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tv   Doc Film - Cyborgs - Human Machines  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2018 3:15pm-4:00pm CET

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address is d.w. dot com and follow us on twitter and let you know what you thought about this so i'm sara harmon in berlin for the whole team thanks for watching all since. those from the germany is a strong country. the arms of we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters to w. made for mines.
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never was the relationship between humans and technology so close but for cyborgs it's not close enough they merge their bodies with technology. so i have created a new sense new organ and design my perception of reality i have an implant here and i use my implants on a daily basis. without it being medically necessary cyborgs inject magnets into their fingers plant chips under their skin they implant technology. reasonings are we not simply loonies with crazy i did with people who were trying to shape the future so we started and now we do like a hundred a month maybe if we saw the exponential growth this catching on it's already a serious illness there are some hundred thousand users under way we're going to have to run a cable for the creator ok two million. sixty minutes. will it be
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normal in the future to upgrade our bodies or are we already there. if your mobile phone is running out of battery many people say i'm running out of battery this is a clear sign of using or talking about that knowledge in first first person as if you are already technology yeah if someone offers me to to. get in your hand instead of this one but just stronger and better and more efficient and more precise. then i would be absolutely willing to do this. because creating new boundaries of in the system or getting from stuff.
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neal harbison is as he says the world's first officially recognized cyborg the composer has been color blind since birth he sees the world in shades of gray. so the installer has its own light frequency which corresponds to a sound frequency and so the out that allows me to hear the sound of each car there's. this is a so each color has its own note so when i put colors on a piece of paper to me it's like with the music on paper. in two thousand and four new harbison had the antenna implanted by a surgeon who doesn't wish to be identified it contains a sensor that recognizes color frequencies and transmits them to a chip in the back of his head and this chip turns them into audio signals. so it's. g g a i'm just improvising this is
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a bit like jazz just going to. the beginning was overwhelming hearing so many callers and some time of other patients the brain will need to adapt to the new input until it becomes like any other sense or preexisting sense and then when it becomes normal you feel the need to extend it again saw that cycle is what happened to me that when i was able to hear all the colors ritual. i felt it was a repetition all the time so that's why in friends and. in this way harbison can also hear strong sunlight motion detectors remote controls and antitheft devices but is that desirable twenty four hours a day. so the antenna is always on there's no switch at night when they don't of the lights there's usually no color so there's silence but the
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internet is on so people can still send callers to my head while i'm asleep so leave this happens. they can color my dreams. it's an unusual way of living which often creates problems harbison fought with the british authorities for a long time before he was allowed to include the antenna in his passport. well the biggest role of. his society it's people are not tolerant till one of the season was hard on those it's also people that will really think that we are against nature and against humans and against god. but harmison also has allies some of them in germany. there is a community of people that. are very. enthusiastic about cyborg ism maybe not so i think they'd be able to hear more of
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a social. cyborgs view themselves as for runners of a growing. movement. consent belongs to the berlin cyborg society. cyborgs need visit instead. he's a chocolate maker and a member of germany's pirate party and he intends to turn himself into a cyborg. lives together with his partner and their children the past few years have been hard he suffers from arthritis already has two artificial knees and an artificial hip and although he's just managing to walk again it'll soon be time for another head. and he wants to upgrade the new one .
