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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Ramush Haradinaj  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CET

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structuring. straight from the german empire to the press. it's ten years since kosovo declared independence almost twenty since the end of the war here after many delays kosovo has a new war crimes court but many people want to see it scrapped before it's even up and running all this has landed up on the desk of the prime minister rabble shire i deny my guest here in the west has told him that if the court is stopped he could pretty much forget about joining nato or the e.u. what's he going to do.
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welcome to. thank you thank you. fifteen because of. the so-called specialist he set up in the hague to try. relating to the conflict in kosovo now some politicians here want to scrap that call before it's even started is it going to go ahead. quarter exist. created the vote it's in parliament. among them be involved in the idea of. procedures related to the court but it's not. stopping the court. really there goes forty three lisa signed a petition and want to stop the call or it's even started the court itself it's
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eighty votes it's two thirds it's a man men of our constitution have agreed in that it's a law on proceedings proceedings of the court that the piece of initiated an abrogation innovate the. amendment the law the law they list in low light infantry is the level of stop in the court itself so the court will go ahead cost exist court is created to show a man once and it is not in question you have a joint statement it was a joint statement generally of the four by germany britain italy france the us all that any move to stop this court would risk everything that cost of oil has achieved anyone who supports this they said would be rejecting the cost of this partnership with other countries including possible as integration into the e.u. and later so the stakes here are very high and they are they are the are of a row that score so in fact satisfied in the past its obligation towards
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international and national role so there is no doubt that kosovo will continue and will stay committed to such as wide subjugation towards national international law well not if you try to amend the way the livery the peace initiative that exists in the parliament as i stated it's not a decision it's a measure of m.p.'s and it's an initiative but the point is that it will not it looks now it looks not really it's not going to go in no. one of your newspapers called this the most serious and dramatic clash between the highest state institutions of course ago and the west it describes the attempts against the war as a signal to make within the realms of the constable either ship you panicking about the school. personally personally or you. it is
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a concern related to the court in number of people here they consider this as unjust. as an institution of low that does only selected less crimes and not all everything what's happened here in the past but no fear no personal fear no other fear the e.u. representative has said this is not a biased court this is not a call that is restricted to one personality or the other she's made that quite clear is no bias this is not an unfair for your president has said this is historically unfair court don't really hear the from different experts the more expert nationals and internationals. lost opportunity to treat everything in either way or all their less crimes and to satisfy the right of all victims unless so as the same source the report of and b. in the past the european m.p.
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parliamentarian dick marty it's focused mainly on the particular events of the part of the process so suppose that it's only. directed towards the former k.l.a. people well the says it isn't there's not there's no restriction on that representatives that it is not restricted to mean i can not. comment this for there would be hear from different experts that in fact that's the case if this is ethnically orient. it only you you were indicted and acquitted twice believe me if the new court summons you yes you will yes your brother don't want in december the former members of the possible liberation army would intervene to prevent any arrests that may be with the court he said there is no ok a fight at that will not join in to help stop the arrests this is not true this is
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not his statement he did say really activate the feelings of the can in fact all the courts in balkans or all the tribes there was not there or only the idea of such as why the right of the teams or the rule of law but it was a day of peace so with continued i would say hunt after former lead the feelings of the feelings of liberation the feeling of sacrifice of the past will be reactivated in our society but he did he was quoted as saying there is no k.l. a fighter that will generally stop and that's not that's not true might be a translation mistake always encouraging people to resist no no sir only here he did i do believe that the fact that formica people are back in tribes after twenty years of the war will reactivate the feeling of the times of care they are of the
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who are in the period of our lives that we need a sustainable peace we need to say forgive us not to forget about them for them and the look future so this brings us back in the past in a way this is true isn't justice will couldn't get justice always be offered ourself to a justice do in the time of united nation administration here for eighty years if the people are for we were slowly and to elect so three inch or two shims of international day of rule of law treated by justice here so this is the force of those. actually to limitation it will be agreed is that it is the fourth time this creates from kosovo an exception from in a country that rules a victim during the conflict but you know why you want to take the cause of others and other people to the game don't you. it could happen same here because international it is present here with all the legal experts with every inch it with
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their original judicial corruption which this idea witness intimidation both of those are the reasons for why the court is going to go back and then they decided for this court to be out of course so this this is this was their arguments and the same time they justify it. but in the same time internationally there has been a sprog ram that is not related to kosovo institution plus they have judges and prosecutors that couldn't be caught up just for the fact that the trial in course all so in the past fifty try. people in their own countries from the hague a panel of judges went to both re-invented have to judge people people here have no faith in the judicial system in the twenty seventeen report the course of a democratic institute in the possible association reported that people rate the justice system as the least trusted of the institutions it's
