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this is deja vu news live from berlin a white rose was the fashion accessory of the night at the grammys and a sting. to fronting sexual harassment in the recording industry it was a night of politics and music on the awards front the ceremony belonged to bruno mars he took home six grammys also coming out. the latest in a series of attacks in the afghan capital at least five soldiers killed as jihad
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a strike the air an know it terry academy in the capital kabul islamic state claiming responsibility. and so-called islamic state polls back in syria and iraq many of its fighters are now we're turning home to europe we'll look at the threat they pose back home. and handball gets a new european champion at the final of the zagreb spain sea off powerhouse sweden to lift their first ever title in the european competition. i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us at least five soldiers have been killed in afghanistan after gunmen attacked an army post close to a military academy and the capital kabul reports coming in indicate there was a gun battle between insurgents and soldiers at the outpost after. one of the
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attackers. some ten soldiers were wounded authorities say the jihad is did not manage to enter the military academy so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for this attack it is the third in kabul in recent days. for more i'm joined now by. he's the head of tolo news t.v. in kabul thanks for being with us this morning on short notice why is call facing so many attacks right now two reasons one is because they don't just sit down and present trying to get as announced a new policy for afghanistan which means more pressure on pockets on the taleban and they are seriously trying to resist second is that we are just went to your season meaning that there is less fighting and more pressure in big cities like kabul and this is. certainly not a new trend but this year we see more bloodshed and the one today which will.
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live near bombing and the one to two days ago which killed more than hundred people in central kabul ok that was a very serious attack you know what our security service is doing right now how are they responding to. all attacks indicate major security is shortcomings the government of national unity has. to provide security in the strategic locations like egypt to the town like downtown kabul where. it's very crowded during the day and the fact that the taliban. can even trying to get into a very fortified military installation like the one today suggests weakness is all our home or security service loffler. head of tolo news in kabul thanks very much for that. well so-called islamic state is facing major setbacks on the ground in
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syria and iraq and that means many of its fighters are now returning to their home countries at least five thousand of them came from europe what kind of threat do such battle hardened veterans pose to their hometowns and places like germany france britain and other countries while the largest single group of i.a.s. foreign fighters in europe was from belgium our brussels correspondent tara shelfs all of their trucks. this park in antwerp was a hotspot for islamist recruiters and luring young belgians to battle fields in syria and iraq now some of them are headed back making many communities nervous earlier return is trying to reintegrate in society are reluctant to be identified and her city councilor he shell mounseer knew some of them personally and asked them to share their stories with me nobody was willing to speak with many of them came back with
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a huge feeling of shame. and they don't want to to show that what to show did name or to with to be on t.v. to say ok i went there and there was a fool and they came back. and there are some exceptions laura persone was all over t.v. in two thousand and sixteen publicizing her book about being an islamic state militants bride in syria she decided to escape when her four year old son was taught to behead a teddy bear as shown in this jihadi propaganda now because so many occasionally visit schools as part of the belgian government's anti radicalization efforts but she declined our multiple requests for an interview some are attorneys have other motives for staying in the shadows those are the ones that were there and towards muslim community you don't want to see the back and to be obviously don't show any feeling of shame. for straight that about the fact that.
