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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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in the week after last week's heavy losses monica jones will have that in business coming up in one minute. of the. g.w. truth diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages to take on a mission for thought of programming go underneath show you that you care so let's cut our innovations magazine for in just two hours from the film for a week and look into the future on the w dot com science and research for any show . every journey begins with the first step and every language
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with the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german and why not learn it from a simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nico speak german meetings seem. to be. up or down the markets are taking it easy at the start of the new trading week from asia to europe stocks rebounding after two weeks of heavy losses we talk to an analyst in hong kong. also coming up iraq's billions of dollars to prop up its economy a donors conference in kuwait discusses the country's reconstruction and the cost involved. on the. trouble with discarded plastic and paper cups
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the german city of hama now tackles the popular coffee to go culture introducing re usable cops a relief for the environment and for street cleaners. welcome to your business i want to get jones in well in thanks for joining us on the good news first european stock markets started the new week firmly on the front foot a welcome respond after two weeks of sharp falls but investors breathing a sigh of relief should note there is more volatility expected in the coming weeks so keep your seat belts fastened. khan's hang seng index finished the day down zero point two percent reversing minor rises over in japan markets were closed due to a public holiday but last week the country's benchmark nikkei had its worst performance in two years in germany the dak shed ten percent over the last two weeks but observers here expect a recovery of sorts well i wouldn't call it
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a swift recovery but it is a recovery the dax is starting obote a good one percent higher than it was on friday that's not marching towards recovering all those losses that were incurred in the past week but it is a positive sign that the market can go upwards speaking at a conference in dubai on sunday i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde told investors not to worry about the market fluctuations those market movements were clearly in our view necessary market corrections the markets have function well there's plenty of years of faster inflation that triggered the global rout in the first place. so what's in store for us this week let's ask catherine young investments director for equities at the delegate international in hong kong very good to have you with us catherine of first of all i'd like to get your insights into what do you make of last week's
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market. lastly last week's market correction really was well you could say very much anticipated given that for the for the past couple of years we really have seen the markets just grinding higher and higher nothing goes in a linear fashion and what happened was we source of wage data coming out two fridays ago this sparked some volatility and then really last week the correction we saw was very much underpinned by what we call known fundamental investors so these are kind of high frequency quantrill it is we saw the very popular risperidone products really seeing some selling and you would expect more selling from these kind of investors especially given that so many people own so many equities at this point in time. you prefer to use the word correction rather than a mini crash while some people even talked about a bloodbath last week what we've seen last week does this point to the underlying
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problems with the u.s. economy perhaps well that's a whole thing monica when we look at the world in terms of the economic health things are going pretty well whether it's in china or across asia europe you can argue and especially the united states and what really triggered this kind of sell off was the fact that so many commentators and economists have inflation levels really quite benign or been benign range and when wage growth came out stronger than expected there was concerns it would have to sort of reset expectations that the federal reserve would indeed increase interest rates a lot quicker or faster than expected i just want to highlight though that whilst we are seeing wage growth which could which could lead to further consumption don't forget there's still a lot of debt burden in the u.s. and of course china holds a lot of that money i mean from the asian perspective to what extent do you think china sees the u.s. as
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a political or economic rival. i want to call it arrived at this point in time but the chinese and so i was very high up in present shooting pings agenda is what we call the one belt one road strategy it's not just court belt road and this really is to recreate the silk road route both maritime as well as rail so the chinese themselves are funding a lot of projects whether it's across latin america whether it's in europe whether it's across asia and this really is china's ultimate way of increasing the soft power status right catherine young investment director for equities at fidelity international in hong kong thank you so much for this. iraq will receive three hundred thirty million dollars worth of immediate humanitarian aid from non-governmental organizations that is the first results of an international donors meeting currently underway in kuwait of the meeting aims to discuss iraq's
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reconstruction after years of war and economic turmoil what sounds like a lot of money is in fact only the starting point for an efforts that will eventually cost almost one hundred billion dollars. rebuilding iraq will cost eighty eight point two billion dollars after years of civil war and decades of under-investment that's according to the planning ministry complicating matters is the fact that the country is effectively under two governments there's the autonomous kurdistan region in the north with around forty five billion barrels of oil reserves the rest of iraq has at least one hundred fifty billion barrels. but it's difficult to get reliable data from a country like iraq which is plagued by political instability but what's clear is just how dependent the country is on oil it's estimated to account for around ninety two percent of overall state revenues. that's some fifty seven billion out
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of sixty eight billion u.s. dollars. the iraqi government is currently looking for investors for refineries pipelines and production facilities at its manned you can all field one of the country's largest the government hopes to double output and the chinese led consortium could be the favorite to take over the field. state owned petro china is already the largest foreign investor in iraq and it could work with us chevron and francis to town to exploit the field other big players include exxon mobil russian look at oil and british petroleum but the world's second largest oil company royal dutch shell was less optimistic about the field saying it wasn't profitable enough it's pulled out and plans to focus instead on gas production. all right here's a moment of truth now hands up who is grabbing a coffee on the way to what and then tosses the empty paper cup into a bin just before catching
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a train ok need to guilty as charged but we're not alone coffee to go is big business in many come on the what is now taking on the disposable coffee cup culture with a re-usable cops take a look. street sweepers in hanover have had enough of disposable cups with all too many pedestrians simply dumping them on the street as soon as they finish their coffee the explosion of coffee takeaway outlets in recent years has unleashed a steadily growing flood of extra trash. and pick ups take up a huge amount of space in trash cans it only takes four or five large ones to fill up an entire sack. of others an enormous number of cups we get nowadays is just huge you know every kiosk every cafe sells them and it's causing enormous problems here in hanover. on average hanover is half
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a million plus residents jettisoned over twenty million used paper cups annually the city authorities decided that was far too many and began fighting the deluge a year ago. the cardboard on the surface but inside they're lined with plastic. and as they can lie around for hundreds of years we have to collect every single one for incineration. so it's not a good product not in the least ecological. it's time to get rid of them. the city's answer was to market its own reuse of all caps with a deposit the hanno cino it costs two euro's which is refunded when customers drop it off at one of the participating cafes over one hundred fifty outlets are already taking part in the plan and the network is growing by the week. easy solution for coffee drinkers they normally don't have to go far to find somewhere to drop their cups off pick up pop off drink up drop off the city doesn't make
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a cent from the scheme for cafe operators the service is free and they save on the cost of paper cups. it's good for their image to. the only condition is that participants have a dishwasher to keep the cups clean and hygenic that was no problem for the staff of this popular cafe they're happy about every customer who switches to that had achieved on. the street cleaning squads now have far fewer paper cups to deal with and the trash cans don't fill up as fast either that all saves money here you really see the difference it's made here with loads of businesses joining in there are far fewer cuts in the trashcans now. initial estimates suggest the new head coach in no system has cut the number of paper cups in hanover by around a third. all right i'll have to rethink my
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coffee to go culture as well that's it for me on the business team here in berlin remember you can always find more if you follow us on twitter or on facebook i'll be back here in an hour to bring you the latest until then there's a real time check on global markets. complaint. to the touch an element. of. the template. the true
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