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one has the right to. sue everyone has the right to say. this is d.w. news live from berlin police have detained a russian opposition leader alexei you know ronnie the outspoken kremlin critic was detained after making a short appearance at an anti putin rattling earlier today police also raided the bodies office also coming up. another day of heavy fighting in syria's offer in the region turkey claims a diplomatic success in its offensive against the u.s.
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backed the kurdish militia. and a seven goal thriller in the bundesliga between table toppers byron munich and hoffenheim could the bavarians of bookies sites bring another upset. i my own schwager welcome to the program russian opposition leader alexina vonnie has been detained by police as he was on his way to an anti putin protest in moscow these images show police arresting the vani as he made a short appearance after he made a short and parents at an anti putin rally in moscow just a short while ago the opposition has called for protests in over one hundred cities to support a boycott of the presidential election in march push obama has called a farce of on himself is banned from running due to a previous fraud conviction that he says was trumped up. for more on this let's
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talk to our correspondent emily sure when in moscow. emily great to see you know we know that nobody has been detained other any more details available right now. no unfortunately all we know is that the venue was on his way to pushkin square which is right behind me until about five minutes ago there were a lot of protesters here they've only just moved on as they say they want to go towards the kremlin and never any was on his way here apparently he was shouting. that putin is a thief when he was arrested and in a way that's not surprising because as i walked here along to the sky a street which is the street that no one you wanted to have these protests on. where the protests have been taking place there was police every five meters so it seems that they were perhaps ready for him at any point along this main street. now
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as you said the protest was just there and they're moving now towards the kremlin what can you tell us about the situation are things tense or are they under control . well. things were tense up until about a half an hour ago i would say because along this main road which is just to the right of me there were huge police vans lining the road police standing there and there were huge crowds of people on pushkin square now as you see people have sort of started moving on in a way it seemed that people were waiting for some kind of an escalation perhaps waiting for the police to react there were only around fifteen arrests in the whole of moscow according to one monitor so things have stayed rather peaceful and for that reason perhaps protesters have decided to move on and go for a walk as they say. and protest along this main road now that we're seeing
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some pictures also from moscow but we know that moscow is not the only place where these protests are happening today actually dozens of cities in russia they are taking part what are people calling for at these demonstrations and do you feel like with the political situation right now will this have an effect at all. well the slogans that i've been hearing here in moscow have been things like putin is a thief down with the czar. and so on so people are really accusing putin this inner circle of corruption which is an accusation that he has leveled at him as well there are protests today in over one hundred cities across russia there have been around one hundred eighty arrests according to recent figures across the whole country so things have remained rather peaceful whether this will have an effect is another question ultimately in russia most people do support bloody me. putin
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he's running for a fourth term now and it's likely that he will win and that that the majority of people basically think. that that's fine and and aren't necessarily in favor of what me is doing here calling for a boycott. militia when moscow thank you very much for being on the scene for us. turkey says it has assurances from washington that the u.s. will no longer arm the kurdish y p g a militia in syria has also reiterated demands of the us pull troops out of the key northern syrian town of monday's turkish and y p g forces clashed again on saturday ankara is pushing ahead with a military operation aimed at clearing up the kurdish militia from the turkish border area. that activists say saturday's fighting concentrated in the northwest of the african region and this
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video could his fighters target took a small arms fire activists say turkey is making slow progress on the ground. president richard sipe added rather just supporters just over a week into the campaign he claims turkey has inflicted heavy casualties on the telly means. three hundred ninety four terrorists have been neutralized. and we have twenty martyrs from the free syrian army and our military believes. the figures are disputed and cannot be verified independently to journalists close to the front line in syria on saturday he approached her watch over territory they've controlled for the past two years overlooked by white p.g. positions on a nearby hill. so the shots of the re continues to show why p.g.
