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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight turkey's president threatens to attack a u.s. backed force across the border in syria the president airtel one says the troops on turkey's border with syria are a terror threat due to the presence of produce finders he says his attack me again at any time that is stamboul also coming up dozens are dead scores wounded after twin suicide bombings in central baghdad it comes just a month after iraq's declared victory over so-called islamic state and the moment
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a floor collapses at the joe carter stock exchange in indonesia scores of people are injured but police say it was not a terror attack. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us threats and outrage coming from turkey tonight aimed at plans for a u.s. backed security force along turkey's border with syria and iraq the force would defend territory held by the syrian democratic forces which are led by kurdish fighters turkish president. to one regards the kurds as terrorists and does not want them controlling territory along turkey's border i was speaking today and he called the proposed thirty thousand strong force a terror or army and a valve that would. drown it before it was born.
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art strong language there for more now we go to our correspondent dorian jones he is on the story for us tonight in istanbul good evening to you dorian and we've got to one here threatening to use military force against a u.s. backed border force in syria i mean how much of this is bullied to bully bellicose talk versus a real threat of armed conflict between two nato allies. but i think certainly that is what washington will be asking and neither is true the president has made this threat many times before but this threat by far seems to be the most serious and that's because turkey has been building up its forces all know boulder over the weekend there was a very heavy artillery bombardment in the african region this kurdish enclave of course in syria which president wanted to say that they will attack and we've also got unconfirmed reports already turkish commandos have been carrying out close
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hauled all praises into this region but there is pumped point here that i'm afraid it's the one area there are no u.s. soldiers present so it does seem that own corbett does carry out this right if king told voigt the nightmare scenario of turkey soldiers facing off against american soldiers during the judging by everyone's reaction to his words today it appears that he was completely caught off guard by this u.s. announcement is that the case. well it does appear to be the case which you have to realize that there has been this whole issue of the washington backing the syrian kurdish militia the y p g has been a major point of tension between washington and particular because washington has been arming this group for many many months now it did appear late last year that some sort of agreement had been reached between the two presidents where the turkish president claimed that donald president donald trump had agreed to end the arming of the scaling back its support of this group now this this proposal of
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a thirty thousand strong front here force that was going to be mainly made up of syrian kurdish fighters has caused absolute outrage it does appear the uncle has been shocked by this and they do thi this as another case of what they see is washington typography if not outright for trail and what about the role of russia in this does it ever want does he have moscow's support. well that is a big question because moscow has been playing very much a double game here on the one hand it has been only too happy to see this deepening route between two nato allies and in fact our own crap being gravitating more more towards moscow causing more alarm in washington on top of that moscow has been supporting quietly behind the scenes the same syrian kurdish militia because they see the syrian kurdish militia as a very potent and important force in the future outcome of syria so moscow hill will have in many ways to make a big choice if it does go ahead and log his operation in particular because there
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are russian forces in this area offering which is threatening to attack and on top of that will be looking for permission from moscow to let its planes cross into syria to carry out their support in any kind of operation up until now moscow has been very reluctant to do that moscow is facing a big choice here and will be trying to calm tensions so it will not be forced to choose one side or the alpha endured before we let you go i mean when you don't when you look at what's happening with turkey when you look at what we're hearing from russia and the palestinians to that do you get the sense that there is a a border sense of a willingness to challenge u.s. influence and supremacy in the middle east or in global geopolitics at the moment. well i think that will be of the feeling that is coming across the region particularly because the turkish president has been so outspoken although he hasn't personally challenge president trump he does feel that many ways he has little
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choice in that he feels that his country is facing a clear and present danger and a danger from the syrian kurdish militia which we believe will get only stronger given the fact it is receiving the support from both washington and moscow but the fact that he is seen to be openly challenging the superpower will lead to greater growing questions about how much power and influence washington does have in the region it appears to be a growing question as time moves forward doreen jones on the story for us tonight in stamboul dorian thank you very much. now to iraq at least thirty people have been killed and more than one hundred wounded in twin bombings in central baghdad now authorities say that two suicide bombers detonated back to back explosions during rush hour in the city's out on the square and the area has been targeted by similar blasts since two thousand and three there's been no claim of responsibility so far but this latest attack is similar to previous
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bombings by so-called islamic state. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in germany social democrat leader martin scholz has started his push to persuade party delegates to support talks on forming a new government with america's conservatives on sunday delegates will vote on whether those talks should go ahead many in the s.p.d. oppose another so-called grand coalition and they want more concessions from the conservatives a french court has dismissed a case against soldiers who were caught or charged with raping children in the central african republic soldiers tasked with keeping warring factions apart were accused of abusing children in refugee camps the court found no evidence to support pressing charges the allegations were first published in britain's guardian newspaper and north and south korea have begun a second round of talks to hammer out the details for the north's participation in next month's winter olympics in pyongyang chung delegations from both sides met in
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the border truce village of yarm so far they've agreed to include an art troupe from the north and may potentially field a joint women's hockey team. throws dinny of president mahmoud abbas says israel is to blame for allegedly jeopardizing the landmark oslo peace accord of the agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred three at a ceremony with then u.s. president bill clinton. and yasser arafat in ramallah on sunday abbas rejected the u.s. as a mediator but he shot away from completely abandoning a two state solution abbas also had harsh words for u.s. president donald trump who said he would achieve the quote peace deal of the century between israel and the palestinians would add. we said no to trump and others no we will not accept his project.
