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tv   Close up - Help or Hindrance - NGO Sea Rescues  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CET

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all dreamed this country the people built this country and it's the people who are making america great again at as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for there is nothing we cannot achieve as long as we have confidence in our values faith in our citizens and trust in our god we will never fail. our families will thrive. our people will prosper
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and our nation. well sure everett be safe and strong and proud and mighty and sri thank you and god bless america goodnight thank . you. and if you're just joining us you are watching our lives special coverage of the first state of the union address by u.s. president donald trump he just completed that address going for about eighty minutes longer than most people were expecting and highlighting parts of his agenda that work spectate but also bringing to white items that i think
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a lot of people will agree which we will talk about this evening were not expected to be high on his agenda as you can see right there the u.s. president is now speaking with guests he had invited to be a part of the audience as well as of all makers as members of his cabinet so you were there. and. this will probably go down in history though as tyson barker he's here at the big table with me as we've been watching this this will go down in history as one of the longer state of the union speeches which is which was not something that we expected from the president who is known for his tweet yeah i mean i think that the a lot of things that happened here that were not necessarily expected despite a couple of you know. dog whistles and some of partisan jabs and symbols most of the speech was pretty unifying pretty presidential had some overarching themes the
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idea of the american family aspirational optimistic obviously it emphasized growth economic growth of the upward trend in the united states and laid out some agenda items for twenty eight teen i mean overall i think he's going to get really high marks for the speech. what did he what do these say that you expected him to say look yeah i mean he has a couple of items that he wanted to take credit for he wanted to take credit for you know the reshaping the judiciary you know the supreme court nomination george. he wanted to take credit for the tax cut the major tax cut major achievement you could see smiles from ear to ear of the republicans faces when he was talking about it he wanted to take credit for deregulation you know he talked about cutting permanent requirements bringing coal back making energy exports easier these were
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all themes that he wanted to kind of put under the banner of make america great again and he i think successfully communicated that tonight. you know some other things that he wanted to put out a new agenda his agenda focusing on trade immigration and infrastructure the interesting thing is how little interest as he put on trade i mean he has very little meat to the bone on the trade issue he talked about reciprocity and he talked about trade in foresman it didn't mention nafta by name didn't put any timetables so it's pretty vague on the trade front on infrastructure he put a one point five trillion dollar idea on the table said congress needs to take it up wants to put some public private partnerships together and ease permeating that's going to be difficult but he still he still didn't tell him that topic so as much as we thought he was going to do now i mean both of those i think got relatively short shrift when compared to some other issues that i wasn't expecting here for example on drug pricing and the right to try experimental treatments where
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her mentally ill where did that come from i couldn't tell you i mean it's an interesting idea it's unique i think i don't know that's not part of the u.s. political disability right i think that of all the of all the items that we heard tonight i think that's the one that probably caught everyone off guard the most were angry yeah so i mean i say he had basically six them. yes they could get items obviously that right to try to ease the trade you know trade agenda infrastructure criminal justice also robust bipartisan support reforming the criminal justice system very much supported by the koch brothers so you have both libertarians and progressives supported that so there could be some movement on that in twenty thousand and then he laid out his immigration platform and basically that was four points you know a path to citizenship for the dreamers taking twelve years up border security we're seeing twenty five billion dollars thrown around for border security. visa lottery
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ending that and ending chain migration let me. correspondent in washington alexander phenomena liaison billets talk a little bit to go i want to get your take on this speech and also the fact that there were some big name agenda items that were not mentioned tonight we didn't hear anything about climate change we didn't hear anything about digitalisation of the economy we didn't hear anything about high tech anything about silicon valley. very little about human rights if anything what struck you the most about this speech. well i can agree that it was a president still a speech that first sight it was a good speech because the president started to address by focusing all of. the things that matter and most of the american people talking about the american people that they are able to manage every challenge that
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democrats and republicans have to set their differences aside because of the american people the people they are elected to serve and that this moment you could see that democrats and republicans were applauding that some of the democrats even stood up because of course that was the message that the president was able to get them behind but then i didn't see and the concrete. proposal for a compromise when we talk about it's immigration when we talk about the border security on the contrary when the president was talking about illegal immigrants who are responsible for loss of american lives you could see rather negative reaction on the democrats' side of the. and what about china and russia i mean we were into the speech about an hour hour xander before these words were even
