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this is the deputy news coming to you live from berlin south africa in battles president speaks out jacob zuma tells state media that n.c. leaders have not given him any reason why he should resign and of course it treatment of him unfair that's in response to the him sees ultimatum to do much to step down today of face a no confidence vote. also coming up in the next sixty minutes german journalist again as you jill has been in prison in turkey for one year without the charge his
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detention has solid relations between berlin on camera not appearances this new hope for israelis. and the man known as the flying tomato and lands of the top of the podium in the winter olympics real tell you how american snowboarder shaun white unmanaged gold. glass won a foot kind event for techno lovers and children electropop ideas cropped red ribbon russian fans at the kremlin palace in moscow he got reactions from some of the lucky ticket. color a very bold welcome to you i'm. south africa's president jacob zuma is refusing to heed calls to step down despite an ultimatum from his body that he live today or
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face a vote of no confidence speaking on state television the embattled leader called moves against him by the ruling in c. party very fair have a listen. some of the leaders as they've been talking in the media and they repeated in that committee that. we don't need two centers of power and that's the most arisen because they're no two sent out of power and i have to the congress to to remember that when we used that phrase it was during the time we were coming to pull open it national conference of the a.n.c. . so that is south african president jacob zuma talking a short while ago rickly in the studio is christine who's keeping us abreast with every twist and turn and saw the african politics of the moment and the latest twists what was seeing there he was talking about these two centers of power when he succeeded back in two thousand and nine when he took over the a.n.c.
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presidency he made this argument about there now being two centers of power and that it's immediately off to make he was ousted as the party president effectively should step down as the country's president and they were reasoning and they were the reasons were for example that if you are sitting in the state house and you no longer have the backing of your party and the who is mandate all you governing the idea being the a.n.c. has deployed you to go and serve as president and now the party is recording you so there have been people in the a.n.c. arguing that the same thing applies here that the president jacob zuma no longer has the backing of his party and therefore ineffective watch to centers of power because the party is backing. and yet he is remaining in the state house and refusing to make way for of a post a to come in so he was dealing with that argument because many people have called him a hypocrite on that argument obviously the his comments come after the a.n.c. asked him to step down of face a vote of no confidence and they also outlined
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a procedure how would it work up so there is already a motion of no confidence that has been tabled by the opposition and so it was set for next week it's been moved forward at the request of the a.n.c. and we know that they'll make minor amendments to it but essentially the principle would be the same that m.p.'s would back that motion we know that with the numbers that the a.n.c. has in parliament also it's guaranteed that the opposition parties at least most of them would support it it would go through but. a teacher who is the a.n.c. secretary general went on to outline the steps that would take place after that for it is have a listen to to how he put it. by tomorrow a motion of no question this will be tabled debate that touring of the president of the republic then all of the processes kicked in. of course as says that chief dictates that if he goes through that process it is
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a government to sort of speak over to president of the constitution of out of mind to perhaps think i'm sorry if the two days but we want to do things. and they seize exene really quickly as we understand that after that that vote of no confidence that they wanted been voted in as the president as he said they they have thirty days to do so the constitution provides us that time but they want to act very swiftly and the chief will went as far as saying if the chief justice is available we want to swear in a new president immediately after the vote the party has also said that sort of also will give the state of the nation address on friday that just gives you a sense of how quickly things will move at least on the side of the a.n.c. after that first in parliament tomorrow afternoon and in fact they will come to some expectation that zuma would possibly resign today but he's shown no signs of doing that he made his long rambling statement on state television let's quickly
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take a listen to a bit of what he said and then a each out again. as an indian senior leader i was saying we need to deal with this much properly in term of in the a.n.c. as well as our relations out there and the president agree. he seems to be in so careful of denial not recognizing that you know part of his body once him out now and as quickly as possible to be duped about doing handling matters properly what is he sort of thing that prison jacob zuma is saying i don't understand why the agencies in such a hurry to push me out of office he's going as far as saying that he's done nothing wrong and he keeps asking the a.n.c. leadership why am i the last to leave and nobody can give me a good reason for that so maintaining instant innocence of some sort and saying that the leadership under sorum of course has not gone on to abide by party structures that if he had done something wrong that they should have used party
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structures to discipline him but instead they've opted for the juggler and remove me from office and that's the argument that he is making now in holding on essentially he then goes on to say that he is not going to resign voluntarily and discoursing the party to take the matter to the bottom and essentially and the party of course very keen to wrap this up very quickly friday as you said could be went south africa has a new government essentially a new president addressing the country. after after after jacob zuma and it just goes on to show that the power struggle in this party has left president jacob zuma isolated on the margins he does not have the numbers in terms of the people supporting him ysaye that at some point he had agreed with sore i'm opposed to a delayed resignation but we understand that when the took that to the rest of the party they didn't like the idea and they said go back to jacob zuma and tell him we want him to leave now christine thank you very much for bringing us the latest on the south african power struggle of haitian rita.