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told him the deal of the century is the slap of the century and we will retaliate i'm not. speaking there russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has also lashed out at the u.s. accusing washington of issuing ultimatums and ignoring the views of other world leaders made the comments at his annual press conference in moscow he says that threats coming from washington in twenty seventeen had seriously aggravated tensions in different parts of the world including in north korea and iran said moscow would not support u.s. attempts to modify the landmark nuclear deal with tehran through a mezzanine floor overlooking the main lobby of the indonesian stock exchange in jakarta has collapsed injuring about seventy people and no deaths have been reported the building was the target of
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a car bombing by islamist militants back in two thousand but police have ruled out a bomb attack this time for video captured the moment of the collapse visiting student standing on a mezzanine had no time to react. miraculously no one on the landing or in the lobby below was killed. i'm the patient with the most serious injury has a bone fracture another three people were also suspected to have broken bones. but i will need to confirm that with an m.r.i. or c.t. scan and. the high rise in the center of the financial district also includes the offices of the world bank islamists targeted the building with a car bomb in two thousand. but in this case officials were quick to rule out terrorism the culprit appears to be substandard construction. the
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country is known to be lax on building standards. but with no rest for the weary the exchange managed to resume trading in time for the afternoon session. for the detroit motor show opened its doors today and it seems like a blast from the past bigger is better power is cool and those e cars well they seem boring the spotlight this year is on huge pickups and s.u.v.s germany's top brands drew on star power to let their cars shock. to the new. the end beilein of the new mercedes s.u.v. . i. don't think c.e.o.'s needed such invited famous actor and former california state governor arnold schwarzenegger to the presentation of the new g. class up front at c.v. . with so many carmakers buying for attention against the paper can turn.
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us try makers are also sent casing large vehicles like ford which present a new pickup trucks and wreck it as see these are generating fat profits for american manufacturers spurred by low gasoline prices american consumers are snapping them up for it may have to promise to invest eleven billion dollars in electric cars in the coming years here in detroit the new team ability is barely to be seen instead power in performance by the name of the game. are down to the skies the european airplane maker air bus says its may end production of the a three eighty super jumbo the two story plane was supposed to revolutionize air travel with a capacity of up to five hundred passengers but its most important customer emirates is not ordering enough planes to keep the a three eighty program a law. what was hoped to be the company's biggest success is turning into a disappointing defeat with just over three hundred planes sold and few on order
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airbus says it will stop making the a three eighty super jumbo if it doesn't get more business from top client emirates which is now buying planes from boeing says that the dubai based airline is key for its business they're probably the only one who has the ability right now in the marketplace to take a minimum of six a year for a period of eight to ten years and then we can add some on top of that so quite honestly if we can't work out a deal with emirates i think there is no choice but to shut down the program but i'm hopeful that we'll work out a deal with emirates and others can add airplanes on top of that some hold remains apparently but the revolution will have to wait. and the most decorated winter olympian ever has missed out on qualifying for a seven games in south korea next month all ai not be has failed to make
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norway's biathlon team after the country's olympic committee decided not to nominate the forty three year old after an indifferent season or one of european soccer's great names has got his first permanent head coaching job former manchester united midfielder ryan giggs has been appointed manager of the welsh national team one club man giggs who enjoyed a twenty four your playing career at united in one two champions league titles made sixty four appearances for wales and will hope to lead the team to euro two thousand and twenty after they failed to reach this year's world cup. the loris. the singer of the irish rock group the cranberries as the cranberries cheap international success in the one nine hundred ninety s. with hits like this right here with the song be they sold over forty million records according to their official website live a real adornment died unexpectedly wild in london. for
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a recording session just forty six years old. will be back at the top of the hour warnings followed by the day to see that. leg climate change for. waste. pollution. time. for people and projects that are changing for the better it's up to us to make a difference killing it.


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