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tv   World Stories - Changing the Families Fortune in India  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CET

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so over st basil's cathedral one red square. then hundreds of thousands gathered near berlin's brandenburg gate to watch a spectacular display. they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. this week on world stories. the struggle against plastic waste in sound home
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am trying to. violence against homosexuals in russia. we start in india where a third of the population can't read or write though every child has a legal right to education literacy is especially low among girls from poorer segments of society. saudia khan has already been in class the entire day but she's still eager for more. hardly anything can stop this thirteen year old from pursuing her love of learning taking their studies of importance whatever everyone so i did up to gone to school even if i'm tired if i have then if the what if i'm all the states of that day most of them this week the first time she went to school was seven years ago in a village just outside india's capital new delhi she got there thanks to literacy india an organization that helps underprivileged children who would otherwise. the
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school. the organization focuses particularly on young girls. sabia represents of what can happen when these kinds of challenges are overcome. she lives walking distance from the school and she has a room with her parents and sister. the family doesn't have a lot of money and neither parent received much of an education for her mother of in school was never an option growing up but today she feels her lack of education limits what she can do and wants a different life for her daughters. i feel very sad that i'm not educated i've only had just a little bit of schooling but now when i want to use the phone i need to wait for my children or my husband to help and there are lots of things like that that i have to think about. the. father dies clothes for a living but business is slow right now the machines he usually works with are
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barely in use. doesn't have the qualifications to change professions easily. education as a potential opportunity for the entire family that if she studies and make something of herself then it will be to our benefit for change and so will hers there will not definitely be change that will be good the signs are promising. already uses what she's learnt to help her father with things he used to struggle with like taking orders or writing bills and study his recent admission to a more established school is also a major step one she hopes will help her achieve her dream of becoming a doctor or a journalist. tens of thousands of young refugees have come to germany in recent years though they would like to many have trouble getting to know germans their own age a musical project wants to help strain. become friends. the last rehearsal
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before opening night flying high is turning these teens into singers actors and friends. i've made new friends. that was really great for me. i didn't really know anyone before. we were hers just once a week. and when i'm here i forget the whole world i'm just here with my friends while. my hair is eighteen xena is seventeen two years ago mara rived in germany alone from syria xena is german and has lived in berlin for eight years for her the musical provides a creative balance to her preparations for high school graduation exams. the teens have been rehearsing together for half a year they developed a musical from their own ideas the plot a peaceful people is attacked hostages are taken and adventures and soon.
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already. director todd jonathan fletcher wrote the script based on the teen's ideas and composed the songs he's been working with youth for thirty years. my aims are to show the kids that they're capable of more than they ever imagined possible these people who have ended up in europe from who've come from somewhere else can contribute not just be here not just be integrated in the sense in the easy sense of the word integrated but contribute which is beyond integration and i think that's what people want to do. then a quick cost of check. the performers even so their own outfits. my hair and xena like the others are doing all this in their free time and often
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for the first time. for this particular project. the art is a means to an end and so we've strangely achieved that goal. of integration and bringing people together and we now have to still keep working on the means because of course the musical would be nice if the musical works out and i'm sure it will but it's not really about that. for todd fletcher this project is much more about bringing teenagers together helping them discover new perspectives and sharing them with the wider world. plastic waste is
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a major problem for the small african island state of santo may in pricey environmentalists want to change that and encourage the inhabitants to collect plastic waste. that's. the day you. may put it. there but they take museums it is a way of life on principle. but they're definitely not taking the easy road when it comes to protecting the environment twenty four year old celina finance has a big day ahead but on the. good morning up i've come for your plastic bottles today's collection day. i got him already i got it on. recycling plastic has become a major activity on the island and young and old are getting in on the action.
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the collection depĂ´t will be busy the entire day the routine is get in line and be patient. with. celine fernandez is helping out with the counting she works in the biosphere reserve team she says most of the plastic bottles arriving on the island contain palm oil for cooking by holding collections every few months the team has gathered up four hundred fifty thousand bottles for every fifty they hand out a reusable container made of stainless steel. a bit of metal over the plastic so we have four tons of plastic stored on the main island of southall me a maritime transport company is helping us by taking it to lisbon free of charge to recycling companies there will receive it and it was a couple mess tourism hasn't yet come to the island and that's the way they want to keep it but the locals also need jobs so the idea is to help cycle the ardennes
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waste seventy percent of which is organic or you know that big that. these women are making commercial compost it's a new venture on the island and it's hard work the compost beds need to be turned three times a week. is an important lastic that's bad it lasted. the women i mean to sell their first compost in three months they've already approached potential clients and i hope all their hard work will eventually pay off. in secret or learned certainly not taking the easy way. finally we turn our gaze to russia where violence against homosexuals both in public and in private has long been an issue one courageous young woman has stood
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up to it. and much of what they were running around school screaming that i'm a damn lesbian and that i should die but their homophobia was reason enough to attack me for the. when i started dancing i met people i knew i'd feel comfortable with better and able to accomplish. work and swore he would get most of them are either bisexual or lesbian it gives me a feeling of freedom while for the. moment my mother was really upset when she found out she cried a lot. it was a shock for us she i'll admit i even felt a physical which was
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a version of my god is my daughter a monster or a freak. and i certainly felt uneasy about. why she. and what will people say there are people who can never find out you can't even hint actually and that's those not yet these are i can see that she wants to understand me more but she can't get on this and my parents were brought up. the soviet union with god it's interesting that it's this year we went on a trip to greece and went to an island where there was a monastery and pilgrims one woman went down on her knees and crawled to the monastery i was surprised maybe she wanted god to help her heal someone and then i thought to myself if someone told me to get down on my knees and roll and then my daughter would be just like everyone else i would do it. when i was fourteen my classmates and some of the kids at school found out they spat at me hit me with
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their heavy backpack filled with books beat me up and insulted me. i freaked out i cried because i was so scared life was over the most in the washington national yuppie last. option you voted. for homosexual relationships are seen as degrading here people react really aggressively to them if i realize at some point that i just can't live here anymore i have to find a way to leave it here. and . i think there's a real meaning in the journalist that people trust that can make sense of all this
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and can explain what's actually happening and i became a journalist because i wanted to be a storyteller and i want to find those real authentic stories about everyday people who have something to share and it's not just about being fear words or being neutral it's about being truthful. i want to show that even though we're all different there is an general sentiment condition that comics and so i want to give the younger generation a platform to express themselves freely be what they want to be and raise their cost. for mines.


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