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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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film scores can help us feel a part of the action. oh right so you're watching the other news with have a lot more to tell you about yours was still ahead. how's this for a knockdown prize for one year old can buy you all house in northern france what's the catch ben i'll tell you in business coming up next. and i'll see you again at the top of the hour. on the end of the interview that is moving it's not a visit you know of course nothing is what rule twenty eight do you have a story for us which told us will shape the news twelve months later globular d.w.
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news. washington. one against on. the move president trump's second year in the windows standout global politics sells today due to the greatest. thank you. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. you know webspace. dot com. football made in germany. at. a job and jobs but adds up employment in europe's biggest economy gets an old time high i'll ask an economist what the boom means for you. the latest child. the
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numbers look a little better but it's still a huge problem in bangladesh. and too good to be true a french city puts houses up for sale for just one year or. i've been physical and let's do business we begin with germany's jobs bonanza unemployment is at its lowest level since east and west were united in nine hundred ninety the labor agency says joblessness dropped from six point one percent to just five point seven percent last year well domestic demand is surging exports continuing to ride a recovery in the u.s. china and other parts of europe that means that two and a half million people here in germany were registered as jobless the number of people holding a job reached an all time high experts say that could rise further of the next year i asked economist gustaf horn what the robust results mean for the rest of the world. certainly the facts the rest of the world very positive because those people
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have a drop in germany buy goods even imported goods so these border brought all over the place and that's what we have to the foreign economies and domestic as we pointed out domestic demand is surging here the u.s. doesn't like germany's economic power though does it no wonder it doesn't because germany has an export surplus and. present trump interprets that as a kind of german. crowding the united states' economy which isn't true actually but certainly it's his interpretation and your policy or your outlook that you've released today. does concentrate quite a bit on mr trump and his policies are you worried that much about a man who's only managed to get one bill through congress so far during his term well if you just were president trauma i wouldn't be that much worried but certainly there are other people wrong in the both would certainly say not just us first but other countries first and certainly this is
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a drawback for international trade in the long run and international trade as adversity affected the german economy set by that because we strongly rely on our exports so it rising nationalism elsewhere as well how long then will this jobs continue in germany well at least for now that you think because we expect the growth rate of two point three percent to germany's though and that means the drop in greece will go on further this year however if there is any international event that adversely affects the global economy and the investment process we will be hard hit what about national politics germany doesn't have a government yet it's voted in a new government that was three months ago but. we already seeing some sort of hom to business that there are executives who are already saying that the world is watching well it's not yet any harm but in the longer run or in the medium term even we need some action and this government count make any action that we need to decide. on the european integration we need an addition on the investment in
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germany and this decision can only be take if you have a functioning government and we're going to have another year of record low interest rates how important is that then that is important because it stabilizes the euro area as a whole but we think that fiscal policy should assist monetary policy to step in laws the euro area and we strongly recommend a more expansionary fiscal policy last year's report pointed out that the economic momentum in the euro area is not yet robust or was not yet robust enough to withstand significant rate increases and would grind to a halt in the face of the strong euro appreciation the euro is now at a three year high how does that change things well certainly the euro was very high at the moment and that might lead to a more stable lies global economy because we are in exports applause for the u.s. as a whole and we should balance or external balance and that helps a strong euro it doesn't respect inflation because we need a higher inflation rate no weaker euro would help them all so far you've mapped out
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what the mid term looks like the long term as far as the next year goes but what about further than that how how do you see germany developing economically and as as a global player but it certainly depends on how investment is developing in germany especially public investment because our infrastructure is burgeoning in the longer run that certainly will adversely affect our economy low productivity growth low real income growth and so we have to fix that economy is good stuff one thank you very much for coming in and thank you very much for your outlook. figures show an improvement in the global fight against child labor it's still a problem in several countries international labor organization says some one hundred fifty two million children are victims many kids often have to choose between education and work because the lack of means food and a roof over their heads. these children are making t. shirts that will be sold across the world and some are younger than fourteen the legal age for employment in bangladesh muhammad is one of them is just thirteen is