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from behind him all the things you could do with a hip like that of course by a monitoring would be no problem the bladder neural impulses provide a lot of information and then of course the little gimmicks like a mobile wife i rusa or i could have a smartphone in my pocket next to the artificial hip and it will get charged when i move all from the heat of my blood or i just don't have something healthy removed those now of course not nothing's as good as the original or you know if it's what you think it cool if i only had a wife i wrote her in his hip. i for one as root for wife i wherever i happen to be cool. i wouldn't be the rain god you'd be the wife i god but you are that already. i don't know nobody would believe me. how do people get such ideas. as i do think when i left there i can for as long as i've known him he's wanted to
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be connected to the internet through a little device on his neck like in science fiction as well as a didn't get done he's had this idea ever since i've known him anything that's possible that would upgrade his body he would do it immediately. but as a partner. when. received his three artificial joints you société the surgeries with pain and feeling. it would be different if they built in a wireless charger for his smartphone he says. but german law does not permit implants with supplementary functions so and has been in direct contact with manufacturers for months. in germany an implant is just an implant you don't play with it the glass the current view that's what we want to change we want to reach the people who make these decisions who can also say wait a minute there's
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a gap that needs to be filled you need to get your foot in the door and if manufacturers don't respond those will. at some time in the future will artificial spare parts be able to do more than the originals this question obsesses that old maya he was born without the lower half of his left arm and wears a prosthetic hand probably the best that's currently available. i would consider. basic value the prosthetic hand can't do anything more than my right hand can do that with one exception i can twist the prosthetic three hundred sixty degree continuously but it's not very practical i always say it's my party trick. but it's also very interesting theoretically because of course it shows that even a first static name which in many. this is not as good as the original can be better
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in other areas in very specific abilities but. i think. maya is a social psychologist at the technical university and can. this desire some people have for artificial bodyparts even though they're perfectly healthy. i do find it a bit strange when people say in theory i'm ready to replace a healthy body part with an artificial one because it would make me somehow better of it. i think well frankly being one hundred percent healthy is a privilege that i don't have. on so i think perhaps you should be a bit more aware of what a privilege that is that you enjoy. humans are weak vulnerable and forgetful. technology is supposed to liberate them from
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nature's limitations but why take tools in your hands when you can carry them inside yourself. is this the next logical step to upgrade humans to become stronger faster more perfect. is this the end of human weakness. or the beginning of the end of humanity. how many dreams of overcoming the limitations of his body with technology. as a small step in this direction he inserts micro implants in his body. december twenty ten at the chaos communication congress left anonym gave a lecture titled cybernetics for the masses explained how you can perform. your own implantations had very little cost. part a lecture mentioned magnet
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implants and r.f. i.d.m. plugs. what i became very curious about how magnetic and electromagnetic fields would feel. under electric power lines but a comment you factor is researching whether drivers could be sent signals via magnetic vibrations for instance in a dangerous situation. humans react to tactile feelings more quickly than any other sensory data. partly powerman lives in here on the german dutch border he now has five magnets and six chips in his body each chip has its own function. because the advantage is that i can never lose my keys or have them stolen from me i can never locked myself out. and it makes life easier
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for my hands are full i don't have to dig into my trouser pockets to find my keys or look to see which key i need for the door. with another chip powerman can log into his computer. the chips operate with a technology known as r.f. id radio frequency identification it allows data to be transmitted over a short distance without a battery. has already ordered another chip the manufacturer says it will eventually include more and more apps which will allow it to do things like send encrypted email and make payments. we've already come up with the idea of making eyeglasses lasering developing hearing implants. with the aim of making life easier. i only see advantages.
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cyborgs are viewed as eccentrics but the industry believes this will change. is often invited to talk to telecommunications companies. thanking him for. drawing. the first one of. his face and his reaction when i asked him i. hair for example. has different different shades of. steve writes has a melody in his eyes because he has not like a small pattern. mommy has one note last he has no hair so he has less sounds.
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like a stuffed painting very unsaturated. neil harbison makes a good living from his lectures his cyborg existence is it just clever self promotion or is he really a social pioneer. yank twenty thirty years i think it will be strange. not to have an implant of some sort in the same way that now it's very common to see people with. maybe fifty years it would be really strange knowledge of a very common to modify our scheme it will be very common to modify our minds. if you want to. for cyborg the implantation process poses a practical problem doctors are not permitted to perform non-medical surgeries that's where he comes in the piercer turns humans into cyborgs.
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today it's turn. she wants to have a magnet implanted in her hand. still quite annoyed. partly curiosity but mainly for professional reasons i'm a dressmaker and i don't like pink. so a small magnet here on my hand will be very useful to a lot of. undergoing a procedure like this for such a trifling reason is surprising but he could he isn't bound by the restrictions that apply to doctors and doesn't ask too many questions. it's a gray area so it's ok as long as the patient signs a contract that she bears all the risks. and implanting magnets carries considerable risks. sometimes seen magnets from less reliable firms corrode in the
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body. of a rodent right out of their casings or else they triggered allergic reactions. there's no way of knowing how the body will react to magnets it can reject them nerves can be damaged. from the people. it's quite uncomfortable. for. the procedure costs roughly one hundred fifty euros and takes about ten minutes. it feels like a polling sensation it's pretty strong and. most people would never dream of implanting magnets or chips in their bodies but he cannot believe that will change. there are now chips in the
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beta phase that have more functionality. and i can see that in two five maybe ten years even more useful implants will be invented. yeah. something like this or a device that registers heart rate and other physical data. like friends but in a much smaller format. is as big as a smartphone tin can and from the us had it implanted in his arm in twenty thirteen everybody my name is jim cannon i just became the first man to implant the device in my body. for the purpose of an airplane myself and. can continuously monitor body temperature and heart rate and transmit the data to a smart phone. how to take home and is also interested in this implant.
