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to send groups to find shelter because they can just disperse there and wait for two to come back forward and do the techs either in northern africa or even in europe and so this is really a crucial political area for the europeans now i mentioned the e.u. supporting the idea off a g five sahil joint force what can you tell us about this and other ways that the e.u. wants to help in the region. the e.u. once the countries to sort of put up their own security forces what the e.u. doesn't want is to be is stuck in the sort of correct military craigmile are there for years or decades to come was their own european boots on the ground that is not going to happen so the rest of the russian now is to say the africans themselves people from the region soldiers from the region they know how to move there they know how to sort of proceed and how to get results there but they need everything
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from training to equipment to some sort of supervision command structures and everything all this has to be built up it costs a lot of money so the european union has no doubled its funding to one hundred million euros the arab countries are giving some money the united states a bit and they are trying to reach three hundred million today but the even going to need more next year because this multinational troop is supposed to be operational mid twenty eighteen that is very and bishops says finances force is going from what you say most of them to still be recruited look at lee but the french also deployed some full two thousand troops to the region barbara what about germany. germany has about two thousand troops there however these a mostly military via advisors there are trainers there people who build up medical facilities and so on it's a force we know pullin traditionally has a problem was putting soldiers in such dangerous crisis areas france has been the
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colonial power in that region for a long time the ties are close and in france feels a possum responsibility we look at mali where french troops really beat down islam is militants who had taken over the country but france of course wants help they don't want to stay there forever in grizz the lives of their soldiers so either there is going to be a bit of help from other europeans or more and more of the the burden of this military law is going to be put on to this new joint saif force. in brussels thank you very much. let me now bring you up to date with some other news around the world australia's deputy prime minister bought to be joyce's announce his resignation joyce has been under sustained pressure to resign after revelations of an affair with this was staff member came to light now
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a new allegation of sexual harassment against him has emerged. nigerian authorities say the schoolgirls who were unaccounted for following a book attack on monday are still missing this comes after reports suggested that some of them had been rescued dozens of girls from a state run a boarding school in adoption in the u.b. state are thought to have been abducted by the extremists. haiti has suspended the oxfam great britain's operations in the country for two months pending an investigation into alleged misconduct the move followed reports that oxfam staff had sex parties and sexually abused women during relief efforts for a dense devastating earthquake in two thousand and ten. returning to our top story and of the heavy bombing which is going on in eastern and in syria close to the human capital damascus joining me now on the line is one
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hump he's a syrian doctor who worked in aleppo when it was under siege and was going through the kind of bombing that we are seeing in easton welcome hamza now with your first hand experience of the situation a similar situation give us a sense of what people are going through in kuta right now. so it's like. literally in a little time out like back in aleppo like homs. for years. same thing happened all the time with no different yeah. for five years so. everything like that maybe america medications that was a few unfortunate i just sort of city and now this by public. attacks happening for the past ten days it's
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a disaster humanitarian disaster there now look the pictures that we are seeing are of civilians but the syrian regime says that they are rebel groups based that on day using civilians as human shields what's your response to that. actually it's not making sense at all the. cheap propaganda always used those claims back there was three hundred thousand. people and the regime also claims that like. the fighters are using them as shells but it's not making sense at all because in aleppo back in aleppo there was well it's opened and people. wanted to stay in aleppo same thing happened for five years. there was open and people want to stay in their hometowns. and. not the fighters who are
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still rounding. the regime has to run to get. preventing and they think or anyone to come in or out from. me in two thousand and sixteen when i was talking to a liberal and yet a doctor was killed attack most of the game and the washington. media pages claimed that they managed to target and kill the tourist doctor so they consider it but the actor doctor is as a tourist and see that he is treating tourists so it's not making sense at all it's a cheap propaganda something even like and how many. talk about a fan i know you worked as a doctor in aleppo and what are you seeing coming out of new fake injuries of people and children what specific challenges doctors face in dealing with such a situation. the main challenge is that the doctors and hospitals are
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the main targets all the time during the best three days more than twenty one facility have been targeted. so it's the main target the main targets for the which him and the russian are the hospital facilities the bakeries and the schools so that's. the other thing that those people and those doctors know for sure that the artist alone facing this killing machine so they have to think each time each injury over how many medications they can use before it's. because they are afraid thinking all the time that they might run away or filthy painkiller or six or everything so. i mean most children very very situation. it's such a difficult situation thank you so much for finding time to talk to us hamza al-khateeb a seven doctor who worked in aleppo sharing his thoughts with thank you very much
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thank you very much turning now to the united states the new details have emerged about last week's florida school shooting that left seventeen people dead it's on officer assigned to the school waited outside the building during the shooting and did not confront the killer now this news comes as president donald trump is calling for tighter background checks and for some teachers to be almond. this is the coffin of chris hicks and hailed a hero for trying to stop the shooter at the florida school he worked at a u.s. navy veteran he was given full military honors. as families lay their loved ones to rest more details about the fateful day are emerging surveillance footage has shown that the armed officer on duty scott peterson never went inside the school to confront the gunman was radio at