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a pretty shameful it is there is a lot of concern. quality of root of all here as a young nation young democracy or heart of strife in our institutions of overflow in fact the offer to judge our solve. a lot of business we offer international judges and prosecutors put to trial people but to do it in the country but just this week the representatives look about high level corruption cases here she said the fact that so many of these cases. is indeed without sentences or complications suggested that your track record was that really good enough to get visa liberalization which is something you so much want from the. true the corruption and the situation and fighting corruption it's not though. somehow the program how much we have gone but we are aware of our challenges as
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a society in fact these are liberalisation it is not the only reward to politicians it's a war to those that are suffering the your europe we belong to iraq our destiny is your of so i think punishing politicians or elites or the right but punishing a society and citizens this is hard right over the years let's just talk about witness intimidation over the years one official after the has complained about the massive intimidation and with this is from possible some have been killed some ability to suicide before they could give evidence the former prosecutor the international can move tribunals for the for me this levee color don't want it said that witnesses from possible were so afraid and it illustrated that they even feared to talk about the k.l.a. presence in some areas not to mention actual crimes those willing to testify had to
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be transferred to other countries with their entire families. played so much intimidation possible in fact event through a trial i myself twice first and retry all the vet narcissus have been listed from the prosecutor. present it in court. prosecutor says brothers declared in both day that no intimidation not interference and normal business is in hire the nice case was the stop to present him call it the appeal court spoke of serious with this intimidation that formed the text no search brummer stated this in belgrade front of everybody me that in her d.n.a. scales there was no record of any intimidation or interference or any. blockage that somebody shows a board and presents all the according to the new york times eighteen people have
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witnesses had to be subpoenaed because they refused to appear all the others inside the courtroom said it in the holy man who testified that major debt at best when my child was finished in charge of the prosecution of peace in the hague was says ramos he stated that that prosecutor who was shot in front of the state and there's an unfortunate media and not only media many of our sources comes of them from boulder a bogut has an agenda when it comes to kosovo the split through the war it continues this reality still today but the pressure of. his statements or president and everybody can find where they are and what did the state why and why is this voter intimidation sticking place in the trial as you say was by the numbers at the sawyer i'm quoting the prosecutor yes yes but i'm quoting what color don't want to
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use that as a color then upon the last of the case but she didn't follow it the only person competent to spoken my case is such promise and not talking just about in central command of the cases as we know. why has this been to imitation look been investigated when. that will be a. similar story than today that issue was in the hands of internationals as it is today today millions of interests yes it's not up to the government is it just that they get the justice just they did know that the new court wanted to be in because they wanted to and the program exclusivities of their own you could have spoken out against witnesses you could have said this has to stop who you i was indicted and you know that when you were first granted when you first went into the ventilator issue then and died then i did something that dignitary does next morning i was in
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haiti voluntarily i face tried for eight years i served the justice for eighteen years to clean my name so this is my duty and i did it in twenty sixteen charles the way a prosecutor filii you. said witnesses would be intimidated by senior politicians to change their stories in some cases he said names of protected witnesses have actually been revealed on social media including facebook but again no one has been prosecuted but the that then he should be going to the bit for their mention of the name who that politician to the wrist witness and all because to speak on general this is difficult not only for me but for everybody still worth investigating them if this is still going on if we never see their former report or something or many people states what they think is right to stay dear to the judges or you will x. stating how things went wrong in your legs it's european rule of law measure so we keep doing what is it our homework i keep doing this of my what's my own war going
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on in front of theirs and their selfies it's governance as rule of law and a cohesive of society i work for a sustainable peace here and this is my job and justice to justice the rule of law and justice i started where will and will witness intimidation of course that's the rule of law all that happens. exactly when you have. the liver whatever i have as a sponsor there i'm able to deliver on behalf of course or people do you still share the feeling of the kosovo war and walk arrogant but it was pure. as your presence then. the rural liberation it was not a choice we didn't have a choice our lives was threatened half of our population was this place we defended our own lives and the fighting for our freedom i believe in the us i'm very proud
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of my role in that where some of the seriously nations into the action. that your site was accused of as well as this i'm a geisha americanization are one thing courts what they say it's important people have been sentenced for. this and whenever this happen this is to applaud the justice but we shouldn't. generalize what has happened many people very on ash those that didn't have a choice stood for their families for their lives and it's good to respect and distant that they were extrajudicial executions that they were taking hostages that were the by your side as well as the clearly it was a volunteer force individuals on them south be informers been students been teachers doctors or unemployed this is what our or our our our move was we stood front of a very strong force a speed camera in the streets and it ended any action that violates the most of the
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war violates the. codes of the war we haven't already called in our self as a nation that we are obliged to respect never treating or mistreated disarm somebody who is not armed was not able to live on himself or or civilians. a woman's our children that's not in our on our record. a lot that i know any lady hates is you know we did we did we did respect they scored rewriting history it was. no no sir no sir and so it was written by others for us and unfortunately this is what it spread but i was only. some of the family who lived abroad to feed my family i came back to believe of my family doing critical thought i lost three members of my family in the worst so i would never accept somebody.
