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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CET

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now with that our innovations magazine for a show of every week and always looking to the future on p.w. dot com science and research for. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h. o. . this week on global three thousand we ask what she means to be poor in a rich country in a single night in two thousand and seventeen there were more than half a million homeless people in the u.s.
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has to come to this if you only work hard enough and are willing to keep learning you can achieve anything so says the american dream. in two thousand and fourteen the average income in the states was sixty six thousand one hundred dollars which sounds quite high but if you look a little closer for half of the country's adults so around one hundred seventeen million people that figure was actually just sixteen thousand six hundred dollars a year and that income has barely income rise dramatically. they sleep in tents if they can afford one that is. there are already some fifty eight thousand homeless people in los angeles county and that number is rising. the extent of the crisis is most apparent in downtown l.a. thank you for being in love inside of aids. every single one of us at last read
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that today god love conquers oh no we appreciate you father we love you and see how we now think it may lead to. this christians and geo distributes food some of the homeless receive state aid and food stamps but it doesn't get them very far. irwin lives on thirty dollars a month he's originally from chicago but came to l.a. for the warm winters you know i just hope that they start having temporary jobs so we could at least get data labor you know right so we can have money to you know do our hygiene things maybe try to get in touch with our families you know further north in hollywood summer has set up a camp on a side street the thirty three year old left utah to try her luck in california. but now all she owns is a bicycle in a few other things she's been living on the streets for a year and
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a half. things that i've come. to town talk to. a lot of people are cool. and a lot of people that live on the news and. you know they're great people like i really learned a lot. and. it's not it's not the safest. summer was able to get by for a while with a waitressing job but when she lost it she had to move out of her apartment that's not an uncommon situation for many here l.a. is expensive an average seventy square meter apartment in hollywood costs over two thousand dollars a month. rising rents are actually making the city more attractive says brian fold. the businessman leases offices and apartments in hollywood.
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he's seen more and more entertainment companies move into the area in recent years . but also complains that the homeless make his customers nervous. they don't feel comfortable going out on the street to do their business or go out to lunch or to go shopping and so forth so we're getting a lot of pushback from businesses and people that are. that have opted to move into the area feeling that maybe they made a mistake and maybe they need to make a change in the l.a. homeless services authority provides shelters and other housing services for the city's homeless but it faces an uphill battle the authorities communications director says that's down to a lack of political will. there's just not enough of housing there are people who
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are on the lower end of the economic socio economic scale and in some cases have no assets whatsoever kids can access and unfortunately it's over while the rest other aspects of the system and shelter in particular and rapid real housing. we visit the midnight mission in downtown los angeles. there are programs purchased and dining hall so people that leave your very program leave the organization has been around for a century providing meals shelters and rehab programs for the homeless manager joey weiner believes that every person who lives on the streets should get help tailored to their individual needs. housing is definitely very important that's top of the list of course but taking somebody off the street and just putting them in housing . i don't think it's necessarily the answer with ours having some kind of treatment
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. to bring them to being able to be a productive member of society. she's grown all too familiar with life on the streets of hollywood. now some are from utah no longer believes anyone really cares what happens to her. once you're down the system keeps you down and they don't want they say they want to help you. but they really didn't think they want to. keep you out of their way i mean the cops told me yesterday they were like. we hate you we hate you guys being like out here like this and seen this on our street and i'm going to do something about it. the police regularly a victim homeless woman from her makeshift home writing her a ticket for setting up a tent on the street so far she hasn't been able to find an emergency shelter.
