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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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state of the news coming to you lawn from berlin and america first doesn't need america alone that's what u.s. president donald trump told the crowd in jobs in its closing remarks at the world economic forum trump took credit for the booming u.s. economy and attacks on their global trade practices are also coming out. but he corruption talks the agenda at the albanians annual summit need some correspondent thanks nigeria for a glimpse of how corruption is affecting people's day to day long. plus
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standing out from the herd in poland we'll introduce you to the adventurous cow we love told a wrong with the bison but biologists say it's an escapade that followed the old. and their harmon thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has told leaders gathered in switzerland that america is open for business but that the u.s. won't tolerate trade practices he sees as unfair trump was delivering the closing remarks to this week's world economic forum in davos one of his key messages to the business and political elite growth in the u.s. spells growth for economies around the globe. the anticipation was palpable politicians and high flying executives waited in line for over an hour to get
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inside the hall where donald trump would deliver his speech the first u.s. president to do so since bill clinton two decades ago. and eventually has plenty of pomp trump arrived on stage. he didn't mince his words. as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world in what's being viewed as a disguised reference to china the u.s. president demanded a reformed international trade system. we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we
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support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal because in the end unfair trade undermines. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practice. trump stuck to his america first message and used a davos stage to pitch to investors. is open for business and we are competitive once again the u.s. president took advantage of a q. and a session afterwards to take a swipe at the media for reporting fake news. his comments were made with the state . trump later tweeted his speech was well received. and my colleague helen humphrey has been covering the summit in davos for us here's what she had to say about president trump speech and its reception. the u.s.
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president was the hottest ticket here in davos he was expected to bring with him a message of america first and he did or be adding not america alone his message was a sales pitch he said america is open for business invest in america and the davos elite well they decided that this was a message not really tailored for them it had more of a domestic focus the u.s. president used his speech to what he considered his successes jaring his first year in office including the corporate tax reform the low unemployment rates and record off the record on the stock market now some of those messages did go down well with corporate chieftains he held a dinner with c.e.o.'s of big name companies including s.a.p and zealand's and then they congratulated him on the slashing of that corporate tax rate and they said that they would invest in the future on the whole it was a more subdued tone from the u.s. president there wasn't anything particularly inflammatory or weak leaders have been
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laying the groundwork to challenge his protectionist ideas without perhaps naming him without saying this is specifically something that trump is guilty of and trump took the same tack he criticized china essentially without mentioning the country by name for intellectual property theft for tipping the trade balance in their favor with unfair trade practices and he said that this must change that he firmly turned his back as we expected on multilateralism but the case was made earlier in the week by the french president emmanuelle mccoll and the german chancellor angela merkel who called for a stronger europe with the french president to money when michael certainly a merging the davos dogging here although the u.s. president certainly had the spotlight in it he proved that he still stands against everything that the davos globalists here hold dear.
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here's a look now at some of the other news we're following for you this hour german chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives have begun formal coalition talks with the social democrats the two sides stressed the need for speed in negotiations and set a deadline of february fourth for wrapping up talks to form a government now any coalition deal still has to be voted on by as party members. voters in the czech republic have begun casting ballots in the country's today presidential runoff pro russia anti immigrant incumbent new low steamin had been favored to win a second term but the latest opinion polls point to a neck and neck race with challenger jiri drawn hose. a moscow cinema says it will no longer show a band film after a police raid russian police paid a visit to the cinema a day after it screened the british satire the death of stalin russia's culture ministry has provoked permission for the movie saying it locks the country so past . turkey's president russia has revealed plans to expand an
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offensive against courage in northern syria despite widespread international criticism today he announced that turkish forces will head east from an enclave in syria towards the iraqi border wants to drive kurdish fighters out of the region but there's a risk of confrontation with u.s. troops stationed in the town of man bitch who are a lot allied with the kurds that the u.s. has raised concerns over the operation as turkey to limit their military actions but turkey's president appeared to brush aside the objections from washington here's what he said. we will continue operation the olive branch which is in its seventh day today until all our goals are achieved. we will then rid money beach of terrorists. no one should take issue with this because the real owners of money aren't these terrorists there are arab brothers there.
