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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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consecrations massacres. are starting february third on t w. this is. from berlin tonight a powerful storm slamming parts of europe claiming lives in creating chaos for commuters high winds have brought down trees blocking roads all of germany's long distance rail services are canceled. central train station for more also coming up . may and the money the leaders of france and britain agree to more financial
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muscle to help fortify their borders and to improve intelligence sharing and the slapping that made this sixteen year old girl and i come to the palestinian resistance in an exclusive interview you asked her father about his hopes for her future. it's good to have you with these storm pummeling parts of europe has killed at least six people and poles transport delays for thousands of commuters strong winds blowing in from the west hit mainland europe in the netherlands and belgium before sweeping into germany and causing chaos at train stations and on the highways the national rail company has halted all long distance train services here in germany with top wind speeds of over two hundred kilometers per hour recorded on central
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germany's brocken mountain as you see right there on the map flight cancellations left thousands of people stranded at schiphol airport in the netherlands one of the country's worst affected. there are some days when nature has the upper hand. in the netherlands lashing winds have caused ties and if you are a swath of damage. and it's not just buildings several people have been killed by falling branches. the driver of this vehicle was lucky in scotland drivers were advised to keep off the roads. on the dutch coast some hardy souls find ways to enjoy the onslaught. but the storm has been less upon the size of stranded travelers. germany's national
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rail service suspended all long distance trains local services were also affected. an understanding of my local train station when i saw a huge branch falling off a tree so i knew or didn't look good. and i have listed just as it used o's and i blow dried my hair that was a waste of time. and. i was on my way to university covered by the deadline for handing in some work fifteen minutes ago but if you met my professor and i think she'll forgive me for. just phenomenal all they can do is wait. and that includes our correspondent charlie chosen phil she is amongst the stranded at berlin central train station she joins us there nell good evening to you charlotte so how bad is it there right now. but several hours now brant since people here were told that they were being snowed
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long distance trains leaving the city but that hasn't stopped a constant stream of people arriving here hoping force and kidneys sadly they have been left disappointed and is the key highly unlikely. that any trains long distance trains will be leaving the city until at least the early hours of the morning now stranded travelers are being offered some money towards either a hotel in the city or taxes taxis out of the city individual travelers i've seen pooling together their money to try and get a taxi a medic group who met here just behind me and started that they would travel to france to hamburg tonights for others though it's not so easy they say the money isn't going far enough that they can get a hotel that's affordable there instead taking up the train station on its offer twin fact sleep on the train overnight stuff tell me it's being called a train hotel it's just on the platform over there and that is where stranded
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travelers are going to be spending a very cold and very windy night here in balance and the train hotel that's an interesting part of that story there have been something to tell the story board have. there have indeed we're hearing that at least seven people have been killed and in the netherlands and in here in germany one man very sadly lost his life not far from where we are here and he's understood to have been killed in his vehicle we know that as the storm barreled its way across the country it left a widespread damage it's still going to have to wait until the morning to try and assess exactly how bad that damage is but with up to two hundred kilometer an hour winds to be the worst storm in ten years here in germany we're expecting some very severe damage and what about the outlook for the next few hours in charlotte.
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we understand that the center of the storm has now passed through germany and is traveling east so it's not expected to get much worse weather wise here in germany but as i've been saying there is still a lot of time to try and assess the damage across the country in trying to take stock of the loss of life as well seven people and nouns to have been killed so far and it's feared that figure could rise with the large number of people thought has been left injured by this devastating storm as well ok our correspondent. on the story tonight from berlin central train station charlotte thank you very much as u.s. president prepares to mark one year in office a scathing report from human rights watch in its two thousand and eighteen report on human rights around the world u.s. president donald trump's embrace of authoritarian leaders is blamed for encouraging
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oppression in their countries here's human rights watch is executive director can the throw. trump in many ways is a bit of a disaster for human rights domestically he's broken all the two crews against against racism against the side against seen a phobia in his foreign policy and he has this insatiable admiration for strong and so he embraces people like putin their area one c.c. or two ten today and of course this makes it much more difficult to stigmatize these authoritarian leaders when trump says these are great guns i was convinced roth there on trump and his strong men here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world fifty two people died when a bus burst into flames in kazakhstan five managed to escape it happened in the north west of the country the cause of the blaze has not been determined salvage
