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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin turkey intensifies its assault on kurdish militias in syria turkish ground troops and allied syrian rebels advance on the kurdish enclave of. dozens of combatants all reported killed turkey's president bows there's no stepping back we go live to istanbul also coming up. hurry up already germany's conservatives urged social democrats to finish coalition talks quickly warning the germans are losing trust in democracy after months without a new government plus. the threat level goes up in russia as hundreds of so-called
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islamic five islamic state voters head home from the conflict in syria and iraq reports from chechnya. also ahead the world economic forum gets underway in switzerland today security costs topping eight million euro german chancellor angela merkel french president. and u.s. president all are expected. i want to welcome i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. turkey has intensified its offensive all of branch against kurdish militias in northern syria the turkish army and syrian rebel fighters crossed into the turkish enclave of freeney in northern syria on saturday. is controlled by the kurdish y p g militia which has
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been a key ally of the u.s. in the fight against so-called islamic state but turkey sees the wife as a terror organization and has urged the u.s. to stop backing them turkey's president right chip time era to one. there will be no letting up until the job is done. operation all of branch is anything but a peace offering the following airstrikes the turkish military with the support of regional is marching across the border into northern syria turkey's president has pledged an unrelenting campaign against the syrian kurdish militia which he considers a terrorist group. will handle offering there's no stepping back we have an agreement with our russian friends and i've also discussed it with the u.s. and other coalition forces. i mean it's the attack russia has pulled back its
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ground troops from the region to avoid accidental clashes experts say turkey is looking to russia for further support. this is inevitably going to mean more close cooperation with russia for turkey and. this is probably russian threat to pull turkey. is it clink the u.s. position meanwhile remains ambiguous having backed the kurdish militia during the war against so-called islamic state washington is now refraining from direct criticism while urging turkey to quote exercise restraint in its military actions the u.s. has also said it takes turkey's legitimate security concerns seriously the call on turkey to show restraint was echoed by the u.n. security council on monday but operation all of branch continues to intensify creating yet another front in the seven year syrian civil war.
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standing by for us in just dorian what is turkey's military objective in this operation is it just striking a blow against what i regard as a hostile militia or is it planning to establish a buffer zone in syria. well that is what the prime minister of italy use rim says he's talking about creating a thirty kilometer buffer zone into africa beyond that turkey has reiterated it threats to expand this operation fall beyond our friend looking men beach this is another syrian kurdish enclave a stronghold of the white peachey they've rewritten rated that they were cool be looking at that region and even beyond that to talking about removing the whole of the presence of the syrian kurdish force from turkey's a southern border so this operation at the moment appears to have a long term perspective and it's all about what turkey sees removing the threat of
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this why peachey militia we should accuse of being linked to an insurgency inside turkey but this militia is a key ally of the united states and u.s. forces are present in several areas where the kurdish militia are based now the united states has supported kurdish militia against the so-called islamic state in syria what position are the americans taking in this conflict. well it's very very unclear i mean the americans have been very ambiguous in its reaction calling on turkey not to intervene but since the intervention now america has not called for outright withdrawal or an end to the operation and this is creating a great deal of dismay among the syrian kurdish forces they feel very much betrayed because it was in the u.s. his announcement of creating a security force which would draw heavily on this peachey kurdish militia which actually triggered this crisis which triggered this intervention by turkey and also is widely believed to have been the reason why moscow gave the green light to this
