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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this. message france and germany make the case. as president. of the world economic forum that. for everyone. and protect democracy. only by working together national borders. also coming. up the pressure and. militias away from its border with syria president.
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it's good to have you with us the room was packed ears and eyes open today as europe takes center stage in the swiss alps speeches from the continent's heavyweights top the agenda germany's angela merkel spoke earlier in the day but it was france's in. the headlines slot he told the world economic forum globalization has to ensure prosperity for everyone and for all classes in society. that has not been native to diggle that is a nation in general is going through a major crisis and this global challenge requires for sure a collective thought from international organizations states' companies
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civil society. in order to find and implement solutions and now to the other in europe's power couple angle americal she made the case for closer european ties as well as more free trade are warning against rising economic nationalism came a day before u.s. president all the trouble is due to arrive in dog it was a welcome break for the chancellor amid political gridlock here in berlin. the german chancellor speech marked her return to the world stage after months of political limbo at home in germany her address focused on your appendix feature one of her key messages the world's problems will not be solved by isolation and protectionism instead she said nations must work together to face global challenges both economic and political. out of of the end of this. we know that their
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international egotism we see nationalism on the rise and many states has a polarizing atmosphere perhaps in many places people worry whether multilateralism can really solve people's problems. ellice fear of them isn't what may also stress that europe must overcome challenges to better implement digital technologies risk being left behind she said germany lags behind some less developed nations despite its reputation for technical innovation. the size that means the task for the next four years will be to bring digital technology into our education system the government has to be organized digitally. and a better environment for startups has to be created so that we can make further progress that we can remain a cradle of innovation the chancellor then turned her attention to defense she said
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europe should be more responsive to the problems of its immediate neighbors she called on european countries to cooperate more closely forging common security and foreign policies. they're. able if you look at europe's immediate neighborhood and how many global conflicts are playing out on our doorstep we experienced this in twenty fifteen when globalization came to europe in the form of people not refugees home and when we hadn't done enough to counter the civil war in syria when we hadn't done enough to deal with so-called islamic state in iraq. the chancellor did not openly criticize u.s. president donald trump he will speak at the conference on friday but has strong warning against protectionism seem tailor made for washington's most recent global policy is. what did the world hear those beast speeches well it's of
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a break it down i have political correspondent so i've been young here at the big table with me and our brussels correspondent. is in brussels tonight gentlemen both of you welcome back let me start with you what did you make of president macron and his is call for action. pretty typical macross speech because it really wide arching from from extreme details which he has a pretty impressive grasp on to his visions not only for france but for europe and yes also the world and his speech was probably strongest when he talked about those visions saying that the framework for a new world order had to be multi lateral lism and also cooperation and that already the europeans had the tools in hand the solutions for the most pressing questions and that they just have to decide to make use of them and that they had to decide that not in the near future but now inside when you're at the top of the
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show i made reference to both of these leaders as europe's power couple a lot of people saying that today merkel and mccrone were they singing from the same hymn sheet it very much so not necessarily in the same language of course president macross speaking english for a lot of his speeches as well as french and merkel sticks to german on these occasions but the broad lines of what they're saying of course about re-energizing the european project about cooperation and multilateralism absolutely together merkel's a little less detailed than french account of thought perhaps that's explicit well given that she's got to be a bit careful if she doesn't say anything that puts off the social democrats as she continues was that those tricky attempts to form a new coalition government here but medical really drawing together the lines about security policy foreign policy the importance of multilateralism as i said doing something to improve things in africa to combat migration which in turn will come
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back populism and populist ten diseases because it's not just about economic isolationism also you know she's talking about the rise of the far right in quite a wide ranging speech from the chance that the i would speaking of economics spoke a lot about the need to boost the french economy let's take a listen part of what he said. i'm my first me seach he said france is back france is back it's a cool for europe. because we will never have any friends since this is without a europe instances hard said france is back everyone's talking about that quote max he said you know france is back at the core of europe was there with of france first in that message you know he draws on patriotism of course because the french like to be still but the gone they are patriotic but just know what simon just
