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plan to protect a multi-billion dollar business but i've been watching diplomatic cost. then the sudan has a story coming up for you shortly you're watching the wus live from berlin. much of it coming. normally to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of these eat and what we've seen to debbie dot com still to come join us on facebook j w for. change and why a. venture of. the trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks
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breathtaking landscape. for a good experience a. touch. or some kind of starting february twenty seventh. russian secret banks that are financing one of the world's most lucrative weapons industries i reporters take a look behind the scenes while planned u.s. sanctions spook the sick. from simple structure plan to become promises small long detail take a look at the concepts with al financial correspondent and this will put the super back into super markets a whole new experience minus the stuff just don't go shoplifting. i've been fizzling let's do business. plans of new u.s.
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sanctions against russia over election meddling could target the banks that are funding a huge buildup of alms they key to the country's weapons exports that are worth billions of euros and of crucial for the economy the kremlin is trying to find ways to protect the state owned lenders from any risk. weapons have traditionally been a booming business in russia. last year russia export a twelve billion euros worth of arms to fifty three nations private banks usually play a key role managing arms exports but many of them are now subject to u.s. sanctions potentially throwing a wrench into russia's well oiled arms industry until moscow repurposed the problem spawn that is the bank manages russian arms transactions and keeps them hidden. though social so that the courts. establishing a network of companies is all you need to transfer money. from the outside it's not
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at all transparent still it's not the king it was a shell who. until recently. was a private lender catering to the middle class but at the end of last year the bank found itself at the brink of collapse in january moscow responded by nationalizing it in a point is the head of the russian export center. provide golf as president. he has close ties to the kremlin and his father used to head russian's foreign intelligence service so literally economists are concerned about growing links between the state and the banking industry but what. i'm not happy with this solution. huge it's a soviet style solution and will not lead to any good code will show. up and you should. need to move. government influence in the finance sector
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is growing some say moscow will order the central bank to keep spawn a washing funds to finance arms exports. do you have a problem see a sponsor will finance arms companies. to put it there and if they work badly and run out of money out of the bank will go to the government and ask for funds that you that ship. you know what they get you go because for each additional experts in moscow predict that the u.s. will soon extend sanctions to the bank but the government seems unfazed at the prospect when it comes to guns it seems where there is a will there's a way. and that's for you now reporter one of our reporters in most currently showing could see you emily just how big and key is the weapons industry to the economy give give our viewers a an idea of that. well it's very important to
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the russian economy russia is the second biggest arms exports or worldwide and one of the major arms producers worldwide as well and in fact so so big is the economic importance for russia that there's always been a lot of secrecy around the arms industry during the soviet union and even now there are several cities around the country that are actually closed cities because there is an arms manufacturing plant there and i just went on a press tour to one of those cities which is now open. and it has the kalashnikov factory in it one of the you know the world famous machine gun and on that even on that press tour we weren't actually given access to the factory and even the press representatives essentially couldn't answer any of the journalists questions kept saying no comment and sanctions seem to be a political particularly. you know sensitive topic and of course there's also
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a political significance to the arms trade as well because russia has political leverage through it for example turkey is buying surface to air missiles from russia and that has really spooked nato who are worried worried about their their ally kind of cozying up to russia bit too much so it's really important economically and politically to russia let's bring up that sensitive topic of sanctions and something that spook in the banks right now in russia how is getting around the sanctions. well in russia people say that essentially any law can be bent into the shape that you want it that's what people say here on the streets and that certainly applies to sanctions as well you just heard about the bank and that's that's just one of the things happening here since sanctions were brought in one of the main strategies that russia has used is to kind of bring production into the country from the west so they are it's very important to them
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to have this label made in russia and russia has also hit the west with counter sanctions for example when it comes to agricultural products such as cheese which a lot of the ex-pats here in russia definitely complain about me included and they want more cheese to be produced in russia now that leads to kind of absurd situations as well because they are foreign to russia's foreign partners still want to cooperate with russia so for example a french company recently brought cows into the country to produce cheap milk which was then used by those russian cheese producers so they have certainly found ways around the sanctions some cheese old people but very inventive ones as well thank you have really for your analysis. u.s. president donald trump has announced that taxes will be levied on companies from countries which imposed customs duties on u.s.
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products trump was unclear which countries would be affected by the levy but he stated that he will say more about the mutual tax this week also when else is four point four trillion dollar budget plan for the coming fiscal year and one of the half trillion dollar plan to modernize the ailing u.s. infrastructure that's a story only bunts is following for us in frank's talking about a huge cash injection here what traders saying about this all the. well it's of course the question whether it indeed will go through congress can quote troels the purse strings on the federal level but even if it does come through trump is talking about two hundred billion in federal money and the rest has to come from others one point three trillion from states local authorities perhaps private investors so in a way over ten years fred that's twenty billion dollars i think investors were looking for
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a bit more than that so it sounds like one of trump's classic real estate deals where his name's on the building but he hasn't coughed up any cash. it seems eerily so and of course the disadvantages and both cases if the project fails and if this fails then his name is on that too. the question is whether the others will come on board because the states for example an economist told me most have balanced budget obligations that is there's a limit to how much they can take on in additional spending i think many were looking for more money from washington and even if it does all get spent is one point five trillion. as some chins are based on an economy that is booming in the united states and will speed up even more and people say that's not the case we're seeing right now the strong doubts on that leaving perhaps a mountain of debt at the end serviceable of higher interest rates and today again no one likes those two words mountain and dates in the same sand it's only about
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first in frank. looking to the future and very different retail infrastructure is popping up across china to get the shopping experience or any human interaction these new stores a fully digitized. this in conspicuous structure is actually a mini market. located in a commercial district outside beijing it's fully automatic there's no staff. it's a market of the future. here customers use an app to access the store locate products and pay for them. to venture and. there are five security cameras watching the store if a customer shoplifter or tries to leave without paying the customer service center reminds them to pay. the store contains typical many market items snacks drinks and hygiene products customers come from nearby offices during
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their lunch break. each item is priced electronically purchases are completed with the payment app yes. i like shopping this way with no one watching when you find what you need then pay and go oh. bingo box in beijing is just one of several start ups developing on staff markets. it operates some two hundred stores like this one they're all running smoothly. told our theft rates are even lower than traditional supermarkets and. the loss rate is less than zero point one percent. j.d. one of china's largest online retailers also runs supermarkets without employees they have a store in the company's offices that uses biometrics once you've registered on the app it's all automatic. customers do their shopping and as they leave the facial
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recognition technology identifies them and deduct the payment from their account. in the test phase so we can't provide exact figures. but we're fairly certain that a market like this is cheaper to operate than normal supermarket. no where are people as enthusiastic about digital shopping us here in china. and online delivery services are an integral part of their lives people here accept and tolerate that the stores keep all their purchased data.
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out. drones into. the most or inspiring and the most. because the winter is. coming. this week. hijacking the news.
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it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china church people are told lives that's enough and if you're a journalist here and you try to get beyond this you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being crazy or balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. funny was boring golf and i were giving up on. climate change. waste. pollution. and isn't it time for good. eco and africa people and projects that are changing no
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one's parents for the better so just to make a difference if you could click on the magazine d w. i radi welcome to another week of euro max is a quick look at what's coming up so that. con of old trio the peasants on the.


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