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tv   Doc Film - Lost Childhood in Kenya  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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and and he is known for a very weird a strange situation almost three years ago the american actor. who plays the main row those supporter oh and sorry in pirates of the caribbean johnny depp came over to australia and with him came two dogs his two dogs that is not allowed in australia to come with dogs to import patsy it to australia and done to be joyce did not take them into care and tying or something like that barnaby joyce decided that these dogs have to be deported and that's what they did that we had what they had to do what the authorities had to do that's not very well known outside of address australia but you're not all the people everybody remembers the situation and i must admit i remember we reported that to the state to have done their reporting from sydney thank you so much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today nigerian authorities say the schoolgirls who were
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unaccounted for following a boko haram attack on monday are still missing this comes after early reports suggesting that some of them had been rescued dozens of girls from a state run boarding school in. the state are thought to have been abducted by extremists. haiti has suspended oxfam great britain's operations in the country for two months pending an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct the move follows reports that staff held sex parties with prostitutes during relief efforts for a devastating earthquake in two thousand and ten. the dutch parliament has recognized the massacre of up to one point five million armenians during the first world war as genocide this contradicts the dutch government's official position on the killings the massacre was carried out by the ottoman empire during world war one turkey denies any genocide took place. campaign aides
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paul metaphor and rick gates are facing fresh charges in the rush of probe they've already pleaded not guilty to indict once for money laundering and fraud this comes week after special counsel robert mueller charged thirteen russians with meddling in the u.s. presidential election. you're watching the news still to come president donald trump wants to arm teachers in a school that's despite reports that an officer with a gun did not confront the killer during last week's florida school shooting more on that still to come. as a business news now with helen and a cautionary tale and what happens when the fickle worlds of social media and reality t.v. collide yeah i'm afraid a snap chat is not keeping up with the kardashians terry shares in the messaging app foul mood and six percent all. after the reality t.v. star jenna tweeted that she no longer it spends time on the platform so does anyone
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else not open snap chat anymore the hoff this to of kim kardashian asked on twitter snaps stalk immediately began to drop losing a whopping one point four billion dollars in value jenna later tweeted still love me it's not my first love but the trade is at least that was a case of too little too late. so let's bring in our financial correspondent quantum who is in now who is in frankfurt comment we saw a crazy reaction on the markets to a single tweet all shares in the fickle wold of social media dangerous ones to have would you say. yes they have become more of the dangerous in recent weeks with the vote with the return of volatility on the markets you know with investors becoming more nervous again about the future direction of interest rates the future direction of the stock market and bond markets especially shares
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like snap have become more prone to excessive swings we've seen it this week also with rovio the maker of this computer game angry birds yesterday the share price plunged by nearly fifty percent within the day and this is only because of a profit warning what i can tell you also helena is not only that dogs in front of frankfurt stock exchange building up bucking but that some people can be more cool about this than your average moment pop investor the owner of snap has made nearly six hundred forty million dollars last year from the i.p.o. he probably made sure to put some of this money in a very secure account. nevertheless it does seem that volatility is back on the market says that carried over to frankfurt to the blue chip dax. yes dax trading in the course of this trading week has been very volatile very shaky
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while the economic data about germany has been very very robust this morning we got the confirmation that germany's gross domestic product g.d.p. the most important figure to measure the economy has grown by two point two percent in the course of last year especially towards the end of the year exports picked up also government spending and companies spending in the course of this morning later today we will be getting an update on the consumer price inflation the most important measure for our monetary policy makers traders and i of course will take a very close look at look at look at this for you helena back to you looking forward to hearing from you then candidate who is in it at frankfurt bank. in the netherlands public prosecutors have rejected calls to open a criminal investigation into four major tobacco companies on charges including attempted murder or manslaughter case was brought by
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a lung cancer patient prosecutors though say the case would be unlikely to lead to a conviction. in two thousand and sixteen two former smokers in the netherlands find out what they called a row at first carmen a complaint seeking a prosecution hospital doctors and other groups later joined the cause but that's prosecutors say they see no prospect of a conviction within current laws. momenta have occurred people have the choice to buy cigarettes people have the choice to start smoking cigarettes and that means with regards to addiction or serious bodily harm it cannot be blamed solely on cigarette manufacturers and called the secret to fabric and their decision is a blow to doctors anti-smoking organizations they had hoped to form a new legal front in the fight against the top back in history smoking has declined dramatically in many large rest on markets since the one nine hundred ninety s. and the industry responded with consultation today the few major top back of
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companies left ever ace prices to compensate for lower states volumes so their shares outstanding rising. and i'm saddam hospital was among those calling for the prosecution. after this isn't it why would not to give up the legal fight and might ask for an appeal. and terry has an update now on the latest in the florida school shooting. in the u.s. it has emerged that an armed officer assigned to the florida school where seventeen people were killed by a gunman last week waited outside the building during the shooting and did not confront the killer this news comes as president donald trump is calling for tighter background checks and for some teachers to be armed. this is the coffin of chris hicks and hailed a hero for trying to stop the shooter at the florida school he worked at a u.s. navy veteran he was given full military honors. as families lay
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their loved ones to rest more details about the fateful day are emerging surveillance footage has shown that the armed officer on duty scott peterson never went inside the school to confront the gunman was radio at a point in time. and he took up a position where it looked like he could see the western most entry into the building and they were was. pietersen has now resigned and is under investigation. the latest the shooting has led to a raging debate on gun control the national rifle association the n.r.a. offered its solution to ending gun violence stop bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a guy school districts p.t.a.
