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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin turkey's president threatens to attack u.s. backed forces president area one says the force on turkey's border with syria is a terror threat because it includes kurdish fighters who says his attack me begins at any time also coming up dozens are dead and scores wounded after twin suicide bombings in central baghdad it comes just a month after iraq declared victory over the so-called islamic state we'll have the latest from the iraqi capital. the moment
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a floor collapses of the jakarta stock exchange in indonesia scores of people are injured but police say it was not a terror attack. plus new pictures sent to show that she's all girls are wrong releases a video and says the girls abducted nearly four years ago are happy with their lives but is it just a propaganda move. and on the windows layer of rock bottom colonna faced a crucial ryan darby against bob we'll see who earned the bragging rights. hello and welcome to the program my marion evans dean it's good to have you with us turkey's president trichet tie affair to juan says his armed forces are poised to launch an assault on the u.s. backed kurdish fighters in northwestern syria. edwin also said the operation which
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is centered on the city of africa aims to quote purge terror from his country's southern border the areas controlled by u.s. backed kurdish militia known as the wife. which aired one considers a terror group turkish troops are already stationed in rebel held territory on the outskirts of the city. for more on the story. joins us now from istanbul. you're good to see you so tell us why air to walk on is threatening to attack the why p.g. at this particular time. well i'm missed out on has repeatedly made such threats in the past but this time indeed they do sound with very serious in fact he's also slamming and i think that's the reason he's slamming the usa and the u.s. the u.s. led coalition against the islamic state in syria because washington has announced
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plans of establishing a thirty thousand strong border security force along the syrian border with turkey and that troops would mainly consists of kurdish fighters kurdish fighters the turkish government considers terrorists so add-on had really harsh words and i quote him a country we consider an ally and he means the us is insisting on forming a terrorist army on our borders and our mission it is to strangle this on me before it is even born so this is really a military threat by the turkish side toward specifically towards these plans by washing by the u.s. all right so the wind p.g. is only going to be a part of this thirty thousand strong force and the white b.g. has been one of the u.s. is closest allies in syria would an attack by turkish military forces lead to a further deterioration in ties between turkey and the u.s.
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. yes i do think so i mean turkey and the u.s. are of course nato allies but they have very different strategic goals especially when it comes to the role of the y p g militia as you rightly mentioned the u.s. considers the y. p.g. and essential it with links to the turkey based p k k the kurdistan workers' party that is fighting for independence and fighting the turkish army inside turkey so this is a very huge conflict i do not see any solution to this conflict so yes this is going to cause definitely much more tension. to you leon reporting for us from istanbul thank you in iraq at least thirty eight people have been killed and more than one hundred others wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad officials say two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city square the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three
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there's been no claim of responsibility so far but this latest attack is similar to previous bombings by so-called islamic state. for the latest on the story let's cross over now to susanna george she's the associated press bureau chief in baghdad says an offense for joining us now this is the second deadly attack in baghdad in just three days how are residents in the city coping. the mood in the iraqi capital is very tense there's a lot of anger especially in the neighborhood where the attack occurred one of the people we spoke to at the scene of the attack said that he wasn't surprised that the attack occurred and it just shows that the iraqi government is only concerned with military victories against the slum mixtape group and not concerned with protecting its own civilians in civilian areas in baghdad so that's
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a normal kind of tension normal kind of anger that you see following these attacks which is one of the reasons why certain groups carry them out in the first place to stoke that anger and stability well clearly hurting as many civilians as possible was the goal of the bombs were detonated during rush hour at a very busy square why is this area of the city the scene of repeated attacks this is an area of the city that's in the heart of central baghdad it's near a lot of important government buildings there's a lot of commercial districts in that area and if you were to try to move explosives from outside baghdad into that area where the attack occurred you'd have to cross dozens of checkpoints so when insurgent groups carry out attacks are able to carry out attacks in these kinds of areas it really does erode its case in the government's ability to protect its own civilians and that's why seargent groups
