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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is due to your news line from europe take center stage in the swiss alps germany's chancellor tells the world economic forum that countries must work together to ensure progress and prosperity prosperity for all and going back to also sure to create a single rocket fit for the digital age but also on the program took a few steps up the pressure in its fight to clear kurdish militias away from its border with syria president out of one threatens to extend the offensive. on the fallout from so-called islamic states the stores have left home to join the terror
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group four years old her mother back in chechnya is scared they will never see each other again. i feel gail welcome to the program germany's chancellor has told the world economic forum that protectionism is not the answer to the world's problems go also offered a staunch defense of free trade and closer ties with the europe warning against rising economic nationalism comes a day before u.s. president donald trump is due to arrive in davos where he's expected to defend his america from his policies. we know that there are national ecosystems we see populism on the rise we see in many states a polarizing atmosphere and a polarized state of affairs how many people seem to worry wilmont naturalism actually find an answer to tackling the problems that people have that mankind has
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in a fan equitable way indeed and also if we look at the great challenge of the disruptive changes affair that technology want to technology office this digital chain and many people seem to doubt that in many countries more on this from d.w. political correspondent simon young welcome simon let's go through the chancellor's speech that everything seems to be aimed at the man who isn't bad at the moment to donald trump arrives tomorrow. when he's on his way and certainly donald trump's view of how the international community should work together or not work together he's sort of rejection of multi latter lism if you think of the paris climate change deal for instance that's certainly on the minds of european leaders not least among them angle a medical so she did a little bit of a history lesson stuff today she said you know if you think back to the roman empire or the great wall of china you know these are examples isolationism hasn't
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worked protectionism hasn't worked all economic entities down the ages of had to find a good way to you know trade with the world have good relations with the world to find a cooperative approach that is angle americans approach and as you say that message was effectively targeted at trump before he gets there and she also talks about the need for europe to work together here she is on defense policy. f.i.o.s. somehow threshold we have the cia. and mission i'm now threshold africa is very close to us syria is the neighbor of cypress so what are the facts that year in its foreign policy has not been all that active in the past we've quite often relied i'm as regards our security on the united states of america but now they concentrate on themselves and their own security all of that needs to tell us a lesson we need to take more responsibility. and we need to take our destiny into
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our own hands and that's what we did by forging this new defense cooperation and also looking more and the challenges of migration we know there are still differences of opinion and differences of approach within the union on this but we'll continue to work on this. it's all about working together so not just defense and migration but many other areas as well yeah i mean is she talked about this idea of a deep and european security policy common security policy but she immediately went on to say that that would include common development policy and i think she's thinking there as she also said in particular of africa the importance for europe of having do good relations with its major neighbor continent and doing what it can to stabilize countries there to improve the economy is there she said that migration is of course destabilizing in europe all of these things are things that
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we know but the way that angle americal drew it together here she really had a focus on africa in this speech because she said you know europe of course has its colonial history in africa that's a responsibility that. lies on european shoulders to you know find good solutions but also there's a self interest there as well because we've got these migration flows and we have to do what we can to make sure africa's future is a good one france's president is due to speak at davos later today he. he's already outlined his vision for our deeper european integration many times before now did angela merkel's vision a match up with him when the two leaders of course are very much on a similar page you know he also has talked about digitize aeration the big revolution of the digital economy that tango america had a big focus on in this speech he's also focused on the environment and on the common security policy as well but of course macro francis there went further he
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said he talked about a european rapid response force i didn't hear that from anglo-american today she was very much broader in her lines but i think from the tone you could see you know this was a good warm up act for macro later on i mean of course angle americal stands a little bit to one side she's not looking for radical change emmanuelle mccraw he's younger he's more dynamic he's got a different image and maybe he thinks he can sort of you know steal a march or we'll see a simon young faqir. not a psycho because of the other stories making news around the world the first of three brazilian judges are considering considering the appeal of former president luis ignacio the silver known as luma has voted to uphold his conviction look at reality his supporters ahead of the decision which could see him barred from running for office again. so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in afghanistan don now stormed an office of the save the children
