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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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song arrives at the walls economic forum in davos we look at how business and political leaders think is a medical first on the seized rooms and tax reform. and that's with monica jones who being the business update for you and she'll be talking to ben falloon who sponsored the davos steen in the what economic forum. a century see it finding. here it discovered. video and audio podcast to language courses in the d w media center at libya center dot w dot com. g.w.
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true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. for thought of programming go on believe me show you. now let's cut our innovations magazine for. every week and look into the future w dot com science and research for a shot. at the. u.s. president donald trump is in davos to promote his agenda. ahead of schedule in zurich and immediately boarded a helicopter for the flight to davos on the well economic forum. but it's not just to the big and the powerful young people are also getting up and close with the.
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welcome to the business and it's day three of the world economic forum in davos switzerland all eyes are on u.s. presidents donald trump landed in switzerland today trump traveled straight on to davos where he's likely to peddle his america first policy even before his arrival he's been the talk of the town w.'s been pursuing core top with the c.e.o. of u.s. software company a technology in doubles earlier this morning to get his assessments on the administration in particular its tax policy. the new tax reforms have been very good for almost all business is very good for ca we are thirty five percent tax payer twenty one percent you can see that that's a big difference we will take that savings we get a tax reinvested into the company into r. and d. and expansion so we're very happy with the tax point there's a being more jobs that's what trump wants i think you get to see more jobs and
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we're going to see bigger and facilis on digital transformation from all companies and i think you're going to see when they're deciding what to do with the savings they get from the tax plan they're going to be investing in infrastructure and infrastructure to be investing in technology one of the things i'm very excited about is some of the work we're doing here at the west to help in rescaling on a global basis. was the c.e.o. of us software company c. a technology talking to my colleague ben facility early this morning and ben joins us now from davos where he caught up with two tech wizards who can shed some light on the inside out of block chain and to cryptocurrency of ben the here you are tell me how block chain saw the are you buy now. you come out with the great questions don't you monica every time i went home the other night to read the wikipedia entry for a blog chain and i think it took me an hour and i still haven't go through everything i've got someone here who can explain it for us which is fantastic alex
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gordon brown to your c.e.o. and founder of amiga one we've also got the technical director james i'll get you in a moment james andrew hey how you doing. tell us what the blow chain is in in a sentence can you achieve it i can try. look chain is the underlying technology of the next generation of the internet which is going to do you choose money and banking and finance and actually pretty much every sector of business on top of that what internet two point zero did to media and communication it's a decent realised it's a decentralized ledger in the same way that the internet is a way for computers to talk to each other but obviously a way for computers to talk to each other doesn't really explain what facebook google and all those things have done for society good or bad in the same way a distributed legit yes but it basically it's a way to run the entire. system of ownership and transfer of value in the in the
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world without the need for a central organization exactly minus the middleman minus the middleman bitcoin is one of the most famous examples james could you tell us perhaps if you think that coins going to be round for long because a lot of investors are interested right now a lot of people are piling money into that the thing i'm most interested in is i'm bullish on is the future of cryptocurrency as a whole big coin itself could one day be viewed as something like you know the beginning the internet there were search engines like hell to vista before google when everyone thought this was going to stay current could one day be looked at as the ultimate vista of cryptocurrency it may last but it may not i'm not so excited about anyone cryptocurrency in the technology as a whole now i haven't explain to our viewers what amiga one is ok so amiga one is a trading platform for cryptocurrency is right now there's about fifty different crypto currency exchanges around the walls. all of which fragmented from each other
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and a lot of which has been twelve billion dollars hats off the exchanges so far so meager one is a platform that enables people to trade safely without the risk of how. acking across all of the crypt the currency exchanges in the walls how do you do that how do you make it safe. there's a lot of complication in terms of the technology decentralized all its escrow functions that probably we don't need to go into right now but with smart he flew a lot of work is that the short answer to that. the technology itself and the platform you've got a three d. model that may explain to viewers a little bit about how it works could you explain that change yeah the cryptocurrency is a whole new game and i believe and we believe that it demands new technology for visualising crypto markets and for showing crypto markets in a way that goes beyond just charts and graphs we've been developing three dimensional visualisations using tech i learned as a four year virtual reality developer veteran to bring that kind of advanced tech
