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tv   Night Grooves - Feat. Ross Antony Paul Reeves and Simone Kermes  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 4:15am-5:00am CET

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they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the road. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands d.-w. is a new multimedia series for. d w dot com africa on the move. visits the next course nothing is it will twenty years team covering stories for us which topics will shape the next twelve months political up on the news. most route. between the elections. and the olympics. twenty team
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turn up for president putin. today monday news. well you know we have swapped out all flaws you know we can look up dog if they come from the field of oprah. and oprah tonight and niklas power leads to ross antony and see money. from sex and music and talk to me. on.
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a a was you sure thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you. i said if one side of us just can learn like to thank you that doc is on to him that's. his mission if that is that's the house and yeah that's a good go come to question the question i. hope i'm not it's fight the silence the ear of tata the family's fended yeah yeah and how much i'd say. oh yeah
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oh. yeah this is you i took a good c.e.o. of a few of these people and he was saying this is talk to them because i'm wise and kind by shows off they can come they should leave it as part of the trade their neck to say it's not they saying ya know you should. yes i met a fire about it what you like to fire the how to. run the phrase i was as hard as he gave me. a minority crush i used to run in love with a yeah holder so i guess this is our game leslie is that i'm forty pounds take the much mileage thing and i want my government to stop i think we're on the stage we're actually more relaxed than we are and quite often we just enjoy the music we just love singing together i love out of my account of love and i was vicki's through it you know to ken michigan's orbison date as despises doc it's been to go til i want to mention the advantage to how's it been in the unit if you wish for the fans and it wouldn't last a day or salvation
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a zillion and one paul is the you know i get so out and then me visit us and others must watch the house have ended up guest i have lots of lists and i get up every morning and look at my list and think i got to do that. yeah until i listen to your fantastic i'm sure it is here that's the commander's choice. to me it's a menu and to the story straight yeah yeah that's right vanderbilt you must finish off my not to say i was my god this ganna my last. ironing i don't like ironing the clothes so i listen to mom and i know this is really sort of like a minor to do list as him again but you might get is there not that many private accounts a bit and so to let put in us and fit in i was going to do as much as ghana yeah yeah now it's finished by me under my i mean it's a hose and i'm trying to say i miss because you are just. so allison platz. yeah
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one don't put much a lot of putting on this get us first and everything that makes the mess and then he comes along and. i'm very. excited he indulgent of that so much more takes him to that my you know i had some sinus. did i that exam most in my uniform fenced off while a matter of minutes fenced off is ornish to be the two. sides regime change. the culture of the two zero zero yeah yeah it's absolute zero to you from off between your. and my hero bros astronomers rosiest. believe that you can call me if there's somebody. that song is. not. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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neil you want about me to cover your practical councilman yeah and so on this is as his son's sinyard is here and plans and it. was over i mean the victory so i know but i think that's so. close us out of us as a hero ok at this i wish most of what i. have it's not my business i can't have it it was time they can see misha long known his mother but he says don't have visions to us you know i saw the finish of tears i was going to talk. to god underground and back. it's up there good me tell you. i'm glad there's a lot of good. bye to still have it out. by the of us are going to. send troops to show it was it i was it was
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yeah gonna yeah oh mommy of us to some of. your flights via yeah. i'm still standing has a different yeah oh yeah it was money yeah they all. three because i didn't have but won't let the song go down oh me naked on a scam. you know sometimes he sleeps i'm. just some of us. how to spank.
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to. be. good. to talk. to. you know. you know.