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binyamin netanyahu is borrowing to stay on as prime minister despite calls by the police for him to be charged with bribery the police made the recommendation at the end of long investigation they allege took money from billionaires in return for political influence they now says the allegations before loopholes the opposition says should resign. after nearly a decade in office a new i mean it's on yahoo's political future has been thrown into question almost overnight on tuesday police handed over the results of more than a year of intense investigations into the prime minister. the probe into israelis as case as one thousand and two thousand. case one thousand claims the turn yahoo and his family accepted lavish gifts from business people and rich friends champagne cigars and other items worth nearly two hundred
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thirty thousand euros in return for political favors case two thousand claims the prime minister tried to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper in order to receive more favorable coverage police recommendation was a bombshell natanya who they say should be charged with bribery fraud and breach of trust. in the hours since the conservative leader has been fighting for his political survival trying to paint the allegations as a political witch hunt. it's a biased extreme documentary full of holes like swiss cheese and doesn't hold water . on yahoo has insisted he's not going anywhere but the public pressure is growing with several protests this weekend. even longtime loyalists appear to be positioning themselves at an arm's length. and the receiving guests
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of such a wide scope for so long does not meet the expectations of the citizens of israel. i don't know if you are aware are states of law and prime minister netanyahu has a presumption of innocence. but whether he will face prosecution is now up to that tourney general that decision could drag on for months. and alison look at some of the stories making news around the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said work on a new middle east peace plan is fairly well advanced he was speaking after signing a five year age package for jordan president trump reversed decades of u.s. policy in december but he recognized drusilla as israel's capital. in new york or john centonze have a car that he need to multiple life terms in prison for planting bombs in downtown manhattan. a us citizen was captured on
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a security camera placing his bombs in september two thousand and sixteen no one was killed the thirty people were injured. flags in denmark have been lowered to half mast to mark the death of prince henry the husband of queen margarita hendrik was born a french aristocrat and often complained that he was only the prince consort in denmark rather than being called king he died in his sleep at the age of eighty three. here in germany the acting leader of the center left social democrats has been appealing to members of the party to back a coalition deal with conservatives the party rank and file start voting on the deal next week but the final result a deal with on the fourth of march if they reject the deal the country may have to go back to the post the result is far from certain as a source of democrats a disunited over the agreement. with the social
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democrats in turmoil this is the man who no has the tasca of picking up the pieces the s.p.d. is new acting leader shots. the hard part is behind us he says now it's time to look ahead. his immediate tarski's to calm the nerves of a deeply unsettled party social issues large parts of his speech today to list the s.p.d. policies the party leadership managed to push through in its coalition agreement with chancellor merkel is conservatives. addressing supporters in the southern city of those who are from he urged them to support that agreement and to build on what he called the species long tradition of approaching the future with want to make them. then that these not to miss most if we are optimistic if we give citizens a perspective that allows them to view the future we don't termism and if they bet on us as the right people to govern the country then our future as social democrats will be guaranteed and it will be a great future. by this but on the growth of the bigger not i'm going off.
