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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin twin suicide bomber strike at rush hour in central baghdad dozens dead and scores injured after the attackers blow themselves up in the city's tyrone's square it comes just a month after iraq's declared victory over the so-called islamic state we'll get the latest from baghdad also coming up turkey's president threatens to attack a u.s. backed force on the border with syria he says that force including kurdish fighters is a terror threat as. sitting president mahmoud abbas says the landmark also peace accord
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is over he lays the blame squarely on israel and donald trump. plus will have all the goals from the weekend's bundesliga matches dortmund were looking to fill the gap left after pierre and mark obama was dropped again but they failed to get the better of all spark. and from no magic to national champions how harsh desert living and bruce lee movies helped push this arraigning kurdish kickboxer chin the top of her support. you know. i'm sumi so much god they're good to have you with us we begin in iraq where at least thirty eight people have been killed and one hundred five wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city's al tyrone square the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there's been no claim of risk. instability so far but this latest attack bears that similarity to previous
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bombings by the so-called islamic state. let's bring in susanna george she's the associated press bureau chief in baghdad she joins us for more on the story hi suzanne a good to see you give us an idea of what the atmosphere is like in baghdad after these the twin bombings. the mood in iraq capital is very tense the people who we spoke to at the scene of this morning's attacks said they were worried as they saw iraqi politicians preparing for elections those are iraqi national elections that are slated to be out later this year they were worried that a wave of bombings would soon come to the iraqi capital and so they're concerned that this is just the beginning and that more of like this will follow suzanne of this must be an embarrassment for the government prime minister all of bodies government declaring victory over the so-called islamic state last month concretely how are they going to improve the security situation there well adi was very quick
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to react to the attack this morning he called a meeting with his top security and intelligence officials that's according to a statement from his office the rocky government is desperately trying to project an image of stability at the moment not only because of this victory the earlier declaration that we just saw a month ago but also because the prime minister is running for reelection on a platform of improved security and unity all right so that will be a very important point for him to prove now tell us more about tyrone square where these bombs that were detonated why has this area been the repeated site of attacks in the past. well this is an area that's in the heart of central baghdad it's near a lot of important government buildings and also some commercial districts that are very important to the iraqi capital so attacks here are very effective at
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undermining confidence in the iraqi government's ability to protect its own citizens so that's why insurgent groups and it's not just i asked but insurgent groups that came before the islamic state group that's why they attacked these kinds of parts of the iraqi capital if we continue to see more of these types of attacks that further destabilize iraq are we going to then see a resurgence of the islamic state. well this is something that a rocky american officials have been warning about for years they said that even after military victories against i ask the country would likely still be grappling with these insurgents silent tax it's important to remember though that this presence of i asked fighters you know underground so-called sleeper cells as the iraqi government likes to call them this is nothing new this is something that the group has maintained throughout iraq throughout their presence in the country even when they controlled nearly a third of the country they still had
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a very powerful sleeper cells in baghdad so this is not exactly a new iteration of i asked within iraq but it's something that people have been worried about for some time and it's something that iraq's security services services have really shrugged will to fight in the past insurgencies are much more difficult for them to fight in conventional wars is urgencies require a lot more intelligence and much more surgical operations something that rock security forces are still struggling to master suzanna george the associated press a bureau chief with the very latest in baghdad thank you suzanne. now turkish president says a military assault on u.s. backed kurdish forces in northwestern syria is imminent erdogan also said the operation which is centered on the city of offering aims to purge terror from his country's southern border the areas controlled by u.s. back to kurdish militia known as the why. turkish troops are already stationed in
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rebel held territory on the outskirts of the city. and didn't use yulia hama standing by in istanbul with more on the story let's bring or in now. why is everyone threatening to attack the y.p. jean now. well said show threats by the turkish president are nothing new but this time he is actually specifically threatening the u.s. led coalition against the so-called islamic state in syria he slammed plans by the u.s. to establish a certain a thousand strong border security forces along the syrian border with turkey that's a force that would mainly consist of kurdish fighters since the u.s. is backing such fighters but i'm going to considers these kurdish fighters terrorists and i quote mr add on he said a country we consider an ally and he means the us is insisting on forming a terrorist army and it's our mission to strangle this army before it is even born