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mentioned by the u.s. president i mean are you are you surprised they got such short shrift in such little attention in the speech. well i was not very surprised i was maybe expecting to hear more about china and china's trade policies i wasn't expecting to hear very much about your russia because of course the president is on the lots of pressure because of the ongoing investigation into russian meddling in the last elections but i was quiet surprised that he was only talking a bit about iran and he was saving his fire to talk about north korea and having in that sector from north korea in the house gallery it was very remarkable i would
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say all right alexander phenomena in washington and if you're joining us you're watching d.w. news is special coverage of the first state of the union address by u.s. president donald trump we've been following that speech let's just recap what the u.s. president had to say in a very very much anticipated address one year after taking office truck held what he described as a new american moment says he told the country that now is the best time ever to begin living the american dream he discussed the fight against terrorism saying that he has signed an order to keep guantanamo bay prison open so the president highlighted his economic policies saying that they've created millions of jobs driven up wages and brought record low unemployment and he said the country has turned the page on unfair trade relationships while. pledging to seek a massive trillion dollar investment in infrastructure you also addressed
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immigration proposing to end the green card lottery system push for merit based immigration policies and to provide a path to citizenship for residents brought to the u.s. illegally as children the so called dreamers all right if your joining is now we have just wrapped up the first speech the first state of the union address by u.s. president donald trump that speech when it's about eighty five minutes a lot longer than most people had been anticipating the speech focused heavily on immigration and it made reference to the dreamers program which protects people brought to the u.s. illegally as children from being deported here is part of what the u.s. president had to say about that. my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect their
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safety their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers to. america and are dreamers. so that was a good line i mean it you can see of the in the audience there you saw people clapping but you also there's also people rolling their eyes i mean he's doing two things with that statement he's saying both you know we can empathize with the dreamers but we have to protect our own we have to protect the united states and from his point of view he's talking about undocumented workers illegal immigrants and he in for size this one case where some illegal immigrants had joined in this thirteen and been responsible for murder in high school i mean he really he put that's been a campaign narrative and it continues and his his presidency i mean for me one of the interesting thing is how much he tapped into that reagan style rhetoric you know he was pretty soaring
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a little bit almost biblical you know he's talking about the righteous mission of the united states the sacred duty of those elected officials and also the emphasis he put on congress and washington as institutions you know he said we're given a sacred trust i mean that is very like yeah and then he turned it back around very interesting as well and said you know it's the people that make america are making america is a people's house and yeah exactly the emphasis on the people rather than only i can do it alexander this this if you consider you if you've covered the trial as you have done for the past year this speech is a very strong speech isn't it i mean these are things that he had to take from the teleprompter these are not things that we you would have taken from his twitter feed for example. and that's the stroom of course we saw today a telling from to trump he stuck to his script and by doing so or as we know from
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the past he can be very persuasive and likeable even and he really had this very optimistic unifying message that is his loyalty belong to the american people and that they have a chance for a new american moment and there has been never a better time to live the american dream so it was quite interesting to see this as a message however i have to say that i would have said that he was he was really trying to reach beyond he needs to people who didn't vote for him because he didn't mention things do matter for people who didn't vote for him who are opposed to his politics and his rhetoric for example the climate change no word about that and of course he didn't say anything
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at all of the need movement on times its movement things that are important for many americans i would say yeah i mean could you say alexander that what we heard here was trump trump speak that was aimed and written for his base but because it was the teleprompter finesse and polish. it felt a little bit more gentle if you will. yeah i would say so it was my impression now and directly after the speech that actually he was trying to to you know to reach zero but at the same time he was reassuring kids days that he is still there president hill standing for very tough stance on immigration that his loyalty is to serve the american people american citizens and not immigrants so i would say that it was
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a speech that was addressed to he's base people supporting him and it's just the speech that you would expect to hear from the president of the world's only superpower i mean was there for example for europe was there anything in his speech that was written for. america's european allies nato for example. no i wouldn't say so because his message was that only a very strong and protect america can survive and that he is not ready to compromise. to commit to any concessions because dad still way protect america there was no mention of america's allies alliances. and actually that's something that you were pm alliance with the
