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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news life from berlin syria's rebels shoot down a russian work plane and lead province footage appears on social media training to show remnants of the crash parachuted down but was killed in fighting on the ground we'll go live to northern iraq and russia for the latest on that story. and a drive by shooting spree in a she leaves at least six people wounded from the interior minister says it was mostly face it's by racial hatred a twenty eight year old italian man is now in custody. and we take
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a look at the latest on this legal action as the race for a spot in the top four eats up life's a course it's gladbach looking to overturn their poor run of form so who pulled off a make a tree a chance my life. i'm good to have you with us i'll qaeda linked militants have claimed responsibility for killing a russian pilots after shooting down his fighter jets over syria's northwestern edge live province russia's defense ministry has confirmed the incident and said it's already launched retaliation strikes on the rebels. there's somebody from at the moment a column of smoke marks the place where the russian war plane came down its pilot
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was able to persia to the ground but not to safety. russia's defense ministry says he died in a fight with militants it's not clear whether the rebels tried to capture him. well out of the plane came down enough village south of the city of. a little awkward rebels and locals quickly gathered around the wreckage to celebrate their victory work. hard to. make a reporter well known in the arab world was also there. i mean alone though i had to watch. the people here call this kind of war plane the machine gun because of the heavy guns it carries. the bomb is a difficult it attacks roads and cuts them off to stop cars from moving. you going to. the plane was a sukhoi twenty five a single seat jet designed to attack targets on the ground. a jihadist group linked
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to the former syrian branch of al qaida says one of its fighters hit the russian warplanes with a portable anti aircraft missile one of the that's not been confirmed but russian officials say they promptly launched an air strike on the area killing at least thirty militants. and that's got some analysis on this from d.w. correspondent emily share when in moscow and also from journalists vladimir fun video good work who has been reporting from northern syria for months but is now following the events from erbil in iraq first of all i go to you vladimir what are your sources in syria saying following this incident. well basically what the russians recently said that their work you know with turkey to retrieve the body from the turkish backed rebels in the area and there's a sort of effect though ceasefire going on the syrian army they are not actually
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focused on isis and hama which is a little bit further away from you know that so it seems there are still a guns by russia and turkey to solve this issue ok so there seems to be a truce in place at the moment what about over in russia emily what does this incident mean for the russian involvement in syria well question the russian side this is somewhat of a setback at the end of the year russia announced several times sensually victory in syria for example in december president vladimir putin went to syria one of them to the russian airbase there and he said they treated it she was against most of the terrorists and that russia would now pull out a significant part of its troops so now this dramatic incident happened and of course that's likely to send well not a victorious message to say the least so it's not sending a good message to russians looking on at the situation and how is it how would you
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say it's being viewed and in russia. well it's also likely to be a setback in terms of public perception of this whole conflict and russia's role in it after all this news of the essentially end of the operation in syria was everywhere at the end of last year we spoke to people in moscow and on the streets and they said that in fact the end of those operations in syria was basically one of the highlights of the year of the king back and yesterday there was there were patriotic concerts all over the country and i was at one in moscow and along with kind of the battle stalin grabbed the victory in world war two russia's role as a as a force for peace in syria and in the world overall was one of the sort of patriotic themes of the day ahead of the elections and of course this dramatic incident with the pilot is probably is probably going to upset public groups perception of the
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conflict in syria and make it look rather less peaceful ahead of the elections which are coming up in just over a month ok and i'm going to go back native land to me are on this i mean there are so many different parties involved in syria at the moment how is this particular incident going to impact the syrian conflict and the entire region. well there was a agreement in astana not a long time ago between russia and iran turkey on the deescalation zones in syria but we've seen there's sort of disagreements on the zones because there's still fighting going on and it live so the next challenge is for especially turkey and russia now how they're going to deal with with the problems of the eclipse because it seems that after the russian jet has been shot down that they're still
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like writing going on and a lot of tension so there's not really at the ask lation going on there so i was going to be a challenge for especially russia and turkey how to deal with the situation now ok vladimir fun villian work in iraq and emily sherman in moscow thank you for speaking to me. and it's only actually six people have been injured in a drive by shooting in the city of my data all of the victims were foreigners the twenty eight year old italian man is now in custody the country's interior minister says the suspects had neo nazi and fascist ties and was motivated by racial hatred . a victim of the drive by shooting on his way to hospital. he's one of six african immigrants who police believe was targeted in a racist attack that shocked italy the suspect opened fire in eight areas of much it oughta in a two hour terrorist spree one of the injured describes what happened i was