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afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. fighting corruption is topping the agenda at the african union danielle summit underway now in ethiopia's capital over the weekend african heads of state and government are due to join the discussions on what's seen as one of the key challenges facing the continent our correspondent in nairobi brings us this report about how corruption affects people's daily lives. police checkpoints in nigeria have been part of everyday life for years. but here they're not about maintaining security they're little more than pay outstations of corruption. although the chief of police outlaw them long ago his colleagues continue to stop cars and money.
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we are on the road from lagos the economic capital of nigeria to the neighboring country. traders and travelers go through here every day although we're still more than one hour away from the border we've been passing several checkpoints of the police immigration and customs in many cases drivers. more than ten checkpoints on an eighty kilometers stretch of road is how unusual. anyone who refuses to play along and fork over cash will need hours to proceed and . many people here say that nothing has changed since he was elected president of nigeria. the big issue is.
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the. oh yes but. very. drastic changes. during campaign he promised to combat corruption. but a recent study shows that more than ninety percent of nigerians still believe officials are corrupt. on the other hand fifty nine percent of nigerians think the government is making a serious efforts to fight corruption three years ago that figure was just twenty one percent experts have praised the government's initial measures and people began to fear getting caught steam and in bribes but there's been no sign of change at the institutional level and little evidence of a shift in behavior in other words business as usual we have the example of
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a president who is said to be you know. somebody who is detached and doesn't seek a lot of wealth but a person who is really disciplined and understands his mission will make sure that everybody around him is clean. most nigerians don't feel when rightly or wrongly the most ground he actually asked for. despite indictments and arrests of several high ranking politicians no final convictions have been delivered. the government says it has to abide by the rule of law. it is i'm in the judicial process which is such a good that we did a lot of technicalities to slow the pace but not the war the war is still a good thing with this flag this no spares judicial process we will consider.
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the snail's pace is what people traveling the roads to been know all too well it's one of the most important trade routes in nigeria where the rubber hits the road is still a far cry from the end to corruption with henri in the halls of power. gulf news now jamie donaldson has a one shot lead in the dubai desert classic after a three hour phone delay only half the players managed to finish their rounds donaldson was one of the many now holds the clubhouse lead thirty. under par rory mcilroy is three shots back but mcilroy only completed eleven holes to finish off a second round early on saturday morning. sebas john o'shea remains in the lead after the second day of the season opening monte carlo rally a french ford fiesta driver struggled in those liberal conditions still finished
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the day fifteen seconds ahead of his stony and driver ox tanakh o.j. is aiming to win his sixth straight world rally title. to poland now where the protect going to soon our next report can't help from standing out from the herd of cows for making headlines after running away from home form to join not the circus but a group of wild bison the suspicion is she may have left home following her libido . she follows them wherever they go. it's an unusual mix but this brown cow seems perfectly happy with a new family a herd of wild bison. which will have time to start when she joined them she may have been made a dyson and spice and she just like to spoil them so she states i think taking away
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from them would be impossible so they're horrible. but things may become more serious than just for all x. in the field if the domestic out gets pregnant it could kill her a hybrid cow bus and health could be too big for her to give birth to b. c. it is it'll show you she took the there's a risk that this was pregnant she could die during delivery. you still have a few months though. which perhaps when the winter is over someone will react properly and catch this show because just by the fact that the risk to her is low it does exist for girls or does it go use this gift i did not hear. but operation catch runaway cow may not be necessary after all when the snow is gone the bison will move into the forest and that's not the kind of environment house like spring might spell the end of the romans. well the course of true love never did for. a reminder of the top stories we're following for you
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on the u.s. president has delivered closing remarks to the world economic forum in switzerland he told the audience that america first does not mean on the off go alone he said he supported free trade but added it must be fair and were sceptical. as to the news you're up to date harmon in berlin thanks for watching have a great weekend. is going to. change you know the banks. and so was the language of. speaking the truth global news that matters. for minds. spin. this.


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