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tv   Arts.21 - Daniil Trifonov - A New Chopin Part 1  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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she and the men on the stage. used mabel to tell smith he's seen. some material from the car salespeople once and the. it's always fresh he's always doing something spare for the moment but with the context of being one hundred percent fixed it's a story. it seems so easy for him and so lights i mean i'm like champagne it's a joy to listen to him.
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it's almost sitting here at the same time it's very mortal you can tell that this is this is a human play this is not a machine. were . a city once known for mining and steel today it's more famous for its football team. but in the spring of twenty seventeen it's the setting for a special musical encounter pianist done in twenty one offering the mahler chamber orchestra conducted by mikhail pletnev are recording the two piano concertos of frederic chopin. you know in their chords and of probably the most challenging
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thing here is to be able to give the same level of temperature for they a lot of it is of time. that it was incestuous lust for. and they all are since. you don't know if it's just to be a tire that i. don't even to have an office one of the most distinguished pianists of his generation he was born in russia in one nine hundred ninety one and started playing the piano at the age of five he studied in moscow in the united states and was in winning some of the top piano competitions he's already released five albums and has twice been nominated for a grammy on top of that he's also a composer. over the next few days driven off real work with this steinway model d.
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concert grand despite its length of two and a half meters. and weight of nearly half a ton it's still an extremely sensitive musical instrument. down to two for an off the bar in concert was not easy and frugal is because it was divine do you feel when you fall as often and as you find us my ne. often there because i'm d.c.l. philetus on all of the little garden gunston would soon be in trivia contest mitchell possible that can stick with the set extreme find feel ego. musique the company into this instrument that sort of pop it and kind. of it when you're. finished. if you continue yeah if it.
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does this album since it may just released it was torment in a nama flute is in syria individually i was ok pianist all. well to god it is the guidance. it's not friendly. is meant as to a massive and has often been a common aviva as i. finally told it's just us here for the family unit here and. up until the city or begin one season point thinned it actually isn't because on a nickel in our die. for the recording sessions the concert hall becomes a studio the concertos are to be rehearsed and recorded over two days at the end of that time there will be a live concert tickets for which were sold out long ago. different offers joined
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for this project by the mahler chamber orchestra and international law sambal made up of forty seven members from eighteen countries. though frederick chopin composed his piano concertos nearly two hundred years ago this is still a primary in norway it is the first time that the new orchestration by mikhail has been recorded. in dortmund a russian pianist and composer is wielding the baton didn't go over the kids anyway is this the first. out of all concept and that it's beautiful what if we get it going to say nude scene in the last line of the. fifth in the city of the smiths in which the. two possible sites go without a month as a local you know the city is just full so there are many quicker called the beardless a very little bit of what you know was in. the bush just crossed so that i.
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was living usually the mockers up to something like the law. of. that. mother chamber of history is used to working with different pianists and different styles of pianists with and they fell over with me to cool gita so at the very beginning there was very little to say it was just a feeling that the conductor and orchestra were listening to each other and finding the styles together.
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yes thanks to les les les les so much three must make some small adjustments small adjustments ok what you want to just. buy them all right. how local think you want us to stop the walk. well. things are perfect soon just because a problem hard to type of player to get your perfect one is used in these i like to have a can of our guesses fifita of icebox. if the van was i'm tired because she stood and that's one of the ties was money lost is a technician as i tomato and as mine was he was mocked as does not follow one.
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when we think of musical chapelle varies a bit if you're. on the extreme side of what use is a nevertheless nice such of the right psychological a low balled its course very much beyond a comedy image of she was a composer of it and wanted to explore.
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ingenuousness of them there's a lot of close to the scheme feel. you know very there are so many subjects and. it's so flexible that i wouldn't go play some of this and i wouldn't be able to interpret it's. completely. detached emotionally.