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supposed. to go home but it would be no more like discipline in the city a prisoner was said if i was to you know feel a little prince. yes some of the injured were standing in front of this bakery the owner says she's shaken by the violence of the road to a shot right through the window of my bakery i'm really not well something like this isn't easy for someone of my age i need to leave. today twenty eight year old italian look at trainee has been arrested in connection with the shooting he said to be politically active with the anti migrant northern league it comes just days after a nigerian migrant was arrested following another violent attack near matcher after the dismembered body of an eighteen year old italian woman was discovered outside the city the italian prime minister has condemned the violence. stories let's
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stop it let's stop it right now he tried and violence will not succeed in dividing us. and people will stay close to the institutions and the shared values of the republic. but with the elections next month this shooting has drawn attention to one of the biggest issues in italy immigration. betty some of the other stories making news around the worlds. caissons of nationalist protesters in corsica are calling for more freedom for the french islands their demonstration took place three days before a planned visit by french president and manual necron protest organizers are seeking more autonomy from paris but they stopped short of calling for full independence. actress in the thurmond has broken her silence on film producer
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harvey feinstein having long hair that he had assaulted her she said feinstein try to expose himself to her in a hotel room after they worked together on hold fiction in the one nine hundred ninety s. within seventy women have accused him of sexual misconduct. and it's carnival time almost hasn't of people are salivating for a carnival is rio de janeiro this weekend these street parties are called block clothes and are formed by groups of friends or neighbors as an alternative to the big carnival celebrations which kick off next week. and set a goal once known as africa's venice for its canals is getting forty million euros to protect its coastal areas from erosion french president to man of a chrono nance the package and repairing damage from climate change will provide a further twenty five million euros to renovate its crumbling.
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host at leipsic in the bundestag on saturday with both teams in the race for a top four spot and with this champions league qualification leipsic has picked up just one way in from their last seven one of the games but an unbeaten record against glad did well for a change in fortune. the bulls headed into the game thinking that their rights had to come to an end and from the get go they charged a glovebox defense broom a test team of those reserves. he put so be a simple early on. both sides game plan was to slowly break down the opposition but neither team showed much creativity as the injured rafael looked on from the stands. up but with the better side is the second half began and they created their best chance of the day but
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putting cameron and lost into couldn't convert. picking fun his team on from the sideline but it was lives if you grab the game by its horns creating chances and putting the hosts on the pressure. cipel was the only man on the pitch that could keep the bulls at bay. who wasn't best pleased and brought a new firepower in the form of on loan signing look man the debutante needed just eleven minutes to find the back of the net one nil for live sage in the eighty nine minutes. five leipsic extend their own piece in street to four games against club and look a man well what's a start to life in germany. being up by in munich continue to crush everyone in their path on their relentless pressies of a sixth strace born to stake
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a title struggling minds where the naysayers sites of the on the receiving end of some fabulous buy and strikes first wing at funky very very expertly stand in the edge of the pitch was the france international second me goal of the season and colombia's how many their dream gaze made it to now another easy away went for it over a period. take a look at what all those results mean on the board to take a table with seven of nine matches in the books no change then at that top four in seconds. they move all their away when of to dortmund move down after their shock to face down the other end of the table berlin move up after their draw minds move down and are dangerously close to the bottom two so let's take a look at the results so far from watched a twenty one well live six back one by one to nail
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a way to mind fiberglass and leverkusen drew near nail surprisingly lost at home to brave men volves beric and drew a relegation six pointer. vs hoffenheim also and one one on friday dortmund beats cologne three two on sunday take on frank first and then there is a game who will be hosting hung over. abundance they get tariffs to the skies above operate dopy where the air race season has opened u.s. pilots because the engine has set the pace all week leading up to the event and he didn't disappoint his friends in the final he said of blistering time of the fifty three point seven seconds saving his competitors in his way and dropping his first race victory and just going yes. that's it for me for now you
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are watching due to the news coming to you live from for an end more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website the detail the news dot com x. joining us. this month is germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and do something henderson says we must overcome it and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters g.w. made for mine.


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