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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin political arrest or abduction this is the dramatic scene at a restaurant in kiev as border police the port opposition leader saakashvili craned says he was in the country illegally saakashvili is calling the move a kidnapping will go to the ukrainian capital also coming up a power struggle in south africa the country's a and c. is pushing president jacob zuma to step down but will the scandal he did leader comply. and historic change at the helm of germany's social democrats hundred
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dollars set to become the first woman to lead the country's largest center left party but this party is deeply divided especially over its coalition deal with the americans conservatives will get expert analysis. i brought in thomas great to have you with us the ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has called on the e.u. and especially germany to support his anticorruption campaign against the government in kiev now this after saakashvili was the tamed by heavily armed men in kiev and deported to poland ukraine says he'd been staying in the country illegally saakashvili has described the move as a kidnapping. this surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment amassed men stormed
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a kiev restaurant to detain one of the government's harshest critics their target mikhail saakashvili the former president of georgia the ukrainian government insists he's trying to stage a russian sponsored coup here that's actually says president poroshenko should resign for failing to fight corruption his attorney blasted kiev's actions as outrageous when it's a kidnapping and not the detention because a detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and discussing the case. is that this really was taken into custody by law enforcement agents the ukrainian border guard service says he was an illegal resident of the country in two thousand and fourteen seconds really arrived in ukraine as an advisor to an old friend and the country's president petro poroshenko he became a ukrainian citizen and the governor of the odessa region but soon the allies had a falling out sakit started criticizing poroshenko his government and launched a nationwide anti corruption movement soon he was stripped of his ukrainian
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citizenship while abroad but in september he returned to kiev and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against possible extradition. really is now back in poland and he's vowing to fight on i love poland but. an sec is really says he remains confident and he says he'll soon give a statement on his deportation. and how exactly will he fight to the end for the very latest let's go to nick conley standing by for us and. he's in warsaw now he's described the incident as a kidnapping as we just saw he was detained by masked men what's the latest on the situation. good morning brian well it certainly
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was a pretty dramatic afternoon here in kiev yes it's true the actual detention happened without much in the way of official procedure these were people in camouflage but without any uniforms on they later turned out to be agents for ukraine's border guard service it seems that once he was safe got to the airport it got a bit more official and he was handed some documents by customs officials before being put on a private plane and spirited off to warsaw i think the really important thing here is that the ukrainian thoughts he's had to lessen to extent that they would have to do this quickly if you remember before christmas they tried to do the same thing again they were men security staff in camouflage without uniforms trying to arrest him just a couple of meters behind me where he used to live here in the center of kiev and his supporters are able to rally around in a couple of hours and prevent his attention even pulling him out of those police cause at this time it really was about speed ok this blitz deportation if he called
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that you know icons as saakashvili was trying to unseat the ukrainian president petro poroshenko these two men were once political allies what happened. this was a political friendship that they had even study together in the eighty's they've known each other for the best part of thirty years sex really came to ukraine of his term in office ended in georgia to bring his experience of wide ranging radical reform but he felt that he wasn't getting the support from the central government to allow him to make those changes and he very soon found after a year that you know he wasn't able to do what he wants to do and left government and turned from an insider to an opposition figure and it's also important remember that he had big protests planned for this coming sunday so that's an added incentive for the government to try and bring this forward and formally they had in all the reasons to do so because formally given that he'd been stripped of his citizenship and he lost his appeals for asylum he was now stateless person here
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illegally and i think that's very much the line the government will take that this is a formality something based on the fact of his citizenship his illegal status here and they will try and reject any political aspect of this ok so saakashvili is basically stateless right now what are his options at this point he can't go back to georgia is he going to stay in poland. well quite as as you mentioned he's goat and he was sentenced in absentia in georgia to three years in prison so it faces prison if you want to go back there he is very close to the current position straight those ties go back to two thousand and eight and russia's war with georgia when they flew to tbilisi to show their support for him he has forced the border last autumn he came through despite having had this is an ship stripped unity machine who came to the border and helped him basically force his way through so you might try that again but as we've seen the ukraine authorities seem to have learned their lesson and have tried to be
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a little more fleet footed than they were in the past i think he's now it's about taking stock and seeing what real support he has in europe and in the us the story would be very close to republicans to. john mccain and to really see what pressure he can exert over the ukrainian politicians to get back in and they calmly following the story for us this morning in kiev nick thanks very much now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour north korean leader kim jong un says he hopes to strengthen what he calls a warm climate of reconciliation with the south remarks came after a north korean delegation which included his sister returned from a visit to the olympics in junk chang but critics remain morion have called for ongoing pressure on the north to curb its nuclear program. an independent charity watchdog in britain has launched an inquiry into oxfam's handling of sexual misconduct by some of its staff in haiti and chad seven employees are facing
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allegations of having used prostitutes some of them under age off fans deputy head has resigned over what she calls the charity's failure to respond adequately to those allegations. former u.s. president barack obama has unveiled a portrait of himself at the national portrait gallery in washington d.c. an honor given to all u.s. presidents former first lady michelle also unveiled her portrait. the former president joked that he'd try to get the artist to give him less gray hair and smaller ears but to no avail. it's to south africa now where the governing a.n.c. is demanding president jacob zuma is resignation that's after the party held lengthy closed door talks on his future the seventy five year old has been facing mounting pressure to down amidst the series of corruption scandals now he has survived numerous attempts in the past to oust him. it could soon be the end of the road for jacob zuma a.n.c.