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working in this factory because he has no other choice. under the law when the whole family has money problems we all a lot to market traders that's why i have to work if i ever earn a lot of money i may go back to school but those who don't know. muhammad works at least ten hours a day and he only gets one day off a week. child labor is a major problem in bangladesh where one in ten children between the ages of five and fourteen work. muhammad's onerous work help support his family his paid amiga monthly wage of forty euros says most of the i'm sorry for my son is not getting educated so he has no future that makes me sad but i see no way out just so much like his mother was mohammed has been forced to choose between
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education and food. or uganda's plans to ban imports of secondhand clothing has thousands of traders in a stitch the government says the business is suffocating the local textiles industry. the joy of making sales run out muddies deals in the used clothes from uganda's capital kampala. he has done this for more than twenty years and so what do you can see from here i've managed to save and build houses to buy several stalls i did not have any of these things when i was starting five educate my children and sent some of them to university in november to the universe. but his main source of income is through it and. government wants to buy petition of used clothes saying they frustrate the local
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textile industry. with some guy you know because this is where you find a vendor with fifty million shillings one with one million one hundred thousand and another with as low as fifteen thousand shillings forging alliance therefore as traders we appeal to the president to look with sympathy into the number of people working at all we know market so that we're not chased out of business it out. tell us by being that to what. i'm sick and hunt clothes especially among the poor who cannot afford the same quality of calls when the annual. such shows that eight out of ten africans have worn a used government. office said our country right now i can buy clothing for as little as one thousand shillings which is below half our us dollar if you say you want to ban used clothes but it's disturbing because there's literally no
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alternative. some ugandans dealing in new cloth say imported used clothes cheap which makes local products noncompetitive. they have welcomed government's plans so a lot of sense of course. as someone who owns a fashion those who makes clothes i want mike lento to grow i want my business to grow i want. you know to get more customers and it's promoting. for people in fashion but they should put in place. what we need just like any other country we need more factories that make fabric. every year. over one thousand five hundred tons of used clothes from the united states alone others are mainly imported from europe. the global
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secondhand clothing trade among leading exporter is valued at about one point seven billion dollars. but as this trade remains lucrative across the wode thousands of ugandan trade does make might be easy i mean. for their livelihood. now if you're really set on buying your own home but can't afford it well here's an idea for you try a house in this french city for example for the princely sum of one euro you can buy yarn and there are a few catches the check out this report the northern french city of rube a was once a wealthy textile manufacturing center now it's one of france's poorest towns and tire neighborhoods have been abandoned so the municipal government came up with an idea sell off derelict houses for only one euro. the video here is to attract people who will invest in the area care for it and place their children in the
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schools and bring new life to the neighborhood feels awful not easy. so there are conditions you have to put about seventy thousand euros in a renovation and you have to live there with your family for least six years the offer is tempting for some you know you have to look at the condition of the house to become a house owner for one euro is absolutely interesting to us but others are not too impressed. or not tempted. we can't afford any. other rundown european towns have similar programs you'll end up with a house but it won't be in one of europe's beauty spots. and you get a nice doing business with you i've been fizzling i'll see you again very soon here on. a bike.
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entered the conflict zone this week conflict zone is at the u.s. army seoul in first training area in bavaria guest is lieutenant general ban
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hutches commando of the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such comes for us to come on the in chief in washington many people in europe i wondering is america still a reliable fall. for next fall the first. i shall mickey has no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in the nature. of fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on d. w. . when i'm traveling to be comfortable.
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but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. in d. w. makes that part of traveling easy because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships. have you found inside sent us a picture that shows d. w. in your room you can great price. dot com travel quiz. this week conflict zone is at the u.s. army seoul in first training area in bavaria our guest is lieutenant general ben hutches commander of some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with the such controversial
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a commander in chief in washington many people in europe.


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