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forces with support from the air force more and more heading into the region the offensive fence is its second week to if you look since for the long haul. and now to some other stories making news around the world afghan officials say the death toll from saturday's bomb attack in kabul could rise at least ninety five people are reported killed so far more than one hundred fifty were injured with some in critical condition the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. german president. has praised jordan for taking in hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees during a state visit he told the jordanian king abdullah germany had quote huge respect and admiration for the country's cooperation in the refugee crisis germany recently moved troops from turkey to jordan following a diplomatic row and has stepped up military and development aid to the kingdom in recent years. swedish ikea founder. has died at ninety
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one he turned a small scale mail order business into a global furniture empire ikea's first department store opened in one nine hundred fifty eight today the company has more than three hundred shops that also serve delicious meatballs across the world african heads of state are gathering in ethiopia's capital addis ababa for the annual african union summit fighting and corruption fighting fighting corruption and reforming the union are top goals of the two day meeting headed by rwandan president paul kagame who is taking over as the union's chairman african leaders are also expected to make a joint statement condemning u.s. president donald trump's reported slur on the state of their nation's. unlike many african countries if the opiah is struggling to keep up with a growing population and a staggering wealth gap our correspondent catherine on wonder sent us this report
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this sleek train could be in a wealthy country like germany but it's actually in a discovery ethiopia local journalists and takes us on a tour of the city states this four hundred seventy five million dollar light railway was built with the help of china it began operations in twenty fifteen i could not come at a better time. for the us played a big role to reduce. fuel for the next year or so we could see the world within the transportation the united speeding through the city you know just the numerous construction sites with a g.d.p. of seventy two billion dollars ethiopia especially its capital city is growing rapidly. i just began to grow over the last ten or fifteen years but still as you can see there are or doses that. are waiting to be replaced with really would be. the sort of growth that's also been
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growing because. it takes about fifteen minutes to get from the central station to mentally expire the old days about. as we make our way through the area you can't help but notice the traditional ethiopian attire all hand-made ethiopia hopes to build its cotton and textile industry and increase exports by one billion dollars and east is slowly becoming africa's textile industry hub. if you appeal has over the recent is opened up its text industry to foreign investors but if you look you'll find factories like these where people are still using traditional methods to make textiles. it is a practice dating back centuries and the skill hundred down from generation to generation twenty eight year old a yellow rope bell hopes the government keeps young people like him in mind as they expand modernize the industry the end result is impressive and the men here take
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pride in their handiwork ethiopia is determined to spur economic growth however the gap between the rich and the poor is still worrying citizens when the government to make sure the growth is inclusive. venice is getting a head start on this year's carnival season the italian city last saturday seem a kicked off its calendar of events with a water parade along one of its main canals a full week ahead of the official opening the theme of this year's kind of office tiffany's is the circus hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to flock to the carnival stronghold which is famous for its masquerade balls. and onward to sports now in tennis roger federer has won the australian open after defeating modern church in a five set thriller in melbourne the swiss a securitas twentieth grand slam singles title after a nail biting showdown which saw croatia's church fight back twice to even the score federer held his nerve in the decider however to secure
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a comfortable six one final win federer is the first man to win twenty grand slam titles. and some bonus they're going to use now has parted ways with coach hunt as volved following their two zero loss to shock on saturday the thirty six year old chuck stood guard from the second season division up to the bundesliga late season but the club has struggled for consistency back in the top flight have lost six of their last seven matches costing his job. and elsewhere in the world as they go runaway league leaders byron munich hosted a recent book aside hoffenheim the guests were unbeaten against biron in their last three meetings could coach yulia not go as men mastermind another upset. popham hi i know a thing or two about beating by and now grossman cited one to the last three and countess including earlier this season but then the man forty two years now has
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been senior pine cast was in town the opposite bank high interest must defeat the worst as hoffenheim came during out of the blocks it was just two minutes on the clock when the searching searched gnabry was felled in the box no doubt about the penalty it cannot risk it was poole the police of the visitors mock it was on hand to finish the job. read awakening for by and in the right back youse and things were about to get worse mabrey online to hoffenheim from by sharing his parents' plot what they're missing to nail off just miles minutes. off a no even a to go had started isn't enough to be by an especially good robert let's just see leaving the line if you pull out the taxi with his eighteen of the season. by edward king and starting to smell blood so they're both saying was left free to shock around the box he had it in his first league only four years all square with
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a match deadly a cool through the way three. stage level until the break percent after that by and feeding frenzy can easily come and put the champions in front of the first time and then moments later the terrific dial made it for. button sportstar all but forgotten and there was still time for sounder but it's a wrap so it's in the williams the at stuff in time striker i've been in his accounts of his new club. not those men left to think what if by and finally get the better of that team. and i say look at all the results from the bonus they get action on saturday there is that a buyer. win over hoffenheim lapses and homburg split the points shaka got that big win away to start gart top man needed a late equaliser to level things up with frye book club grabbed a point against augsburg bremen and had
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a ball failed to score frankfurt got passed on friday night and just a few minutes later close in play host to minds although spoke travel to one of our for a lower saxony derby you're watching news from berlin and more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website dot com thanks for joining us. center. find. discovery. video and audio podcast in language courses. d w e g a center. media center john w. dot com.


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