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so you see there really harsh words here by the circus side and meanwhile you know the why p.j. has been the closest ally of the us i'm fighting islam ists in syria will a turkish attack lead them to a further deterioration of us turkish relations. well i think so if there is going to be a further deterioration between because the two nations they are actually nato allies but they have very different strategic goals in syria and at the core of this conflict is really the why p.g. militia the u.s. as you rightly said is considering them an important proxy in fighting the islamic state while turkey is considering the why p.g. militia a terrorist organization with close links to the turkish based p k k that is struggling for independence inside turkey and fighting the turkish army and as long as this
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conflict is not going to be solved and there is no easy solution to this tensions will rise and it's going to be definitely interesting what the u.s. is saying about such threats and imminent full scale turkish intervention in syria could have user yulia han reporting for us there in istanbul yulia thank you very much for that update. now to some other stories making news around the world in germany social democrat leader martin chill's has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with arkell's conservatives on sunday delegates will vote on whether those talks should go ahead many of the s.p.d. oppose another coalition with the conservatives and they want more concessions. authorities say one woman has died after a boat fire off the coast of florida the craft was packed with gamblers taking part in an offshore casino cruise about fifty other passengers and crew managed to reach
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safety after jumping into chilly waters and to making their way back to shore. north and south korea have begun talks on next month's winter olympics delegations from both sides met in the border truce village of puntland joam the north has promised to send athletes to the games in junk chuang of the south but the talks are limited to the north's plan to send an arch troop including singers dancers and an orchestra. and u.s. president donald trump says he is not a racist trump was on his way to a dinner when a reporter asked about disparaging remarks he reportedly made about haiti and africa the us president told the journal's quote i'm the least racist person you'll ever interview. you're watching t.v. news still to come in the bundesliga of rock bottom cologne faced a crucial ryan derby against. we'll see who earned have bragging rights. but first palestinian president mahmoud abbas says israel is to blame for allegedly
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jeopardizing the landmark oslo peace accord the agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred three had a ceremony with u.s. president bill clinton been and yasser arafat in ramallah on sunday abbas and projected the u.s. as a mediator abbas shied from completely abandoning a two state solution though and did make a call for violence abbas also had strong words for trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel the palestinians. those no we will not accept his project. told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate. let's bring in norah miller she's an analyst with the curve a foundation that's a think tank specializing in international affairs the thank you very much for joining us in our studio. what does this say about the middle east peace process is
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this a turning point or is it dead well to me i think it's certainly a turning point in the relationship between a bus and president trump it was quite surprising to many that their relations were pretty friendly ever since their meeting in d.c. last year in may and then on the sidelines of the u.n. g.a. in september of us would come out and say oh we're hoping that the peace process is going to be advanced by the help of president trump and then in december came the american declaration and drew silliman and i think that a bus a speech in ramallah was all about catering to his palestinian audience in the sense that he tried to face save after having been so positive about so i think it was more aimed and geared towards a domestic audience what we're seeing the sharpening rhetoric on all sides are saying and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he actually accused abbas of using trump's remarks as an excuse let's listen to what netanyahu said. his
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use this. state. to see what we do so from run away from the negotiations done it before you want to negotiate peace you've got to negotiate. we've never put any preconditions on aggressions. so we hear netanyahu is there saying that abbas is choosing confrontation over negotiation but is israel actually proposing new negotiations when i think what israel is trying to do at this point in time is to make the most of this very a pro israel your presidency under trum and i think what we will see in the next three or maybe possibly also seven years depending on whether trump will be reelected is israel trying to really push for many of its demands to be implemented now it could be very well the case that they're trying to
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push for a renegotiation a restart of negotiations with the palestinians but certainly under israeli terms now the p.l.o. supposed to be unveiling a new strategy for going forward for dealing with the u.s. and israel what do you think we can expect there in the strategy well i think in this context it's interesting not only to look at what what excuse me what a bust said in ramallah but also what he didn't say in his speech and ramallah he came out with a very fiery rhetoric but he said very little on concrete action he could have for example mentioned that the p.l.o. is going to cancel the security collaboration with israel in the palestinian territories or he could have said that there would have been a very drastic step that he's going to dissolve the palestinian authority all together he didn't say all of those things because they would have undermined his own tower base so i think eventually what we're going to see is a very fiery a very assertive rhetoric on the part of the palestinians but possibly not the same