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he's losing. here. that's how returning he killed l a fortress seems to feel set free after receiving a suspended sentence for three also wrote a book and publicly praised islamic state he said his only regret was coming back we couldn't speak with him as he's in prison on unrelated charges sources tell me returning is and their families are urged to keep a low profile by belgian authorities but they're not the only ones i'm told the brother of a belgian fighter gave a television interview a couple of years ago with his identity disguised but islamic state supporters found it and beat him up very badly a warning to others to keep quiet local communities are figuring out how to deal with people who return their boarded just north of brussels many youths left this suburb to join us mayor has been to has taken a personal interest in them he visits them in prison to make sure they understand their choices he warns them that after their release they will be under constant
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scrutiny but that's not all he tells them the second day i said just when you are free you are a free man you have a mission and. you have to write the new that and all the old. unities due to give you all the opportunities to reintegrate and oppose the. want to gives us an example of how his city supported one return he committed to being a law abiding citizen by being completely transparent about the situation and the informant the employer was ready to give him a chance after all the information that we have got was transferred to another employer the same thing on the housing side. that man is still a success story two years later but there are more i guess followers being groomed peter van astin one of the best known researchers of the belgian jihad movement says he sees no decrease in pro jihad language on social media how strong is their influence well basically will only know when the next that that happens who are
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afraid however the belgian government appears a bit more optimistic than venice it has reduced to the national terror threat level meaning an attack is no longer considered probable but rather unlikely. ok let's talk about the broader threat now with fabienne father mark our expert on security issues and terrorism good morning fog and first off how many just hottest are we talking about who've returned to europe well five thousand have left from europe to the war zones in syria and iraq roughly one thousand two hundred have returned from germany we have more exact figures thousand people islamists traveled to syria and iraq from these around third have returned one hundred fifty have died so there are still five hundred in those areas and are authorities don't know when or if these people at all will return the big wave so far haven't arrived ok we're
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talking about twelve hundred individuals back here now what kind of security threat do they pose to us here in europe but particularly these men who were ideologically indoctrinated militarily trained in terror camps in syria they pose a big threat they are capable of potential attacks here in europe. authorities believe that the majority of all these people that return still hold their radical views in islam is thinking but there are also those who are disillusioned who have purified and they can actually be quite a helpful source for authorities here to give more information on other returning and on the islamist scene in both in syria and iraq and also back in europe ok you know considering that they're highly indoctrinated extremely well try and some of them are hardened battle veterans why don't governments here water news stories simply round them up pick them up and arrest them so that the rest of us can sleep better. if they have enough proof they will do that and they are of course return
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is in prison all over europe now but it's not very often very often it's not that easy to actually prove their involvement in fighting in the caliph in the islamic state and then they. i prefer to observe them better to get maybe even more information have them as potential terrorists here on the radar or offer them help and in terms of deregulation programs ok so do due process is preeminent there in dealing with these returning threats to europe fobbing from the march is over thanks very much now to all the some of the other stories making the news at this hour russian opposition leader les in a volley has been freed from police custody after he was arrested at a protest rally in moscow involving faces up to thirty days in jail if found guilty of calling an authorised demonstrations his followers that the streets in a number of cities calling for
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a boycott of the upcoming presidential election. time lapse video of a volcano in the philippines suggests it could be close to a major option the government has put people near the mayon volcano south of manila on high alert tens of thousands of now fled many to government shelters. ten western tourists have been charged in cambodia with producing pornographic images they were arrested after pictures emerged of people imitating sex acts at a party in a resort town. while the stars of the music industry descended on new york city for the annual grammy awards last night the surprise winner of the night was bruno mars who beat tough competition from the likes of jay z. and kendrick lamar he took home six awards but it was also about much more than music following the lead of the golden globes for discipline's sported white roses as a visible show of solidarity with movements confronting the deep seated culture of
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sexual harassment in show business. bruno mars swept the grammys this year with six wins including record and album of the year for twenty four k. match and song of the year for that's what i like he gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted his award and you know those songs were written with nothing but joy and for one reason and for one reason only and that's love and that's all i wanted to bring with this album hopefully i can feel that again and see everybody dancing and everybody moving but as miles went into orbit rock is kendrick lamar and chese were let down on earth denied being the first hip hop artists in fourteen years to win the coveted album of the year award lamar had to take consolation in just five prices for his album dam and single humble but this year music wasn't the only thing sent to stage after sexual misconduct allegations rocking other areas of the entertainment business music celebrity showed solidarity
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for the times up and me two campaigns by wearing white roses and pop singer keisha who has spoken out about being a survivor of sexual abuse herself deliver tough powerful battered praying. signature now in the ne gave a rousing speech that pulled no punches we offer you to our times. we say time's up for pay inequality time's up for discrimination time's up for harassment of any cause and time's up for the abuse of power because you see it's not just going on in hollywood it's not just going on in washington it's right here in our industry where these grammys were all about women raising their voices to call time on sexual abuse. adrian kennedy from did have a new culture joins us now good morning adrian can you tell us about some of the standout moments for you during the grammys and what was