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target these parts of the iraq capital when planning such large tax well it's just been about a month since the iraqi government declared a victory over the islamist militants in the country was this declaration premature are we going to see a resurgence of the islamic state in iraq. these are the inst mixtape group has maintained an insurgent presence in iraq for years even at the height of the group's territorial power when they controlled nearly a third of the iraqi country they still maintained an insurgent presence in baghdad and carried out these kinds of attacks so this isn't new but what it really does point to is the lasting presence of that insurgent arm of i asked so while they've lost their territorial hold in iraq they maintain the ability to plan and that also carry out these rather sophisticated attacks in baghdad it's important to mention that even when iraqi officials were trumpeting the military victory over i asked
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last month they were also warning that these kinds of attacks were expected and that these would likely be the next big issue that the iraqi security forces would have to deal with so this is not something that's catching people by surprise but it does come after a bit of a lull in violence and it gets a lot of iraqis were kind of hoping that the next few months would i would continue with that lull. right senator george the associated press bureau chief reporting for us in baghdad many thanks indeed for that update thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and a french court has dismissed a case against soldiers who were charged with raping children in the central african republic soldiers tasked with keeping warring factions apart were accused of abusing the children at refugee camps but the court found no evidence to support pressing charges the allegations were first published in britain's guardian
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newspaper authorities say one woman has died after a boat fire off the coast of florida the craft was packed with gamblers taking part in an offshore casino cruise about fifty other passengers and crew managed to reach safety after jumping into chilly waters and making their way to shore. here in germany's social democrat leader martin schulz has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with americans conservatives on sunday delegates are to vote on whether those talks should go ahead many in the s.p.d. oppose another grand coalition and want more concessions from the conservatives. now a mezzanine floor overlooking the main lobby of the indonesian stock exchange in jakarta has collapsed injuring around seventy people but no deaths have been reported the building was the target of
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a car bombing by islamist militants in two thousand but police have ruled out a bomb attack this time. the video captured the moment of the collapse visiting students standing on a mezzanine had no time to react. miraculously no one on the landing or in the lobby below was killed. but the patient with the most serious injury has a bone fracture another three people were also suspected to have broken bones. but i will need to confirm that with an m.r.i. or c.t. scan. the highrise in the center of the financial district also includes the offices of the world bank is the mists targeted the building with a car bomb in two thousand. but in this case officials were quick to rule out terrorism the culprit appears to be substandard construction the
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country is known to be lax on building standards. but with no rest for the weary the exchange managed to resume trading in time for the afternoon session. palestinian president mahmoud abbas says israel is to blame for allegedly jeopardizing the landmark offload peace accord the agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred three at a ceremony with u.s. president bill clinton his heart rabin and yasser arafat in a romal on sunday abbas rejected the united states as a mediator but he shied away from completely abandoning a two state solution. abbas also had harsh words for u.s. president donald trump who said he would achieve the peace deal of the century between israel and the palestinians. to trump others no we will not accept his project what told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate.
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and meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has also lashed out at the us accusing washington of issuing ultimatums and ignoring the views of other world leaders lover of made the comment that its annual press conference in moscow he said threats coming from washington and twenty seventeen have seriously aggravated tensions in different parts of the world including in north korea and iran that moscow would not support u.s. attempts to modify the landmark nuclear deal with tehran. these latest announcements are intended to sabotage the implementation of the comprehensive joint action plan on iran's nuclear program but they also give no reason to be optimistic about stability. unfortunately our american colleagues and
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their allies in to do business on the basis of pressure and ultimatums. they do not want to listen to other global political centers opinions. means they do refuse to accept the reality of the multipolar world that is taking shape. you're watching t w news still to come big is beautiful i think detroit motor show manufacturers roll out their muscle bound pickups and s.u.v.s that make electric cars look well so yesterday will affect the lineup. we're about to meet susan rush she's a kurdish nomad born and raised in the desert who has been iran's national kid boxing champion eleven times she defied family objections and tribal custom as she fought her way to the top here's more about her remarkable rise.