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this all comes just a day after the resignation of former s.p.d. leader martin schultz whose position had become untenable after a string of strategic mistakes. breathing in a positive mood into a demoralized party is no a priority with the s.p.d.m. entire membership to to vote on the coalition deal sued. in the mean time other parties have been preying on the s.p.d. as weakness with chancellor merkel's bavarian allies the christian social union the c.s.u. leading the way. is not made up of tight revealing with a party at the moment that cannot quite decide whether it really wants to go into government the self destructive social democrats. once. the chaos of their party is such that we have to worry about whether germany will after all get
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a stable government. going to speak out. lashing out at political opponents has a long tradition on what germans call political ash wednesday we often vitriolic rhetoric doesn't usually affect the mood between future coalition partners but this year it's all happening against a backdrop of political deadlock. turning out in russia which is threatening to block access to you tube and instagram if the social media giants don't lead to damaging content about a powerful businessman corruption claims against the thai could have come to light following an investigation by opposition leader alexei navalny last month from the social media desk welcome cause it's an annex alexina valley has cost five still in russia before tell us more about what's going on this time he's done it again i mean he really made his name even before running for president as this guy that would dig into corruption in russia make these really entertaining you tube videos
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on his you tube channel this particular report though seems to be attracting even more attention then his usual reports and a secret meeting between a russian oligarch and a russian deputy prime minister this was aboard a yacht and norway in twenty sixteen evolve he says that this meeting is a clear example of crime. and also alleges that information about the twenty sixteen u.s. election was exchanged on board this boat the parties involved admit hey look this meeting took place but they deny all the other charges that video has been viewed now more almost five million times on you tube it's attracting lots of attention probably because of those explosive claims by nepali and josh on the once you tube instagram to take out that footage right russian media authority is now they're demanding that all media outlets delete photos and videos related to that meeting the deadline to act is today and it seems as if these big companies are already taking action take a look at this tweet this is coming from one of the volleys video producers she
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says she got this on monday from you tube and that says the russian communications watchdog has told you tube which is owned by google to demand that all of this stuff and the broadcast by and of all need to be taken down the final line of the letter and by abusing the tweet says if you don't delete the content google may be forced to block it meanwhile instagram which is of course owned by facebook they've already taken action the photos and videos that were taken by that escort on the boat where this whole thing comes from they're already gone they've been deleted from work out gus so what does this mean in full internet freedom in russia yeah i mean this is just the latest effort by russia in a larger crackdown and censorship of the internet but really this is kind of a new phenomenon it's interesting we were looking into this today a few years ago russians had a free and open internet and really since the big protests in two thousand and twelve the anti-government protests the largest that russia had seen since the soviet union that was what seems to have prompted russia to see the internet now as
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a threat and start cracking down they blocked websites like linked in how we keep pedia and read it and they started demanding that internet companies if you operate in russia you have to store user data within russia and presumably that means that the government that has access to people using social media particularly. many of those protesters they use social media to organize a protest they want to access that information all quite worrying of course for internet advocates so for you tube this is the biggest tool in the vollies arsenal he's been using is to expose corruption they hadn't been affected yet but it does seem now as if you tube may be taking action we'll see how that changes things now in russia and of course you keep an eye on that story for us from a social media desk thank you very much for business is coming up next. we start with some corporate news a welcome rebound for still giant corp the german industrial group has reported
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a healthy increase in operating profit which was more than a third in the in the first quarter rather thanks to a recovery in steel prices operational earnings before interest and tax came in at four hundred forty four million euros profits from its steel business which is said to be sold to india's tata steel this year have increased five fold the elevator business is also doing well it has increased its profits by three percent the management is in the process of restructuring with a stronger focus on technology. joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange really still profits looking good is it really still a good idea to be spinning the division off into a merger with tata steel europe. that seems exactly the wrong time to do it just when the steel is looking up and it's not just increased five fold as you said but it's also the second largest profit. engine in the company in this quarter and of course why sell that off but high and refusing are the c.e.o.
