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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 2:02am-2:15am CET

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are financial markets in for an even bigger shakeout and strong rebound on both sides of the atlantic signals the volatility is here to stay as some experts say the downward swings could grow also coming up rebuilding iraq a country in ruins the war ravaged state seeks billions of dollars in reconstruction funds but is anyone listening. and don't lose the props kenya's latest reality t.v. show is a government backed attempt to boost the country's farming sector. this is your business update i've had an arm free in berlin good to have you with us now global stocks rallied on monday from asia to europe and even the u.s. where the last couple of weeks has proved a roller coaster ride with wall street stocks down ten percent officially entering a correction this week trading got underway there with the dow jones leaping by four hundred points the wild volatility sparked by fears of growing inflation which could force faster than expected rate rises on the federal reserve now all eyes
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this week will be on the u.s. inflation figures that a jew out wednesday if the rate tops one point seven percent it could be a case of hang on to your hearts once again. so let's make sense of it all now with our man on wall street jens quarter joins us all financial correspondent from new york yes we've seen incredible swings on the markets what's the latest. well investors on wall street are not ready to throw in the towel at this point after blue chips gained a good three hundred points on friday we saw an even bigger upswing a recovery here on monday when blue chips gained a good four hundred points still those big swings no matter if to the up or to the down side show that there is some nervousness in the market and wednesday actually could become a crucial day that's where we'll get the related reading on consumer prices an important gorge for inflation and if that should take a bit higher than expected then maybe we might see the yields of u.s.
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treasuries on the move again and that could increase the pressure here on wall street but that is wednesday so at least at the beginning of the week we did see the recovery going on for a second consecutive day and hands beginning of the week trump or so unveiling his long awaited infrastructure blueprint how's it looking and how's it going down. a lot of traders who are saying well that's good news in general if we might see a huge infrastructure program of about one point five trillion dollars in the course of the next ten years but there was also some head scratching of how likely it is that this idea will pass because the white house idea is that the federal side will chip in about two hundred billion dollars and the remaining one point three trillion dollars is supposed to come from cities from states and from the private sector and of that's very likely well there is a doubt here the u.s.
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president will meet with key members leaders of the democratic and republican party old saw on wednesday and discuss further details whence there seems to be the day of this week so far yes go to following it for us from new york thank you. well monday's more cheerful market mood also helped lift oil as a relief for a country so dependent on the black sticky stuff we're talking a rock and after war with the so-called islamic state the nation is trying to rebuild itself with help from abroad aid groups pledging three hundred thirty million dollars on the first day of an international reconstruction conference in kuwait but iraq needs a lot more especially considering what some officials are saying they reckon that the u.s. is refusing to give anymore one observer saying that maybe don't if the teeth but no one can say that isn't the money when there's money to continue fighting.
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rebuilding iraq will cost eighty eight point two billion dollars after years of civil war and decades of under investment that's according to the planning ministry complicating matters is the fact that the country is effectively under two governments there's the autonomous kurdistan region in the north with around forty five billion barrels of oil reserves the rest of iraq has at least one hundred fifty billion barrels. but it's difficult to get reliable data from a country like iraq which is plagued by political instability but what's clear is just how dependent the country is on oil. it's estimated to account for around ninety two percent of overall state revenues. that some fifty seven billion out of sixty eight billion u.s. dollars. the iraqi government is currently looking for investors for refineries pipelines and production facilities at its manned you can all field one of the country's largest the government hopes to double output and
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the chinese led consortium could be the favorite to take over the field. state owned petro china is already the largest foreign investor in iraq and it could work with us chevron and francis to tout to exploit the field other big players include exxon streets the story for those to lazy to find a bin for their trash and jenin city is taking on the disposable coffee cup culture and it's burned up quite a nice idea. street sweepers in hanover have had enough of disposable cups with all too many pedestrians simply dumping them on the street as soon as they finish their coffee the explosion of coffee takeaway outlets in recent years has unleashed a steadily growing flood of extra trash and pick ups take up a huge amount of space in trash cans it only takes four or five large ones to fill up an entire sack. but. the number of cups we get nowadays is just huge
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every kiosk every cafe sells them and it's causing enormous problems here in hanover. on average hanover's half a million plus residents jettisoned over twenty million used paper cups annually the city authorities decided that was far too many and began fighting the deluge a year ago. the cardboard on the surface but inside they're lined with plastic. and as they can lie around for hundreds of years we have to collect every single one for incineration so it's not a good product not in the least ecological. it's time to get rid of them. the city's answer was to market its own reuse of all cops with a deposit the hanno cino it costs two euros which is refunded when customers drop it off at one of the participating cafes over one hundred fifty outlets are already taking part in the plan and the network is growing by the week. easy solution for
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coffee drinkers they normally don't have to go far to find somewhere to drop their cups off pick up pop off drink up drop off the city doesn't make a cent from the scheme for cafe operators the service is free and they save on the cost of paper cups. it's good for their image to. the only condition is that participants have a dishwasher to keep the cups clean and hygenic that was no problem for the staff of this popular cafe they're happy about every customer who switches to that had. the street cleaning squads now have far fewer paper cups to deal with and the trash cans don't fill up as fast either that all saves money. could step economic and digging through dirt and in your well kenya hope say with its latest reality t.v.
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challenge don't lose the plot the government baksho aims to make farming hip again agriculture makes up a third of the economy but with an aging population and business is on shaky ground . the next nine months this takes the bottle from telling marks. on. their reality t.v. shows for singing and dancing so why not for farming to lose the plot follows its candidates as they each cultivate an acre of land the show is helping to make farming in kenya long seen as an occupation for the elderly to become cool fun and profitable. many matter. and making the best. country something i want to be. there twenty eight year old fashion designer and business woman is one of four contestants who had one thing in common they knew
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nothing about farming when the season started they were given some training seeds and the freedom to make their own choices currently i'm doing my show i decided to go with mushroom spirit i got from their farm. it doesn't take a long time. where the internet months start making of money don't lose the plot shows how farming is changing as modern farmers use online platforms and mobile technology to achieve their goals contestants can consult an app with their questions. do you need to talk christy you need to five please do you know you have to be a scientist how much are you going to use in terms of inputs so budget in quantities for that purpose. the apis available to farmers outside the t.v. show to one after all not every farmer wants to star on reality t.v. but for those who do casting for season two is about to begin the producers hope to
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give agriculture in kenya the boost it needs to be a long term pillar of the country's economy. and chinese new year is just around the corner and it's big business for florists right across asia like these street vendors in cambodia with the year of the dog approaching people are flocking to buy yellow flowers the space bring business owners good luck the idea is that companies will grow like flout was whether or not it was so they sent me bring grow is good for. us at europe today with the latest from the wilds of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter at d w business i'll be back tomorrow same time same place see you then.
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