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susan rice lives as a nomad in the kurdish region of northwestern iran. she has a lot to do. soon she and the members of her community will be heading south to warmer climes for the winter. women work alongside men but they don't enjoy the same rights. data so yes her summer there are certain customs and rules for nomads like us especially for kurds for example girls aren't allowed to do sports i couldn't bring myself to tell my parents that i wanted to when i finally did my father was really upset trying both of them didn't bomb the only put up. that memory makes susan sad she's visibly upset as she explains how her father's ban on her sporting activities affected her she didn't just want to bake bread she wanted to do kick boxing to. think of her first love them used to help
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our neighbors and extended family had complained about me to my father behind my back. many also said bad things to my face but i ignored them and continue to do sports. even when i started winning tournaments and my name appeared everywhere in the media saying that a nomad girl had become a winner yet it was still not acceptable for the people here don't know your photo book. but it was acceptable to one person sajad. a young man of the nomad family from southwestern iran he was attracted to susan. he liked her courage and strength. when he asked her to marry her she had one condition that he not interfere with her sporting activities such as accepted.
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her about welsh or susan was first inspired to do kickboxing as a child when she saw bruce lee movies. she wanted to be like a martial arts hero and she began secretly practicing her moves at night but now her husband sajad helps her train never because. of all the video shows brought on board it. was working. for us plus. plus plus charlie rose crossed. fuzzily although the mechanical side of oh no we women need places to train i have never seen such strong minded women as here in iran iranian women are really strong . able to achieve what they want on their own under difficult conditions. we simply
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need more opportunities so that we can practice and train at a location that is safe and secure i mean yeah they're supposed to check. off. all. susan solve the location problem but opening her own kickboxing school in the nearby city of up to nine men dominate the streets and a city of fifty thousand women are seldom seen in public unemployment and frustration abound here married women are often the victims of domestic violence that's why susan decided several months ago to teach kickboxing to girls. i. have.
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in this small conservative city the students came and droves. mark all of them in jail but when i hung up a poster offering kickboxing classes thirty girls in mediately signed up so i thought if so many want to take instruction in this smaller city then it would be worthwhile to open up a real club. since then the girls have been winning one tournament after another. that column after practice since on the condo shelves often enough some of the only one thing still saddens her. and you know these freedom enough that i don't have a single photo or video of my fights. this year is everything i have because in
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iran you're not allowed to film women doing sports. that's why i can't show my students or children what i was like as an athlete the security services one allow that the children. the name is not and that must be made one hundred seven and then i mean that. influences in russia has permission from her family to practice kickboxing as have her students she hopes dellucci the next step and when the right some day to record their competitions she's armed with the confidence to know that the sky's the limit remarkable story indeed haveour i gave this is now here though with the business news and the latest from the detroit motor show that's right was a little bit of a back to the future moment there i guess the motor show opened it stores today and it was like a blast from the past bigger is better power is cool and eat cars are rather boring the spotlight this year is on huge pickups and s.u.v.s and germany's top brands
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drew on star power to let their cars shine. through the new. d.n. beilein of their new mercedes s.u.v. . tomorrow. dining c.e.o. david such invited famous actor and former california state governor arnold schwarzenegger to the presentation of the new g. class out front and see the. with so many carmakers vying for attention against the cantor. u.s. carmakers are also showcasing large vehicles like ford which presented a new pickup trucks and record as he these are generating fat profits for american manufacturers spurred by low gasoline prices american consumers are snapping them up for it may have promised to invest eleven billion dollars in electric cars in the coming years but here in detroit the new team ability is barely to be seen
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instead of power in performance or the name of the king. our correspondent cars and phenomenon is in detroit covering the motor show for us cost and heidi did carmakers forget about all that. well to be fair they didn't forget about the they're all talking about it but if you look at the reality of the market only one percent or less than one percent of new cars are electric cars so basically the market wants s.u.v.s the market ones trucks pick ups and that is what the producers here in detroit assuring now you're talking about the fact that the market defines those preferences do you see any difference between for example european car makers and american companies that are presenting their models there. or there's a difference in focus i mean basically all the big produces have cars for each and
