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tv   Arts.21 - Daniil Trifonov - A New Chopin Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CET

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in the spring of two hundred seventy the german industrial city don't mind is the setting for a special musical encounter. it's the first time pianist dunoon to the front and
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the mana chamber orchestra record both of frederick chopin's two piano concertos with the new orchestration. mikhail pletnev responsible for the arrangement is also wielding the paternal. didn't over the kids and in white is the sisterhood. more technically perfect so honest if indeed i like to have a can of a yes it's fifty to of i bought it about i knew was i'm tired to go and there's and that has bust my nose does a technician is item often does my music double as much as does the other one. the man on the stage houston able to transmit his feeling for all the. some new material from the hearts of people who are listening to him.
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on twitter and off was born in one thousand nine hundred one in russia at the age of five he starts playing the piano he studies in moscow in the united states and off wins numerous piano competitions and has already released five albums his latest release is devoted to chopin. that because it doesn't have a shrink scale it's like every note. goes to the orphanage that. daniel different off lives in new york there he spends much of his time traveling the world he performs about one hundred sixty concerts a year. mikhail platt naff is a pianist conductor and composer since the early one nine hundred eighty s.
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he's recorded more than one hundred albums and won numerous awards in two thousand and five he won a grammy with martha argerich in one nine hundred ninety he founded the russian national orchestra and became its principal conductor he started composing at the age of twelve chamber music orchestral pieces vocal works and even jazz. of course you know the shop and was that much interested orchestra with us always called the poor twelve pm i love this music but as thinking about the local station if at the very. bitter feeling then i'd said just me mark is the action actually i was doing for myself to enjoy. naik the question from the pm.
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it's really the first time i've played the decision i was head of the senator who follow everything this detailed and inconsequential and gets a light against it has. a home front and social time and then it's also the colorful and. sense of self and nothing at all for the first concept of the. a lot of. dialogue between the piano and of an orchestra and that's what actually makes it's. real concept of.
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these two piano concertos are both very popular with audiences though some critics feel they fall short of his other works. his orchestration has attracted much criticism because piano and orchestra are not treated equally. piano part is so beautiful. unfortunately in the original because phish. has lost more than its sweetness with long since they know it's. it doesn't look.
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good. but. it's funny playing this new version for me personally because i move the original orchestration quite well and i don't have more or less to do i just have different things to do occasionally an oboe will suddenly play what was so an individual note that i had in the original and it's a very strange feeling it's almost as if you're playing but you don't have your instrument to your lips and then other times i've got some more interesting figures that i never would have seen the previous version so actually it's keeping me on my toes and i i like you know that. they have flight management in arkansas part but i shut up from my place into something undersides and. businessman in so many polka.
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dot is really go it's this type of eyes and was instrumental it's a got under two and a more niche number from two on. mine clangs or indies and i was a monster orchestra able to finance a stink in person so when polka a food and zoom in both early if that this soon could enter a little softer few doors. are. shut it will never stop yeah. yeah yes in the bar. if sharp set in the yes you're absolutely right.
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thank you yeah. thank. you all for the focus is to get your quarter someone up there so you can sort of. grow up without screaming as but. it's known that hence we're quite particular fourth and fifth finger. or exactly the same length as he starts finger so there's that unusual structure of his hands which seem sort of told to police sources as useful for comfort which is for more strenuous with more on the dish no. hand. are difficult. with me as your much.