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operation because moscow was very unhappy with the kurdish militias decision to go ahead with and cooperate with the u.s. on this and now the kurdish force they believe sided with the united states went along with this plan which would allow the u.s. have a long term presence in syria they feel very much abandoned by the u.s. because. with this intervention by turkey and they see very little pushback by washington this is a complex situation dorian turkey is also using german made tanks for its offensive against the kurds in syria this is anger german lawmakers which was some calling for a suspension of arms sales to turkey what impact is the turkish appearance of having on relations with its nato allies. well it is certainly causing street strains in concerns but i think at the moment to its nato allies we are watching very carefully how you react to this operation they made very clear that france's call for an end to the operation france's move to go to
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the un security council they saw that was the act before mr said was supporting terrorism the message to its allies is you have a free hand and they won't be any long term implications on relations and for now at least that message does seem to be coming seems to be working they seem very muted criticism of turkey's operation no european leader all u.s. leaders call for its end and i think that turkey's message is you keep on this line in our relations will be ok but the concern among nato is that this operation is pushing turkey closer and closer to moscow and increasingly going forward they fear that turkey itself with moscow particularly in the result of the syrian civil war. thank you so much for that update dorian jones there in istanbul. now some other stories making news around the world today clashes and fist fights broke out in germany's hanover airport overnight during a demonstration against turkey's military operation in syria protesters chanting fascist marched with signs and flags of iraqi kurdistan the situation was quickly
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brought under control. us vice president like has told the israeli knesset the white house plans to move the american embassy to jerusalem by the next year is speech through angry protests from arab israeli lawmakers pence's is the highest ranking u.s. politician to visit the region since president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital last month. and u.s. lawmakers agreed on a temporary spending bill reopening the government after a three day shutdown democrats refused to back a spending bill without protection for so-called dreamers. migrants illegally to the u.s. as children but they backed down after republicans promised to hold an immigration vote in the coming weeks. well here in germany the country's two biggest parties are both gearing up for a fight as they prepare to launch formal coalition talks
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a leading member of i'm going to michael's conservative block urged the social democrats to finish the talks quickly is germans were losing faith in democracy after months without a government but the center left s.p.d. is promising to push hard in the force telling to go she ations. it's been another low night for journalists at the berlin head of germany's conservatives but the long hot slope to once a new german government is moving into a new phase two weeks of exploratory talks with conservatives and social democrats are now launching food coalition party leaders met on monday evening to work out a schedule. during my meeting with angela merkel and host see who we discussed the next steps that are now possible to sunday's vote. the social democrats enter these coalition talks with the objective of giving germany a new government. so given so there are more long nights of negotiation ahead on sunday schultz promised party delegates he would use the talks
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to push for more concessions on key issues in employment health and immigration policy if he doesn't deliver the s.p.d. as rank and file could reject the final coalition agreement for now the conservatives are unwilling to compromise. this is it's important for us conservatives to hold our line on migration there cannot be more we need less we need stricter regulations especially in terms of family reunification we cannot start that debate again. we won't be blackmailed the divisions within the social democrats can be patched up by us conservatives the s.p.d. itself needs to overcome those problems. s.p.d. parliamentary leader andrea nihilists was putting a brave face on things on monday but that doesn't reflect the real mood of her party many who voted against coalition talks on sunday as sticking to their guns they simply don't believe in a grand coalition. in the past we've seen that
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ever more compromises lead to a blurred political agenda shelford i'm very clear in saying that i continue to support the option of a minority government. the leader of the s.p.d. as youth wing kevin is continuing his fight against a grand coalition on social media he tweeted this message to his party's membership yesterday for the next step we need you now. the party's members have a final say on a coalition agreement that's why the main players in these talks will be getting little sleep over the coming weeks. political correspondent but he is at the headquarters of chancellor back we'll see you where the party's negotiators are holding a strategy meeting today how is the see if you were approaching the coalition talks given the extreme tensions that have become so obvious in the s.p.d. party. well as we just heard in that report the c.d.u.