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every segment starting from the very small ones up to the big pickup trucks and of course every big producer from asia from america from europe now has an electric or hybrid car in its production line but the focus is different and once again clearly the american produces produce mainly for the american market and here two thirds of all new cause of pickup trucks light trucks or s.u.v.s now we know that many governments in many countries are making big efforts to encourage the use of electric cars and working in some places and some it's not but if you see efforts like china or even the european union compared to the u.s. the margin is very narrow in the u.s. as just mentioned why do you think that is. well there are a number of reasons and to be fair the u.s. government subsidizes. people who want to buy an electric car and also there are
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places like california a number of cities like pittsburgh or washington d.c. really try to improve the infrastructure for electric cars but the bottom line is this is a vast country and you have long miles to go on the roads and the infrastructure simply is not there and the second point of course is technology and so far most ordinary electric cars have a range of maybe one hundred maybe two hundred miles if at all that and of course there are new cars coming if you look here at this it is they have this new concept car which now has a range of about three hundred miles that is something different that could definitely change the game and i talked to one of the engineers who was responsible for building this car and he said he basically expects that in about ten years about fifteen maybe twenty percent of new cars will be electric cars it's going one step at a time thank you very much phenomenon at the detroit motor show for the insight.
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another big headline in the business world today british prime minister and the reason may says no services will fail to be delivered following the collapse of britain's second largest construction company karelian the company announced its immediate liquidation after failing to secure a lifeline from the british government during the weekend previously banks had also refused to lend carolyn enough money to survive shares in the firm or suspend. as one of britain's largest construction companies it was known for prestigious projects such as the tate modern in london manchester's beat him tower and heathrow airport terminal five karelian was valued at more than one billion dollars as of last summer but things took a turn when the company issued a profit warning in july its share price tumbled and by august crilly was demoted from the f t s e one hundred the index for the u.k.'s largest one hundred companies karelian now owes more than one billion dollars to its lenders. a shareholders the
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credit says the banks are going to have to take arthur hit we cannot have a situation where private size ation means private profits when they project so successful but the government nationalizing the losses when they fail a lot would not be acceptable outcome karelians demise will leave more than forty thousand people uncertain about their jobs and small subcontractors fear their invoices may go unpaid it's now worth a meager eighty million dollars that's less than a tenth of the value a few months ago its financial problems are blamed on unprofitable contracts and delayed payments from projects in the middle east. could this be the end of the largest commercial airplane in the sky european giant airbus says it might and production of the a three eighty super jumbo the two story plane was supposed to revolutionize air travel with a capacity of up to five hundred passengers but its most important customers emirates for example are not ordering enough planes to keep the a three eighty
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program alive. what was hoped to be the company's biggest success is turning into a disappointing defeat with just over three hundred planes sold and few on order airbus says it will stop making the a three eighty super jumbo if it doesn't get more business from top client emirates which is now buying planes from boeing says that the dubai based airline is key for its business they're probably the only one who has the ability right now in the marketplace to take a minimum of six a year for a period of eight to ten years and then we can add some on top of that so quite honestly if we can't work out a deal with emirates i think there is no choice but to shut down the program but i'm hopeful that we'll work out a deal with emirates and others can add airplanes on top of that some hold bring mains apparently but the revolution will have to wait. more
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business news later on for now it's back to you maria thank you very much. some sad news from the music world to dolores o'riordan the singer of the irish rock group the crime barry's has died the cranberries achieved international success in the one nine hundred ninety s. but hits like zombies they've sold over forty million records according to their official website owner arjun died unexpectedly while in london for a recording session she was forty six years old. you're watching t.w. news is still to come oka her own release of the video said to show that she both girls who they kidnapped almost four years ago terror group says the girls are happy with their lives but is it just the propaganda. you're watching t w news stay with us.