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to. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do. do. don't you know. thank. you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you let's get you now you have to look at the ethical trash on the highway there how to store should indoor child to waste if it would have brought us abuse or in fact that's got to leave off that you know start of that just keep it going for dia what are gaps i gotta not touch on t.v. i'm a fan of hugs and my talk and it's mustang it should leave as vic less of an interest in buying a torch now and it's only best men die trying so then as an england to understand as much because it's going to be violent for and it's good kind of the and to have ninety like to n.d. i know positioning then sadly does height and position to finish court and with a smile because done by so much to it now on and i'm sick of playing this close here and i slammed on and familiar because i don't say again here and i look i'm going back when he finds it's fun to diminish what happened would you hold move on and seek borg this is in the near funny bone equal i mean no yeah bonuses and guns
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shouldn't it delicious as a start and they had us give one long dust to me because what. i thought was my job with the habs i am getting shit that's history. busy destined as well as army of if you she she on since you. have this guy singing about this is says it'll all scuffed up looking. like. wow we'll tell you where you are absolutely come on then have a day or a little jam on it i'm on time to sunnyside get it i'm on that's this time for the
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call to do i can't let one thank you thank you thank you. all slides decision in against inviting that tired of island all. the open waters as we hear the ice and mourn of the huns the heart to hear and live all the x. will just is this hits fifty shots and want some that's. as of us a song was lost his voice machine guns the song us fire that's not to this suffused you mention a lot of us has to come from the other that is what got thank you outside thank you out i thank god i was trying to do that would push up this house for a long time i was just to pick on your saddle. just a source and it doesn't matter if i felt sorry for him but it's good job on those of you before you didn't hear of us pickle most held
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a call after where yeah i've thought this kind of should come. and that's enough. of the end of the scale and i like a lot of us who have to work i guess you know but it was this time i left my country as we couldn't of course and i think this turned the. and undercut by it gun shy of the song hold on to one time. we had two oars. and i kept a good shots my soon not to dismiss them both smashed on my must visit in one listening to visitation in common so as you more not yet as much as i do with such a calm as they talk yet you can get no shit so i can come to speak to for mommy didn't get enough of this i was going out not after she goes to bed i'm not down i'm no you must not go yeah ok. i saw many times i couldn't even then nothing on the spot that's what yeah oh. haha you know.
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oh my god thank you i was thank you i salute you little mama oh oh oh oh oh oh oh but they do not have all know about my mother god c.b. thank god because i live my life there standing on the balcony at night knowing that she has this high fidelity so i not only. oh well you know he said it's as if you want this to show me i'm right about it but i knew i'm going to be actually what i'm going all the copies nation is how it was i saw him get out of my life. i'm not he said. he was would apply here you know york yankee
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could you call up the two of us to call the two thousand and two list into my soul oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ah. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh thank you thank you thank you thank you dr don't think this is and that's why i came paul had a good time being oh yeah see i don't want to believe you're hired you can't face your knowledge did i and scenes with us in it when you have to offer look these caffeine you have to act on visor gets these good and bad and then didn't before but i had to tell them if you just parents of good lot of you i mean what i'm going to have told you no two i sometimes yes i'm a kid because you have yes i know this is the yacht of cool i mean me and feed them and feed them and even betty as we shall yeah thank you thank you thank you
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you i met you in companies and and one of the hot. try congo and i'll assume we're down to saw one of my different guns guns fear noise so it's on to measure its consent in mykonos tubes are two and. three in hospital shows that the cab has. yet. yes that is a round piece of ice figure i mean if you value you on the fact that people actually thought that god within to. thank you thank.
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you. oh oh oh oh. oh oh. oh.
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you know. close the load of the los. lobos.
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the fish. fish fish. who will float. float. not. will not.
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eat gave. followed. the. whole. loaf.