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crews have been recovering an airliner that skidded off the runway last week in northern turkey investigators say the boeing seven thirty seven experienced a sudden surge of power in one engine that caused it to swerve down an embankment it just avoided sliding into the black sea no one was hurt britain's prince harry and his american fiance meghan markle visited wales on their third official appearance together since announcing their engagement they visited the castle in the welsh capital cardiff plenty of room for a new family but unfortunately the gothic pile is not for sale. britain has agreed to pay sixty one million euros towards border security in france as migrants continue to gather there to try to cross over to the u.k. the mine will mark rowan is on his first visit to the u.k. since his election last may he was welcomed by british prime minister theresa may today our president also confirmed the story that had been circulating that france
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will moan to britain this tapestry that you're about to see there you go and a look at the century panorama depicting the norman conquest of england the medieval masterpiece depicts a key moment in british history and it has particular resonance as britain prepares to leave the e.u. let's go now to our correspondent in london she's on the story for us there tonight good evening to you barragan so many in britain welcome news of the wont of that tapestry but there is much more at stake then a historic wall hanging now isn't there. yes i mean it this huge display of friendship between a man who in macaw and may they stress the well intense relationship between the two countries and obviously this is also especially important with three got to brics it and they said that for example the agreement that they have with regards to puerto control will not be affected by it breaks it and stress that corporation
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the military cooperation between the two nations and old says the corporation the continued cooperation when it comes to securing the border especially in calais and with the u.k. pledging support for france now this is already being criticized by quite a few conservative m.p.'s who say well it's not. this is not only our problem it's also france's problems why are we just giving the money here both countries also agreed on strengthening them bill terry ties working you tell us about that. yes particularly up aeration when it comes to africa there's are going to be three helicopters on loan not on loan but being deployed from the u.k. to mali where they're going to help french operations logistically so much more cooperation when it comes to security particularly with regards to africa and with regard to the prevention of terrorism but more generally of course also what they
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were talking about about brics it. was asked is he going to is he punishing london when he says that there will not be access as not much access for the city of london as as they used to be and he denied that but he said you know if you're not in the single market you just don't have the he just doesn't have the same access so he didn't really barge from his more hardline position when it comes to press it but on many other fronts he was sort of extending the arm of friendship to the u.k. and to reason may was taking this. our correspondent in london tonight bigger mosque bigger thank you very much are turning out to the middle east and the legal battles of a teen who's become the symbol of palestinian resistance and israeli military judge has denied bail to sixteen year old tommy your daughter that she be held until her trial for slapping two israeli soldiers in the west bank
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a video of the incident has gone viral and has brought to me to international attention rights groups have called for the girl's release her father spoke exclusively to d.w. from ramallah about his dog. this is the video that provoked a social media storm a palestinian girl slapping and kicking and israeli soldier the incident followed what israel says was a stone throwing assault on its troops. the goal is sixteen year old i head to mimi and she's become an icon of the palestinian resistance. they look at this soldier as a symbol for the occupation that has taken our land our country and killed our people since the december incident our head has been in custody and being charged with twelve counts including assault and incitement now she could face a lengthy jail sentence ahead is from
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a well known activist family in the west bank and is no stranger to confrontation in two thousand and twelve she was filmed hitting a soldier in ramallah and three years later she was pictured biting another soldier as he tried to arrest her brother. detention has sparked protests at home and around the world with rights groups saying that as a child it is not justified. for many israelis though the teenager is a provocateur. one senior israeli minister said the detention of a head on her mother must set an example they should finish their lives in prison he said the pictures are harsh i trust that the incident will be investigated and the lessons will be learned amnesty international says israel currently holds around three hundred fifty palestinian children in detention and that hundreds of mine is a prosecuted every year meanwhile critics of the palestinian say many of these youngsters are being exploited for political propaganda. but if
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anyone guaranteed me they had an arab country an international body or anyone from my government anyone if anyone guaranteed me that the occupation would be gone in one two three or even five years i would rather teach my daughter. tennis news the fourth day of the australian open tennis championships in melbourne has seen players sweltering in extremely hot temperatures the german dog max a million martyr or came through with a surprise victory over spanish veteran fernando verdasco it took the youngster five grueling sets in the heat to emerge victorious former champion novak djokovic came from behind to defeat frenchmen feat stiff ending champion roger federer won through in the cooler night session but former winner stan. maria
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sharapova has progressed to the third round the russian is back at the tournament for the first time since testing positive for a banned substance two years ago in melbourne you're watching news from berlin for all of us here thanks for the company we will be back at the top of the hour with more world news but to see them. they make a commitment they find solutions. and stronger. africa
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are the. stories of those people making a difference shaping their nation.


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