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to have met him he didn't have the implant any longer but from what i see on the video it's quite big. it looks creepy and it was dangerous the batteries could have leaked that's why tim canon had it removed after three months but he wanted to show what's possible. similar in france are available on a smaller scale. i have an implant in my lower arm which measures my body temperature and has a temperature sensor inside. and i have an r.f. id device that reads the champ. from the displays the serial number and the temperature in my lower.
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unlike their monitors or activity trackers these chips gather the data continuously without you having to think about them. one day nano robots could circulate in our bloodstream and analyze everything what's good for us when. stressed we could continuously monitor our health our him to encrypt data in the meantime he wants to tweak the chips he already has for that he's going to hack space a meeting point for technology freaks in here leon powe men founded it himself. at the drinks machine he only has to scan his chip and it transmits his data. how many of his friends want to get more and more out of each device.
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i want to lock and unlock my car without using a key if you accidentally feed current into this white wire you break the device this could go wrong. palin has to hack the switch of his central lock system so it can read his chip he tinkers with the device for five hours. eventually he succeeds. the central locking system can now read his chip. now it has to be installed in the car. it's locked. up. great now i can throw away the case for. once again polman has made his
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life a little easier now he just has to wait for the chip he ordered from the us. senate berlin is fighting for his cyborg hip so far the implant manufacturers have given him the cold shoulder he's decided to seek the support of his orthopedist who is peter hands. with the dr agreed to implant an artificial hip equipped with a motion activated device to charge a mobile phone or one containing a mobile wife i router. has a very dark was ok so in the all the sockets of the hit there would be space for a little gimmick. certainly it could easily be built into an artificial joint you
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just have to watch out for the radiation exposure of course that's an ethical issue right that's. because it's measured laws and ethics play a role but we're not just playing around if somebody is going to have an operation like this they can think about whether it could be upgraded a bit they are of course. the radiation exposure could become a problem because the radiation would have to pass through all layers of the skin the implications of that haven't been studied yet but the doctor believes in the future of these implants. he turns it off i'm very open to ideas like this that i don't want to be in favor certainly from the medical point of view but also when it's really useful to the question not so hard for them but if your mother. most physicians are very skeptical of the idea of cyborgs it's the first time and
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has received support from a doctor but where does the compulsion come from to do such a radical thing. and i mean come on that's technical for them for gripping your body with technology is a way of making it more efficient and appearing more efficient and perhaps of increasing your own value a bit there is all that in my own disability has certainly had an impact on my own self-esteem and i know the feeling that a bit of complicated technology coming krzysztof sense of self-worth. so it's to be had for lying. in this future humans will be able to redesign their own bodies what will it be like when we all know everything about each other immediately when tiny robots inside us monitor our blood and when the distinction between online and offline has blurred. a brave new world. will it be like when humans first invented tools and life became easier or will it become
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a competition for the best. and what about people who refuse such implants will this produce another divide like the one between rich and poor privileged and the disadvantaged. in sweden the idea of cyborg is more commonplace. media enterprise is holding an employee. taishan party . the guest list includes many from stockholm creative scene. they can upgrade their bodies at the party. with blood the founder of a bio hacker group came up with the idea. bio hackers refuse to accept biology and the limitations of nature. they want to upgrade their bodies with technology. today so your blood is promoting r f i d chips the same chipset patrick palm and carries in his body. i mean it works like this when you most we are
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skeptical about things we don't really understand right but if you explain how it works without a good things what about things what are the dangers when then most people are simply comfortable with it so this is what i tried to do i'm not in the business of selling implants i just like to share the insights i have. getting a chip implanted in sweden costs about the same as in germany around one hundred twenty euros. the chips are made of bio glass so that the body doesn't reject them and they're the size of a grain of rice held right you'll feel it is one of the first who wants to give them a try. very much nervous that i'm watching. it's not worth being given birth so i'm thinking my thoughts i'm not trying to be ones you only live once the lot of them i figure out tomorrow. it'll be a lot of this was it with five seconds later hello to you until it is chipped
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to hopefully i can open my door with it i have to call the insurance company i am there for the people delivering the door and see if i can open that with. a large number of people who get chips implanted don't know exactly what to do with a company representative explains how they can save passwords for their. business cards on the chips and transmit them to a smartphone with a wave of the hand in theory the data could easily get into the wrong hands still many believe that a good chunk of the population will soon have implants to oversell whether five years. earlier doctors are really out of guard with technology and it may be upcoming generation it's all they're all born with an i pad and i falter in the surfing big i mean my son is six years old. is due in june or programming and if i go kindergarten to the.
