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but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something good in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance now to start this city's after war starting march tenth on t w . i want to go into another edition of euro max i'm your host to meghan li the berlin film festival is currently underway so in this vein we have got a movie themed show in store for you today here's a look at what's coming up. perfect match talented young actress and vicky previous is getting a rave reviews for her role in phantom thread. perfect sound white hollywood film
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composers like to work at a recording studio in indiana. the perfect attraction harry potter tours a warner brothers studio film park in london is well worth the trip. well one thing is clear when you visit the berlin film festival and that is how many young actors are trying to make it in the business but getting discovered is sort of like winning the lottery a lot is left up to chance but agent always helps simona bear and deer bear from germany are among the most influential agents working right now in the industry the actors they cast for production usually go on to have successful careers while we talked about about some of the stars they've helped. generate active spending a lot of time in the spotlight one of this year's european shooting stars at the international film festival he plays the lead into competition films. in the isles
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is the story of a shine supermarket shelf stocker. in the film transit he plays a refugee passing through must say in southern france the cost of actors will be acclaimed german french co-production was put together by bell's casting studio for the love drama in the aisles and served as casting director neither she nor i had any doubts about. the real natural sciences an actor doesn't look like he's acting. he has absolutely natural bearing he's such enormous. he touches you from his heart and soul. despite the fact that suffers from a congenital cleft lip and resulting in this he was discovered as a film actor in twenty eleven since then he's been regularly sending his latest videos to casting directors which chronicle his professional development.
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it's incredibly important i can't stress that enough to be seen and appreciated by the casting agents of the in britain and germany when you're invited to a film casting the work is just beginning. to contact with the directors and the recommendations come through the casting agents before. one of his biggest roles to date in transit by leading german director. the filmmakers had the money better take care of his casting since his first cinema feature in two thousand she's one of the first to see the scripts was upcoming productions. these the morning. when you tells him on a bear of a story she goes over the script like he detecting camera that shows you where a house is losing energy she points out where the red and the blue areas are equipped with what i can always tell she knows exactly what it all hinges on what
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with us. is. uncovered in twenty sixteen he was called to a meeting at the morning bells casting studio that was to decide whether he'd get the part and has had such film chance at. their home in the toughness of eye for christian we don't do any screen tests we just meet the actors and sometimes we have them read from the script to hear if the voice is right for the character and when it's never you're nervous your hands are sweating and you act cool and light up a cigarette and you light the next one with the first eventually you notice that christiane is very pale and he's already emptied an entire cartridge. and then everyone's happy when we finally decide to work with each other. but a good lead actor is not enough to make a good film the chemistry within the ensemble has to be right. in transit and polar bear play a couple the morning bell also has to have
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a night for how well. the actors work together. kind my laboratory no painter would start out with the wrong colors or many directors aren't at all good at working with actors being very good at constructing a world for the actors to act in but if they have the wrong actors you might as well toss the whole thing in the trash out. of thing not only public. funds and sandra hill are also convincing as the couple in the film in the aisles the mona bear had already discovered some of her love for the screen in two thousand and six their customer goodbye lenin which proved to be done as blues breakthrough. and with quentin tarantino's inglourious basterds she forged the deal that would give costar it's his first oscar because of when they sent him the time i always thought christoph was great so of course i invited him off the cliff stuff came in and played this character so wonderfully it was fortunate for everyone especially for a talented you know to tell because he was afraid he'd written the character and no one could play. to follow in the footsteps of stars like her stuff is the dream of
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many an aspiring actor. so what do young actors have to do to have a casting agent consider them for hollywood productions. because that's often has a lot to do with empathy is much more sometimes i just open the door see someone and it just leaps out at me. or not. because of the power of their own personality if you succeed in developing and maintaining it and you can really bring it out that's what interests me what appeals to me as if it's someone with a personality standing there who doesn't want to achieve a performance but wants to give something of themselves to the role i know or let us given about as funds this. appears to be. has made his breakthrough and soon he'll be appearing in another role in the latest motion picture by legendary director terrence malick.
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well another young star who simona bare helps to get into the film business is vicky creeps from luxembourg now she plays alongside daniel day lewis in the oscar nominated film phantom thread this is her first a breakout role in her performance is generating a lot of buzz among the critics we talk to her now about her growing film success. sometimes dreams really do come true that's certainly what happened to actress vicky creeps from luxembourg at thirty four she stars next to three time oscar winner daniel day lewis in paul thomas anderson this recent masterpiece phantom threat. my grandfather would have said mickey no thoughts of which means something like it's just cinema or foreign female and i noticed going through it all. i felt like as we said luxemburg it began
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banging a guy had from his feet again you could say i held on like a crazy person to a stick and stalker. on the thread you set in london in the one nine hundred fifty s. neil de lewis plays a conservative fashion designer and indulged a dyed in the wool bachelor one day stumbles into his life. you have to know. where he is inspired by her and she discovers a whole new world as a waitress she's accustomed to serving others here she finds courage and strength she can take on her new employer and his difficult times on just outbursts the warmth of their evolving love is created by friction the exchange of.