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mentioned he spoke in english i don't recall any french president really doing that with at an important speech in the past so that shows you he is not in the spirit of america first that's propagated by the trumpet ministration that represents a closed model that presents bilateral relationships he represents an open model of globalization if it's done right multilateralism i just mentioned it so i would say the two could probably not be much farther apart. simon did you miss anything in until america wholes speech what did she not say we know brant. talks about free trade in about combating of protectionism and nationalist thinking but what about germany's huge trade surplus you know there are many people around the world who are not happy with that it's not just don't know trump he thinks there are too many miss a b.m.w. on fifth avenue you if you ask
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a lot of people here in europe as well people in italy for instance they will say that you know germany's approach of boosting its own trade while you know encouraging its european partners to be very tough of fiscal discipline and monetary discipline in fact even the french are not that keen on it of course the president macro didn't at dress it head on today in that speech but you know was the answer to this big trade imbalance that germany has with the rest of the world he didn't hear the answer from angola methyl today but of course as i say she has got other things to worry about at the moment i don't think we've heard the word all stare at one time today during their speeches either i want to ask both of you simon and max do you see an irony here you've got merkel a conservative you've got mccrone a former investment banker and they were both praising the european social market model the social welfare state as a model for the world is there an irony this well you know that both centrists both people who believe that you've got to find the common ground and do the right thing
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for middle class people working class people you know and that's what they buy trump well absolutely i don't know if it's ironic i mean it's the it's the shape of the new politics it's not new of course in this they slowing in the european consensus has been there for a while what would you say max. if you look at the history i mean there's a conservative she's not in the liberal and it's a long been a long tradition with the c.d.u. which is a christian democratic union to have their social values and looking at michael just as a former investment banker doesn't do his whole story just as he also was a very important part of the socialists in france so i would agree with simon we're witnessing at the moment are intelligent politicians in europe realizing that the way globalization has been conducted in the past and that the challenges of the future for example with digitalisation are such that you need to do something to make sure you have most people on board in the european union otherwise what you're
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going to do is just feed populism our brussels bureau chief max often tonight in brussels and simon young here in berlin to both of you thank you. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a brazilian court has upheld the conviction of former president luis de silva known as lula on corruption charges two of the three judges on the court confirmed the conviction and the nine and a half year prison sentence it carries now lou look rallied his supporters ahead of the decision which could see him barred from running for office again. the disgraced former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasser has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison more than one hundred women and girls including a limpid gold medalists described decades of sexual abuse by now he's already serving a sixty year sentence on child pornography charges. hindu groups in india have
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stepped up their protests against a controversial film due to open this week now the makers of pad deny accusations that it distorts history by portraying a muslim ruler as the lover of a hindu queen allee's opened fire to disperse protests after the supreme court gave the go ahead for the film's release. turkey's a president after one says that he will expand the country's military offensive in northern syria to take in the town of bondage the move is in defiance of international concerns about his operation targeting kurdish groups which ankara regards as terrorists. oh on a new front in this unrelenting war in turkey's decades long attempt to push kurdish militia out of the region ankara is aiming for a swift victory with operation olive branch turkish soldiers are optimistic
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i'm afraid we'll take a freeman succeed in this operation within the next couple of days. but the kurdish y p g wants the world to know they are going to defend the enclave. even our system will not allow the enemy to invade or lend to the last drop of blood we have we will never treat from here. that in the past kurdish fighters have relied on support from a major player the united states everyone dismissed international criticism of the offensive and announced plans to expand the operation eastwards. god willing starting from on bitch we will continue to talk these games along our borders and will completely wipe this trouble from a region that will not see but then tell moment to me. that the us military has troops stationed there to fight the so-called islamic seat there are fears that the nato allies could become adversaries. are soccer news now you
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a four have drawn the groups for the inaugural nations league which will kick off in september of this year it's intended to largely replace meaningless international friendlies league side germany have been drawn against france and the netherlands a group one further juicy encounters you see england if a spain and portugal take on italy the winners of the four league aid groups events to a knockout stage which will decide the winner of the first you wait for a national or nation's leak. elton john says that he will retire from performing internationally after doing one last tour the british singer and pianist said that he wanted to spend more time with his family. i have to john made the announcement at a gala in new york he said that he planned to go out with a bang with a get this three year global tour john said that he had had a good run after a career lasting nearly five decades he said that he would keep recording and performing in his native britain. so i decades.
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all right that's your news raf for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day if you see you this. is germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and do something hindu some says we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for my.


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