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degree of action on the ground to be taken norm miller with the curb or foundation a think tank a thank you very much for your analysis thank you susan. british construction group caribbean has announced its immediate liquidation heavily indebted company failing to secure a lifeline from the government and banks in last ditch talks shares in the firm are suspended jobs are on the line as well as hundreds of government projects in the u.k. . in july two thousand and seventeen was valued at more than one billion dollars as one of britain's largest construction companies it was known for prestigious projects such as the tate modern in london manchester's be some tower and heathrow airport's terminal five but things took a bad turn when the company issued a profit warning last july its share prices tumbled and by august it was demoted
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from the one hundred the index of the u.k.'s one hundred largest companies. more than one billion dollars to several lenders who now face the prospect of losing their money. the creditors the banks are going to have to say we cannot have a situation where private. private profits when they project so successful the government nationalizing. would not be acceptable are chameleons demise will leave more than forty thousand people uncertain about their jobs and small subcontractors fear that they are invoices may go unpaid it is now from projects in the middle east. now it's not about being leno or cleaner at the detroit motor show bigger is better full size pickup trucks brawny looking new models a hot market segment that u.s. space automakers have dominated for years still that's not stopping the germans from trying to muscle in on the action. to the new. the end
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of the new mercedes s.u.v. . i think. the dining c.e.o. needed such invited famous actor and former california state governor arnold schwarzenegger to the presentation of the new g. class up front and t.v. . with so many carmakers vying for attention against the cantor. us try makers are also showcasing large vehicles like ford which present a new pickup trucks and record as c.d.'s are generating fat profits for american manufacturers spurred by low gasoline prices american consumers are snapping them up for it may have to promise to invest eleven billion dollars and electric cars in the coming years but here in detroit the new team ability is barely to be seen instead power in performance or the name and thinking. let's pull in now
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correspondents cost and for a nominee who's in detroit daniel cope a financial correspondent in frankfurt kasten starting with you here stealing the show even you call the driverless cars or the usual gas guzzlers in the spotlight. definitely the traditional gas guzzling or combustion engine cars have basically this is a very traditional all to show where all the big companies are showing off their latest and most shining model it's of course all the companies these days have to talk about emo billet. who we just saw has said yesterday that the plan of mess. leaders benz is to really electrified the whole fleet the complete fleet including the new g. klaus over time b.m.w. appointed ology they are the market leaders at least in the luxury segment for cars
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but the truth is that here the focus clearly is on traditional cars and that makes sense because only one percent of cars here in the united states are electric cars these days and if you look at the lights vehicles and trucks it's clear two thirds of all cars are s.u.v.s these days only one third. traditional sedans custom do you know why that is why mobilia t. isn't electrifying the american. well this is a vast country yes to be fair i mean there are enormous distances between places here and there simply not the infrastructure and also technology is not as far as advanced the most batteries in the electric cars these days have a range of less than one hundred miles and then if you don't have a place where you can recharge your battery you're in trouble and also it would take a lot of money to have plug in stations all over the country so we can expect mostly
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in the big cities there will be change over time but it will take time would this be a boon for the german automakers daniel they've been pretty slow in the mobility race . yet even though ban we are seeing that the numbers here sales numbers off billet he cars and also his bridge cars are going out there are still not at a level where they're supposed to be remote when i'm going to america was saying at some time she really wants to make germany number one here in europe when it comes to immobility this is certainly not to think case and yes sales numbers are also going up here in germany with a good old petrol car and even the diesel evil billets. he here in germany is still a big problem also carson also just mentioned when it comes to the infrastructure just in berlin where you are right now ben you need up to six different contexts to go all around the city in order to charge your car volkswagen here in germany right now is to promoting their ego but still with very little success another reason why
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all of this is happening at the moment gas prices still. change at the moment we are seeing a very strong you're a weak dollar and oil the oil price is being traded in dollars so that's another reason and really briefly danielle while i've got you there the u.s. tax cuts as well could boost european manufacturers i've read. the other saying that because of the u.s. tax cuts we're actually might be getting an opera lift off for poor send here happening in europe as well but frankly speaking of course the u.s. market is investors it's important for investors but also they are looking to china and russia are those markets also growing very fast thank you daniel and thank you very much for knowledge. hugh from brawny muscle cars the first grand slam of the year that's right bennett down under the australian open is underway in melbourne