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looking for this right but there was nothing. ties that mean alexander's got a point there being the yeah lies would be listening for some mention some q. words there was nothing it was i would say it somewhat disconcerting usually you would have a least a throwaway line even the mention of china and russia which is very brief was our rivals china and russia and people can take from that the cue that you know he is acknowledging that russia is a problem but there's no mention of our allies no mention of nato no mention of climate change as was mentioned you know it's clearly a speech that was somewhat indifferent to the international system there were some hot spots that he wanted to mention in particular north korea but other than that this was really a domestic speech and i agree with alexandra that you know their policies are deeply conservative and he didn't give much give there but the rhetoric is much more unifying and i think the bets where he's trying to tack from thirty five
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percent to forty five percent in the american public you know get that up to forty five percent when those people who are kind of voted for him but maybe reluctantly and that's that's where he starts to move into kind of the george w. bush territory i mean trump spoke about a lot about being for fair trade practices that we want to bring up here in his address just take a listen to what he said about trade and they will talk about. america has also finally turned a page or decades of unfair trade deals that sacrificed our prosperity and shipped away our companies our jobs and our. well our nation has lost its wealth but we're getting it back so fast the era of economic surrender is totally over from now on we expect trading relationships
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to be fair and very importantly we separate golf. i mean fair and reserve berthold. let's imagine alexander but we're going to be saying in brussels for example or here in berlin about that in the morning is that his is that code language from trump for be careful or i'm willing to throw the gauntlet down and have a trade war. wolf first of all i would say that this sentence is nothing new president tom was talking about it's davos and on different occasions so i would say that that's nothing that would surprise. the lions but at the same time the fear that he might one day starts sort of such a trade war is there are no doubt about that. and it's also interesting if you look
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at nafta is still alive right and the transpacific deal is still alive but it's happening without the yeah i did in eighty in leadership as in canadian right you know i mean i think that there's been a chastening kind of behind closed doors about what pulling out of nafta really just disrupting nafta would do to the u.s. agriculture sector and the auto sector both key sectors and if you think about those rural states which really voted for trump if used to tear those apart by ripping through nafta that would be very problematic but his idea of reciprocity and the e.u. has an idea of reciprocity as well but this is not an idea of reciprocal opportunity it's an idea of reciprocal outcomes meaning that if we trade one hundred dollars you have to buy one hundred almost landlord is not how markets work of right. to ask you you know you and i have talked numerous times about how i would use to cover donald trump and steve band as well you had an interview with
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steve bannon you know where he explained why we're considered fake news or the political opposition but in this speech tonight by the u.s. president the media the mainstream media fake news none of that was mentioned once in this speech tonight what's your read of that was there a message in the silence. i don't know whether there was a message in the silence and i wasn't surprised i didn't expect the president to mention the media in this state of the union address because i thought that you know he is normally mentioning fake news media fake press in every rally he is holding but here it was like an official speech and it was a very big moment for him an opportunity to present to all that line he achieved men's and what he would like to achieve in the future so therefore i was not
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waiting for you to mention the press or the way that he is not covered in the good way what things and he's talking about different occasions i mean do you think you. were trying to kind of read into a strike you're maybe what was in there what his advisors his speechwriters me of advise him on but you know in dog when he spoke last friday he did mention the media and fake news and he received a lot of boos from beyond you do you think. the fact or on tonight and maybe he was advantaged. mr president stay on message and don't attack the media. well it could be we know that it's not only stephen miller was the else or this speech but also gary cohn was advising the president. on this speech so that's my it's make
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a difference and dish and i we have to add to that he did mention fake news and negative coverage by the need and only being asked on stage about his presidency and his achievements not doing his official speech in dallas the truth in every was to the point where i think everyone watching tonight was was wondering is he. going to stay on message or will he. fall into that temptation which he likes to do of going off script and speaking his mind freely and we didn't get that tonight did we write he rose i mean everybody kind of played the role and it was some might even say refreshing leave traditional i mean this has a big it's the only speech that are only part of the presidency that's mandated in the constitution that the president provide a report to congress and he kind of rose to that occasion and the other thing to note is there was some talk before this that some democrats would walk out and they
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didn't and so that's interesting to note as well everybody kind of preserve the norms and institutions that are associated with the state union. he spent a good half hour if not forty five minutes of that speech talking about the economy the labor market low unemployment roaring stock markets let's just take. a listen to part of what he had to say about the stock market. i have business confidence is at an all time high the stock market is smashed one record after another gaining eight trillion dollars and more in value in just this short period of time. so it was a lot about the economy stupid or not right exactly and he is doing what he does best he's selling you know when the open he was selling only i can salvage this american carnage and now he's selling i've done it but the truth is you know there's a two point zero five truth a million new jobs created that's the lowest number in seven years the u.s.