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aid agency in the afghan city of jalalabad two people were killed and twenty others injured when the militants baffled the security forces who had surrounded the building a british based charity has suspended its operation in afghanistan. turkish president's budget time says he will expand the country's military offensive in northern syria towards the town of man big it's the fifth day of operation olive branch targeting the u.s. backed kurdish fighters in the province of africa so his air and ground operation has opened a new front in syria's multisided civil war the force towards my beach could bring to the forces into confrontation the mother of the nato allies the united states the u.s. has troops stationed there to fight cervical the islamic state. turkey's offensive in syria is having political repercussions and here in berlin germany regularly sounds weapons including tanks to its nato allies those weapons are being used in
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the cross border offensive that some german lawmakers are calling illegal contracts to upgrade the tanks are being put on hold. the shelling is relentless turkish forces a stepping up their offensive in northwest syria they using german made tanks to roll into afrin the german government had recently considered reinforcing these tanks against landmines at least until the turkish offensive began that upgrade now seems to be off the table. the sadness to germany is following the reports about the turkish military intervention in northwestern syria with great concern because . it that's why the government is calling on all parties involved to end all military actions and is demanding an unconditional access for humanitarian help less than three weeks ago germany's foreign minister met with his turkish counterpart in a bid to improve relations the two also discussed the upgrade of german tanks in
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turkey that was before the military operation in syria began turkish president added one says it's justified but it's provoked outrage in germany. i think nato has to have a closer look at this. is not a political alliance but it has to step in if a nato partner does certain things on the periphery of europe on its own account. germany's ambassador to iraq has now asked the turkish defense minister to explain the specifics of the military operation berlin's military hardware sales to turkey remain in the spotlight german military trucks have also been spotted on the syrian border. stephanie bish is a member of the board is top of the left in party d. link the welcome to d w i'm just a bit of background first of all because i think that the german political
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situation when it comes to defense sales is quite interesting the german government makes a decision which it then refers back to the parliament for approval or otherwise is that the way no is a parliament has no decision in question of selling weapons or arms it's just the decision made by the government and we are discussing that parliament should have more power in those questions right so now that the governments are suspended discussions about upgrading the german tanks do opposition parties like yours support that decision i think it is much too less if you hear the language of the ministry of foreign affairs that they are telling us that they have some concerns that that is much too soft for three c. there is a clear breach of international law it is not allowed that a country like turkey can go into another country and sending tanks c.-r. and so what i expect from our government is first of all saying our nato partners
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in mission together in syria we should end the german awful armed forces in this mission so you delinquent had its way germany would have nothing to do with what's going on syria at all i think we have one bought this is the united nations security council this is the one organization which can decide if countries could go to another country to prevent a much more so much for us war but the united nations never asked that the german armed forces of the united states are there that turkey is the against international law we have four out of five permanent members of the united nations security council are fighting in this war we have a total mess everyone is against everyone and i've. i think we should end this and giving back the power to the body in the united nations if you say give the power back to the united nations as you said four out of five security council members
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involved the u.n. has the power it appears just not to be prepared to use it yet this is a problem and it is a problem what we should address to the united states of america and to the russian federation they have their problems with each other but the result of those problems is that one single body event which can make such decisions is not able to work and our government didn't even ask united the united nations security council they just said yes to being part of a mission from which i think that this mission is against international law and now with the actions of turkey really are on the point where we have to say stop this is no longer. part of who took to thank you for joining us tonight and for dealing to thank you. this day w.'s live from berlin still to come the long wait for the return of a child we chant chimes of mother whose dogs are left four years ago to fight recently stated i still hasn't come home. first i get hot alpha's is here with more