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a let's take a look at the pic of monday's results not the first big shock is last year's runner up venus williams losing to unseeded belinda ben cheech the world number five crashed out of the tournament along with fellow americans coco bend away and u.s. open champion sloane stephens and meanwhile in the men's singles out world number one rafael nadal he beat victor a story of burgos in straight sets to advance with third seed dimitrov also winning there was excitement for the home crowd too with australia as nick kyrgios crushing brazil's to try sylvette. well on to a football now and germany is going to take a return to action from its winter break over the weekend and it featured a big result for struggling cologne up against local rivals mentioned gladbach the rock bottom team pulled off an unlikely last gasp win. carloads players still believe in a miracle escape that much was clear before the right dummy but the game initially looked like it would run to form its god but christophe karma going close after
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a quarter of an hour. alone grew into the match though and frederic sarrasin symes jumping for joy was the opener after thirty four minutes we'll know for the hosts in their biggest game of the season. the second half so glad that threaten again but at first they could not take advantage of poor cologne defending. the level it was coming however and rafael finally managed it at the second attempt. by even the scrappy goals matter in a prestige darby by but there was to be a twist in the tale and was a twist deep into stoppage time simonton roeder grabbed the winner for cologne in his first game since rejoining the club by the win is just a loan second of the bundesliga season but hope springs eternal for the basement sign the gap to safety is now eight points and they have the local bragging rights
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. let's bring in ali moody from v.w. sports to take us through the a big talking points here hi ali i mean how important a when is this for cologne and can they avoid relegation well it's certainly going to be a huge boost for cologne you know it just changes the mood of the like this among the fans and the players as well and the fact that it's that second win into much days even if the last one was before christmas i think that also just changes the conversation around the club before those two wins we were talking about colombia definitely going down now were asking can they still stay up how they still got it in them that being said it is still going to be a big struggle for cologne you know they're still seven points off the relegation playoff spots are relative safety there as well basically they need a couple other teams have an absolute. nightmare of a record of back off the season if it got any chance of staying up let's talk about the later sunday game that was a dortmund drawing nil nil with waltz berg and care america obama young was missing
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again can they score points without him it's a big problem the double bass is not just obama young as well rice rice and kristen politik were also missing from the side and without those players they really do struggle to convert chances you know we had a long time missing an absolute sits from close range and sanchez well it's in the post and and without the young without us they don't really have a regular goalscorer in the ranks perhaps even more worrying don't know is the reason the obama young is out now mr team meeting a key team needs and this is bended from the squad by his own club for that and it doesn't look like he's actually really interested in playing for don't anymore the relationship my even be underpaid but his coach has commented on this now so let's have a listen to what he had to say. as if in his conduct are going to mention him i'm not one to hold a grudge he has the opportunity to show that he's ready every week that he can
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stick to the rules. and if it's not about small things this was an important meeting in which we wanted to talk about our goals for the rest of the season and the sort to get for they should have played an important role in the meeting room so we took him out of action i'm presuming that he'll come to training on monday as per usual and. this doesn't look at another you know slap on the hand for disciplinary problems there it looks like a divorce in the making but obama is such a talent should this club really be parting ways with him even if the play is that much of a talent which you know clearly he's a great spell it development at some point you have to say the situation becomes untenable and partly because obama himself just doesn't look interested in playing anymore you know this is the second time this season that obama has been suspended from the sport by his own club the third time overall so he's disciplinary really has fallen apart his commitment to the club just doesn't look to be there and now
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he's already being linked strongly with all the clubs specifically he was side in the press in the german media so i think really it's time for him to hit a bit of a reset start to the game against ellsberg these young talents who can really help build and build a new team obama young ladies they may already have started the obama young era as well they signed a player today. a sense about from basel so you know we could already be seeing the post obama era or it could be a fresh start there for dortmund dollywood from v.w. sports thank you very much. now to angus football the first defeat of the premier league season four leaders manchester city lost for three to liverpool in a clash former byron coach pep guardiola need not worry too much that with his city side still fifteen points clear at the top mohamed salah scored liverpool's fourth to record a famous win for your clubs liverpool who moved into third place. and
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you're watching get up your news still to come on the program punching through expectations a young kurdish woman kickboxer her way to victory in iran despite opposition from her family and her truck. show par for the twenty first century a new orchestral arrangements of the composers piano concertos with a star pianist danny o.t. for no we'll take a look at a new death in a documentary about the project. but first there russia lashes out at the u.s. will be taking you live to moscow for the latest on that story that's all coming up in the next thirty minutes. really.