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i mean it all took. the. whole. of the. stable part is putting it all. collectively so that all. within me of. course will. be sure you feel me sure but important sloan school. of business with them one. recently. told us the before i. turn you into the front office lives in new york with his fiance to get through maris they know each other from when they both studied piano
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at the cleveland institute of music you know higher and she sees that she has much more consequential if you will so if you will will be here's wishing. she actually follows you'll. love them i have a. house like you have not started. i find it to be a very free seats here and over so many of the rights of ideas and i feel very comfortable to be in a court of them lot of. people from all kinds of them by growers and histories and so. this is also for this incredible blend of culture was well. it's done i don't think i can do with. it. but you know it's not only about the city so say both are you. and suppress yourself from this he said because sometimes in your time for yourself when it's
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the northern europe it's very unusual just consider you need to. relax in. different ways and sometimes sometimes some of the portuguese would talk. is a bit too old to shut shut the windows and so have a space. you know a second concerto starts with. so
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. and then. you mother bunch of them. is. both both big unions they are like the wolf you think of the answer to my cynicism about the very of course it delves into convinced that exist here and whole world. question after being one john might seek and rigs envelopment my choice is what dick. very often has a lot of nervousness and little school instant moral of on. da woods and. very expressive. but expensive
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uncertainties. should been sloughed to authorize is very evident in the best second concerto where seen for it's a shortage that you are a very a it's a gloomy theory but i wanted a section that uses change in how many plates the term or whatever streams in the orchestra.
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and you know all of them as if it's like it's like a very real human speech real human voice. trying to. over something new something very important to minister. and the home of which of course. because it would look at least. three
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different version of. this with a wealth of interesting reopens worth of stuff but that would mean that the. most was going to refer to the. thought of whether you have to go pacific meaning you don't want to go to sleep if it wasn't because i was told that or that you ever see a post on this was. going to. the world it's a little bit of quite awful. if you love it as it very knocks you off and when it's ok the movie title does yeah he was probably in v.a. before the first licked as a flop of and then years and vax it's fun much because we need just like you sign and i thought about it but. also i would think something significant for simplicial
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and. i guess the question of the deal simply means i'm not going to feel i'm playing two seconds up a complaint like you said you cheat and you see together so it's like you should say focus on up up up. up and it's i think it's something that has to i think for me. it's i mean it sounds like a dream just like a very rushed one yeah but the sound also like it's really this place sounds like three instruments and you know you have like these some of the cars in the this and such so you think of your voice it sounds like a bumblebee yeah it's what. it's like obscene to me also. because similarity. by the use of numbers been easier for viral videos a target for have as poor. as i answered the problem are there are still a jewish kingpin and i think lee someone will correct them.
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i'm concerned that the didn't it and jesus jesus concept out that's just the numbers and design. one. the recording sessions and rehearsals are complete at the door going to concert halls the countdown is on front of house as well as back stage. for precious doesn't really mean as beautiful as some song was before sometimes it can be a day before. most helpful east's when you kind of put yourself away from different disturbances and like you don't think about what you think about that you try to you know it's like i like it like a horse glanders but mental once it's like you're trying to. to limit yourself from as many things as possible into. this way so you music and you can consider morning music.
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i often listen myself when i play. so you know you shouldn't let just you know what's happening in a something's going to start is on the stage. most of you know is this i might want to even be aware of like if it is so full it might bust somewhere in the other plane of consciousness but not in my concentration all of us all full time folks know. for for them . or but it was of.
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a sort and it isn't the whole so there's a certain one in the moment suspension because everything happens in that particular moment so. it makes the music to be in the style. was. was. on the new list here is so much more still in the music fusion given the.
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chance to move to woods in a small quantity they understand the fifth to listen to and would not use something to step on. the she's simple to attract attention to the middle of the cloth with his wealth and he's ever been given all of. her tries to prove also kill himself that there were moments when the truth or for his feeble. many people just really knows when the lure of. the future is something to say. was.
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i am. was. all all right .
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thank. god thank.
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you and how the whole of europe and the world events can be free i was going to have six. more than seven. is thinks there for me to swim of course so the moment after us that i'm looking needs it was for work or else so this is for me for example it's difficult all awfully close so hold this a little you need minimum one day in between but a talk. tourists are my emotional. thoughts like i would seriously if. i did every bit.
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that. i stumble. moderate in the pits.
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who are the be. the big. boobs. the be.
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the be. the late your. mum asked the arab street now that's enough to end. her alibi highlights a lucky alibi.
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played. this is date of the news coming to you live from berlin a massive suicide bombing rocks kabul officials say ninety five people are dead and more than one hundred fifty others are wounded also coming up dramatically shut down a huge kurdish demonstration in cologne to approach that is turkey's intervention in syria. on.


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