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the glittering lights of hollywood don't promise hope or help for people like summer nights on the street are fraught with danger. for the homeless life in the city of angels is a daily struggle just to survive. two thousand and seventeen was a good year for the world's super rich according to forbes magazine their combined wealth totaled seven point six seven trillion dollars that's almost twice germany's g.d.p. . right now jeff basis the founder of online shopping retailer amazon is the world's richest man and that's thanks partly to the stock markets basis own sixteen percent of amazon shares and their value is skyrocketing in the first days of this year his estimated wealth increased by six billion dollars billion as simply work harder than the rest of us. work hard they don't wait for others to give them
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something from us they get busy themselves that's why the rich keep getting richer even. if you believe the statistics shown on this so-called wealth clock private wealth is increasing by one billion euros a day net in germany alone that sounds. even more abstract than this time piece the purpose of which is less to tell the time the to let the wearer flash their wealth. but is it really true that the rich are getting richer it's not something rich people like to talk about but someone who manages their wealth ought to know i find an asset manager in the heart of berlin. i figure the job of an asset manager is to increase their clients' wells noir house soon puts me straight on that his main task is to preserve his client's wealth ok but are the rich getting richer this list says yes. since so far as wealthy people have access to
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better asset management solutions and services and get more professional advice than most offices. that lays the foundation for building up wealth on the assets side of the balance sheet i think it's a high for members of points of the cult. building up wealth so that's what you call it when the rich get richer but the suitcase full of money is outdated both these days looks different trying to visiting any major car show luxury cars are getting faster more like serious and ever more expensive and yet their sales are increasing worldwide you could buy one for two million euro which great news for car dealers as conspicuous spending has been frowned upon but it's very resilient new markets riping up and people seem to have the afterthoughts keep buying bigger more expensive cars. so on the positive side there are at least seem to be more and more rich people getting richer how do researchers explain this huge increase in
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the personal wealth of an ever growing elite while this in let's say there's been a series of political decisions over recent decades regarding taxation and huge benefits for the wealthy. i think that's the main factor and we're not just talking about individual income tax but also a corporation tax that puts far less of a burden on companies in mice and in most industrialized countries that's led to a significant increase of income and wealth at the very top going to christine ist . the makers of luxury goods have to come up with ever wackier ideas to get their hands on customers dollars to multi-millionaires who had originally agreed to an interview changed their minds when they heard precisely what it was about but a third thomas reading was still willing to talk to me. he donated half his inheritance to a foundation that aims to end wealth disparity my first question what do you do
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with a billion euros. is a vice no does this all i know is that it's far beyond what any human being regardless of who they are can ever need or use and the hope of all kind. of evening describes his own lifestyle is modest he works as a literary agent and is just glad that he and his family don't have to worry about their old age he sees tax evasion by the super rich as a key factor in global poverty. doesn't isn't this we're talking about the vast sums of money as a limiting that would free up money for the common good that would be a start in what is. the doing would also like to see higher rates of inheritance tax but many big corporate dynasties claim that would ruin the. market it's a measure but when it comes to inheritance tax in germany i've been told by
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a well known corporate attorneys who work for these companies. and inheritance tax of fifteen percent would be no problem at all for any of these corporations seem fairly close to for coffee and they have a. so if you win here at one hundred billion euros you pay fifteen billion into public coffers but what goes on in the heads of the super rich don't they eventually lose their appetite for status symbols and at what stage can they even be classed as rich i just went down when you're rich when you can finance your lifestyle and expenditure through income from your assets even after all taxes fees and inflationary adjustments for income then you're genuinely rich wells not in france who is also done this with. so how much do you really need to finance your lifestyle ten thousand a month perhaps or maybe a million. much wealth is inherited which of
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course helps to keep the rich rich. but most about social mobility in wealthy countries. destined to remain poor. we had now to britain where the social divide from birth on words is becoming ever wider concerns about debt mean that families often struggle to get their children the education they hold them out of poverty. it's seven thirty time to get ready for school. but in the sulphide household in northern england it's no easy feat sloane was broken her big family live on around two hundred pounds almost two hundred eighty dollars per week that's all they have to build some food but at least their rent is covered . it's crazy. that school.
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really. is not even twenty years from. sloan's children go to four different schools the family lives only on state welfare benefits and so having a car is out of the question. sloan's partner kevin has provided some relief he's currently after the job. still sloan has faced worse. but my ex-husband left. with six children. all god without food i would live on toast and coffee so my kids can have the beans all. sloans experience is not unique almost a third of all children in this area live in poverty that means their household
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income is less than sixty percent of the annual british median income over the past five years the number of people living in poverty in the u.k. has risen children's charities say that increasing living costs and cuts in state benefits have left many families without sufficient support sloan's children have become used to doing without. and i know sometimes i'd rather have my own men like me as rounded by them just not all the time. but the lack of privacy is just a small problem. sacramento's when his father left and his mum was forced to go to a food bank. and kleffel is going to have to live on the mission. so that she is now used to it so no one. some people can just stick their kids into
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private schools cause they can afford. all the low income we just we get by simple as that we get bombarded with. we build resilience. learn hasn't built that resilience alone her neighbors have also been there for her . every week they come together to talk about their problems it helps them deal with the realities of poverty. poverty by definition is isolation it is the. stripping or way of a person's ability to join into a society. that can be. in
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a very physical way in that people can't join in and participate in life in the ways that they would like or they need to. but also there isn't that there is a shame in gendered by poverty which people can self isolate know in these people got my back of the east it's a sense security is separate sets of belonging. yeah that's the sense of belonging. sloan also volunteers at a food bank. brian langdon has come to pick up some basic supplies delays to benefit payments and changes to the u.k.'s benefit system have seen a rise in referrals to food banks according to antipoverty charity the trussell trust. at this food bank numbers have gone up. just not
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enough in the hours after paying rent and electric and all your bills. virgina go out and he looked at all not all mama. basic. but if i go so far. in the situation i've had nothing i want to know can make a difference and make people feel welcomed. with a little help from kevin sloan is trying to give her children a structured upbringing. faith eat dinner together every day at five o'clock. and there are such bad times and the gulf war children is. not to be. going to be happy and. get stronger.