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you are fake deuce take in the seas reaching war with the media donald trump the president. w. corresponding drugs under the phenomenon has been reporting from washington for a year an exclusive peek behind the scenes at the workings of the white house retiring donald trump what it's like to be cold feet can you see a. close up in forty five minutes on. the. those monkeys in germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and it's something him we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters
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february first on t.w. . welcome back you're with the w. news our top story it's turkey's president projectile erda one has threatened to attack a u.s. backed force in syria close to the turkish border the force includes kurdish fighters who are heir to one sees as a terrorist threat. the militant islamist group boko haram has released a video which purports to show some of the girls kidnapped from the nigerian town of chibok nearly four years ago in the video one of the young women pledges her allegiance to boko haram she also says she pities the girls who are returned to their families following talks between the government and the militants about one hundred of the girls are still fucked to be in captivity.
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we'll be speaking with our correspondent in nigeria just a little bit later in the program. it's. well boko haram is not just a nigerian a problem the militant group also operates in neighboring countries the region has long been plagued by terrorism as well as human trafficking and drug smuggling well hopes now line cooperation between the so-called g five countries which include mori taney out mali for kenya faso niger and chad today defense ministers of the five style region countries are meeting in paris french president a minimal krohn has been pushing to create an international anti terror force in the style region and the meeting today aims to send down a concrete time table for that force france says donor countries have pledged a total of around three hundred million euros so far saudi arabia has paid one
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hundred million euros while the us has put in fifteen million as have the e.u. and the g five countries themselves now the force will include five thousand soldiers and they will target groups like the so-called islamic state boko haram and al qaeda all of which are active in the region. let's go to paris now where did the lewis has been monitoring the meeting lisa so african leaders held a press conference just a short time ago what were they saying. well they were announcing that a second mission had just started for there's a five nation joint force they couldn't review any details about this because they said that might actually threaten the success chances of this mission but they said that in the run in in the in this this year actually two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen the joint force would gain strength and the plan is for this
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force to be fully operational in two thousand and eighteen as the french defense minister put it she wants the africans actually to take care of their own security really. well this meeting has been taking place in paris france has been a leading efforts to drum up a funding for this a so-called jihad somehow force why is that what's in it for france well in my macaw and the french government before him they did floyd this so-called back and forth and in the center region to fight terrorists there are extremists there and that force has been there for a few years at france wants to get its soldiers als but they also want this region to be stable because they fear that more and more extra extremists that they're not forth in their home country or in africa that might get to europe and that there might be new attacks happening in france so the government wants to make sure that they're doing everything they can actually to fight terrorism in actually across
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the butt so that the president can say at least i've done what i can even if new attacks occur in france all right lisa lewis reporting from paris many thanks indeed. all right so nowhere does is back with some more business of the air. thank you very much i'm just trying to seek the correct camera that's right we're back with more business news and we're going to start with violent protests in south africa that have forced swedish clothing retailer h. and m. to temporarily closed doors there it's part of the continued fallout over
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a clothes. catalogue image criticized by many as racist after an opposition party organized the demonstrations some protesters enter the stores to turn over rocks and scattered clothes h. and m. has removed and apologized for the image which showed a black child wearing a pullover with the words coolest monkey in the jungle now as you can see i'm not alone here carl latham from our social media desk has been following the story for us and carl we know that the brand perception in him can be different of course and several countries and it's also a specific case for south africa how is the brand perceived there it's a big company like you said i mean do you see it in the us you see it here in germany as in south africa the thing is it's a relatively new brand in south africa they only got there in two thousand and fifteen so i think they're trying to figure out their market a little bit there of course popular but to me this isn't the first time that they've have controversy when they first came to south africa twenty fifteen the