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if you have noticed. her. first. major fairbairn is a father see of and i what i liked about this woman is that she's a feminist in a way that's not obvious at first sight. i find that much more interesting it's very complex and layered and it's an inner strength that doesn't need the approval of others to push day to go she knows that she is a great woman and that she's emancipated immature to force. her. dear cuff remark the c.e.o.'s and their strength makes her able to handle this man who is very complicated stuff can be overbearing and angry. not only can she stand up to him she also changes them a bit if not even turning him around completely. just like her character in the film vicky keeps knows what it's like to wish she was somewhere else she grew up in
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green turn small luxembourg the action always seemed to be going on elsewhere here becoming an actress wasn't necessarily the most obvious of career choices. as to say i'm going to be an actress was like saying i'm going to be crazy thread of the first verse of what you want to do when you grow up crazy oh well good luck then. she left luxembourg to study acting at your ex university of the arts she performed at the renowned juric playhouse and accepted several small roles in international film productions but it was the german film the chambermaid that secured her her breakthrough role portraying a shy and lonely woman beginning to discover her inner self to the film better to feel that movie means so much to me it was the first time i had the chance to express myself as an artist the way i wanted to with the wonderful passages paul thomas then saw this persona i had created and that's the reason why i got to do
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this movie now. that means it was my work that led to more work not some power structures of knowing the right people. not to demote ken was the system and a professional photographer took these pictures which tell a tale about daydreaming vicky as an astronaut. looking at the fairground one of vicki his favorite german words is a lot. of numbers for the result is such a beautiful word but it implies longing and desire as well as the craving for it at the moment it's a why. if a way to express this yelling for something that might be out that in some way guys have this is what at the same time you're addicted to the melancholy of always looking elsewhere. to me that's a little bit like. this for you very.
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sound and acoustics are elements of film that are just as important as the actors then there's a strong collaboration between hollywood and vienna austria when it comes to recording film music and that's because this is where one of the world's most sought after high tech recording studios is located we went there to see firsthand what goes into creating memorable film music. how do i compose a denny o'flynn is all is he's come to assess the coup sticks of this and corn stage piano. as i expected it's wonderful just there's no way to put into words what's special about acoustics tell you to work or they don't and it starts it works that's it's
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about simple. musicians from the us find his old mistress come to this facility and put the scientific knowledge to record movie schools danny is sure to make the grade. the cultural heritage of vienna the musical so deep i look forward to recording here with an orchestra as soon as the conditions will permit me to do that i have no question that the musicians are excellent here . danny elfman is one of hollywood's most versatile composes. he's written film scores for spider-man. fifty shades of grey and many other famous films. there are no rules in fact the only rule is that there are no rules i try to make my mind blank when i first see the first images of the film as blank as i can and
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it's more like what comes into my mind if i could make it totally blank. this man started the austrian success story one indiana mark stein i moved to hollywood in the like nine hundred twenty s. they developed the technology used to record field schools including in classics like gone with the wind and casablanca. and next time it was the beginning of all of it and it was like a revelation this music from beginning to end in the music is telling us the story and the music tells us there's suspense in the music tells us there's fear in the music tells us there's romance and from that moment on. music was part of film. insensitive to dean the old recording studio was brought back to life as one stage by musician and filmmaker how that took months. he acquired the rundown facility
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once owned by the production company film city vienna it was the first studio in the world both specifically for recording film music back in the one nine hundred forty s. good acoustics will get creative with a computer. i just was practically everything that sounds really excellent comes from this time period late nineteenth century and early twentieth century that was when the best hotels were built the hospital after that people lost the feel for it a bit because styx and this whole were incredibly well thought out it gives the recordings a clear and on its quality the fish to speak often kind of. big name composers have taken a liking to the place. of. german composer hunston recorded the soundtrack to the feature film inferno here.
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oscar winning french composer an exam to display also make use of his time in vienna its record his compositions here with the austrian musicians what about some cornstarch is slowly getting out. i think it's just a matter of a little bit of time and recognition and i think a lot of that will be when a few scores a few good scores get recorded here and people at home go where was that record in the or that was with the unit with this orchestra then it's that's it people. have to go there in record. debt often is already looking forward to returning to the austrian capital to work the musical traditions of vienna coupled with the glamour of hollywood as a combination that should fill the cinemas. makeup in film is also essential we host see here your max it for at least a one hour in makeup to look like this of for our show so you can imagine how many
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hours of make up and go into creating special characters on productions like the game of thrones or the hobbit while valter adamkus sato is in the business of movie make up he's worked on the box office hits like the harry potter series and the pirates of the caribbean we caught up with him to see what his latest project is. this hyper realistic work by italian sculptor adamkus santo really gets under your skin. always fascinated by the human body outside and inside. it's a show that tells a story and there is a soul behind it that's why i'm using it. as a canvas you know like a like a painting but it's a three d. and. it is someone sports rate many of his stunning works are created here at his studio in padua near venice. pays meticulous attention to every single wrinkle and
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the texture of his skin he is recreating a lot of his cultures a larger than life but nonetheless still remarkably lifelike. who really started working on this culture when i when i started working for the film industry you know in life and. to make prosthetic make ups for creatures and monsters for the film industry. it's been over ten years since he started out in the movie and t.v. industry. his first blockbuster was a harry potter movie for which he sculpted the goblins working at gringotts wizarding bank. and this mass current course otoh italy's most prestigious film award donatello over the years he's worked with a range of big name actors although working on a shoot is generally exhausting and far from glamorous.
