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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from bergland the killing hits a new peak in syria independent monitors say that more than two hundred and fifty people have been killed in the damascus suburb of eastern since sunday it's under bombardment by syrian government forces. also coming up germany's armed forces are just not good enough a parliamentary report says that there are too few troops and that they lack the quickmatch that they need to put up a fight. and the giant flooded cavern in mexico that is proving
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a treasure trove for scientists and archaeologists it contains remains and artifacts going back ten thousand years. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program we begin in syria in the rebel held damascus in the rebel held suburb of damascus known as eastern gupta it's been under bombardment by syrian government forces and independent monitors now say that more than two hundred fifty people have been killed there since sunday the u.n. is warning that eastern ghouta could become a second aleppo. in the bombed out caucus of eastern goods these are the lucky ones terrified shaking up the stair walking. first
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responders ushered them to safety as an air raid siren underlines the arjan seen as the escape yet. the government's four year long aerial siege of the rebel held in place has intensified in recent days. with hundreds killed and injured and to national observers say it marks a new epoch of violence. we are witnessing some of the worst fighting of the entire conflict and the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure including medical facilities. joyce received reports of attacks on five hospitals in eastern go into and it's working to verify these reports and the casualties. syrian opposition leader begged for an international response saying the atrocities a moment or two
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a war crime. this the boy these children had been killed just a bit is the old. because of the bombing of the sea the regime on the other militias. their forces they are claiming that these are terrorists the these are children and go to jail for a few years the other the bloodshed is so relentless here unicef issued a blank statement in response to the u.n. agency for children said words couldn't describe the suffering. which is lead to numbers to tell the story of this devastation but even monitoring groups can barely keep up with the daily death toll here. and elsewhere in syria government backed troops have entered a free and a kurdish enclave in the north of the country raising the specter of
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a deadly confrontation with turkey columns of fighters were seen moving into the city as turkey prepared to lay siege turkey has now confirmed reports that its military shelby area immediately in response the turkish president said that the government backed fighters have now been pushed back the region is controlled by kurdish forces and turkey considers them terrorists. and let's get you the latest on these developments the syrian pro-government fighters and touring kurdish held afraid and possibly having retreated again as you can see our correspondent dorian jones is standing by now with the latest from istanbul and dorian what are you hearing. well yes you're right the turkish president type one says the ship to very successfully repelled these column of syrian government fighters from entering for in to support the syrian kurdish militia the president said that in his mind the matter is closed saying that these these militias were
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only acting on their own initiative rather than orders from damascus but despite these claims from our own current images on social media appear to show that some if not all of these fighters have successfully arrived in the main city of afferent were joined by syrian kurdish fighters weaver recordings of them shouting we will defeat the turkish autumn and invaders so it does appear at least some of these forces have successfully entered the syrian city of our for in and joined up with syrian kurdish fighters and we know their motivation behind the turks they do not want this autonomous kurdish region forming along their border there but what is the strategy behind damascus sending these militia into the area. well i think that that's the mask is concerned by this turkish military operation there have been initial hopes from their part that this would be a very small scale operation clearing out the border zone in syria and possibly
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creating a border zone there and that would be the end of it but the message from own career is that this operation is getting increasingly expanding operation with a message to after they claim that they have taken over this syrian enclave of our friend they will expand it to other parts of northern syria so there is a law and damascus but this operation could be far greater than what they expected and also there is awareness that they feel that when turkey does militarily intervene in its neighbors affairs it very seldom leaves certainly not in the short term so this is fear that turkey would have a long term presence in syria which would be a further destabilizing factor and a possible threat to the syrian regime so i think that they do want to stop this operation and push it back if possible. turkish president recha type of one we mentioned hitting the airwaves there basically saying that the pro-government convoy has turned back after turkish has the file been closed as he says or was he simply saving face here. well i think that this is an
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embarrassment for president heard one because he's been delivering a speech to his parliament ariens earlier on shoes the way he was saying that he's for successful diplomacy and speaking with these russian and iranian counterparts the threat of some damascus back forces entering africa have been removed now he's facing a humiliating prospect of that is not the case and i think the other will be very keen to downplay this because it will lead to growing fears that this operation that turkey is involved in is running the risk of expanding to a possible confrontation with damascus we've already seen some heavy falls on the financial markets and there will be concerns within the country that is operation could be getting out of control and he will be aware that it will be facing pressure from moscow in particular because moscow is not only supporting the a third regime but also looking for in its efforts in the syrian civil war the prospect of our own crowd and the mask is facing off it's a nightmare scenario for moscow and they will be doing all they can to diffuse these rising tensions it's a web of alliances and it has the potential to become very complicated very quickly