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from davos as i feel it's not just i love our clear dressing but has been there in davos this strong european focus of the swiss alps today francis emmanuel mark is due to speak later and was spain's skin philip who took to the stage he delivered a message that increasingly puts europe at all it's with the united states the e.u. is open for business and wants to preserve free trade. a sunny day in davos as europe takes center stage king philippe the sixth of spain began proceedings campaigning for european unity not so long after his country was a symbol of the economic divide spreading through the years. in short we can state that spain now has a very competitive economy and represents an outstanding investment opportunity despite being a cause for concern in their european union just
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a few years ago today spain is driving growth and making a positive contribution to the consolidation and strengthening of the european union europe is open to all that's the message the spanish king was trying to send especially to those who are decidedly more inward looking like the u.s. delegation which is right ahead of president donald trump who was later but the country's treasury secretary is already laying the groundwork for his boss. can be terrific we have a great story to tell while some important meetings we couldn't be happier to be here with us here in the region you know. well what the president talk about that but it's really all about economic growth opportunities to invest in free and fair trade. so we're looking forward to a very careful not everyone is as enthusiastic anti-capitalist protests broke out in zurich late tuesday night mainly to register disapproval about trump's impending
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visit. the european union has hit the u.s. chip making giant qualcomm with close to a billion euros and anti trust exclusively in i phones or not it's that man managed to illegally shots of rivals from the box at four l.t.a. l.t.e. baseband chipsets for at least five years ensuring its own box adopts. third spring only bots from the frankfurt stock exchange only first start is really getting serious against foreign tech companies policy that is shining through that how to invest as a c. that. i don't think it's a policy that's directly. aimed at foreign investors or american tech giants some people would claim that just as some people over here in europe and germany claim that the united states government is out to get foreign banks on its soil with the s.e.c. and all sorts of prosecutors demanding billions in fines when banks over there have
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done wrong no i think my good best together is wanting to create a level playing field and when investors say of qualcomm or apple step back they should be able to agree that that benefits everyone employees consumers and lastly the shareholders as well companies even if they're today find they might be tomorrow the victim of companies who are wrongdoing who are breaking the rules so you not only have a needed higher prices than would be expected but it also hinders things like innovation the creation of new jobs when you do that so i don't think anyone's out to get anyone it's a level playing field. which is staying in the u.s. ten billion dollars in losses in the fourth quarter of last year that's a staggering news coming from general electric today what's behind it. yeah and that already after general electric share prices tanked in the past year and an
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unexpected hit in the insurance part of the company apparently old obligations either overlooked or not valued properly that's taking billions to correct and also the tax reform in the united states which has hit so much so many other companies also affecting general electric plus problems in the energy business there the company is looking a little bit more optimistic lee at this year believe us and french thank you very much. i'm going to russia now it's still going to get hot yes in recent months so-called islamic state has been driven from much of the territory it once held in syria and iraq as defeat looms the families of young people who joined the i.s.o. wondering what's become of them hundreds left from chechnya alone d.w.t. rachet or has been on the trail and the second part of the series circle of fear he spoke to the family of a young woman who took her children to syria to be with her husband who joined us.
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in grozny a typical. people know each other and help each other too despite the high fences there is one thing the neighbors don't discuss of though the missing children. is one of those who has kept her silence for a long time for use but now she's breaking her silence to talk to us about. their beloved daughter hasn't been in her parents' house for four years. her husband who went to syria to fight with the so-called islamic state. he took celina together with their three children i know he will never come back because he was killed last march. since then she says
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she hasn't heard from her daughter celine is one of hundreds of chechens who have left their homeland since of the beginning of the syrian war to join us. and the women mostly from their husbands as is customary for chechen women to do. official figures of the number of chechens fighting for the terrorist militia at seven hundred almost all are listed as missing some of the mothers give us these photos desperate and hoping to get some sign of life from their children. back at pretty much house her son and so on and granted don't look at photos of celina we want to know if answer would allow himself to be recruited by terrorists and would go to syria as his sister did. not get.