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thank. you. that's what i asked that. i had no gas station on by itself he's sick or not this initial. testing he's not here at
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all not my own and i know indeed some will see it see idealism was the finish these equal named yeah continue to push this is yeah yeah that's it. i thought steam. blew so. it's a you have to tell procedure before for the last attempt. you know so less is my doubts about and i will give us that leaving my son a lot i guess i just let's start i will if you're trying all the not to let lessons my double bogeyed be. countless. yeah i mean i think this i know. in my house even if i see is in cebu the whole melange color chappelle's sorn it's been a tradition and as if i'd like. just talking and she pokes fun of all. i've got that tell me when i said i thought that money came on for something
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they've got a fire god that is just as clover does move from to new york and buy it or not perish and then buy the accept human being too so i don't know of it's most of the who signed a small stuff on the phone to me and that's a steal for shot from d.c. he said even. if you can leave. i mean if you like to shuffle was a lesson for finding i did yeah i don't know doc well i tell ya it looks like it's the same thing mentioning all of this glacier gleefully one rank and then the mystical or the dish to get testing done folks and yet us in guns the slaves will be dished you know i suppose so i thought. yeah but if i smash up you mentioned a few about synthetic i'm often just the norm but i know my partner has guns and lives as a hyundai i'm a sex in the dark i'm a station saying i've left the next day when i was young and it's me bush has an
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issue do you it's for this washrag his a common yeah. good point you go to the off position bus because. of us and group think michoud is it separately give a pause and reflect and i may be singing buddhist fossils yes i'm going to line it dozens of our lifetimes and this year i'm leaving this year and do flight bookcase and the video to total buggiest and the client should give it to him up oh i don't know if you had stars way for you to figure out if you look up you are the levites are they want you want you to work as a man and i'm a time you raise me up thank you.
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i'm told under both my. winter all those coleman murray afloat good to be. then oh mr. here in the smog. and. unsuited to. me he. told. you. hold loads toward me the oh i'm cold. cold the.
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two mold. i am. told. is being. told. i and.
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old told me. i am. told. they are a. super bowl. they asked me. to bowl the.
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pole. to pole out of the lawn. thank you my last volume of goodbye good doesn't i need to cut you know. about this it doesn't need to off to bruno in the house that's in my mind a concept out it's some disaster. yet although that's what decent i know it's funny it was on my mind sino then yeah. the stuff a cult. i know it goes in those new york i in the us and i was the one you know and . my what i call yahoo and some of the details also of the
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city i love i know i'm off the mideast on the obvious and over in a decent cup points in that most of your strictly understanding what the non the mission by it's very is light is more to than undersized even. i know eyes condie to collide with us is done so that was never go to show us did tend to spend just the posh you can also do you think and speak when i was to be bookish because i am sad to since i don't wish to clean myself up to be globish yet because i do you know puppy i don't get as you might on this approach to see heinsohn. above anyone martin this because that's the outside ok and i know it's because i don't feel as i know the possum. who comes up behind me i come of like me and how he just bought the book on my bite of a spider by disposition. he was five i was by the guts and he might not show as
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a folks would you be you know middle eastern so as i thought boy am i to tell you since i usually only clean your guns your gordon thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you have a life. i just i wonder about his interests of course and. all that may go into all this and sounds the stench would announce that this man died of a stain on again part could have the flush tan in memphis i've just looked and fucked up on stadler mascots had. been on and dark the same address diving among them all. the. time the feds and none. classic push to get us involved we don't actually sting slot german slog of really doing not so often we got together but we tend to sing together is. big ballads
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that work in a classical style so a lot of elton john stuff like we sang i'm still standing here he writes these big orchestral violets that then i can sing with my voice and it sort of fits in my voice and writes can also sing with his voice and that sort of works and this is me as with time it's not really much longer because i think slugger has a lot more to do with the text and the personality than the voice and my german's not anywhere near ross's standard of german so i wouldn't really want to go into that i've actually since i was in my van a bit and i was probably at no additional like carlo boyos mo none of the other look either sokolov daw first time did you know these i'm scared to travel back to blank or do countries to national. in england no no no i'm. lucky little jump with the clutch here. i'll tell you it's going fast who it is honestly
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but it's still my my food on my floor yeah of endeavour's your new from him yard to handle had us soccer had us up to show you of us but i still have four yeah i got this i mean companies and guys drawing on gene. or and dad these are all parts is just several punched office is fast hog and i would use. that's one hundred dollars to spare cunt. my fool jesus long does love on and. off at us organize stank and hot company this is the future stuffy i'm forty. four and. i'm a thank you thank you thank you you thank
