier would be twenty million euros along with sixteen point five million in lec . nikky
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a subsidiary of germany's air berlin turbulence not long after that airline went bankrupt in the collapse of air berlin left town such as germany's single major airline prompting fears of rising ticket prices germany's federal cartel office has been reviewing allegations of fare hikes of up to thirty percent lufthansa has argued that its software automatically responded to higher demand this week the cartel watchdog said it wasn't buying that saying airlines shouldn't be allowed to hide behind algorithms. local fishermen in chardon lake in northeastern china have landed a huge hall for their annual outdoor winter auction it's part of a traditional festival that dates back a thousand years and it tracks tourists as well as massive online orders million kilos of chardon like fish have been ordered online by eager foodies this year that's already seventy percent of the expected seasonal catch.
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amazon employees at a major distribution center in germany went on strike this week the verde union representing them says they should be paid the same as retail workers amazon argues that their logistics workers who generally receive lower wages the conflict over pay has been ongoing since two thousand and thirteen. salmon cure in the british capital was awarded the e.u.'s protection of origin label this year but the maker of london cura salmon a traditional smoked fish from london's east end would just assume do without the endorsement we've been producing. four hundred years where the oldest believes those folks out in the world are savages a fantastic taste of salmon a lot of smoke lands foreman smokehouse is a family business now in its fourth generation he applied for the e.u. label four years ago long before his country's referendum in favor of leaving the
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european union. and we explain the history of the heritage smokes have a big produced in this part of town and the methodology of demonstrated that hasn't happened so often two years they approved it and then they have to put it forward to say europe and i had to go public consultation process i worry proud to have this recognition. although he received the recognition from brussels foreman is convinced it's right for britain to leave the e.u. he doesn't trust the euro currency and he thinks europe will soon face another major economic crisis he's convinced that britain is better off without the e.u. and its bureaucracy two years ago there was a new regulation which meant that we had to spend literally tens of thousands of pounds reprinting war smoked salmon packaging so that a packet of smoked salmon could have an e.u. warning sign on the back saying contains fish i do think we've become far too
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regulator a too much of a nanny state and i don't think that's good for business generally. he exports his salmon to more than thirty countries isn't here frayed his business could take a hit because of bricks it communication has changed and so i don't think the e.u. is the purpose in terms of geography is irrelevant you know if you want to have a trading arrangement with another country it could be with any country in the world. foreman says he's certain that china is the real market of the future for britain not the e.u. . we've been here is we all the bureaucracy the rules or regulations and we sort of i think we've become tired as a result and i think the regs that will give us a really great fresh opportunity to actually say why what are the positives what can we see is that the trade deals around the world. this traditional fish curer is
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convinced it's important to move with the times. and he thinks that the time is up for the european union. christmas decorations are still up in the stores but the festive feeling is gone still in munich stores were busy as consumers brought back gifts that weren't so well received once the wrapping paper came off. things have been invited i was only unhappy that i'd chosen something from my sweetheart and he said it's too tight and b it wasn't his collar. who didn't give it back we just corrected the size because the recipient's punch was too big for an l. and we had to go to x l otherwise it was all good. is good. and that also goes for retailers who are now taking stock of their christmas revenues online sales were especially high rising to twelve billion euros top ten percent from last
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year german department and chain stores also enjoyed higher than expected sales so they don't object to the post christmas exchange tried. we think. it's important that the item is on one and then we'll gladly exchange it on the customer should have the sales receipt or the tick and all the goods then it's no problem we're happy to greet every customer even after christmas before we want to be. able to tells. of course because even on an excursion to return and want to gifts customers always seem to bring a little something extra to the till. christmas may be over but it's a winter wonderland at santa claus village just outside the city of revenue me in northern finland more than three hundred thousand tourists come here each year with high season in december they can enjoy a reindeer ride and join in the seasonal festivities people from warmer climates
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are particularly fond of a holiday in the snow. people here are very friendly and was he is quite different . and it's really and it's like all of a everywhere a few years ago many of the visitors came from neighboring russia they helped drive up revenue at santa claus village but times have changed. the last season alone we did witness hundred percent growth of chinese markets and then also the overnights from from singapore and then they will they are big numbers from the others asian markets as well but those are the big ones and they come additions are needed for the many asian guests this typical finnish style hotel cost six million euros to build and was financed by chinese investors they're turning a good profit in lapland with the help of asian tourists and some of them are likely to return next year after warmly recommending the finnish winter to their friends. and that was our roundup of the week's business stories.
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and i think there's a real meaning to journalism that people trust that can make sense of all this and can explain what's actually happening. it's not just about being spear in better words or being neutral it's about being truthful. i want to show that even though we're all different and there is a generous human condition that needs that so i want to give the younger generation of not for you to express themselves freely or you would a want to be and raise their questions.
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