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s s. welcome back you're watching news our top stories twin suicide bombers have hit central baghdad killing at least thirty eight people of courting to officials he attacks took place during rush hour no claims of responsibility yet at the bombings but the hallmarks of the so-called islamic state. and turkey's president read a paper to one has threatened to attack the u.s. backed force in syria close to the turkish border the force includes kurdish fighters who everyone sees as a terrorist threat. now russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has lashed out at the u.s. accusing washington of issuing ultimatums and ignoring the views of other world leaders last i've made those comments at his annual press conference in moscow he said the threats coming from washington in two thousand and seventeen had seriously aggravated tensions in different parts of the world including north korea and iran
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said moscow would not support u.s. attempts to modify the landmark nuclear deal with tehran. correspondent emily sure sure when in moscow was at the press conference earlier and she joins us for more homily tell us more about what happened at that press conference well lover of gave a short assessment looking back at the past year in terms of foreign policy and then he answered a lot of questions from russian and foreign journalists who were assembled there at the press conference and lover of the initial assessment was actually not so positive he said that it had been a difficult year with lots of difficult issues he specifically mentioned ukraine the israeli palestinian conflict problems in the middle east including the war in syria and he said that specifically on syria there were a lot of different interests at play last year a lot of different players and russia was trying to harmonize all those different sides so even the level of kind of pointed out that it had been
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a difficult year in terms of foreign policy with all those kind of conflicts and issues he also point showed by mentioning all of them that russia has been really deeply involved in many of the big issues this past year for example in syria russia's strategy has been more successful than love rolf may have kind of led on today put in essentially declared victory against the so-called islamic state several times at the end of last year and nationally people in moscow that we spoke to at the end of the year a lot of them mentioned that the victory in syria as they saw it had been one of the main the main takeaways from the year so russia has really kind of established itself as an important player on the world stage in terms of syria and also as mentioned as mentioned ukraine and north korea emily he also touched on the nuclear deal with iran as we said and he attacked the u.s. there let's listen exactly to what sergei lavrov said. these latest announcements
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are intended to sabotage the implementation of the comprehensive joint action plan on iran's nuclear program but they also give no reason to be optimistic about stability. but unfortunately our american colleagues and their allies aim to do business on the basis of pressure and ultimatums. they do not want to listen to other global political centers opinions. means they do refuse to accept the reality of the multipolar world that is taking shape. and why these are very critical words what does that statement say about the current current their relationship with washington. well that to me was one of the main takeaways from today's press conference of rough repeatedly criticize the u.s. and talked about the u.s. in a very negative way. and he said also that he thinks that the u.s.