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party chief cyril ramaphosa left marathon talks in pretoria with a message for the president zuma own party has decided he should step aside his critics say a series of corruption scandals have left the president unable to credibly lead his country. to do so let his resignation would break a political stalemate that's left south africans uncertain over who's running the country. who was elected to lead the n.c. in december is poised to assume the presidency if zuma steps down but the country's largest opposition group says that's simply not enough it is the view of wiki that it is the home police the environmental was g.g. in the community and it will put. this to this day insists the. country. will be to undermine procedures.
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instead the opposition is calling for parliament to be dissolved and for early elections they say it's the only way to ensure legitimacy. from a pollster has sought to reassure anxious south africans that zuma is fate will soon be resolved. i said in this country. because only you know you want this matter to be finalized. you know own you want closure on this matter. as you do one true show we were doing thorough no kidding now on our side. while it is in their interest or not you know and are we continue to do or not i that they should and zuma already faces a motion of no confidence in the south african parliament next week if he refuses to stand aside impeachment proceedings could also be in his future.
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this is did have you know still to come on the show it is and has storage day for germany social democrats as the center left party looks set to elect a female leader for the first time in one hundred fifty years. first mark this year and trade tensions between the u.s. and china are continuing to simmer this time around looks like it's all about plastics but certainly an important aspect of this time brian in what is the latest move in a growing standoff between the world's two largest economies beijing took aim at imports of a key chemical from the united states china's ministry of commerce announced today it had found dumping off style rename ports from the u. s. a star in is the building block of many plastics used to make foam packaging and many disposable plastics and the measure comes just a month after the trump administration launched new tariffs on chinese made stone of condos and washing machines. well let's find out what the market's making of all
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this though already bads is keeping an eye for us on germany's financial hub of frankfurt or. what you make of those tit for tat tariffs i mean is this leading to anything. it's leading to a trade war if it escalates and it starts with small things like washing machines and solar panels and styrene as you mentioned and when i hear the word foam it leads me to the thought that things like this have wide ranging repercussions even though it might just seem to be one chemical product that's used in all sorts of things i think it's also used for example in the protective covering here of my microphone that's foam as well so it gives you an idea of how far ranging decisions like this can be even if they concentrate on just a few products and presidents trump started this and it was widely expected by
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people i talked to here in the financial hub of germany in frankfurt that it would expect spend and the question is now how to contain this how is a measured reaction going to be so that this doesn't escalate because it's clear it won't just affect china and america if this escalates it affects the trading conditions of both countries and that again. affects their industries ability to buy products for example in germany or to exported good prices to germany as well germany had a record. export and trade year two thousand and seventeen not only exporting record numbers but imports as well shows you how important this is exactly overtaking said passing a china again and john of course is very interested in protecting its export sector it's also very interested in reducing all the the huge debt which has been compiled by some of its major conglomerates just to mention the unit of china's h. and h. group which which sold some pretty lucrative sites in hong kong. that's
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right to the tune of one point seven billion euros or dollars i should say and it's not the only thing that it's going to sell it's probably going to sell properties in london's canary wharf as well and it said it's looking at selling in new york and this is important. in the building back behind me as well as not only the chamber of industry and commerce which is looking at the china america question but also the stock market and the do it your bank is looking very anxiously at what a china is doing because it's a huge shareholder and it just announced that it's reducing its stake that makes investors nervous and when investors are nervous about germany's biggest bank a hugely connected bank in europe and the world that makes everyone nervous all right only bad from frankfurt thank you so much for keeping us in the loop there. talking about trade to the united states the u.s.