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stockholm's public transport company is even considering letting passengers pay for their tickets with implanted chips. can a young adult who just received her first chip thinks that's a great idea. i lose my things all the time i lose my passport i lose my am bus card my bus my card to the gym if everything to be on face that would be amazing and i hope i hope that will come during the six months but maybe i shouldn't be too optimistic. but i guess i will be have be more free. elsewhere in stockholm chips are already commonplace the epicenter is a large modern office complex in the central business district there are dozens of
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startups here. as a matter of course workers open the doors with chip implants. it was hunted idea he was host of the implantation party and he's the building's innovative spirit. i want to question the status quo i mean yes we've had peace in our pockets all our lives right we're used to it but someone has to say we don't need it someone needs to see what is possible to do tomorrow. so far workers have been able to choose the question of course is whether they will still be able to do so in future. i just want to have a community of smart people learn how this works because if the day comes when a big company launches. the implant for the swedish tax authority excess
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we would go to chip everyone then we would have a group of people who understand this technology and can challenge the uses that there are toward the wants this technology to have on us so for me this is so important with the democrat decision of technology it's not just to learn how to use the technology it's more important to understand how it's being used against. what if the data on the chips was accessed by strangers the orwellian dystopia the big brother would no longer be fiction. chips could create the transparent citizen . fact option from the chaos computer club believes that the business world and intelligence services would be very interested in this data to the course they're very interested in the idea of being able to register people simply as they pass by without having to use face recognition or similar techniques to be able to say that was so and so we just walked by there and that to
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generate personality profiles or movement patterns at the end of the day these technologies can all be used against us. in berlin he can't he cannot pass an appointment with a regular client. arena dubois doesn't just want passive chips and magnets in her body but bigger implants that need batteries and i'm going to be one of the first people because they said they're going to make a trial for the first two thousand people who preordered already are yes or you will be one of the far as far as i know to force one german government. yes she wants the north sense a kind of compass the implant is supposed to vibrate whenever she faces north. this is not a device of a gadget. this is technology that have also if you are. time. you turn to memory experience. big
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promises that we can great expectations. of exciting because. you will be. you know you walk. if you have feeling out here have to go out there getting the north. for my perception of travels of discovering cities of maybe i will still get lost but i will kind of know which direction i'm going in that really that changes my perception. doesn't just want more implants she even replaced some body parts i have a hard for over sure. i guess if if we get to the point where we can exchange body parts then eventually i will have to exchange all of them because they naturally die. could humans eventually upgrade themselves for immortality. a
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political scientist at the current school institute of technology is researching how cyborg technologies are influencing our society. i mean. if we assume that society remains roughly as it is i'm very pessimistic that the so-called refuseniks people who reject these developments can keep resisting. this simple example i remember people discussed the importance of participating fully in society without using the internet. of course you can refuse to use the internet today but i think it would be difficult even to study without it. the german constitution states that human dignity is inviolable. when the boundary between man and machine is blurred what is it that will make us human will human dignity ultimately depend on
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what upgrades we can afford. this brave new world will bring us greater control we will be able to prevent disease put a brake on physical decay but this freedom will require new ethical guidelines and new social morse. things are not looking good for your concern and his cyborg hip. he hasn't been able to win over the manufacturers so today he's talking to the pyro society where he's a member of the board. pyro focuses on political education and its members have good contacts among politicians and academics. and hopes to get their support. over before and i'll be grateful for ideas and support from your connections to find other manufacturers whether in europe or elsewhere.