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teachers unions local law enforcement moms and dads they all must come together to implement the very best strategy harden their schools including of back to trained armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child if there's contrary. advocates of further gun control are demanding action be taken we are taking students protesting outside the white house this week said they were angry that school massacres have become commonplace and little has been done to stop them according to gun control advocates a group there have been eighteen school shootings since the beginning of the year i mean the public outcry president trump has endorsed a higher minimum age for buying certain rifles and tighter background checks for purchasers. he also rates are rated his call for some teachers to carry guns.
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your have in my opinion you want to have the issue of these because these people are cowards they're not going to walk into a school if twenty percent of the teachers have got to maybe ten percent or maybe forty percent and what i'd recommend doing is the people that do care or we give them a bonus we give them a little bit of a bonus back in florida the family of slain chris he can like thousands of others in the united states every year is coming to terms with the consequences of gun violence well here in berlin the berlin film festival is still running it's going to wrap up this weekend we've got a world premiere screening the mexican movie was e.o. was shown here on thursday night inspired by the most famous heist in the country's recent history the film is one of nineteen in the running for the golden bear. what's the best way to impress the room full of film critics thank you have mexican
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acting i can see the band now gatecrasher press conference that's how he cut short rehearsals for his new play to make an unexpected appearance to the head of the premier of his new film museum even the balance is directed couldn't help but be star struck. me in. the films as compelling as the real crime it's based on it tells the story of two men's daring heist on a museum and the chaotic quest offense that priceless. the original work back in the eighty's left mexico stunned not least because it was carried out by a young amateur veterinary students the mystery about their motivation grips mexican's to this day for those old enough to remember it that is we're not. the first time i heard about the robbery was through. yet this case stole the museum of anthropology ninety five during christmas during christmas while in museum day
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agassi a banal and code delivered a gripping and highly watchable thriller even if it is generous with the truth all the people that we interviewed close friends and relatives of them they all told contradictory stories so we decided that to embrace those contradictions and say well. it's a myth in its own right so let's create our own myth and that's what we did there is a video of this crime looking for a true to life account of what happens will surely be disappointed the team behind this film and put a huge dollop of creative license bob is just a fun heist flick hereafter this is one. we'll find out on saturday whether the jury agrees and if these guys go home with another priceless who the better not this golden bat. the ball now and daughter. and it made it through to the round of sixteen after a one all draw with a tally inside of the line to on thursday planted looks set to win the time after
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a rough time noise scored in the eleventh minute for the hosts they held on to that lead for over an hour but then dortmund's captain marcel spencer reacted to a loose ball and netted equaliser his first goal of the season giving dortmund a four three aggregate win. rb leipsic also survived a big scare to advance to the next round of the rope or league club sic went into the match against napoli with a three one lead from the first leg but since he put napoli ahead in the first half run so insignia then put that belief to neil in the closing stages to level the scores at three all on aggregate but life goes through on the away goals rule. soccer violence has more of the latest round in the europa league in spain a policeman suffered a heart attack and died after a street battles between funds a political one and a visiting spot talk to moscow the fighting spread on the streets near the stadium and police struggled to restore order on arrests the way to strongly condemned the
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clashes which local authorities are blaming on russian it's. the olympic athletes from russia have won their first gold medal at the winter games in south korea figure skater. claimed the team's maiden title and china just fifteen years old so i could tell that is the second youngest gold medalist in the event's history fellow russian again your med bed took silver. just for go or minder of the top story we're following for you here today on d w news russia has blocked a u.n. security council resolution ordering an immediate thirty day cease fire syria civilian death toll continues to rise as government forces bombard thing in rebel held suburbs of eastern who took near damascus. you're watching d.w. news will be back at the top of the next hour with another bulletin of course and get more on all of our stories all life if you call thanks for watching.