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president on trump has announced that taxes will be levied on companies from countries which impose trust him stooges on u.s. products trump was unclear which countries would be affected by the levy but he stated that he'll say more about the usual tax this week trump also announced his four point four trillion dollars budget plan for the coming fiscal year and a one and a half trillion dollar plan to modernize the ailing u.s. infrastructure so. trump hasn't announced fresh sanctions against russia just yet about washington is expected to do so soon in response to moscow's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential vote those fresh sanctions would primary target russia's financial institutions which are key to the country's massive arms export business with billions of euros and therefore crucial for the russian economy. weapons have traditionally been a booming business in russia. last year russia export
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a twelve billion euros worth of arms to fifty three nations private banks usually play a key role managing arms exports but many of them are now subject to u.s. sanctions potentially throwing a wrench into russia's well oiled arms industry until moscow repurposed the props via spawn that is the bank manages russian arms transactions and keeps them hidden . so social so that the. establishing a network of companies is all you need to transfer money. from the outside it's not at all transparent still it's. until recently. was a private lender catering to the middle class but at the end of last year the bank found itself at the brink of collapse in january moscow responded by nationalizing it in a point is the head of the russian export center provide golf as president. he has
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close ties to the kremlin and his father used to head russian's foreign intelligence service so little economists are concerned about growing links between the state and the banking industry but what they can but. i'm not happy with this solution. huge it's a soviet style solution and will not lead to any good. a. look at an issue of. government influence in the finance sector is growing some say moscow will order the central bank to keep spawn a washing funds to finance arms exports. do you work. well finance on companies. put it. here and if they work badly and run out of money . the bank will go to the government and ask for funds that ship what they are
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getting a couple of shows but each additional experts in moscow predict that the u.s. will soon extend sanctions to the bank but the government seems unfazed at the prospect when it comes to guns it seems where there is a will there is a way. well that could also work for german politics certainly looks set to be a historic day for germany's largest left off center a potty hazard set to be that of a german social democrats are expected to appoint andrea dolls as their first ever female leader now that's after the former candidate for chancellor martin shall step down amidst turmoil over a new coalition deal with all americans conservatives for over one hundred fifty years the social democrats have been led by men among them the former chancellor of elite brands now germany's oldest political party could finally get its first ever female leader martin shilts is set to hand over the leadership of the party to
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under anonymous the historic changing of the guy. that nobody leaked this especially not about what would be best in this situation and i also had to consider whether i can and want to fulfill this task after these processes of deliberation we both decided that this is the best course of action you know this is the best to be as leader of the social democrat parliamentary group knowledge as was valued for her ability to bring people together and motivate them. she also has a reputation for being outspoken. some say it was her speech at the social democrats party conference that secured the votes needed for starting coalition talks with angle america's conservative blog. we will not give up our s.p.d. party beliefs if we decide to govern in
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a toilet. and renata started out more than twenty years ago with the in the s.p.d. youth organization the young socialists she became the leader in one thousand nine hundred ninety five back then she was a student of political science and told torture velour in one of her first interviews that she didn't plan a political career. for you i don't want to stay in politics for the rest of my life so after being chairwoman i want to look for a real job and for that i need a good degree of knowledge finished her studies four years later and to stayed within the ranks of the s.p.d. ever since as m.p. party official and later as labor minister one of her chief minces germany's minimum wage law she also fought successfully for better pensions despite this she is not very popular with the german public. marchin schultz is short term you're at the head of the s.p.d. is over now it's up to under in august to beat the party plan to its former
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strength. well that as the s.p.d. hits yet another historic low in the polls with me in the studio right now political correspondent keith brady and use of yawning he's the head of the berlin office of the european council on foreign relations good morning to both of you thanks for being with us if i could start out with you kate you know is on the best choice to turn things around at the s.p.d. as its ratings with the public crater well certainly set us off one of a main aims is to reinvent they espied a of course they came away from september's elections with that. result in post-war history and one of the parties right now every define that profile and says a really huge expectation on her that she could modernize the party and bring more women into positions of leadership and she's also a younger face she's sixteen years younger the mohsin schultz who's just stepped down as the party leader so she could well indeed be just what the party needs