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for us to say come on guys let's try something like this you're going. to try i don't understand why you want to reach the manufacturers like us they have so you can explain because i think the first thing you need to do the first people you need to talk to are the guys involved in medical ethics and they are not the manufacturers has to listen to all of the. first natural if you don't have another issue of course is the legal aspects of the u.s. so not just the ethics experts the lawyers that's an incredibly important target group but he does have to get them to think about where the boundaries lie they keep the style i've missed them. you should really be having this discussion with doctors technology and ethical ex-pats this was not just for a matinee but an entire workshop induction so i think that way we could trigger a public debate we've been supportive and i said this from the start it's our issue
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new big issue that came up to most courses. sure turned out great thank you for your reactions cool it's really important to me when i'm here and i'm really pleased with the feedback jarosz for me what of. that is still optimistic. for me i mean will decide i hope society will take more notice of cyborg as a and that it spreads so that people overcome their fear of failure and is a legitimate fear look that other guy is trying to improve himself with technology and he's doing it and has the advantage over me before that it's indisputable it's an issue with cyborgs of it and we need to work on it and demand that society creates the conditions in which the two can co-exist and in the best case scenario cooperate. partly powerman has been waiting for this day for months he's come to berlin with
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a prototype of the american data encrypting chip in his luggage. but i'm very excited i haven't been able to test it yet i hope everything works out . how men want to get the implant done in he hopes piercing studio. why i brought the new implant home show me what it arrived yesterday the perfect timing. they don't yet know if the chip works. when it was tested recently on another volunteer it immediately broke. it off so this is it it'll be my first time well it's quite long isn't it. but relatively flat. i do want to test it first if it's able to read or we will see.
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that means no. sorry communication was interrupted. that's all now it's rating. yeah it's been recognised as and x.p. smart m.c.h. if. so it's all systems go. the prototype chip is exceptionally large. it can't be injected under the skin like most of the other chips polman has. and what implants do you have now moved to the n.f.c. chip i can't remember the number of fans and i won twenty five or if i do or not from a sponsor. after. the procedure takes forty five minutes then
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powerman has the twelfth implant in his body. so it's. just it's an. for pound men the chip is mainly a status symbol. yes time around but it's a prototype this is not only for tomorrow it's not on the market yet and i'm one of the beater tasker's. manufacturer asked me if i could test it. sure. how to how men can now encrypt data with a chip and eventually perhaps even make payments with it it certainly won't be his
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last implant. new harbison also has plans. he wants to receive an implant that is entirely new. so now i'm creating an organ that will be circular within the skin in the bone and it will give heat depending on what time it is so it would take twenty four hours for the heat to go around the head so i'll know what time it is by just feeling the heat around the head. but if i have this for several months or years it should become my perception of time so that we have all the control of my one time to go faster or slower if i make the hit go slower feel that time goes slower or if i want to have to go faster i can program it so it goes faster if i make it go twice
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or the backwards days theory of relativity into a sense into an organ to see whether or not you can control your perception of time if you have an organ for time. it's doubtful whether we humans can manipulate our sense of time like that but what's certain is that cyborg technologies will transform our society. imagine two persons meeting in the future would be. the interaction be like so possibly let's say we have an implant acknowledging that the dog's different process that is going on in the body so i want to stress someone is happy someone is angry if someone is in love and imagine the ability to share this information directly inside someone else i think this would create a greater understanding between people and a greater understanding for what another person is feeling and going through and i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. it's really important not to leave the
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debate about the social impact of technology to technologists engineers and economists it's really important to start a public debate about what lies ahead what's conceivable and what effect it could have on our society and all that is out of. one of the limits of technology and of ethics it is these boundaries we are only beginning to explore. oh dropping bombs on civilians. more troops the situation escalates personal on her and her scruples. ruthless calculation military
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leaders work ok extent of the mask odd technological her response was a conflagration massacres should come in come to her in fifteen minutes on d w. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to the team. is really feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for city edge but. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something
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new in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance of darkness cities after more starting march tenth on t w. this is good news coming to live from girl land a passenger plane crashes near moscow seventy one people on board when the plane disappears from radar it's feared there are no survivors pulled at the latest most
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correspondent in moscow. and an international charity that's indeed loyal to insert scandal oxfam is under fire after a newspaper report found its staff illegally hired prostitutes in haiti all of a mission to help those affected by the two thousand and ten earthquake all.


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