3:34 pm
thinks it has an exceptional status in the world but actually there's a shifting order at the moment and that's what he means by this multi multi-polar world that actually the u.s. is not only the not the only power that's important anymore and presumably he's implying there that russia is more and more important and that's particularly interesting because so far there seems to be some hope in the russian administration that perhaps things would change with trump people kind of repeatedly would blame you know the u.s. administration rather than trump himself for problems such as the new sanctions but that has now changed completely there was a switch at the end of december with the u.s. the new u.s. new national security strategy which claimed that russia was one of the main rivals of the u.s. and that was very clear today in the press conference with lover off as well that the u.s. is now one of the main enemies or rivals of russia you might say only sure
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when reporting from moscow thank you only. now swedish fashion giant has temporarily closed all its stores in south africa after some of them were then de lys by protesters now this is the this is the latest fallout from a racism controversy that engulfed the retailer last week let's bring in the social media editor carl nelson who's here with us in studio carl tell us more about what happens in this controversy just isn't going away and we just want to start by showing you some of the video of what happened over the weekend and these are h. and m. stores there in south africa they were targeted by protesters on saturday you can see them ransacking this particular store here in pretoria these five other stores were targeted protesters there knocking over clothing racks there toppling mannequins actually caused quite a bit of damage but according to the group no items were actually stolen in response as you mentioned closing all of that south africa locations until further notice due to safety concerns for viewers who don't know the back story this is all
3:36 pm
swirling around what's being called a racist ad tell us more about this is this ad i mean these people are still angry about it as a company advertisement and a lot of people may have seen it but we can actually show you this advertisement is causing so much controversy here it is it shows a black boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and the slogan says coolest monkey in the jungle of it's widely considered a derogatory term for black people and they quickly apologize for this they pulled the ad they took the whole day out of the stores but that wasn't enough for the protesters this is a group called the e.f. f. the economic freedom fighters it's a radical left wing political party in south africa and here's their stance this is one of their activists wrote on twitter they say that nonsense of a clothing store is now facing consequences for its racism how do the rest of the african see this this is becoming a debate it's kind of moving away from the ad now and now the debate has become ok so what's the right way to deal with racism how do we do this and not everyone
3:37 pm
agrees with the this is actually an actress pearl to see and she writes all right so instead of fighting. at their level you're going to just vandalized stores in the stablish mintz spread violence and fear ok just misrepresent us all as savages that but the f.-f. they stand by their actions this is actually the group's leader julius malema and he writes we will never be told by any fool how to fight against our oppression particularly those who have never been at the picket lines there's no formula for how you should fight the oppressor expect more action against all racists individually and collectively this year we reach out h. and m. as well they have a statement on this here's what they told us just today they say we've increased security will reopen the stores when the situation is safe and we strongly believe that racism and bias in any shape or form is simply unacceptable so we really interesting this one ad big fall out even going to the stores and still not even reopened death in south africa the controversy keeps growing there and our social media editor karl nason thank you very much for.
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the dramatic footage coming out of indonesia today about the collapse at the stock exchange in jakarta dozens of people were injured no fatalities think goodness trading was interrupted briefly markets took the incident in this strike. asked traders waited outside officials were quick to rule out terror and claimed the incident on general instability off the building just before lunch panic had taken hold of the trading floor in tower two of the stock exchange building in chicago video on chicago's metro t.v. station shows crowds heading for the exit. and. the roof collapse the roof of the first floor collapsed onto the ground floor there might be a few people who were injured like the receptionist and people who hung out at starbucks but i didn't see any dead looks like they were injured and unconscious.