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is adamant he points to the long term character of the business and he says that with steel being a cyclical as it is as soon as the economy goes south steel loses proportionately more than other business activities and when you've observed the way it goes in this kind of business from materials metals steel it has been that way in the past and add to that overcapacity in the business also that is a problem and it would be reduced with a merger that's helping steel prices that is of course not the only ones being affected by these zeman the dutch a bunker also doing it what are they adding to achieve. a little bit different motives it's a very well run company with enormous profits and their spending off health in years which is their medical technology and that's really generating good profits but they're doing it because of pressure from big investors they want even more
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profits from siemens and siemens will after the i.p.o. here after it becomes public and listed still be the major shareholder so it will get a cash injection for the group plus participate in profits in the future that's the same for deutsche bank and it's asset management e.w.s. it will remain the major shareholder after an i.p.o. but it's doing it for a different motive i think it needs the money from the i.p.o. to build up its capital base the bank says itself capital base for financially stable but many others do not think so so that's a major mode of their first in fact i think you. iraq is open for business that's the message officials are pushing at an international donors conference wrapping up today in kuwait iraq is hoping to lure major investment for reconstruction in the country after years of conflict the united states has already pledged three billion dollars other investors of billions more this way still fall short of what baghdad
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is seeking and needs war against islamic state produced numerous iraqi cities to rubble it'll take a lot more money and time brings life back into the nation. rebuilding a country after decades of war doesn't come cheap iraq estimates the cost of close to ninety billion dollars q.h. the nation hosting the conference is one of many countries making financial commitments. for three days to announce the state of kuwait's commitment to support our brothers in iraq by committing a one billion dollar loan under the mechanisms of the kuwait fund for economic development. rules but it's not all about loans iraq is especially keen to attract companies to do business it's offering projects in almost every area of its economy including the energy sector siemens c.e.o. joe kayser told t w his company is rebuilding for power plants about securing the
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availability of electricity is iraq's biggest challenge at present. the conference is taking place just two months after the country declared victory over the so-called islamic state it's not the government is hoping will convince international businesses that now is the time to invest in the country's future. or visit the coming clothing and fisherman to protect the fish. to the winter olympics at kung chong day five off the games and a snowboard legend has added another gold medal to his tally jonathan crean from both says it is here to tell us all about the action welcome jonathan and the fine to bottle shaun white has done it again yes the flying tomato services but have course i'm very short of these days and has been before but here is an action now
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he was behind going into this is for a run but it really turned on the style that trysting turning back to back jumps it's just incredible to be able to do that and then this is his signature move. and see what it means to him just the relief as well. and he waits to see yes there it was time for ninety seven point seven five points out of a maximum one hundred say almost perfect not quite sure why it really is a snowboarding superstar there he does divide opinion because he put the sport into the mainstream a lot of people just wanted it to stay as a thing for show he wanted it to be about winning and boy has he won that's he said olympic medal now there were four years ago in sochi he was very disappointed he was in t. is. because he finished in fourth place but he's tell it around let's listen to what that means to him. some stand there at sochi with the winning runs in my hands i just couldn't deliver like today was a was a deja vu situation of the same thing which stand in there but i'm so proud to say
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that i've kind of like found the love of the sport again you know to my friends my family people that support me and i was able to stand up there in deliver the performance that i knew i could but congratulations to him and just in talking about medals germany is still at the top of the medals tally the latest going to coming in fact just today yesterday in the nordic combined six gold medals overall germany and this one with thanks to erik friends from the nordic combined as the name suggests it involves two different sports that involve ski jumping and cross-country skiing are friends with a bit of a monster in this event is a five time world cup winner specially strong on the skis because he was face off to the jumping part of the competition but then he really came through broke ahead of the fall break through the four ahead of him in the end it was between him and i go with a from japan but he edged ahead so he now has defended his olympic title in fact the first nordic combined skates when back to back limping titles for thirty eight years that underlines the strength of his achievement ok and disappointment full of
