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tv   Reporter - The Last Ice Merchant of Chimborazo  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 2:02am-2:16am CET

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it's all about the moments before. it's all about the stories. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or years at g.w. story the topic each week on instagram. is one of the doors and last ice merchants now seventy four he cut sound ice blocks by hand from the chamber also glacier to sell at the local market but modern refrigeration technology and climate change pose
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a threat to his profession nevertheless baltazar is determined to pass this time honored tradition on to the younger generation. twice a week but as our sets are to scale the highest mountain in ecuador jim but also. it's rush hour of sorts in the village of putting tea at the foot of the dormant in the andes. but there's always been practicing the profession since he was fifteen.
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back then he had to rent the donkeys he used to reach trick but a few years ago he received three years a gift from a local t.v. station. each of my friends he has a name if so i don't forget them. usually we didn't. but it was our doesn't wear socks he stuffs his boots with grassy fronds along the way. i mean i always hope nothing happens to us so we can hike in peace. we pray to the mountain to our father. that we will arrive safely at the ice mines. to the people here jim but also is more than just a six thousand three hundred metre high full kaino. many revere it as
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a spiritual force. it's a difficult journey. the higher he goes the thinner the air and as climate change melts away the glacier by desire is to climb higher to find the precious ice. eventually as the don't tease tire but as our has to make the final stretch on fort . he still uses the same technique that previous size merchants. did two hundred years ago. and it is you would think would climb up here in large groups and sell their rice across the country. now is the only arrow that. refrigerators might have made his job
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largely redundant but two bunches are they could never match genuine glacial ice. that use this ice for things like cooling fish or making fruit juices and popsicles it's special one of a kind. yes. on each trip up the mountain but as our extracts six months of pure play shelf ice. each block weighs around forty kilograms. he uses brass to pack them up and keep them in some later date. for if. if.
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if. the. world. were to get. the return journey down the mountain this time around ford takes another four hours . but he's not done yet after arriving at the village but as our continues on to the provincial capital rio bomba where he'll sell the ice at the market.
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but as our earns five dollars for each block he sells. he uses part of his earnings to pay for the car he has to rent to get to the market. jim but also province is well known for its rich cultural traditions and his own too many indigenous keep people. but unemployment is high and poverty widespread. change and. a growing number of farmers are leaving their rural homes for the cities in order to support their families. customers greatly appreciate juices made with glacial ice. it's said to even have healing properties. to top up his meager
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income but as are also works at a museum once a week in the city of quantum. he's become something of a celebrity across ecuador former president rafael correa once honored him and called his profession part of the national cultural heritage you. know my name is. tennis aka. i'm the yellow arrow from also. this guy is big and hans and. he'll never die when i die you still have him. his daughter carmen help son at the museum. i hope you won't be the last your little i hope someday his sons and grandsons will follow in his footsteps but it doesn't pay well so young people don't like doing the work but i desperately want this tradition to stay alive it's a big day of it but. when barges are isn't scaling jim but
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also there's still plenty to do at home too. he lives with his children and grandchildren hurting animals and farming potatoes his wife passed away five years ago. they demanded two of my brothers died from drinking too much. but their mother my father too he died from too much alcohol. and my dad was an old and as white as chalk but also he grew up as he got out o. that now but on a has passed on to us than them. the. branches are never rests while back he had his first time sitting down the mountain
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a block of ice thrown his wrote. after that he had to sit still or home for months . when i picked up my family and when i was at home i felt really sad and tired. but now it's much better and i'm dancing again. since about his arms accident his son in law has been accompanying him regular me. well is this crash ok for packing. show not sure how to do it this is how let me show you. which donkey will use the one over the. ok. i got seven packs a strong. touch and do. feel. again you have to pull the rope tighter. otherwise it will fall off.
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yesterday you broke at school. i want to fix it but i made it worse. when they're out on their own the to speak the indigenous and in language teach one . do you need a metal bar. no need to work with the pick ups first. one to zone is losing his hearing so one often needs to shot one is married to by design as daughter carmen. he wants to learn the centuries old tradition directly from the master and self one is also a former other worker often from the area are few and far between.
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for. he had been divorced. and i've learned a lot from him. about the ice cut the ice and the cubes. packed them up. and then you load it onto the donkey and transporters down to the obama the but out. of this your well i'm. sure. who. i forgot the blind us. the boat is a dangerous they could fall. you know but i promise i'll be careful. what
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if they really do fall. in the europeans and i know it doesn't pay well but we can't give up hope we have to preserve our ancestors traditions. for the generations to come. as both of us. but as i was going for his part we'll keep bringing our news from the glacier down to the valley as long as you speak well. to. beat the germans. and so close in their specs of lives and culture in germany. us american kid music takes a look at germany existing procedures to traditions everyday lives and language
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