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crewed. after all i have my own mind and i do not listen to the others. isn't giving up hope of seeing her daughter again she even shows us children's things she has bought for her three grandchildren who are in syria now and then she shows us that they speak to her. i took the picture myself in syria. when we accompany her again on a trip from moscow to chechnya she reveals that she did once manage to see her daughter in the last fourteen years. middle men in turkey helped her to establish contact with selena in december twenty fourth team. it took her several weeks of travelling to reach of members in northern syria she says of the journey was fraught with uncertainty and she didn't know if she would ever arrive. islamic
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state members allowed her to stay with her daughter for four days she wanted to take her back to teche wasn't allowed to leave internet her children are. now together with other mothers she has found a support group that already has over eight hundred members. of the mother awful slan who took a daughter to syria is also a member of the group. my daughter was always obedient she really trusted her husband and he ordered her to go with him to syria. also to blame for your daughter's disappearance. but no i swear because to be honest it all happened according to the higher will the will of allah what must be must be that's what i think. as we hear again and again while filming in chechnya strong religious believes. one of the reasons why young people are being recruited
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by us is the mother of missing children keep coming back to the airport in grozny in the hope that their loved ones will one day return. and i'm here very often. i'm hardly at home why should i be at home. i have to look for my daughter. know that russia has declared to military victory over this so-called islamic state dozens of chechens are being transported back from syria and iraq every few weeks that gives. you hope that she might hold her daughter her arms again. if she is still alive. let's talk about the situation interests with more live from moscow's school of asian oriental studies welcome to d w top breaking to watch those mothers looking
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for their children at the airport why has become such a fertile recruiting ground for. good evening well the problem is that. there is a generation change that occurred in chechnya. especially during and after the chechen war. they all preachers who were connected with this sufi movement and who were previously advocating a peaceful and philosophical approach to islam and to to life itself they went away in a way that partly because they were older and partly because they were outdated and the new ones arrived from the neediest in countries especially from saudi arabia and bahrain who preached a very different style or feet or what have the approach to to the modern
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situation in the world and to islam and they somehow have they changed the approach of the modern. youths. they started to do it for four for a ground for a new ground to apply the forces in promoting muslim unfortunately that was the one of the of the causes i see and as these fighters return to. russia and chechen or forces are they well prepared to deal with any threat that might come from these fighters returning home . well the problem is that they are returning not only to the our returning to the central asian states and to talk our star. got a star. and dug
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a stone are i'm not sure that the are well prepared they are just starting to understand the real threat that is represented by these acts fighter us who who who are exhausted baited with the defeat of the of the of their utopia yes you can. call the isis. tentative state so. i think that the they are now trying to adapt to the situation and that that is a challenge certainly good talking to you thank you for joining us like so you might have us from the school of asian and oriental studies in moscow. football your wife on the groups for the inaugural nations league which will kick off in september yes germany a must have been side germany have been shown. germany have been short
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against france and the netherlands in group one further juicing how to see england face spain and portugal take on italy winners of the four league aid groups advance in the knockout stage which will decide the winner of the first nations league. although it's finally gotten around to ordering one of its most recognised icons what i'm wondering what took it so long business first it may not receive own stuff that's usually how it will affect ninety year olds and maybe was accompanied by a long time boyfriend mickey and you best pop star katy perry if you must got his stuff forty years ago as a first cause you can't take. their lives of our top stories this hour germany's chancellor i'm going to tell the world economic forum in davos protectionism is not the answer to the world's problems she also stressed germany's commitment to creating a european single market services. he says it will expand its
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offensive inside northern syria as a true front kurdish groups that it accuses of terrorism as despite calls for restraint by the international community. situ up to date. there's always the website in the meantime. cult.
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much drives the economy. to see it come to be. made in germany always has its finger on the homes. of the mind. the manager. told me to. meet in germany. to. enter the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev is stateless he's a former president of georgia a former regional government look in ukraine. in multiple allegations of criminal activity and his mikail soccer spinning once the dawning of the west has to have been the rose revolution in georgia that has you know made too many enemies i'm
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wrong on several. of the first in sixty minutes t.w. food. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for mimes. circle of fear. correspondent here in russia is an. islamic state has recruited more young people here than anywhere else . and more and more attention fighters are now returning home. they're both respected and feared. how will this affect chechen society. circle us here today on t w.
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are you looking forward to a nice meal later today well consider yourself lucky over the past decades real progress has been made in reducing global hunger but around the world our ability to feed ourselves is under threat opulence population is growing at an ever increasing rate and the.


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