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on the one hand saying no more concessions the social democrats have to get their house in order and have to participate in these talks now in a constructive manner on the other hand you have to say what is going to be happening in the next couple of weeks is a very. detailed discussions very detailed negotiations at the moment we have a preliminary coalition agreement or a for limon there e agreement which spans twenty eight pages a normal treaty a normal contract as it were between coalition parties in germany spans about one hundred pages so there's a lot of volume to be covered a lot of details to be fleshed out and in that process i imagine both sides are still going to make some concessions so c.d.u. negotiators are gathering there today in that the headquarters where you are what's all their agenda. they're going to be setting up the various working
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groups that are going to in fact. conduct these negotiations there's a lot of detail to be covered as i've said and they have working groups on basically all separate issues on things like migration on things like. medical aid on pensions and so on for each of these areas as a separate working group is going to be set up they're going to be dozens of people involved both on the side of the conservatives and on the side of the social democrats and once these. specific areas have been cleared up they're going to be taken into a kind of general assembly of these negotiations which will then finalize the coalition agreement so it's a very detailed quite long and quite laborious process that we have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks ok this is the chancellor merkel's second attempt to form a government since september election this time with the social democrats how likely
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is it that the two sides will actually find room for compromise this time. i think it's very likely that an agreement will be followed after all both sides have now invested quite a lot of political capital on the sprouse is the real. ashton in the end is whether the rank and file of the social democrats in their vote are going to actually agree to this coalition agree to this coalition agreement and that's really the factor that is putting a lot of uncertainty into this it's also the fact of the fact that frankly that the social grammar democrats are using to push for further concessions and i imagine is very interested in having this coalition government so i think it's quite possible that conservatives will still make some sort of concession towards the social democrats. thank you steve political correspondent there talking to us from just
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outside the city party headquarters here in berlin. you're watching the w. news still to come roughly eight hundred chechen militants join the so-called islamic state in the middle east now russia fears they're on their way back to wage violent jihad at home. get some business is now from another unit of the bankrupt airline air berlin has finally found a home and quite surprisingly so terry it's been an interesting development and the future of budget airline nikky all stricken form a motor racing legend niki lauda has been selected finally to buy the assets of the airline that he founded in two thousand and three and allowed as bit was preferred over spanish british group i agee eve wailing. owner off british airways had agreed to buy nicky and make it part of its low cost carrier unit but a bulletin court allowed in the case insolvency proceedings to be shifted to all street and
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a big loud motions bid it was the third offer by the former formula one driver since september for nicky and formally of course a unit of now bankrupt. the leaders of the world's biggest economies are expected to attend to the world economic forum in davos this week security is always paramount with so many prominent figures have cordoned off the entire valley the security costs topping eight million euros but then of course there's a lot to organize to make this high level event a success. these are the stars of opening night in davos singer elton john actress cate blanchett and bollywood star shahrukh khan are the recipients of the crystal and the word have been recognised for their charity work but for many here the highlight is that to be u.s. president trump for the first time in dealey two decades a sitting u.s. president will be taking part of the world economic forum some think he needs to
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have discussions with other foreign leaders more than anyone. i think what's important is. whoever is the leader of a country does not have just a national perspective but an international perspective a global perspective and suppressants of the president of the united states on what pump will hopefully provide him even better recently over prospective. i have a different view of the u.s. president's attendance means even tighter security in davos and many here are not excited about trump. decision and i don't care whether his coming or knowing that colm run doesn't even see him and i don't want to see him either resign or. i'm not really interested. and i don't think he'll come until friday some seventy heads of state and government will be holding discussions about the global economy
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with representatives from the business world and jewels so we have three thousand participants coming together at the time were we see a local for geo political talent shows at the same time you see the growth is back in the global economy but for us it's very important that this growth is more inclusive and creates more jobs but it's not just about the global economy other topics on the agenda include technology and its talons is the gender pay gap and wealth inequality. before donald trump's head to davos he is heating up trade relations with china and with south korea and the device has more on that story for us he joins us now in frankfurt and then to our we're looking at yet more tariffs on chinese goods then. yes that's actually the first time you are not no longer new u.s. president on
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a sliding strait cherubs pro docked here it's washing machines and also solid panels from china and also south korea looking at the age of mach of i said shares of l.g. electronics for example sharply dollar four per cent of us moved a little bit more even so that's a real threat to those producers and of course it's the first the first time that donald trump is actually follows through with his promises to the voters he will vote for him that he. he's going to protect america from pro darts from aging productivity chinese products and also house cream production in order to safeguard u.s. jobs. into absolve the u.s. dollar there is a different development i mean certainly the british pound has recovered against the u.s. dollar reaching pre-breakfast levels how is that possible. well