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the host nation and then we also saw the underbelly of something unpleasant as a result of that what happened in the women's five hundred meter short track final was a very dramatic event we'd only seen brits in this at least kristie crash out like she did four years ago but then that kind of sets up a really really tense phonology between italy's arianna from time to. time having we can see those pictures now you know we can it was actually a photo finish just look how close it was twenty two centimeters raising them but then unfortunately for the korean choice she was disqualified and not because of this judge has ruled this to be interference the main beneficiary of that was kind of just time she'd been out of the matter who since then she was promotes it's a problem. but the. thing about this story is because the disqualification she's been receiving a lot of abuse online from korea and supports even death threats now what i see is
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spoken out against this today as everyone should enter into the spirit of the olympics obviously not something we want to be saying yeah absolutely we don't look positive note the swiss team is that has been going viral but not for their performances on the slopes not on the slopes some of the athletes competing important look at this and think actually that looks like fun so we might see it in future when for the big games but this is. a swiss freestyle skier and he's been taking those free starting skills to the escalates and the athletes actually have a lot of time to kill in between events they get bored and i guess this is the result but his coaches probably were panicking watching him do this and then later on he was joined by a teammate units from sick after a bit of improvised. cool runnings on instagram i used the line you don't see this with team carrying on well they are carrying on the videos of have half a million views between them but i guess we should say trying to. thank you very
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much. you know what he did i mean you still to come did he has promised there will be developments in the case of the german journalist a dentist in your child who has been imprisoned in istanbul for a year without charge. and the german electro pop pioneers to crop tobacco auto in the footsteps of artists such as lennon's gone and with these used to playing live at the kremlin collison moscow we take you inside the sold out concert . with. me. and don't forget you can always good deed of reviews on the go just download the app from google play over the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and of course you can or with use the ads to send us photos and videos which you think might be interesting for us. more news coming up for you shortly do stay
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with the daily news coming to you live from berlin. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself the u.s. president loves to ridicule him. but his new subtext song calls for a long. him all news testing the world's patience. but you're starting to see all his wealth and. all story and listen to what this kid enjoy moon want. me. to believe. and why. venture. the trip by airplane. seventeen thousand kilometer six weeks
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breathtaking landscapes. forget a. touch of. search. starting february twenty seventh. discovers. the pain. the suffering for god. for cities edged by. a house of cards but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something. in peace time to warn the people making it possible
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what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. darkness cities after war starting march turns on t w. this is news coming to live from berlin i'm great to have your company our top story south africa's ruling in sea of bodies says president jacob zuma been faced a no confidence vote in parliament on plans day if he fails to resign today zuma said the a.n.c. has not given him any kill reasons for why he should resign and call their treatment of him unfair. it was exactly one year ago today that german journalist denis your chin was jailed by turkish authorities they accused him of terrorism an espionage charges but in says a politically motivated the german government is renewing calls for your just
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release. now it seems there is new hope the turkish prime minister has indicated there might be some movement on you jet skis so on the case has been weighing heavily on german turkish relations. his colleagues in berlin are not giving up. as they've been campaigning for dentistry just released since he was imprisoned a year ago the hash tag free dan is in place and on the roof of his newspaper's offices. future as seen here on a talk show shortly before his arrest because according to turkish authorities he's been held on suspicion of producing terrorist propaganda and incitement to hatred but no charges have been brought and so far no court proceedings he just spent months in solitary confinement and has only recently been moved to a normal cell. the relationship between berlin and ankara has been tense for some time and is huge as imprisonment is