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confirmation came quick from the exchange all traders are accounted for and safe the stock exchange resumed trading in time for the afternoon session markets it turned out remained calm after the incident with major indices ending today mostly flat. cambodia and china have signed business deals worth billions of dollars a lot of them infrastructure projects for the impoverished southeast asian nation and you expressway will connect the capital with the coastal city of c hundred phil where the chinese have been busy building. they have big plans here up to ten thousand factories are supposed to be built and the province of see how that's according to a master plan laid out by the company government construction has already started with investments from china the region could become one of most important economic centers the whole project is inspired by the industrial zones in thailand's east an
3:40 pm
economic corridor. for the future it's a good thing a lot of investment is coming here a lot of knowledge a lot of shops and a lot of tourists growing numbers of chinese visitors have discovered that nearby beaches also very popular casinos new ones seem to open up at every corner. jewelry and i know a lot of chinese have come here to invest their money and build hotels and restaurants i think the fact that many of the new businesses are chinese owned and operated is really important in helping to attract more and more chinese tourists to come here because it feels like home ok. it doesn't feel like home for many of the locals low they feel pushed out of their own city. megamind really good and now that the chinese have come it's difficult to find new
3:41 pm
places to rent but both for business and for living that we can do that. you know to do just that. several restaurants and stores have recently lost their rental agreements at the most popular beaches they were asked to move out to make room for a large investor with roots in both and china. now to an inspiring story with a bit of a kick that's right that we're about to meet susan rush she's a kurdish nomad born and raised in the desert has been iran's national kick boxing champion eleven times she defied family objections and tribal customs as she fought her way to the top here's more about her remarkable rise. suzanne rushdie lives as a nomad in the kurdish region of northwestern iran. and she has a lot to do. soon suzanne and the fellow members of her community will be heading
3:42 pm
south to warmer climes for the winter. women work just like men do here but they don't enjoy the same rights. as they are certain customs and rules funnel that's like us especially fast carets for example girls shouldn't participate in sports i couldn't bring myself to tell my parents at home that i wanted to do sports. time but that when i finally did my father really ranted at me and. the memory of that makes suzanne sad you can challenge our father's reaction of prohibiting her to do sports affected her but she just didn't want to bake she also wanted to do kickboxing. because her first love them used to build a house full of the neighbors and family members had complained about me to my father behind my back and he also said bad things to my face but i ignored it and
3:43 pm
continued to do my squad. even when i started winning tournaments and my name appeared everywhere in the media saying that a normal girl had become a winner that was still not acceptable for the people he looked at our stars or that i don't know about the modem of the us or don't know your photo looked. but it was acceptable for one person such. a young man from a nomad family from in south western even on. the bus i mean he had been admiring suzanne from afar. he was attracted to her he also liked her courage and strength. when he asked her to marry him she had one condition. that he not interfere in her sporting life was accepted that. zano marched first by c.
3:44 pm
men and women as equals. and women can do sports just like men. i have no problem with but regardless of who wants to talk to me about. and fight i'm proud that my wife was enough. i like it and i support her as much as i can give it to know whom i can. both have decided to continue living as nomads which is no longer the norm as you hardly see young people living that life now. most move on to the big cities in the hope of a better future and then. it was hard. but so john finds a sense of freedom in this solitude. yeah man. oh yeah. and that goes for suzanne too she also made up her mind as a young girl that it was time. against the will of her family she took part in
3:45 pm
national kick box competitions and the one. well known round of the next tournament is coming up soon that's why suzanne no needs to practice extra hard with her husband's help. suzanne was first inspired to do kickboxing when she was a child and saw bruce lee movies of all the videos so he said she wanted to be just like him. you know just five moves that she secretly practiced that night it's not that all right last right left right right. fuzzily although the women need places to train i have never seen such strong minded women as here in iran iranian women are really strong they will to achieve what they want on their own under difficult conditions however we simply need more
3:46 pm
opportunities so that we can practice and train at a location that is safe and secure. i'm yeah that's supposed to. both. and so suzanne did just that. she opened up a kickboxing school and i've done on the near city to where she lives. you usually see men on the streets of the city of fifty thousand women are seldom seen. unemployment and frustration about and here married women are often the victims of domestic violence. that's why suzanne decided several months ago to teach kickboxing to girls.
3:47 pm
and in this small conservative city the students came in droves. then i hung up a poster offering kickboxing cost says thirty girls immediately signed up so i thought if so many want to take instruction in this small a city then it would be worthwhile to open up a real clout. and since then the girls have been winning one tournament after another. it's night now suzanne is back home and proudly shows us how medals only one thing still sadness are. these remain at that moment. i
3:48 pm
don't have a single photo or video off my fights this has everything i have because you know iran you're not allowed to film women doing squats. therefore i can't show my students or children what i was like as an athlete the security services won't allow that. but so now he's not out of them will be the hundred thousand of the knowing that. in suzanne's been able to win the right in her family to fight so have her students maybe they'll achieve the next step and when the right some day to be filmed the lady nomad instructor has given them the confidence to know that the sky's the limit.