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on. the laundry international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week following the release of turkish german journalist an easy job from a prison in turkey the question of peace the. president i don't want to play
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france's join me my guess is the. next. necklace a colorful and shiny object example of some doing culture in kenya. the fifty's jewelry has come to symbolize charles marriage and so. it's your own opinion josefina juliana's some do in the south is trying to break the vicious cycle of tradition and ignorance. lost childhood in kenya. in forty five minutes long t w. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn to tell a simple online on your mobile and free to stop for d w z e learning course nico
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speak german made easy. dangerous and while. adventure of canada. the trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks breathtaking mask. on for a good experience. touching a small percentage. through canada starting february twenty seventh of october. following a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga where the focus this week is on the strained relations between germany and turkey this after german turkish journalist pennies
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you tell it was released from a turkish prison after spending a year in detention with no charges brought snow many people here in germany are asking why did president richard typesetter one let you jail walk free was a deal of some kind struck and what does it all have to do with turkey's military incursion into northern syria so our question here on quadriga this week then is you joe is free but what game is turkey. plague and to discuss that question i'm joined here in the studio by didn't move my who writes only turkey for the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung he says freedom for ten years you joe doesn't symbolize a serious change in turkey unfortunately there is no place for hope yet it's also with us his mission to man as a foreign policy specialist for the weekly team sites he lived for several years in istanbul and he argues that turkey is hoping for transactional deals but values
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stand in the way of closer relations with germany and a warm welcome suitor or rincon how many author and journalist with the berlin based daily the talk of sites on board taps as it is also more commonly known with any future work for many years and to recount here is that one wants to make sure he's not fighting on too many fronts he needs germany because in syria he is provoking the american. remember my let's begin with you you are a friend of dan is huge i'll explain for us why his case and his personality his person became so important for so many people in germany well actually who should start first at the personalty of that is richard he was one of the most ambitious most reliable journalists in turkey i mean as a former journalist so he always his stories were always make the government so angry so. to silence him they just created the case to put him in prison but then as a person who has two different pest ports he become one of the symbols about the tension
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between turkey and germany actually he was kind of the host that took i took his government against germany i mean his his arrest went had no links with law and even his release has no relation with lho it was just the case it was kind of a negotiation between two countries and something happened behind the court and he is now free ok let's just hear what dennis you joe have to say he hides himself to say specifically about that point of view that was just mentioning here we go. the funny thing is i still do not know why i was arrested a year ago to be more precise why i was taken hostage a year ago and i also don't know why i was released today. didn't you also spent time in a turkish jello only for a couple of days i know but what insights did it give you well if you speed that. we always read above the but history of talk is journalist they suffered
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a lot in turkish republic the thing is i have learned personally that your government never forgets what you have did before even if you don't have any links with the good and even if you didn't pick any role in the military coup in the inputs they would forget your past what you did as a journalist in this thread one has a he which has a huge faith and he never forgets about the germans and they always punish you at the right time and after the porch they they use the pooch to punish their old enemies frightening and fascinating. richard herman you were worked together with them as you gelett the tot's where you were presently what was the reaction of you among yourself and your colleagues to the news that he had been released in july because of flaws in men's they relieved us news five it was also very stressful time because of course it was very obvious that we had to support dennis went but in prison so via. actions of
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a free dennis movement in order to get him free so for us that was really. enormous relief finally to be successful and to get him free but at the same time and that's something i'd like to add it is of course tragic but why dennis came free three other attackers join as the condemned for life and now is a life sentence in jail you know it is kind of problematic of course we had to concentrate on tennis because otherwise you cannot if you want to get some for one free you cannot talk about turkey as a whole. about everyone sitting in jail but at the same time of course it is a problem that now everyone focuses on dennis and the other target on it is that andrea somehow forgotten. short term what's your view on her or what can you tell us about the connection between denise you joe his release and dennis you joe the person and the current situation in syria the war the incursion that turkey finds itself what's the connection between those two
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. well at first sight i think there's little connection of course but if we look take the general picture of how and taki tries to mend fences on the one hand and wage war on the other hand. in a year or two years ago the main focus of on was europe and so far as he described europe and particularly germany as the as the enemy at the as as the adversary he stirred up public opinion against europe and germany. with the war going on in syria things have changed no he is in a very difficult position in with the americans arguing about the role of the syrian kurds. there was even the prospect of
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a possible conflict between the u.s. and turkey in syria so there are lots of problems at that front and since. i think late late summer fall last year tried to mend has tried to mend fences with europe and particularly germany and in his youth is his release is the result of the house he in some way being used as a bargaining chip against the backdrop you just described. i think not really i mean as far as we know and this is what both the german foreign minister and the turkish form is that said there is no deal struck. we don't know more than this because both foreign ministries and governments don't talk about if we look at the longer prospect if he was a bargaining chip for anything he is part of this normalization process which
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turkey would like to see happening on the one hand and of course what the europeans might return and here i think we need to focus especially for example on things like the modernization of the e.u. turkey customs union which is something where there's a lot of money in for turkey and which could also really come as a relieve to many other financial challenges and political challenges turkey has to know what to say about this question is be much discussed here in germany about whether there is you joe has been used as a bargaining chip or what turkey wants for his release the german foreign minister says there is no deal has been struck and i'm wondering whether he's telling the whole truth well the first thing i think the mission is very jealous i mean because a country the whole country and the whole ministers the whole recruited you don't try to go over the guy. they try to you know rescue a journalist from
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a country you know it's something that we have never witnessed in our country and in the country other countries trying to put much more journalists in jail so it's really the thing that we need to add my first but the thing is there's a steel he which focuses in the german government like one year ago. told to the press that took his government is getting away from being a democratic and the rule of law country he said it in may two thousand and seventeen and after the news has been released the same minister mr guppy told to the press that it took his government is always careful of.


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