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a big point of contention between the two countries. to free a terrorist agent supposedly journalist who was hiding in a german consulate for months i told her we have a justice system and he'll be put on trial and won't be released before that. germany has managed to gain consular access to you but insists that detaining him without charge is a human rights violation. let us make no mistake it is not in accordance with rule of law if an executive in this case turk is executive pre-judge as an individual as has publicly done to dennis you jel in his. tennis you jill is one of dozens of journalists currently being held in turkish prisons. reporters without borders run turkey one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty korea's closest friends she also is the publisher of
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a book that you wrote in jail in turkey which was released today welcome doris we don't we could rattle asians of the publication of your book we talk about that shortly but first i want to ask you but that is. what kind of conditions is he living in prison well actually he lives in the same kind of conditions since one year they didn't change he's in solitary confinement there is no indictment and it changed a little bit because in beginning of december he was moved to another cell and now he shares a yard with another prisoner so in the day he can speak with somebody and how is equal playing with this imprisonment one year now without any indictment without any trial well actually i don't know it because i can't speak to him like and write him he has no internet i just know what the lawyers and his wife is telling me that he's ok concerning his conditions. one day he's got one day he's not like normal people are but as far as i know he's ok ok now in fact there is some hope on
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a case which has read on german turkish relations the turkish prime minister. is visiting a bill in tomorrow and he'll be holding talks with chancellor angela merkel gave a sign of some optimism and this is what he said he gave an interview before that visit to berlin and he said i have hope that you childred be freed soon i am confident that there will be a development soon now is to have do you have any idea of what good you really mean by that development no i have no idea or actually hopeful what are you hoping well i hope it is right and that there will be some development because we are waiting for that one years so i hope this message is some truth right so you don't know and you're hoping for the best and let's also take a look at how the german government is responding to all of this and we have a statement from a spokesman of the german chancellor let's take
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a listen to what he said. you know i mean i think fairly there are several cases where sometimes because of the pressure we applied there were positive outcomes and the prisoners were released but. this is not the case with an easy. there hasn't even been an arraignment. and it is a sad situation that we confront a new each week trying to solve it through german diplomacy and german politics you devote. and that was the spokesman of german chancellor angela merkel saying do you share his view that actually the german government is used all diplomatic avenues use all its powers to get your release well actually i can't answer this because i don't know what they did. mostly i think it's diplomatic and we don't know what they spoke about in the behind closed doors i hope that they did
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everything they could ok so now let's talk about the book which is just been released i mean this is the book that you have with you tell us more about this book well the book is a collection of texts written by dennis in jail in the last thirteen years so it's not just about turkey. it's collection of columns funny text is about literature about german society days apart with his texts which were published when he was an active correspondent in turkey and then days apart. by with texts he wrote inside prison which were published three one published by did that by his newspaper and one new takes you wrote for the book and what struck you most about his writings when you brought out this book well actually i know his texts because i know him for a long time a lot of these takes i had forgotten but he was the one remembering and telling me after two months we spoke about the book through the lawyers he said there is
3:37 pm
another takes he has a very good memory he's a very humorous person he's very humorous writer so even in the new text your old which is a very good one a very nice one describing the situation when he was at the police station and he has still this humor and he still writes with this you say like an easy hand in german. but he is in prison and he still writes like that so i'm very happy that the still the author he was like the before he came to the prison sentence has not broken his spirit is what he was saying what is. mean to him do you think to be able to kind of have this book published even though he's in prison very very much it was his wish to do that i was a little bit skeptic because i knew it would be very much work for me. if you wish because i knew it would make him proud it would make bring a lot of fun to him and i think he's very proud that he did that during a journalist and a friend of dennis thank you very much for talking to us thank you for having.