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it is a mixture of things i think some investors that quite happy with the development of the praxis negative actions and some might even hoping that they're going to get a deal done as my car is suggesting that there might be a middle way for the u.k. and that the e.u. part is not really playing hardball any more with the u.k. that's one side of the story about the other side of the story as a form of course the continuing u.s. dollar weakness we have seen the dollar index sliding by twelve percent last year and this is continuing also this year and one doesn't really know why but one reason might be that masses are still disappointed with the policy coming out of the trump administration. and printing to so much. in recent months the so-called islamic state terror group has lost control of most of the territory once held in syria and iraq and is defeat looms for employers
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returning to their home countries pose a growing threat hundreds of spiders came from the russian republic of chechnya here's the first in the series for a lower mosco correspondent yury was shutout. to believe that the capital of georgia one of russia's neighbors to the south of late last year an operative of the so-called islamic state was killed here russian media celebrated a victory in the war on terror. the man who was tired at chechen carrying a russian passport who had been hiding in georgia previously had allegedly been home in chechnya to recruit fighters. there are roughly eight hundred kitchens fighting for isis their return to their homeland is a major problem for russia and russian president vladimir putin has already
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declared victory over the islamist extremists. but you can celebrate this victory for a while but you better pray five times that while you're celebrating another terrorist attack doesn't take place. that. draws name is not only the geographical center but also the heart of chechnya. after a debilitating what in the ninety's it was rebuilt with money from moscow. nowadays the city seems peaceful but appearances can be deceiving. chechnya has become a hotspot of religious fanaticism since i suspect than searching for new recruits here. would you high unemployment social discontent and soured hopes drive many in the region towards one of the most perverse forms of islam and into the hands of the jihadists but the. jihadists are sowing on fertile ground in chechnya despite
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a near total state surveillance and to despite the chechen leader. demonstrations of allegiance towards putin and the kremlin rule in the last few years whole families left for iraq and see. they will be coming back now with that victory of isis has been declared. here in grozny see those who are trying to return from syria and iraq back to chechnya as a threat to state security their support for this so-called islamic state has become a matter of profound concern for chechen leader. of course a key step in containing militants returning home would be to prevent young people from joining the terrorist organisation in the first place despite a series of military defeats is still recruiting fight us primarily among young people with the government is focusing on prevention in this vocational school in girls the mother of as militants are born young people of the dangers of jihad to
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recruitment their children who were around to the same age as the students when they left for syria. i love my fellow chechens in the name of allah i am a patriot but i want to warn you about what happened to me my daughter and her husband left to join isis her husband is dead and there is no trace of my daughter when. her story hits home. thank you it's the first time we're talking about it so openly here at school. i don't know probably because we're all afraid to talk about it. what are you afraid of that will go to sleep one night and when we wake up our brothers will have left to join isis no one can see it coming. is not to know anyone who is with them now. i was with them. everyone says you'll find paradise if you go but that's not true paradise can only be where
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your mother lives. thousands of chechens have a different opinion of this old paradise in acts of terror. but as their path is leading them home. for their families if the husbands and sons. put the government they are terrorists and to not hers. struggling bonus latest hamburg of hired bad khalid as their new coach after sacking marcus is all at the weekend is the former hamburg players first appointment as head coach in the top flight he faces a tough task to save hamburg from relegation they've lost four straight games are second from the bottom in the table. the. warm welcome from hopeful hamburg supporters. didn't waste any time in getting straight to work
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with his players or their objective winning games. feel i need to speak to each player individually in order to get to know the team better and understand what's going on in the dressing room. it's very important six hold it so we're all going in the same direction it's for me. to go out this weekend and pick up three points. is no stranger to hamburg the former midfielder spent eight years at the club between one nine hundred ninety six and two thousand and four he then moved into management but this is his first stint as head coach of a club in the bundesliga staring hamburg to success after years of poor performances will be a challenge for him but he's feeling optimistic. or. what's happened up till now is in the past. we need to look forward and i always focus on the
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positives and. hamburg fans are banking on how optimism breathing new life into a downbeat squad. to really be relegated the first time in the club's history i am before we go just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news turkey has stepped up its ground assault against the kurdish enclave of frayne in northern syria the turkish army and allied syrian rebel fighters are trying to clear the area of kurdish militias the turkish president has labeled as terror groups. you're watching news from berlin have another bulletin at the top of the next hour thanks for the. cool.
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