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a very politicized. talk about musically one of the big musical highlights was right at the start kendrick lamar kicked off proceedings with the opening medley filled with rage. it was about a friend shoes only son was murdered comedian dave chappelle made a cameo appearance in that performance as did you too david chappelle came back to pick up best comedy album award and the u two also made another pins later in the show which was also one of the highlights they sang a song which was directed against president donald trump and in particular his immigration policy and they actually sang it on a barge in the hudson river in front of the statue of liberty so that was
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a very stunning visual moment in the show ok it was also an evening full of surprises was a well the big surprise of course was that bruno mars swept the board had been set up as the evening it was going to be a big evening for hip hop the on question was who would get more would it be j. c. or would it be. would it be can declare ma of course. went away with five c. only go absolutely zero that was a big surprise if it will happen maybe was that the hip hop vocal splits and that let martin but also the two albums by can written a ma and jay z. are a little bit more difficult than bruno mars is feel good r. and b. ok what about germany if it had a win last night then that's right congratulations to kraft who won the best dance
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electronic album award for three d. the catalog this is collection of audio and video recording. it's from the four of museums which i was lucky enough to catch here in berlin so congratulations to kraftwerk yeah they certainly deserve it don't they they've been around for so long to they also doesn't have to have a trick they have a lifetime achievement award they haven't actually received an award for a particular recording so they've got that now what about the white roses at the grammy grammys can movements like need to affect change in what really is a culture that has an ingrained culture of sexual harassment. stalking and she also said that women and men need to come together to create safer work environments and equal pay i think that's a very important part of the equation getting women in positions of power in the industry we might think that there are as many women as male singers but natural
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fact they came away with only seventeen of the eight six prizes only twelve percent of chart songs are composed by women only two percent of chart music is produced by women so i think a big step will be to skip more women into significant positions in the industry so hopefully we'll see some more female music producers in the future adrian kennedy from deserve your culture thanks very much thank you. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show there's a new european handball champion after spain downed power of house leader in a dramatic final in zagreb on sunday. it was over to christophe now with a story that cast some real doubts on german carmakers indeed brian there are reports that are saying german car makers commissioned a test that exposed humans to a hazardous gas found in diesel fumes twenty five healthy young people in
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a hail of nitrogen dioxide in various amounts over several hours in a study funded by car makers fogs wagon dive bar and b.m.w. now the purpose and outcome remain unclear the industry faces bans of diesel vehicles from inner cities in the wake of the diesel good scandal in which fox wagon was found to have manipulated emissions on feasible cars. now that's because over to our markets correspondent daniel copeland frank for more bad news for an industry that is already facing a lot of issues what do investors make of that. well investor talk with little bit earlier chris whenever you feel that the gate scandal is over you can be pretty sure that there's going to be something new well the investigation is still at a very early stage we are learning that it was taking place in the university hospital off and nineteen men six women mostly actually university students
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participating in the or in having this gas once a week for about three hours of course now many people are outraged but you also have to remember that those tests are also being done when for example new medication is being tested and in many cases people receive a couple of thousand euros for this volkswagen right now again very much under fire also because of those reports that the monkees were used for test volkswagen has apologized they are saying that there were other options but they are now saying that it was not correct let's see how this is going to be affecting the share price a day then you know in other news on currency markets the euro hit a three year high against the dollar recently u.s. officials have appeared to be talking down the value of the greenback how are european export companies reacting. well some people are always talking that there
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is going to be a currency war i don't think this is going to be the case also you have to remember of course the you are right now with one twenty five but we had we had times when it was even one third of course we can be pretty sure that this is going to be harming the trading day here at the blue chip index docks this was already the case on friday remember that many companies here depend on export business and with a very strong euro those products get more expensive abroad and with this we usually see falling shares here at the bush and dick stocks when you called in frankfurt thank you. the united states has joined poland condemning an expansion of the nord stream gas pipeline through the baltic sea meeting in walsall over the weekend u.s. secretary of state directors and said the pipeline would leave central europe vulnerable to russian pressure in the north stream to pipeline starts and russia and travels underneath the valve dixie bypassing poland and other baltic countries
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completely as you see it there russia's gas brum is a lead member of the consortium planning to build the pipeline it also includes two major german energy providers and former german chancellor. is the north stream board member promoting the project. russian natural gas is set to flow through a stream to the german baltic sea ports of move kron at the end of next year former german chancellor gerhard schroeder heads the project. we need the gas and it's the cheapest that we can get anyone who understands energy policy knows that if the. rejected criticism that the pipeline would allow the kremlin to cut off eastern europe energy supply. obviously there are fears in the baltic and poland for historical reasons but that cannot shape today's policy because these countries are members of nato and the e.u.