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economy grew by what a two point three percent and twenty seven thousand that's lower than the e.u. economy grew it grew at two point five percent you know so there are some questions wages haven't risen that much it's about on pace with inflation so even though it looks good on paper you got to drill down a little bit into those numbers and you know maybe that if we could kind of pull everything together here for in this speech alexander let me ask you what did we see speaking tonight did we see a president trump who was trying to seem more presidential than ever or did we see a president trump he was still relishing the notion of being the c.e.o. of the united states. well i think that's what we saw today was a president who was trying to be presidential he was trying to really deliver this
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uni flying message to all americans when we look at his rhetoric who was trying to stress that the most important thing for him that he spoke ruth od the american people however of talking about concrete policies i would say that we have to say that it was president trump addressing his base people who voted for. those what would you say was the president presidential not being. well that's clearly part of it i would go with he used the term american family i think he was trying to present himself as america's dad i think he was trying to say you know this is i'm the benevolent leader i understand you we have a connection you guys make america great that this is what we need to do together but i'm going to take the hit the reins and reflect you guys with my authority and i think that he really wanted to play that almost paternal world you know to
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protect the american family and you know what what great then i mean you said earlier in the speech we're about halfway through you said you know i think he's going to probably get a lot of love for this speech so what kind of grade would you give on style and and the way it's going to hit i think it is an a minus for sure it's a long speech it didn't it was a little light on substance and foreign policy but i think it took a lot of boxes in a very disciplined way ok let me let me ask you about this got three things going in my ear right now let me go over to alexander always and what about you what grade would you give the president on this first state of the union speech. oh well maybe. it be i would say. ok well we've been following the president's first state of the union address let's just recap what he had to say in what was arguably his most anticipated address
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since taking office one year ago the president held what he described as a new american moment and he told the country that now is the best time ever to begin living the american dream he discussed the fight against terrorism saying that he has signed an order to keep guantanamo bay prison open the president highlighted his economic policies saying that they've created millions of jobs driven up wages and brought down. unemployment and he said that the country has turned the page on unfair trade relationship finally pledging to seek a massive trillion dollar investment in infrastructure he also addressed immigration. proposing to end the green card lottery system push for merit based immigration policies and provide a path to citizenship for residents in the u.s. illegally as children known as the dream. all right let me just thank our washington bureau chief alexander friend and fison barker here from the
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aspen institute germany tape both have been for helping us and i in our coverage to analyze and to dissect this very important speech for the u.s. president i'll be back at the top of the hour if you minutes with a recap of all the day's news as well as the speech and more world news state stay with.
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the fast pace of life in the digital. shift as the lowdown on the way that you chose new developments useful information and anything else worth noting. presents. its. looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. it's. what drives the economy. to see a. leading germany always has its finger on the. the markets. spoke to. me. thirty minutes.
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and special just in trump's first state of the union address from american carnage to a new american moment the u.s. president just finished his first state of the union address to the american people . coverage begins right now.


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