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what event through to save our lives just to be alive today. let's look at one of the other areas of concern to the pin unity of this in the international community and that is the border agreement with monthly demarcation dispute you had a deal on the market in montenegro signed it because of the agreed to it but you refused to ratify again a furious reaction from the e.u. this why will you not ratify the border with worldly first would have a greater neighbor but as well a friend they have very close ties with want to nail you supported with an ngo's perspective first to become in neverland to become nato and they are in close ties for one tornado of the agreement on border was not transparent towards hard parliament signed by our present theirs but parliament was not of a are not informing advance then they're even your previous government version unfortunately
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this was this was a valid agreement yes we heard this from many of our presented here so it's not part of the commission to go to another one that said they don't like the parliament and peace or a people who has their votes present it to the parliament who has divided the roads knowing our vote they have to ratify the two thirds of those not two thirds water that you know even your minister for european integration. has slammed the government for not respecting international obligations and generally twenty she said we have failed to ratify the dean medication agreement with milton legal and this is a bad signal this shows that kosovo is not ready to respect international obligations therefore we remain isolated even in this is probably our own minister there i respect has you're not ready to respect international obligations i express her view this is an agreement that's
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a very course of and went to europe our parliament has a different view. and this is reality the are you still live in democracy and how can you be trusted you make an agreement with montenegro montenegro's signs the agreement and then you backtrack this is not a legacy of of the creating this is the challenge that they are facing how can you be trusted in the future it's a legacy that we don't want to follow that this is why difficult there's going to have responsibilities disagreements instantly response of the trolls troll and your own ministers as you do the national to gauge. the good part of it that we are in good communication with montenegro it's unfortunate this is related the views are liberalization we would have much more room if it wouldn't be a condition for visa liberalization for kosovo to operate as m.p.'s and as politicians on fortunate now we are between the choice ratify this agreement that many m.p.'s think it's wrong and they receive easily well as ation so this is not
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a good creator and democracy i missed that as far as it is a hassle communities are you playing games with the terms of the court which we've already discussed you threaten to turn your back on the demarcation deal. and yet you will be too to help you you complain that five members of the e.u. still don't recognize you as an independent state you said this is a big handicap and i hope that even institutions will help us to change the positioning of these coaches which would not recognize that if you don't abide by agreements that you've already made why should the e.u. people who vote anything but votes concert in votes comes first you have a thing for the file known recognizes for some years. our challenges are only becoming bigger and bigger because of that situation you cannot deal with us as a partner when i am in brush of course off live is not that we need such
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a reality all the issues then multiple are far and as difficult as to be resolved this is just you if you go back. but this is no new the fact that this is what's happening with the boredom of asia a little special chambres what we call the core so is new or reality or relations with you dates earlier than this or unfortunate i think you hasn't paid enough attention in your corner in our region and took us over itself i don't blame you for what is our home war but what i ask is that all nations of you have a say united approach towards kosovo. but there are rules to this club you want to. rules to be and if you don't want to accept a wager with the v.a.r. accepting the rules the logic of the principles of the u. we are working hard all our internal cohesion on living together of all our ethnic
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communities including working with kosovar sharpish we are working on rule of law we are working the economy and is sustainable please my role as a former leader of. as as well to have a piece of a sustainable peace because of all the arguments that i have with me sustainable peace it's not only a photo opportunities of leaders is to make sure and to allow population of both countries to believe in peace in the same criticisms of you or god will keep coming . in demick government corruption lack of accountability for corruption and intimidation media which is still a big problem. i had to come back i was far years in opposition i am. one hundred days in our fees i take responsibility for what i am in charge we are working on a very transparent way as a government every activity of our government is transparent we are fully open and
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transparent to the media everything of our war it's an access of knowledge in cases of threats to the us between january of this last year including one physical attack two cases i strongly condemn that no one has been held responsible i strongly condemn those that i strongly condemn that fees from september of last year only mid september last year i started this job all relations with me they are respectful our media are young media as well they have a lot to learn as view do they have a lot to learn but i want to say one ward in all the hard work is happening course all but this is home for when it comes to issues that involves more international with a we are having some challenges but leaving core source for twenty years as unfinished business no border them occasion special charges are only two years in table but
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kosovo conflict has ended ninety nine and we are in europe and we are left as an open issue or not finished business by americans and by your of years so this will not stay forever so some of the challenges come that we are then we didn't do good at home who are but a lot of our difficulties are related to their readiness of europe to move from very are and they like your minister to european integration want you to respect international obligations to respect the ip you have. the or responsible member of the family of nations in europe and for their only prove respect prove to be responsible you who go through our challenges in part of the world are challenged in our own democracy but our destiny is your atlantic so we are committed to that. lose the basis for that should be taken to.
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the scars on the move the pain is still tangible. some front for god. the former city and now. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time the more the people making it possible what needs to happen to tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance to get. out of darkness cities after more claims starting march tenth on d w.
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this is due to every news coming to long live from bora lead that they still need more time to make or break negotiations on forming a new government in berlin are over.


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