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company was criticised for not having enough black models in its advertising was called out on social media and the response wasn't great as well and that sparked another controversy and this time around we've seen this this advertisement with a black model wearing a shirt that said something along the lines of the best monkey in the jungle another controversy now so really having to play put out a lot of fires in fact you see here the coolest monkey in the jungle this was a big controversy last week so now having to put out get another fire avia and we're seeing customers in south africa now maybe losing some faith in the company in fact we have seen we can go to tweed now we've seen some customers there really speaking out and criticizing pretty harshly what has been doing and we. we've seen one customer who is saying you know some of us accept your apology but you'll never see me supporting braces propaganda i'm so done with h. and m. thank you goodbye so we actually reached out today about these protests and here's
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their response of the big protests across the country basically condemning what was going on and the company responded to us what they said in part was we have increased security and will now reopen the stores when the situation is safe again we strongly believe that racism and bias in any shape or form deliberate or accidental or simply unacceptable we'll going to see how that response has been actually executed we're now joined by ellis from helder our correspondent in south africa in cape town following the story for us right there it's good to see you now what's the latest you can tell us do we know when stores will be reopened what actually stumps stores already reopened this morning when indeed more security and then most on rick stores actually closed again because we saw a new protests in metra and that's north of johannesburg at least this time it was a peaceful protest but that made i don't know cation scared as well sort of them organization that closed again so open for the morning and then closed again late
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often so they're having a some trouble there very clearly no ellis we're talking about the brand perception of h. and m. in south africa karl just told us about the first scandal that they had with the lack of black models in their publicist how is the brand developing in south africa as a business. you know load that to that first marketing campaign that definitely went wrong and had a big bash backlash you also saw people actually queuing up in two thousand and fifteen when the first store in south africa first black ship store opens so people know to brant people have been buying it's main popular here with the middle class and the stores have been expanding methley i mean south africa is not doing well economically but still eight m. the end of last year opened six new store so there's not one thousand stores in south africa and they're planning to open more so we'll definitely need to see how this goes and if people keep on shopping there miles well yes and we also saw as karl showed us some intense reactions by customers now to some of our viewers it
7:39 pm
might seem like a too radical reaction to what essentially was a mistake as h. and m. puts it at least why is it such a big outrage that we're seeing. but we can't forget that south africa is a country that comes from apartheid where blacks were discriminated and where there is still actually a lot of issues with racism so in this campaign also hits a particularly kind of sensitive courts because the work monkey issues than during apartheid this work force used often by racists that africans and to to talk to and to talk about black south africans so even the wording that makes it actually more of a sense of the case here in south africa apart from that racism of course is high on the agenda here and yet it's difficult to to see that yeah h m m and would have a campaign of course with international campaign but since but that they will they
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also showed us in south africa that people here feel it was a very insensitive of course there's also a lot of people say look of this was wrong but you don't you shouldn't use violence it is also people that say it doesn't help now to go and trust orson in south africa it's a story that we'll keep following closely thank you very much ellis from helder from south africa and karl has been from a socially did ask for the insights. and china have signed a business deals worth billions of dollars recently a lot of them are infrastructure projects for the impoverished southeast asian nation and you expressway will connect the capital with the coastal city of sea have a new will where the chinese have been very busy building. they have big plans here up to ten thousand factories are supposed to be built in the province of c hundred that's according to a master plan laid out by the come from and construction has already started with investments from china the region could become one of the us most important
7:41 pm
economic centers the whole project is inspired by the industrial zones in thailand's east an economic corridor. for the future it's a good thing a lot of investment is coming in a lot of knowledge a lot of shops and a lot of tourists growing numbers of chinese visitors have to cover the nearby beaches also very popular casinos new ones seem to open up at every corner. and i know a lot of chinese have come here to invest their money and build hotels and restaurants i think the fact that many of the new businesses are chinese operated is really important in helping to attract more and more chinese tourists to come here because it feels like home ok. it doesn't feel like home for many of the locals though they feel pushed out of their own city.
