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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is due to the news coming to launch from berlin a passenger plane crashes near moscow seventy one people on board when the plane disappeared from radars it's feared there are no survival for you the latest from the moscow correspondent. and thousands of people in italy the rally against racism long drawn out around the country a week after a neo nazi opened fire on african migrants italians are gearing up for election plus one one gratian as at the center of the debate. and an international
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charity to embroil the scandal oxfam is under fire after a newspaper or founded staff to belittle a duly hired prostitutes going. on a mission to help those affected by the twenty ten earthquake we'll speak for senior staff member and ask them if it were first introduced to. my name sarah harmon thanks for joining us we begin with some breaking news just coming in a washing passenger plane operated by sarah told airlines has crashed outside of moscow sixty five passengers and six crew members were on board the plane when it went missing on radars after taking off from a moscow airport and the plane went down in a rule area near the outskirts of moscow all seventy one people one board are feared him killed. our moscow correspondent and leigh showing joins me now on the
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line and leigh what more do we know about this plane crash. there we don't have that much information at the moment but it seems the crash take took place just after the plane took off from a dam i guess of i at an airport i was on the way to one which is a city on the southern tip of the ural mountains and the plane didn't get very far it seems the crash site is just outside of moscow just to the east southeast of the city and there is some information coming in that it actually flew out of the airport at around two twenty one moscow time and went off the radar almost immediately and then crashed just six minutes later what we do know is that apparently the author of the airline but to some information about them that they were actually banned from from operating international flights for a while in two thousand and fifteen they actually did resume those those
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a charitable quite about a year later including to georgia and our media but they do operate mainly within russia and we know that there were seventy one people on board that plane and kremlin spokesman three people skulk which had said that the russian president has given orders to open a special investigative committee for this. for this incident and he's also expressed his condolences to the potential victims of the crash they were looking at some pictures now of the airport and of a field looks like there might be some plane debris have you heard any reports of debris being sighted. yes to absolutely or to those pictures those were out there and also russian officials for ministry of emergency situation have actually confirmed that debris has been sighted in the ski area which is part of all over so right near moscow and as you say there's videos and pictures appearing
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as well as of those of the wreckage all right that's emily sure win for us in moscow with this developing story of a plane crash believed to have killed seventy one people emily thanks for bringing us up to date and of course we'll continue to update our viewers as we learn more turning now to italy thousands of demonstrators rallied against racism in cities across the country the show of force comes after a neo nazi gunman opened fire on african migrants last week italy has taken in more than half a million migrants in recent years surveys show that many italians blame these migrants for violent crime has become a major issue as the country prepares to go to the polls on march fourth. the marching in defiance thousands of fans the fascist demonstrators take to the streets of much rata skirting the city's major yuval walls to send a message against violence and hate many are warning of
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a revival of far right sentiments ahead of next month's national elections west element today at the moment political parties are using populism to create hate terror and divisions and it is necessary to refactor those pots on values and to stand on the right side the right side is that of all the people who today a saying no to fascism and no to racism he's going to seize. protestors criticize local authorities and representatives from political parties for refusing to attend every bit of the institutions should have called this demonstration that you need to the politicians fear losing votes if they tell citizens that racism must be rejected and never justified would not an issue addressed if you can't see or not it's a response i wish the mayor was here i would have hugged him on the phone and the protests come after a twenty eight year old italian man injured five migrants in a racially motivated drive by shooting
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a week ago police arrested the suspected gunman look attract any who was once an unsuccessful local candidate for italy's anti immigration northern league party. it is not full of shit we are here to make our voices heard we oppose this racist act . he does it because of the color of his skin the shoes one to to make a point that had nothing to do with the african people he shot but they all have arguably the need of a decent lauri's the black community. to work in patriotic izzie risk. because of the color of their skin that because of the for the thousands of anti fascist demonstrators their solidarity with the victims is clear says their commitment to conveying their message of love over hate. sex scandal is engulfing one of the world's best known charities oxfam a british newspaper has reported that oxfam staff illegally hired prostitutes for
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sex parties while on a mission in haiti after the nation's devastating twenty ten earthquake the times of london quoted sources saying that male charity workers threw parties of prostitutes all living in a guest house rented by oxfam it's from the british government more all charities that receive u.k. aid they need to tackle sexual misconduct amongst their staff or face having their funding cut oxfam which is based in britain is denying claims of a cover up over the alleged misconduct but his ambassador to the u.k. says he doesn't believe that it is clear it's a corrupt is. the fact that those folks we have to leave the country you know any punishment that would even informing will of a haitian before it is about that it was a cultural and now decide that they did such a crime all there was such