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to crypto currency trading i've got another question for you alex i c o's are also shoots of the moment specially for startups a lot of money is being raised there is that safe money that's being raised i mean i mean is that money that suddenly can be worth half of what it was the next day. and it appears there we have lost ben and his two guests from one apologies for that but of course divorce is very very busy this time of day certainly with a lot of coverage there and we'll continue with our coverage obviously throughout the day you can always find out more on our website a d w dot com business there's plenty more on our facebook site and on our twitter feed so do check it out meanwhile it's not just the world's most powerful politicians and leading figures from the world of business who are gathering in
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doubles in recent years more and more young people of all to join the global elite as participants of the world economic forum young people that means under the age of thirty so called global shapers they're invited to take part in discussions on a large of the right topics we met some of them. a brief moment to enjoy the view and then off she goes to the next appointment twenty four year old italian clara latina is in davos to take part in discussions as is an transcom a twenty six year old tech entrepreneur from germany thirty year old greek. is currently debating the rejuvenation of europe. i expect from you. a shared responsibility. to allow the youth assists and think its future to hear the voice of fuel and to go through their election. for a better tomorrow for all of us more
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a night get more together and more creative. all three passionate europeans. we have common values. that me that we are you know i'm unique a part of the french language or really. we are a place where we. are effective. but there could be a bigger shared sense of europe. i believe we could have a stronger sense of belonging in europe like what you have in the us when i lived there many people had a much stronger connection to their country and that's not something we have in europe even less so in germany i believe the sense of feeling european isn't really there.
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and the future of europe. may be different cultures should be taken more into account because greek has a specific certain history culture it's a different from the italians from. the swedish people so. her cheerily differences should be taken into account in decision making process and should respect the debate in europe goes on and these young people are here to contribute to it. so there are cultural differences the differences between the young and the old and then there's the disconnect between politics big business and the public which has led to protests across switzerland this week directed at the world economic forum for many people davos stands for an out of touch global and neat set on multiplying their own extreme wealth and leaving the rest behind that
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is why officials here have launched a campaign to connect with those who can't afford to the expensive trip to the forum. celebrities like will i am politicians see us can feel like a big speech bubble. in twenty eighteen every day people connected with them on social media asking the most burning questions. like gabriel. he wants to know whether in a world of high production we can ensure that inequality doesn't become a political problem and how can we are adequate misery. gabriel thanks for the great questions i think. inequality is inevitably a political issue so we shouldn't even try not to have inequality discussed politically afterwards we need to address it in practical ways and here
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my second point is that miss levy to be is very much the result of violence war fear tensions in society also inequality we have to address the profound with causes of misery and violence in order to address more comprehensively. the questions and answers are matched and put side by side on instagram it's an effort to connect global leaders with real world concerns from real people. that's a business update here on g.w. for now i want to thank you keeping me company and of course don't forget to check out our twitter feed for more in the next hour if you want to. come. with.
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these men share a common history voting democrat who is jewish and again she resident who is muslim . and she's great grandfather say vulcan's mother from the nazis in occupied albania. over seventy years later the to pay tribute to this.
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d.w.i. . injury the conflict zone my guest this week here in kiev is a strange place he's a former president of georgia a former regional governor in ukraine i'm hanging over him multiple allegations of criminal activity and he's michel saakashvili once the dawning of the west for straight ahead in the rose revolution in georgia that has you know made too many enemies. and run out of road. in sixteen t.w. to get. up to speed on the latest technology. no. maybe time for an upgrade become part of the future become a cyborg. say words and design my perception of reality implants that make everyday life easier. i use my implants on
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a daily basis that optimize the human body and to connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg and what do you think will happen society does the human race upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cycle human machines starting february first on t w. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me these are craven now the letter the capital of the tide the mediterranean island of malta is currently making headlines it's just been inaugurated as
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a european capital of culture so expect a dense year long program of events to mark the island's colorful heritage include .


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