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now that the chinese have come it's difficult to find places to rent both for business and for living. that. several restaurants and stores have recently lost their rental agreements at the most popular beaches they were asked to move out to make room for a large investor with roots in both and china. germany's been displayed to return to action from its winter break over the weekend and i'm joined by all or many forced to take us through some of the main talking points of the game but only where are you. oh no we have a piece oh hang on so come have a seat so now we need to see the piece and the cologne game and where is it. studio producers we need to see a piece first we do yes. it sure and we're going to show it right now.
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close play is still believe in a miracle escape that much was clear before the right darby but the game initially looked like it would run to form the black box christophe karma going close after a quarter of an hour. below grew into the match though and frederic sarrasin had signs jumping for joy with the open after thirty four minutes well known for the hosts in their biggest game of the season. the second half so glad but threaten again but first they could not take advantage of poor cologne defending. the level that was coming however and the rafael finally managed it the second nets and. even the scrappy goals matter in a prestige darby. but there was to be a twist in the tale and want to twist deep into stoppage time simonton rather got
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the winner for cologne in his first game since rejoining the club the win is just a loan second of the bundesliga season but hope springs eternal for the basement side to get to safety is now eight points and they have the local bragging rights. all right so that was the game between cologne and mention blood all immunity from our sports desk is here to take us through the main talking points ok ali so just how significant might that win for cologne be well especially in a darby and critically can they avoid relegation the question i mean it's definitely to be a huge boost for a dog the wind always is a sort of thing that can change the mood at a club among the players on the fans and the fact that it's their second as well i think will give them another boost on top of that because it's just changed the discussion around the club now we're actually. talking about whether they can stay up whereas before we would we just assume that they would be relegated that being
7:45 pm
said it's still going to be a big struggle for them they're still seven points off of the relegation playoff spot so only relative safety basically they need a couple of the clubs above them to have an absolute nightmare for the rest of the season all right well in another match dortmund with laws for p.r. and missing of course do they have a problem scoring goals without him definitely i think it's not just about obama young they were missing mark or royce interest implicit yesterday as well and without royce in particular they just don't have a reliable regular gul scorer we saw yesterday that they really struggled with finishing yana lanka in particular missed an absolute sitter we had to show and alexander is active in the post as well. but i think the real reason for worry among them fans would be the reason that. young was missing the fact that he missed this team meetings that were dropped by the coach for disciplinary reasons basically really suggests that he's just not actually committed he's not interested
7:46 pm
in playing for dormant anymore and if he leaves then they really will be struggling to get his coach has had his sight on the issue on the scandal as it were and so let's have a listen to what he had to say. i'm not one to hold a grudge he has the opportunity to show that he's ready every week but he can stick to the rules. and if it's not about small things this was an important meeting in which we wanted to talk about our goals for the rest of the season. and be secure for they should have played an important role in the meeting so we took him out of action i'm presuming that he'll come to training on monday as per usual and. all right some stern hu words from the coach does this mean that i am and the team should part ways you know i think his position there is untenable now this is the second time already the season that this is happened so it's clear that his
7:47 pm
commitment is just going for the club basically he's already been linked with other clubs and to play in the side arsenal i think don't we just need to hit the reset button you know get some fresh players in that song to die actually manuel a concious sense about us was called basel so they're already starting perhaps pairing for the post obama era are right all the movie from d.w. sports many thanks indeed well one of european soccer's great names has got his first permanent head coaching job former manchester united midfielder ryan giggs has been appointed manager of the welsh national side one club man giggs who enjoyed a twenty four year playing career at united and won two champions league titles made sixty four appearances for wales and will hope to leave the team to euro twenty twenty after they fail to reach this year's world cup.