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right now of course at the headquarters tonight does nothing to say right now that she will in fact they appointed as the sake of all interim leader of the social democrats there is a lot of support for her from the senior s.p.d. members but at the same time there's also some office ition there's also some of the candidates that could well throw their hat in the ring tonight ok so it's not a done deal yet i use a few good use you've known andrea dolls since she was a young person entering politics so what do you think can she turn things around she's got the guts and she's the next generation so and she's a woman so she's got some of the essential is working for her on the other hand it's a bit too early in the circumstances are not really to her liking because it raises some questions she's not one of the elected deputies of the. party chairman so in a way it's sort of sidestepping the usual process is if she would would come in
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some members take issue with the fact that it is an inner circle deal. behind closed doors which actually decides about who's going to. be the next chairman so you know people used this democracy argument in order to to challenge her and that was ok and she does represent something of a generational change not the kevin of the youth the way in his late twenty's you know this is a generational issue with the c.d.u. isn't it as well but they're behind the s.b. day they're lagging in they're bringing in new faces here what they know that far behind at the moment they're on quite a level playing field obviously the new mr opposition's haven't yet been decided you know they haven't been set in stone yet. so said on sunday that she was keen to bring young fresh faces into the ministry positions and in addition to that of course as well as bring him all female faces into this you know michael's not exactly renowned for her work for women particularly in bringing them into
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positions of leadership but that could come hundred and also say one of the main names that's being thrown around right now is. not female but he is just thirty seven and then you are all rising star in the party of course but he could well get the position of the general secretary of the cd but then you've also got characters like. he's actually only forty five as well so there is that kind of that they are working towards bringing all females and younger faces into the sea to you as well as e.s.p. they ok they're under a lot of pressure to do that there's also a lot of pressure right now to get this deal signed off by the c.d.u. and by the s.p.d. do you see this happening do you see the deal being signed off by the s.p. day you know sort of come march second when we should all march fourth what the. vote is by the party rank and file well that's still a bit of an open question and it very much depends on how the s.p.d. leadership how not as if she's now put on the spot how she handles the weeks
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between now and early march when members have to decide there i think there is still at this point of fifty five to forty five chance for this to succeed because there is such a turmoil inside the party so the vote can go either way ok i want to go bigger look at this potential coalition right now it's being called the government of losers because the s.p.d. actually lost the vote but it has the best ministries including the ministry of finance and the foreign ministry is that a fair description description just would start with you well they are role winners of the past elections this is not a coalition of a new start rather of an extended ending in a way because everyone knows it's going to be america's last term the s.p.d. has a couple of strong positions that's true but she's it's yes but it's also tied in firmly into cabinet discipline oh there's there's there's
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a balance between having tea positions and being then responsible for actually arguing politics that the government has taken also because of the ones or membership of voters ok the membership and voters many of them want to see europe moving farther to the left with the french what do you think would this coalition take germany and europe farther along the line of greater integration as all americans already indicated well of course one of the big hopes was of course when martin shalit was still expected to be in the cabinet as well but we are we even saw already from the blueprint of the grand coalition tayo first five pages are all focused purely on europe so that is definitely the direction that germany is kind of moving in and of course it's going to have played an even larger role in the center of the e.u. now as to what the u.k. planning on leaving as well and micron. as well the french president manuel mccollum has been waiting for months they have. from germany but the gods to these
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reforms that he served desperate to push through so they'll be a lot of expectation from germany with regard in that role in the a you because of expectation outside of it and inside of germany right now in terms of the future keep brady for us our political correspondent in use of yawning out of the blue an office of the european council on foreign relations thanks very much both of you on the winter olympics one of the alpine skiing is greatest ever marcel her share has finally topped the olympic podium the austrian did so in the men's combined rising from twelfth after the downhill to first after the slalom there sure is one record six world cup titles but this is his first olympic gold. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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and. drowned at the age of six. and her case is far from unique. here in bangladesh water is often deadly some fifty children drown every day. yet many never learn to swim. why. how children could lose their fear of the water. three thousand next.
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from the pacific ocean to the atlantic. not along but along the panama canal. a train trip to remember. with spectacular views. across a continent. flooded. traveling by train in panama a. strong belief. the scars on some move the pain still tangible. suffering for god. for civvies edge but. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create
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something. in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities after more starting march tenth on t.w. . opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand by d.h.l. . this week on global three thousand we head to bangladesh where water is everywhere making it a veritable playground for kids but a potentially deadly one. to binny where v. .


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