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a cause now we are wondering how many of those cases are still being happening in haiti we don't know. well that was the ambassador from haiti to the u.k. i'm joined now in the studio by dr urine kalinski he's the head of advocacy and campaigns for oxfam germany i want to give you a chance to respond to these allegations that we just heard from the haitian ambassador did oxfam cover up this behavior i think our colleague from oxford. which i would see over in haiti at the time in two thousand and eleven didn't come up say as soon as he became of the gay sions. report to the management inside the start that the investigation internal investigation and say put out a press release on august fifth. two thousand and eleven and saying that they are undergoing disease investigation in four weeks later on september the fifth issued
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another press statement. toward the public versus finding what the thought was a finding of those investigations some covered up i don't think oxfam covered up but you don't deny that this happened that oxfam workers were hiring process here it's horrible and i'm personally very kind of angry and frustrated that this happens because such a very very bad misbehavior of a few puts the whole organization is in disrepute and what else on that and he gave will be brought safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people and after just three months and then the break broke disappointed one point two million people in haiti so it was great stuff in such a such misbehavior of a few is outrageous and that's completely that misses it's completely you can see everything what oxfam stands for isn't just misbehavior of a few because today allegations have come out very similar allegations regarding prostitutes in chad or oxfam was also active does oxfam have
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a cultural problem where hiring prostitutes is considered ok on field appointments and let me say this again is has a code of conduct that it's not allowed to come in to sex workers or through getting in touch with. you and your and your mission so it's completely against of values and code of conduct i think those that took the incident very seriously in two thousand and eleven and we improved our procedures and safeguarding measures put in place it did it good safeguarding teen put in place. and is today as of today and people see safeguarding measures as the best practice in the sector so i think of course there was a problem as the. problems i don't deny that but i think the whole sector has to deal with it. and transparency is the first step raising the venice creating a venice and then kind of doings of right steps to make sure to try to prevent such
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things happens in the future oxfam receives taxpayer funding from the british government also receives donations what do you say to viewers who are watching this thinking why should i give any money to oxfam i mean there was no fraud involved in two thousand and eleven than when these things have been kind of spent all of the money it's got from the government from private donors forms and then from the european union spent the money to help people in he said sure and you can assure people and i think of some as a great organization i mean i think it's awesome for twenty five years now and i'm personally really deep in i mean i'm very angry about this and i do my very best at what i could what he thinks from germany to make sure these things will not happen again we do appreciate you coming in and facing these allegations on behalf of your organization that's dr young lenski he is that of advocacy and campaigns for oxfam germany thanks for being with us. there's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world at
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least nine people have died in a gun battle between the indian army and separatists in the disputed region of kashmir militants stormed an army camp there on saturday no group has claimed responsibility but the indian army says pro pakistani militants carried out this assault. on mars government says it will take action against ten members of the security forces and six militarist suspected of massacring rohingya muslims it's not clear whether the suspects will face charges authorities claim this group is not connected to a reuters news report on the massacre over which two journalists were west it. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country has delivered so vera blows to iran and syria who saturday's airstrikes comes after syrian forces shot down an israeli jet on its way our day two of the winter games kick started with a big win for one of the olympics youngest athletes seventeen year old ren gerard produced a surprise victory in the men's slopestyle and in the united states its first gold
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medal. himself admitted fourth place at the olympics would be an achievement and not to the seventeen year old crushed out on his first two runs his medal hopes blake. stepped up on the final run storming ahead to win a surprise gold medal. i honestly was so i wasn't too much in my head it was kind of crazy to me you know that like first was competing with like the best of the best in the olympics you know mike marcum actually right there and you know like. i mean it was crazy it was really wild to me that first place i was jogging canadian writer mark mcmorris finished with bronze an incredible turnaround after crashing into a tray last year the twenty four year old was lucky to escape with his loss suffering a collapsed lung several fractured bones and a ruptured spleen i never thing i take things for granted but i really
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appreciate everything more than i used to and glad to be on this earth to be living the life i'm living in. doing the thing that makes me most happy which is snowboarding. mcmorris to flying the odds to claim memorable olympic medals. our minder now of our top story this hour a russian passenger plane is reported to have crashed outside wall all seventy one people who are on board feared to have been killed will continue to bring you updates on this breaking news story as we get them for now we thank you for watching d.w. news we'll join you again at the top of the hour for more news in the meantime you can find the latest on our web site address is d.w. dot com and follow us on twitter and let you know what you thought about the show i'm sara harmon in berlin and the whole team thanks for watching us there's.
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one. of them. there's money in germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and do something to him to resign we must overcome it. going we're comfortable global news that matters j w made for mines.


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