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sometimes you get really tired because you do a very long hours long days and maybe in the middle of the field and he starts to rain and you have to stay there for all day long you know that you make. creature something and you know and. that happens. all the time so when you do. you know crazy make ups. he's previously made out to guy and pierce looks decades older and given a similar make over to haiti carmichael. he also made this mask of his own face in the distant future in this case not for a movie but for his own extensive portfolio. so i always wanted to do business but why because. i can only do that it's my my life like what i do i just want to do my own sculptors why you do what you do because it
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is what i am despite the fact that. plans to focus more on his own artistic projects in the future we can still look forward to spotting the odd creature made by the italian body sculptor on the big screen. and finally the harry potter film franchise has been one of the greatest success stories in movie history or your brother studios produce a total of eight films over ten years now many of the sets are still in place in london and are a huge draw for tourists and yet another attraction for harry potter fans has opened to the public. there's some hocus pocus going on at hogwarts moguls are writing broomsticks. even non-magical beings can enter the world of the harry potter films on the making of harry potter tour at warner brothers studios
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near london. here you can encounter the spiders from harry potter and the chamber of secrets and in the forbidden forest exhibit visitors remove harry's frightening experience. it's pretty spectacular out of the spot on the big chains since he'd like the actual forest the part of the setting i like to suite the light i mean artist it's really impressive i mean the scale of it is that when you inside it's a little creepy but in a good way that. once the films were completed the forbidden forest was put in storage but now visitors can experience the set for themselves with its huge trees and electronically controlled animals they can even control the weather conditions just like the filmmakers didn't. tour guides explained how the forest was recreated
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in the studio and how the special effects work. that was the challenge was to be able to create a real life forest something that looks photo realistic in the confines of us as our studio i guess so we had all the original crew from the set so we had. a production designer it was a poll has a construction manager i was up to them to be able to get all the same techniques all the same materials that i would use for filming as well yes such as you know the trays to be able to get real molds of real trays and make it look as realistic as it would look in a world forest at. visitors get to discover hogwarts just the way harry potter did when he first arrived at the school and the doors to the great hall opened. as many . five thousand people come to the warner brothers studios for the harry potter experience each day. so we get absolutely every kind of is the conversion we get you know everyone from the biggest hard part of fans in the wilds so you know maybe more casual hard part of fans who i guess
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big fans of cinema and big fans of films and they want to know i guess how stuff was created and all the behind the scenes secrets so it's really interesting to talk to a very big variety of people as to kind of what they are interested in i guess to do with films. the hogwarts express stands ready to depart on platform nine and three quarters. is then a love potion brewing the studio tour leads visitors down di a gun alley the wizarding shopping street. all the way to number four privet drive where harry lived with the durst lease the tour makers had a wealth of materials at their disposal. to every set every prop ever costing you say is from hard part of the main reason being that as the films went along we put a lot of stuff in archives just in case we would need it later so i guess one of us felt that we'd be able to make a really cool exhibit from these facts i guess. but not everything is just for show
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visitors are allowed to touch things and try stuff out to one of the highlight is getting a lesson in how to wave a magic wand. it's an inch in to experience and not just for kids. it's so i don't shocking and really stick to and i i feel that time here inside. the movie harry potter ish close to my heart. now insists embarrassing lessons both of them being here it's nearly the theme of all the films were part of my childhood i grew up with harry so the time was right to come here and i just had to do it and. years after the films were made fans are still thrilled to get a look behind the scenes and although it is still strictly off limits to hogwarts students fans can take a walk through the forbidden forest if they do. not looks like fun to
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me art before we sign off for the day we want to let you weigh in on the winner of this week's quiz now we wanted to know from you what your favorite film genre is and yusuf fori wrote in to us from cairo in egypt saying that dramas are his favorite kinds of film so thanks to use of for writing and you have one yourself a euro max watch so that you can make it on time to the movies so enjoy all right with that we are out of time as always for me and the rest of the crew here at euro max thanks for joining us and we will see you tomorrow for the highlight show. next time you're a max highlight show. austrian fashion designer to our pastor is rising star of the milan fashion scene. these cannibal is still in full swing and a colorful spectacled well seen. professional slacklining am looking for
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a new challenges that next time on your imax highlights. the. close.
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experience a. touching story. this is our home is god's country a purple place and the other better place seventeen thousand kilometers through canada starting february twenty seventh. place. the united nations security council is expected to vote on whether to impose a ceasefire in syria hundreds of people have been killed in recent days in the damascus suburb of ghouta including many children russia had earlier blocked a resolution on a started a humanitarian cease fire now russia says it will agree but with conditions. it's the us president donald trump says the armed officer assigned to protect the skill hit by.


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