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me. europe has entered the race to clinch a lucrative rail contract in one of southeast asia's busiest corners the three hundred fifty kilometer long high speed line will connect the malaysian capital kuala lumpur with the island state of singapore the trip takes up to five hours by car the train would cut travel time to just ninety minutes one and a half hours pretty amazing stuff companies from china and japan will be bidding for the project and a new powerful european consortium formed by french company alston and germany's siemens as part of with a malaysian firm to place a bid there also partnering up with an italian and austrian firm they're hoping to combine european technology with the best local experts let's bring in our local expert andrea hang in singapore who stands the best chance of winning this one
3:39 pm
that's the answer that everyone wants know the. idea of the to the question it's really quite early to speculate been on one hand going to bed with a malaysian company will help the consortium boost its bid on the other hand it'll it'll test both singapore and malaysia relations with china who has muscled in really early against japan so it's and i'm enviable spot to be in just how lucrative would the contract be considering the challenges of connecting an island state. well the connection between singapore and malaysia and the malaysian capital of kuala lumpur is meant to foster greater economic synergy between the two countries the two need was. allegedly on malaysia's this is falling in line with the country's economic development plan to be ranked as the top twenty city in terms of economic growth and of ability by the year twenty twenty which is not
3:40 pm
very far away you think about it so it is a long term investment on both fought on the part of both countries ok a long term investment for the countries but what about the companies bidding is what's in it for them or a lot of it has to do with the mind between for the two countries already as it is a lot of malaysians come to singapore even on a daily basis seeking employment they have jobs here in singapore and it's also on not uncommon to see singaporeans hopping across the causeway to johor bahru which is just right across the river on the straits of johore so the demand is there going to drive the project and certainly the shortened travel time is going to be very beneficial facto for citizens of both countries ok so both countries obviously willing to fork out quite a lot of cash for this one for us in singapore thank you. so much of asia is about
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to shut down for several days for traditional new year celebrations as the year of the dog begins for a chaotic scenes as millions of people make their way home but not before spending a lot of money on gifts. to test marketing had always old city is awash in red and gold the colors of the tent or new year's festival red is for luck and gold for wealth in the new year for retailers it's the most important shopping season as people buy gifts for their loved ones and decorations for their homes to welcome the year of the dog. it's also high season for the city's florists. we have a peach flower branches and cumquat trees to bring a warm and joyful atmosphere to our homes during tet that d.n.a. that they teach is when trees bud and flowers bloom and it's the time for families to come together to celebrate and welcome a new year. now. the law. in
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china two people have been on the move for days millions of migrant workers in shanghai scramble to find a train seat those who haven't bought a ticket aren't going anywhere the huge crowds are the least of those worries he faces a thousand five hundred kilometer journey to see his family. so i'm headed back home. i hope my whole family can be together. i'd like to eat dinner with them it's a sense of relief for me it's only a short reunion but it feels perfect but it's only. after the big shopping spree comes the quiet the festival last almost a week in china vietnam singapore taiwan and many other countries. for some it's a dream for others hosh every day reality the life of a fisherman on the baltic sea not only do they have to brace rough when stormy seas
3:43 pm
to bring in their catch a special app monitors their every move not to protect the fisherman but the caught during the breeding season. a blustering southwesterly wind here on the island of food means any low tide fishing is the question today from now before the fishermen even step aboard they're both they have to activate their new movie up it registers every net put out to sea to make sure they don't fish deeper than twenty meters and to start the car during the two month breeding season for the fisherman it's a step too far. we work with nature every day we know how deep we can fish there's no risk that a couple of fisherman are going to endanger the cod population. if. the new scheme also means that every fisherman must have a smartphone the first few tests have highlighted some teething problems. if you
3:44 pm
don't have any internet then the op turns itself off which means you have to write in the log book how can you manage to do that in time when you're busy out on deck . the federal agriculture agencies say they created the op to make the fishermans lives easier the fishermen say they'd have preferred to be paid a bonus to stop fishing during the breeding season. black. but some of the why is that the answer is no one knows the migration habits of many species remains a mystery but a new project developed in germany and russia hopes to change that known as a crystal track birds flying around the world from an even higher point in space. blast off from baikonur
3:45 pm
a russian soyuz rocket leaves the cosmodrome carrying the final pocket maker us scientists behind the animal tracking system can hardly believe this day has finally arrived. isn't talking we've been working towards this for the last sixteen years the antennas in orbit and a chorus is off the ground if a work can start it's unbelievable. among the first animals they'll be tracking a blackbird's they each have to be fitted with a tag which is quite large but it won't hinder the birds movement. to cuss funny tech to tag is bigger than the transmitters we've been using in the past they are not but that's because it contains the newest generation of technology. and has. the tags picked up by this antenna module it's now in orbit and this august astronauts will attach it to the outside of the international space station
3:46 pm
that will allow tracking to begin when the i.s.a.'s moves over time to animals that transmitters activated if the antenna isn't the right position it can receive g.p.s. on movement data from each animal several times a day. icarus can monitor millions of times virtually anywhere around the world cross the animal's anti-life span that's never been possible before besides like birds scientists will also be following the migration patterns of flying foxes and bats the tags only weigh five grams so they can be fit it's a small animals eventually researchers hope they'll become tiny enough to attach to be. a hit instantly when icarus is finally up and running it will be a breakthrough because we'll be able to collect data global. round the clock the
3:47 pm
won't be any blind spots where we lose information into let's hold the coleman. the only colleges hope to discover whether migration is genetically driven and how it's affected by changes in the environment. to track more than fifteen million animals a treasure trove of data but could help crunch some of migrations mysteries. tuesday night in moscow the kremlin was booming with the sounds of. the election. the most influential german bands ever which is quite a statement of hempstead to disc a city less more welcome than a lot of the romance and you know every time prophet performs it's a real event isn't it it absolutely is and it's so interesting this time it was even more so because the last time they played in moscow in russia at all was in
3:48 pm
two thousand and four so everybody was after tickets for this one and it was sold out months in advance and our reporter was there so let's have a quick look and get impression of a concert. performing in the great hall of the state kremlin palace here where the communist party once held its congresses the german electronic band warned of the dangers of atomic weapons and energy in front of six thousand russian fans. this stage show was minimalistic with the only movement coming from the three d. images projected behind the musicians. in the field or communicate with the audience the way rock musicians do for instance when they toss their drumsticks into the audience so young things like can you hear me with coffee back everything is a monologue after. but that's all part of the craft that concert experience captured on their live album three d.