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a point in time. and he took up a position where it looked like he could see the western most entry into the building and stay where he was governor. peterson has now resigned and is under investigation. the latest the shooting has led to a raging debate on gun control the national rifle association the n.r.a. offered its solution to ending gun violence stop bad guy with a gun it takes a good guy with a guy school districts p.t.a. teachers unions local law enforcement moms and dads they all must come to gather to implement the very best strategy harden their schools including of fact they have trained armed security that will absolutely protect every
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innocent child is theirs contrary. advocates of further gun control are demanding action be taken. i think students protesting outside the white house this week said they were angry that school massacres have become commonplace and little has been done to stop them according to gun control advocates a group there have been eighteen school shootings since the beginning of the year i mean the public outcry president trump has endorsed a higher minimum age for buying certain rifles and tighter background checks for purchasers. he also rates are rated his call for some teachers to carry guns. your have in my opinion you want to have the issue of these because these people are cowards they're not going to walk into a school if twenty percent of the teachers are going to maybe ten percent or maybe forty percent and what i would recommend doing is the people that do care and we
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give that what bonus we give them a little bit of a bonus back in florida the family of slain teacher chris heaps and like thousands of others in the united states every year is coming to terms with the consequences of gun violence. and the awful business was having and the latest numbers for germany are in and this show the country's economy is in fine fettle in rude health for the say rita here in germany more money is flowing into public coffers than is being spent and that has led to a budget surplus essentially how much the country's managed to save in its account and the latest figures show europe's top economies surplus last year was over thirty six billion euros now that is the highest figure since german reunification so what's behind it well the recovery of the global economy has boosted demand for german exports for one thing and the associated made in germany brand overall g.d.p. grew two point two percent in twenty seventeen with analysts expected growth to
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accelerate in twenty eight. and our financial correspondent quanah who is in a joins us now good to see you con had a two point two percent growth is pretty good how much is this thanks to germany how much was it thanks to a general global recovery. well helen exports remain the backbone of our economy and sales to other countries were particularly strong during the fourth quarter of last year and here it's important to note that of course the super generous monetary policy of the central bank is playing a role here customers from other eurozone countries can afford to buy german products because they have to pay no interest on any loans but not only exports have been strong it has to be said that the excellent state of our labor market of employment here in germany has caused private households to become
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a much more important contributor to economic growth here in germany than it was in recent years where we've got a budget surplus of thirty six billion euros that is rather large couldn't germany actually be investing a bit more. well i would say a majority of economists here in germany are demanding exactly this expression the public sector should spend more if you take a look at the state of the school buildings in many places here in germany or at some of roads it's quite obvious that something has to be done here what's positive during the fourth quarters pending by private companies by businesses has picked up somewhat businesses for a long time for many years have been very very cautious to spend but now they seem to be coming back here as a bit of relief there what else is important for the market today. well lots of very long ago we just got an update on consumer price inflation in the euro zone
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prices in january increased by one point three percent that's of course far away from the two percent target of the european central bank and if you look look at the monthly development from december to january some of the prices for some goods even fell. out it was in first in frankfurt thank you. chinese authorities have taken a temporary control of private insurance group and bank the move comes as the group's former chairman child who faces investigation for so-called economic crimes the company has made a series of multi-billion dollar high profile foreign acquisitions in recent years especially in germany regulators say an bank has violated rules that could make it impossible for it to pay back its debts take a very set to last a year and as part of beijing's efforts to curb excessive debt. now snap chat has
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a conduct shion problem shares in the messaging app fell more than six percent off a reality t.v. star kylie jenner tweeted that she no longer spends time on the platform so does anyone else not open snap chat anymore is what the hoff sister of kim kardashian asked on twitter stalk immediately began to drop using a whopping one point four billion dollars in value generated tweet is still love you snap my first love but the trade is at least that was a case of too little too late. and now i'm reading you have the latest from the silver screen the red carpet right here in berlin absolutely diverted international film festival and a movie rich is in competition the mexican movie musial was shown here on thursday not inspired by the most frivolous heist in the country's recent history the film is one of nineteen in the running for the coveted good and bad. what's the best way
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to impress the room full of film critics. thanks have mexican acting i can see the band now gatecrasher press conference that's how he cut short rehearsals for his new play to make an unexpected appearance ahead of the premiere of his new film easy of even the ballon allas director couldn't help but be star struck. me. the film's as compelling as the real crime it's based on it tells the story of two men's daring heist on a museum and the chaotic quest offense that priceless. the original work back in the eighty's left mexico stunned not least because it was carried out by young. students the mystery about their motivation grips mexican's to this day for those old enough to remember it that is will not be. the first time i heard about that robbery was too long. yeah these guys stole the museum of anthropology ninety five
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during christmas during christmas while in museums i see a band now and co deliver a gripping and highly watchable thriller even if it is generous with the truth all the people that we interviewed close friends and relatives of them they all told contradictory stories so we decided that to embrace those contradictions and say well. it's a myth in its own right so let's create our own myth and that's what we did there is a video of this crime looking for a true to life account of what happens will surely be disappointed the team behind this film put a huge dog of creative license bob davis just a fun heist flick here after this isn't one to miss we'll find out on saturday whether the jury agrees and if these guys go home with another priceless hold the balance is golden bad. time now for an update on the wind.


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