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thank you thank you. thank you. that's of course i ask. my kind of a lot is not my. handle have to stop and some activist on the street kids in montana and outside little dusty's and things have gotten this is a nice thing but this is all i have now. and that's my mom and dad is finished and about eleven of and a month or open month most of it is indeed necessary vision almost constantly it's a button and i know that hat and that's what she wanted to diddle as a school to london as a mentor lebanese and. what switched on it's
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a fear and i think i was in a as in that vision that idea off them. as in my motion all possible has been your sniff sore it's been sucking me in this no model. of a success is good so is a not enough to d.c.c. actual him to lead a nation want and when mom can shine as of us is to my spanish my heart is with us money it's. going to get sold find somebody should be awarded my shot at some of the miners demand justice mr gore does not seem so good life insurance. so beyond two of us commenting on one was sean seen doesn't and this is discipline yet sean is to. think of god by all parts of sawdust when he is. just a month or two max placed us and then all of us how much muscle is speaking you know culture or doctor enough to hold up this is a storm that's a shame or not never some would have you tell me there's no i don't feel like i talk and you're by just saying us i don't want to be gay does this get along
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problem it's not all of my roles because i have a low voice so most of the roles that i play are either very evil people yeah you know i'm very old people i'm not ok what if i let i say i don't think i'm ashamed i have no idea so i just got the best of the house of max with us to destroy. the whole i'm tired out unconscious was used to maga. for breakfast because i don't practice so early in the morning if you practice a rolling you you've been two hours singing somebody evil and thinking about being evil and then you come up stairs and you say give me a property i know. i'm yes. i'm. yeah i'm but it's a big difference between between the type of singing that rosters i'm targeting and the idea is that i don't play myself i always play other neighborhood which i love i really enjoy and i love it and also has to play he's himself. which also had
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asked us for the car the most and of all of speed. off either of them and he said of a call for them and several of them printed good ones i missed or come on the stand down for a call from become and then that's the blue steel antony house count on. my little mustang it had a vision and tell a puppy on my back i had in its americas out in a full and blue christmas past my mom now unless i'm with the murderous kite investment i don't have cars that i had in a rush to do them it was a loan of a bite isn't too much under the mention of me look at you and this is his donkey wrench of any british the anything i had managed to feel lied to and these entire group is working on his assertions to question for me about how. yeah i missed every student in them i mean we mean they moved yeah yeah is that because. you know it happen interest tiger woods we should listen to the c.e.o. and so on when pressed college been about the smiths and you know i don't seem kind
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of the opposite of what i'm talking yeah you're much more remote that it's much data your vice becomes is a good target other music is a hundred and one hundred one come in music from the unknown this is talk of my kind of eclipse many sorts of songs in a v. i mean but when it's that all of us know him as he is told this medication diverted from the income to the strange. music the virgin gets smashed the music was on was it's sort of company cab superhero comic a that's right suzanne i just want a buzzing and dancing queen i'm only still become just leads. but i'm not but you know my uncle. who gives one star not. sure doesn't get it must i must because you should go by fast it's ok my mother much about that i'm also not. good just from there with. yeah it's the social shot if you're so ok i look
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forward. to this. leg. length. lens. slim lead soledad. lol lol end of the lead
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. illegible. leg . or leg . length lens. leg leg leg.
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eh. eh. eh eh pliny area is. a of. x. . eleven
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. live. illin. he told how to. move the right. move intensity of the illegal drug trade is. the reason chinese beauty products extract from there are. what needs to be done to. save farms that their catalogs go at africa in thirty minutes w.
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the butler. the germans new and surprising aspects of plays into culture in germany . u.s. american keep mussa takes a look at germany it is in chrissie's as their traditions every day lives and language doesn't just come out of. so i'm ok i'm good. w. dot com the germans. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. thousands of children go missing every hit in china they all sold on the black market. town jingjing is searching for her
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son all by ourselves. without any help from the only artist she's going to try to cope and his family or she finds from others wrong. so the time changing such is for her sons'. reporter on de delhi. north and south korea have agreed to hold their first formal talks in more than two years next tuesday the dialogue will focus on the upcoming winter olympics in the south and how to improve overall ties the announcement came hours after donald trump and south korean president.


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