3:49 pm
the catalog which just won a grammy award. yet the worst of i don't believe that winning a grammy means very much to crack of course it's not bad to win an award like that but that sort of thing is no longer very important to them. and the grammy awards. the band's references to state sponsored surveillance seem to resonate with the russian fans. they left the concert. positive reactions. to the three d. show and the quality of the music were great we don't regret it coming. it's great that the guys made it here again. to the computer beatles it was such a great event will probably never play here again so it was wonderful to be here. have left their fans in moscow hoping it won't be another fourteen years before
3:50 pm
they come back. to pick up on that grammy award that they won just last month. for the best electro album and that you know really i think underscores their relevance today. they also got the grammy award already back in two thousand and fourteen for their lifetime achievement with the jury noting at that time already just sort of how ahead of their time they were so it's interesting that he said they're bigger than the grammys that i think those are those are really important that they that they took place so late so tell us. why are they considered so incredibly influential in the music for one of the fans they're just described them as the computer beatles and that's interesting because a lot of critics are very much in agreement that there are very few bands apart from the beatles and who actually had such an incredible influence in terms of how they determined what came after them without work you wouldn't have had any you wouldn't have any post-punk you would have had a new wave no wave no house or techno one of the elements of hip hop even as we
3:51 pm
know them wouldn't even exist today. they were absolutely essential to a lot of groups experimental groups for instance like the yellow magic orchestra from japan and for a lot of what developed in disco the detroit techno scene as well so let's perhaps just have a quick listen to their signature sound. interesting
3:52 pm
you can hear there i know. there are so many things there that were really original first of all the complete absence of classical instruments it's all electric the other. thing is that their song structures were not following the traditional rules and certainly not the rules of radio the introduction of german lyrics into music you know these were all things that were really new at the time so it's almost as if the further we go in time the further back their music goes in the past the clearer it becomes just exactly how are they were is it what do you think about the fact that they were using robots in the early seventy's absolutely and i mean it's so funny that they were they were very much pushing ahead with this concept of the merging of man and machine and what could be more relevant today with all of the focus that we have on artificial intelligence and that's one of the reasons that the recent news even tour that they did is so interesting because it really brought the purity of their sound and their images into relief so that was a a tour that they did that three d. catalog album that just won the grammy actually came together from that extended
3:53 pm
tour which was from two thousand and twelve until twenty sixteen and they performed a series of gigs in some of the world's leading museums we could have a look there in concert halls for instance the moma in new york the teak modern in london the guggenheim in bilbao there also did the sydney opera house and here in berlin they performed eight gigs in a row in the national gallery and now that tour was very. it's like creating and curating their own massive retrospective sort of allowed them to transcend the realm of pop music and just become very much artists but people think of what they were doing and stuff i as you know i mean that music thank you very much cut i think to see that in the summer here on european tour and it would take you very much for coming in and being off work's music's into us to use emotion. and many thoughts of the world people are celebrating valentine's day red roses a common symbol of love hearts and in some francisco special heart shaped
3:54 pm
valentine's are also helping with matchmaking in the animal kingdom take a look. valentine's day for the penguins at the kind of academy of sciences. well it's become a tradition that would hand out some hearts to the birds we used to hand out construction paper hearts but they were a little messy he found some fabulous nesting material we also found it in red and they got the mounds of little hearts and the birds actually use them in their natural male buds off for the felt time outs to the females one pad did indeed get together and produce two eggs but the course of true love never did run smooth. unfortunately they haven't been very careful with their eggs in the past so the biologist decided to step in we kept them on artificial legs and we incubated their
3:55 pm
eggs they were both fertile it was great. both chicks and now doing well the nesting program is part of a species survival plan for the endangered african penguin for the scientists as well as the birds it's a project which is especially close to their hearts. but if you do celebrate valentine's day happy valentine's day to you here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you and new south africa's ruling a.n.c. party says president jacob zuma already faced a no confidence vote and father went on as dates if you fears to resign today speaking on state television as zuma said d.n.c. hasn't given him any reasons as to why he should resign and called their treatment of him on fast. food again we'll have the news for you in a few minutes from now thank you very much for the company of a. rocket
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man is on a suicide mission for him so. the u.s. president loves to ridicule him. but in the sunshine some polls for a long. him show no news testing. the world's patience. but you're still dangerous all his weapons. most curious the system will move one can enjoy moon walk. in it's own teetotal. when the government declares war on freedom of the press what can be done about. journalists an easy chair has been in a turkish prison for. his german colleagues are fighting for his release. politicians house now the european court of justice has taken
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a piece tanks. and the threats of journalistic freedom. today on. earth a home worth saving googling to tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action. on t.w. . we make up over three quarters of a fifth and that's because of. the civil service and. the want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join the youngsters as they share their stories their dreams. the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge. he created the milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution.
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it underwent bankruptcy and restructuring. but it's still turning out films today. germany's biggest and oldest film company. most cinematic history from the german empire to the present. the pioneers the visionary and the businessman. one hundred kias open starting february eighteenth.
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this is day eight of us live from berlin the high drama in south africa as president zuma defies an order by his party to resign he says he's being victimized the a.n.c. he says he was go by the end of the day or they will take it to parliament also on the program. the german journalist at that issue joe has been held at a turkish prison for a year and still has not been charged is due to.


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