3:49 pm
that is russian pianist danielle treif and of playing piano concerto number one the mahler chamber orchestra this is a new documentary film made by you in cooperation with dr gramophone and others about this extraordinary musician and robin merrill our culture editor is here with us to talk more about this robin you have seen this film tell us more about it yeah it's about documents a few days read true from off is sort of seeing and recording with as you said the chamber orchestra and the conductor is important. pletnev is important because he's done newell kestrel arrangements now show pound was one of the great composers of piano music with that's for that same but he wasn't the greatest. composers for all history. a range of months so that's why this film is called a new show powell one of the reasons anyway we also meet trufant off in new york at home in new york and the thing i love about the film is that there's not much no
3:50 pm
ration it's about the music it's also about the musicians especially travon off talking about the emotions that go into doing this how complicated it is and concentrated creating a new recording it is for him he's extraordinary young man i should say let's see a bit more of the. in the spring of twenty seventeen the german industrial city dawn is the setting for a special musical encounter. it's the first time pianist dunoon to front off and them on a chamber orchestra record both of frederick chopin's piano concertos with the new orchestration. techniques responsible for the arrangement is also wielding the paternal. didn't over the kids anyway it is the sisterhood.
3:51 pm
technician picks on his things i like to have i can. guess is fifty eight of i bought it about i knew was tired to get on this and that his last month i was the the technician is i to muffed and does my music double as much as does most of the other one. the man on the stage he's able to transmit his feeling for all the. sounding material in the hearts of people who are listening to him. danny intuition off was born in one thousand nine hundred one in russia at the age of five he starts playing the piano he studies in moscow and the united states question off wins numerous piano competitions and has already released five albums
3:52 pm
his latest release is devoted to chopin. that music doesn't have a thick skin it's like every node. the reform is that. different off lives in york though he spends much of his time traveling the world he performs about one hundred sixty concerts a year. and what do you think makes to feel so special well he has the technique which we saw all that but so do all the pianists i mean as an example lang lang but for me tryphena has. poetry in his fingers he transcends this somehow
3:53 pm
and makes the piano sing like no other and in the film you see how he's so concerned about the sound of the piano or the touch of it so much so that he spends a lot of time talking to the piano which you know just have a listen to this. i'm going to give you the disposable people you go to the keyboard to what to do can you do with the keyboard is what i mean yeah because i mean if this if this has a little bit but i feel like a piece i'm going over the frame. like the soul must miss it's so fast it's so that i feel like if i go in in front of like you know i think it's like prayers like if . there's like a so that you could never live it again i live with most i have little bit more you know. you see what i mean to read this guy he does exactly what he wants and he's
3:54 pm
just twenty six it's fascinating it sounds like you really like this film i did i think it's a wonderful film i have to say though i'm completely biased because it is a deal of if you talk to my tree i know the old christian bagge i think you make one to fulfill about music he has done for many years it is beautifully shot second i love chopin has his piano music and trip and also is perhaps the best exponent of show that we know in the world today i really believe we are witnessing a film where we are seeing the sort of personal journey of a genius work so yes i would definitely recommend this to anyone and they can see it it's twenty this week and next week and it's full and more details than on a website absolutely d.w. dot com slash how much our culture editor robin merrill thank you and
3:55 pm
thanks for watching did everyone back in a few minutes but we'll leave you with us some more music from that and often the mahler chamber orchestra play chopin. mall. in the or. all the are. all. off off. off. off. off. off. all. all. the book.
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the book. the book. the book. the book.
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send us a picture that shows d w in your room you can break writes to d w dot com travel quids w.'s program guide. to the home. dot com highlights. one argument is posse it's a real policy because there's no rubbishing about everyone rights that only him on their own cup and then we posit and you know what the great thing is there is no need. it'll. certainly comes during more trouble the situation escalates. luggers
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a longer term for scotland's place with ruthless truculent military leaders were told the extent of the most challenging mum control of the air space as it does a bit in a nutshell up technological sunset to conflagration such destruction. during the bombing from get me to go to hershey. starting february third going to double. play. illegal. business d w news live from berlin twin suicide bombers strike at rush hour in
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central baghdad dozens are dead and scores injured after the attackers blew themselves up in this video from tehran square it comes just a month after iraq declared victory over the so-called islamic state also coming up . turkey's president threatens to.


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