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and at the same time she knows it will be hard for her children to break out of a cycle that's trapped so many in britain. owns the nation's agricultural areas profits from them across the globe transnational companies and foreign governments are busy leasing or even buying up such land yet over one point five billion people depend on the land that they and their families have been cultivating for generations reporter catch here do know went to peru and witnessed the effect such conflicts can have on local people. come to. an area in cyprus amazon rain forest this been badly hit by deforestation . is on his way to visit an indigenous community they can only be reached by boat. heads up the federation of native communities in this part of peru he grew up in
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a village here but he doesn't come back often as it's become too dangerous. to do a lot of death threats. left a message in my house saying your proposed their activities again better not see me in the village. i believe i'm in great danger. he opposes the large scale deforestation in his region and that has earned him some powerful enemies he never comes here alone this time he is with staff from the organization. the peruvian transparency international they visit santa clara. residents here have come under pressure from companies looking to set up cocoa palm oil plantations. a village chief calls everyone to a meeting to discuss the latest developments they're taking legal action to try to stop new palm oil plantations opening nearby. we never thought that we would have
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such problems with transnational companies. on the other side of the river large areas of forest rubble ready stripped placed with oil. palm's no one has access to the area we couldn't even film with a drone as soon as we got near the plantation the signal was disrupted village life has changed in the past residents live from fishing and hunting now all the large animals have disappeared and there are a few of birds too instead they've had an invasion of mosquitoes more than ever before their traditional way of life has become impossible. we live from the land from hunting fishing and from the resources that the jungle has to offer. people without land just doesn't make any sense. now the village wants to have twenty thousand hectares turned into legally protected territory but the initiative has been death threats the danger is very
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real just a few months ago six farmers were found shot to death so far no one has been held accountable for their murders. but how do these large corporations get their hands on thousands of hectares of land seemingly overnight the anticorruption group poetica has examined the land deals and documented their findings. now staff and where together have come to inform local residents. are going to be seen we wanted to highlight one thing namely the connection between deforestation the illegal trade in land and corruption among local officials. there have long been rumors about this but there wasn't enough evidence to be able to say definitively yes it's true. they gathered all the available documents and carried out numerous interviews many of the deals reached in this region are
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linked to check on japan. he is now being investigated by state prosecutors the mega group companies have stripped thirteen thousand hectares of rain forest to make way for palm oil and cocoa plantations they were helped by corrupt local politicians who invalidated existing land rights effectively taking the land from its owners. we've come to culpepper the capital of the region where we're meeting two farmers they agreed to speak to us in the protected environment of a hotel in two thousand and fourteen regional authorities appropriated their land and. now there are oil palms growing on it and. when i went to the police about it there was suddenly an attack they were trying to kill me. despite the intimidation tactics the legal proceedings are continuing the authorities have visited the land but there's been no progress the farmers are now hoping for outside help.
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in the restore hoping that things will improve. international organizations will get involved. in the. conservation groups who will be able to do something. with. me so that the farmers have lost faith in their own state and local government. is heading to the regional director's office which is responsible for awarding land rights police are following up on over one hundred complaints against the official the atmosphere is tense the director has been tired conversation recorded he insists that he has stayed within the law. i always say this is a statement of faith because i'm a christian only the truth will set me free nothing else. addresses the demands of the indigenous people for more land the director says there are enough protected areas and the remaining land needs to be turned to
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profit. when you say these areas are poor that's clearly contradicting your argument that yes they are poor that's why we need to find new ways of developing them. but the money made by the palm oil plantations does not benefit local indigenous communities back to santa clara. village elders tell us that a few hours after we left men were sent out to patrol the edge of the village yet another form of intimidation local residents will need to keep up their fight if they as reserves. the way of life in future. the book.
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the book. prosperity optimism that's the power of global trite global three thousand. by d.h.l. . the be. the big. boobs. the book the book the be. the book. the book. the be
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the be. the be. i am a huge chase the darkness away. how do you back in the spring the butcher the carnival in the sublime or here hundreds of thousands follow the fragrance of flowers abandon lose themselves in the magic. coming join in. the romance in thirty minutes on the douglas. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special on dot com.
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football made in germany. we make up over three quarters of profit that found out that if we ought the civil service or . the want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform of africa that's. dangerous and while. hungry. venture of china. the trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks breathtaking landscapes. unforgettable experience
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a. touching story of seventeen lovers through canada starting february twenty seventh think of. this as a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. as teacher is beating a boy for talking back in class. for the rest of the class watches. first being killed by his mother. breaking up laps. a child sleeps in. streets because your family through. here. online. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it doesn't there make the invisible visible as might violence against
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children as. media reports say kurdish forces have reached an agreement with syria to help repel a turkish offensive in the african region syrian television reports troops could enter the area within hours turkey had launched an offensive across its border into syria targeting what it sees as terrorist elements. the premier of the tiny german states are solid and has been announced the new secretary general of chancellor agama calls christian democrats its.


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