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and dorian jones there in istanbul thank you so much for putting it all into perspective for us let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the head of oxfam has apologized for the aid organization handling of a sex scandal marketed goldring was responding to the accusations oxfam covered up allegations of sexual misconduct by staff in haiti he said that he was sorry for the damage to the people of the country. a new suspension bridge with a glass floor has brought thrills and delight to tourists in china's henan province the bridge some one hundred and sixty meters above a chord was opened to the public just in time for the for the spring festival. well here in germany a parliamentary report has said the nation's armed forces are just not good enough the bun this far lacks the personnel and the equipment needed to meet their responsibilities says the report it follows
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a spate of media stories about shortfalls in everything from tanks to tents that have raised concerns about whether germany will be ready to take command of a nato rapid response force next year. a rare glimpse of the airbus a four hundred m. it was touted as the german military strand sport plane of the future so far fourteen have been delivered but at times not a single one was cleared to actually fly. and it's not an exception a new report by the parliamentary commission of for the bundeswehr describes dramatic deficiencies again germany's soldiers are frustrated. and i said it is the much me and the conditions of the equipment available to the troops has not gotten better in recent years but worse we welcome declarations that staffing equipment and funding are to be improved but declarations alone don't make anything better. it's better. the report points to problems in practically
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every area more than twenty thousand personnel positions remain unfilled leaving many soldiers exhausted parts shortages put weapons out of commission for example not one german submarine can put to sea right now and above all there's not enough money a promise turnaround but the plan budget increase is still not enough. it will mend at the moment the rule is hope for the best for the coalition deal says if there's a budget surplus it'll be taken advantage of so we're hoping for a surplus in. the state of the us via may also worry nato partners the german military lexx tanks and other armaments for plant missions in the coming year. former english youth football coach barry empanel has been sentenced to thirty one years in prison for child sex abuse he was found guilty of fifty charges against
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boys that he coached between one nine hundred seventy nine and one thousand nine hundred one the judge in the case called him a devil incarnate as he handed down the sentence i am a survivor of. a survivors of. cruelty these were the men that spoke out as boys they dreamt of a future in soccer they were trained by barry bennell charismatic youth coach for clubs including crew aleksandra and manchester city he took them under his wing encouraged them to chase their dreams he gained their trust and then he raped them on monday bennell was sentenced to thirty one years in prison. but now we have one . today. i know. i know some of this but to you. should never have been ordered to carry in the first place. another eighty six men have come forward to report sexual abuse by
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bennell since the case began the judge spoke of abuse on an industrial scale for decades benelux victims suffer depression panic attacks and suicidal thoughts but there are increasing signs that the clubs themselves were aware much earlier of the rumors surrounding bennell and covered for him the new boy walls. allowed it to continue because he was producing the results. even after a battle was convicted of child abuse in florida in one thousand nine hundred four and later in england the english football world turned a blind eye it was only when former soccer player andy woodworth broke his silence in two thousand and sixteen and many followed his lead that sports clubs promise to set up hotlines and take action today two and a half thousand people across the u.k. have come forward and reported sexual assaults at more than three hundred clubs. a moment of justice a long time coming now when now we had to mexico's yucatan peninsula where divers
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have found bones of ancient people and long extinct animals in the world's biggest underwater caves system the caves are more than three hundred forty kilometers long scientists say that it was originally dry but flooded at the end of the ice age when sea levels rose the cave system known as turn is near the mexican city of cancun and mexican archaeologists say that it could be the most important underwater site in the worlds. an underwater caves stretching three hundred fifty kilometers the longest found to date and it abounds with discoveries caves researcher robert smith has literally been bringing light into this dark world. to dive into the cave to swim around a corner encounter a huge hole opening up for nights and tight or to discover the wounds of a perm ordeal elephant on the bottom or of
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a human that well that's when you realize you're the fresh human to lay eyes on them that feeling well it gives me goosebumps again right now. human bones and animal bones but when did they die and how much myth now has been doing underwater caves research on mexico's caribbean coast for fourteen years and he admits it's not only fascinating but risky it will meant that. there are moments when you feel queasy or feel afraid because it's dark in there also because you're underwater i mean or if you run out of there that would be the end for by finding such as masks bases and altars are signs that this may have been a sacred spot for early mesoamerican cultures before water filled the caves these discoveries are mung the most important in the world. this is a scientific treasure trove we have a lot to investigate we're talking about a period of over ten thousand years from the first inhabitants of the americas it's
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environment to the mayan culture. and there might be even longer cave systems waiting to be discovered so the researchers are itching to get back to work. they have to date on your news thanks for watching i hope to see you look and see. by the end. dortmund's shall get a lightsaber because a favorite seems sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action. is the whole of german football share the experience of every match. the bundesliga the weekend cheer on t w. meet the germans new and surprising new specks of license culture in germany. us american keep take a look at germany.


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