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for this team the team itself. creates an incredibly still kill. it's. so comfortable say. so close to being your i would i would say it's like a movie. but because it doesn't have a fixed point it's like every node. goes to the new for me that the eat. i wouldn't so much of in this particular an easy going forward in france in his music we've been using use of such incredible most three thirds of course nice
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a little more being done of it from a guest. well to me. i think this time to make intermission for coffee. teenie. ok. let's have it think. i might think it is possible to save a little bit that you bore to look good you can little bit that you bought this like i mean yeah because i mean it is it just because a lot of billions but i feel like the keys are going out with a flare i just like them so much miss it still sounds good so instead i feel like if i go in in front of you know i think that it's like a hypocrite first like a first like since i've been in the us so it's like i saw that it could definitely be made i live with more so i have little bit annoyed more well you know. then you
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had to can someone else who doesn't doesn't enter instrumentals with all sin from sin. and. vietnam in this good food as i'm asking time just did was pull beam about hiding via dish does he diminished. view paul and by then and it seemed to not just him must come on for one of these of our guns clod just click the image to myself obviously this was an investment view on food for female zebrawood before you tried all the old counters that they had you like yeah best definitely. look at the healthier. i mean it's not that it's come back to the phones the sound of it all is on the front is ok but i mean as i say i wanted to be not ok i wanted to be friends i thought. yeah i'm out there and i were going to do.
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the music is recorded in takes rather than in one single performance. the control room from where the sound engineers monitor the recording is two floors beneath the stage. an important part of the process is checking what has already been recorded. you. hear you're going to surface to shoot distance where it's going to. like you said. and. i think i hear. it's so dozens of. austen fast pianists. in four months at a touch they can take that spot in four months on since you're in maybe one of the subjects but for the better yeah especially the press and didn't this isn't the
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norm and didn't want me to write or somehow. just nice. and. beard and guns clyne if it ended on funny. how to understand. something over sometimes when you see it like that the outside like the cuban side was a little this is like the bright sunshine. like there is for what he. said. was look my thirst for composer. i think with. when i just started playing out of music of most of us. lesser if ever let you hear actually most of us have been we're not very far apart. after this was
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one of us who suffered should mention they played with most of diamond and mostly they played with chopin's. emotionality. children doesn't really have thoughts and sentence this is always super comma or question mark next best is always flows out of what was before you know.
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it doesn't fit and of course. there is always in summation. she's an inspiration never. takes take secedes rest so when she comes with a different episodes this always it always keeps flowing us like in time movement.
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i was sort of enjoying it all in such uniforms it's very important to have no question and it's like a no no pressure down the keys it's. so it's sort of the feel of emptiness of all fingers like our food is. safe it's there is no with us it's been filled with some kind of jelly there are no bones that it's completely flexible. with. the octopus. octopus hands so it's.
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a series of the most important think investors but this is not top layer any pressure. in the past. first. such jokes and pins this one another on the twentieth century just. before the course of integrating the. composer. and conductor. and perform. more. notable and this what i like
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then also but the schism pulls up and you can feel the cool with. no nutrition or spends much of his time traveling the world he performs about one hundred sixty concerts a year. since twenty sixteen he's lived in new york whenever he can and he takes a stroll around the neighborhood time to relax but also to gain inspiration for his music. always felt comfortable being the new places and
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every new city i was coming to i would study a map of it before embarking on a new just exudes it. also. of course i knew new york well before i get here for the first time which was i think when i was maybe sixteen why do i. play one. flawless shoulder this little tidbit. my first stuff the discovered when i was a teenager when there would be going to a hikes and long walks and when i was going on or on my first thoughts outside of russia i would be explored in a lot of fields away or i would not even take a map with me i would i would just be wiser rep and i would go to different places with. fischer for. of the map. and it's.
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somehow. the first the side i often fall into that's some musical idea so i arrive and. that was the. mike boettcher evocative it went over for a screen what am i doing i would say a composer was just a fan and i was like five six years old and i would never respond with force pianist. but i sure thought i was a composer and then piano was just one phone which was. which was useful for that and a bunch of basements just. for. myself i mean to me i'm composing for whole with source of. source outlet of course some peace mission was in the low cost of an auction and i thought ok.
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tune back in four infrasound to to find out why mikhail and partner wrote a new orchestration for from pounds piano concertos. and what is russian dunoon confront off fascination with new york also the highlight of the recording session the grand concert in dortmund. it's hard to limit yourself from a space as possible into this where you can settle in is. all this and more in part two of a new show. the
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play . play. this is d.w. news live from berlin turkey attack the kurds in syria a move that could seriously aggravate the war in the country turkish forces have launched a ground and air offensive against the northwest town of onscreen as they step up efforts to oust kurdish fighters there russia and the u.s. call for restraint. also coming up. germany's social democrats seek last minute unity ahead of those that could decide the country's political future will they back coalition talks but until.


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