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they have all the security they need. he said nord stream two has nothing to do with moscow's political ambitions and virtue of because it's a business project it's simple six major energy firms are coming together to invest billions and they are bearing the risk and no one else would you. should accuse the us of having an ulterior motive. for a ploy of what's happening right now has a political dimension especially from the united states because why should our gas supply options face sanctions. it's simply because the americans want to export their shale gas export on board the former german chancellor has been working for years for the subsidiary of russian state owned oil firm gazprom has
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a close relationship with russian president vladimir putin he says an energy alliance with russia makes political sense. we know from our own history that there was always peace in europe when things were going well between countries especially when it comes to. many and russia. and of course things can go badly too when it is off and so germany has an interest in bringing about change through trade. but the west still has sanctions against moscow because of its involvement crane wants to see the militants. design soon it's quite clear that these sanctions germany first of all that's based on what economic institutes of concluded so my advice to the next german government whoever it may be is don't focus on confrontation but on cooperation especially with our biggest eastern neighbor oh that was former german chancellor but us speaking there
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now it's back to brian and handball has a new european champion christoph you have to say spain really deserved it spain have been crowned european champions after defeating powerhouse sweden it was fifth time lucky for the spaniards after losing four previous finals and they had to fight hard to dig deep for this title here's how it went down. sweden played a fast paced game just as they had in the semifinal against denmark and they got off to the better start with a strong performance from goalkeeper. and fast counterattacks making it six four. but spain stayed composed changing up their attack and were only two goals behind at half time then the experience spaniards turned the match around. here making it twenty fifteen and at the back keeper stamp it was hard to beat i the
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swedes were lacking the strength to stand up to the aggressive spaniards in the second half with their passing errors leading to many easy goals for spain the final score twenty nine twenty three sweden went down in defeat. and after losing four previous finals spain were finally the european handball champions. and in football a vicar's and took on meit's hoping to solidify their second place bottom the standings now they've been one of the surprise packages the season leading the battle to keep biron munich in check here's how they got on. patience was the name of the game for leyva couzin coach heiko hellacious his side struggled to make any impact in a frustrating first half of the parents minds happy to sit back and defend after captain bender went close newcastle arias header was as good as it got for the hosts before the break. they've accusing needed
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something special and they got it from a familiar source leon bailey curling in from twenty yards out as a goal of the season the jamaican like his team just can't stop scoring at the moment bailey's effort was so good fellow winger union branch tried to carbon copy but without the same success. no matter because the three points were secured midway through the heart formulate accusing man judio to an r.t. filed a lower rio in the box penalty when doubted the rest from the spot to do it finished they've accuse him hold on to second place. and here's how the bonus league standings shape up after sunday's action byron have a massive sixteen point lead over labor coups and who remain had a shock on goal difference frankfurt and life's a grounding off the top five farther down both bergs when in hanover gives them
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breathing space and thirteenth braman hamburg long they're all stuck at the bottom . to motorsports now and fernando alonso endured a difficult and dorrance race debut as he continues to participate away from formula one competing at the iconic daytona speedway the spaniards united in this year team but only finished thirteenth in their class after some mechanical problems along those hoping to take part in june twenty four hour race the daytona was dominated by the action express team in winning they set a race record for the most laps completed. this is that every news live from berlin for me brian thomas and the entire newsstand and thanks so much for being with us we're back again at the top of the.
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