7:48 pm
and that was the russian pianist on real tryphena playing chopin's piano concerto number one with the mahler came for orchestra this is a new documentary film made by d.w. in cooperation with deutsch a gramophone and others about this extraordinary musician rob and they're all from our culture desk it's here with me robyn you've seen the film tell us a bit about well it is as resort to you know treatment of rehearsing and recording with him for a few days and. according to the two show piano concerto he. as you said with the modern chamber orchestra also with the conductor may have played you know if a nazi interesting thing because he's done new orchestrations the thing is chopin
7:49 pm
was a fantastic composer for the piano but not so good at orchestra and. and new orchestrations you know and so that's why the film is cold a new show we also meet trofimoff how many new york and in his private life and the thing i like about the film is there's lots of soundbites and lots of music there's not too much narration we really get inside the man and it him talking with the musicians not the people involved in it how how complicated it is how it's sort of tearing out the emotions to get the perfect sort of recording of this anyway let's watch some more of the. in the spring of twenty seventeen the german industrial city dawn is the setting
7:50 pm
for a special musical encounter. it's the first time be honest dunoon to front off and the munger chamber orchestra record both of frederick chopin's two piano concertos with a new orchestration. pletnev responsible for the arrangement is also wielding the paternal to have i. guess it's fifty to i bought it about i knew was i'm tired and there's and that has less money as does a technician is item often does my music double as much as this was the other one. the man of the stage here stable to tell smith he's filling in for all the. sounding material on the hearts of people while instant the.
7:51 pm
dunny on twitter and off was born in one thousand nine hundred one in russia at the age of five he starts playing the piano he studies in moscow and the united states question off wins numerous piano competitions and has already released five albums his latest release is devoted to shop and. that music doesn't have an excuse it's like every node. the reform is that. different off lives in york he spends much of his time traveling the world he performs about one hundred sixty concerts a year. clearly
7:52 pm
or markable talent and yet what makes him different what makes treffen off stand out from other pianists while he's got the technique extraordinary technique just or that but actually so do other pins as some may not as an example lang lang has the technique with which several i think he has it's sort of. he transcends is sort of poetry for the hands that he has somehow like no other of his generation in this film you see how he's so concerned about the sound of the piano and the touch of the piano he's using and i've got a little clip of him talking to the piano chewed on let's have a listen to this. i'm going to give you the disposable people a little bit that you're bored what did you can do for but it's a board that's what i mean yeah because i mean it is it just has a little bit but i feel like a piece of going on with
7:53 pm
a phrase. like the soul must be it's so funny. that you like it if in front of like you know i think it's like prayers like if. there's like i saw that you definitely don't live with what so i have little bit more you know. it's extra he's he knows exactly what he wants he's twenty six a real real talent so rob it sounds to me like you certainly enjoyed watching this film but is it something for people who are not classical music fans oh yes i mean yes i do i do enjoy i'm slightly biased. wheel it is a d. w. film is made by christian bagge whose music documentaries i love i think it makes them really well it's beautifully shot but it's a fascinating in size to a man of genius so i have to say it's really wonderful it's i mean i also love
7:54 pm
chopin piano music and he really is the best exponent of chopin around today i think and i think we are witnessing a young genius here and so yes i definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to see it really and it's coming up all day w. this week a twenty wal-mart program the first off and then the next weekends the second half of the documentary and can we find out more on the website absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture all right robin miller always a pleasure to speak to you many thanks indeed. this is d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll leave you now with some more music from daniel trip enough and the mahler chamber orchestra playing chopin thanks for watching.
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a terror threat due to the presence of kurdish fighters he says he's attacked me again at any time in stamboul also coming up dozens are dead scores wounded after twin suicide bombings in central baghdad it comes just a month after iraq declared victory over so-called islamic state.


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