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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a ceasefire goes into effect in syria's eastern area as hopes humanitarian aid can now get through to the rebel held on play downs endured over a week of airstrikes russia says it will enforce a daily five hour truce calls live to our correspondent in moscow for more also coming up millions of people are at risk of famine as yemen's bloody civil war rages on the un security council said to address the crisis today look at what's
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fueling the fighting there and if anything can be done to rein it in. and it's all german court is set to decide on whether cities across the nation can ban diesel vehicles after a mission levels are found it would seem you love us. and the german winter olympic team there's a ride back home and they have been receiving a hero's welcome after their historic success of the gun trying winter games on board a record haul thirty one novels. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin this program in syria where a daily five hour truce proposed by russia has taken effect monitors say the ceasefire in the rebel held eastern do the region appears to be holding now this see. fire comes after russian president vladimir putin faced pressure from the
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international community to help and force a un approved truce but that resolution had called for a month long cease fire bombing of these are new to region has killed more than five hundred civilians in about a week's time or meanwhile the international committee of the red cross in geneva says getting aid to trap civilian remains the top priority through many different axes should be separated from political agreements legal agreements are hard to reach we do need long lasting and systematic ceasefire what we need is for all those fighting to agree to windows during which they let you many eighteen . ok let's go straight to our did of your correspondent in moscow aaron these scheduled cease fire appears to be holding what are russian officials saying about right now so far we haven't heard any announcements from the russian government
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pertaining to whether the cease fire is holding i mean it is quite early days are only a couple hours into the cease fire but all indications do seem to be that it's holding for the time being. now how will russia ensure that the cease fire holds in the days ahead and that civilians i'm sorry the help they need getting here we are in. i'm sorry appear to be having a little bit of difficulty hearing you right though if i understood your question appropriately regarding the civilians getting the help they need all right now we have seen some preliminary information from the russian government about how they intend to set up the humanitarian corridor as they've announced several points that civilians in the suburbs of muskets and go to could use to where they could assemble get initial medical treatments and also receive some type of food aid so we've seen some information about that but not
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a lot of concrete specifics regarding what they could do to make sure the cease fire holds you have to remember that they worked out this deal not necessarily unilaterally this was actually discussed upon with the assad government so it's actually in the assad government is best interest to make sure the cease fire holds now regarding the rebel forces we haven't seen a lot of information whether or not they will agree to respect the cease fire these temporary cease fires each day what scenario i've seen discussed is that some of the shelling the mortar attacks and the rocket attacks we've seen in recent days targeting damascus could again happen throughout the course of the day and that might provoke a reaction from the syrian government no we don't know exactly how russia to respond if that is the case it's all just a question of how both sides are react in the coming hours i don't know aaron should the daily truce prove successful might russia then impose the month long
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truce that it backed the united nations security council. that really is the big question now russia has faced some rather harsh criticism in the last several days from its international partners the accuse it of basically watering down that u.n. resolution forcing the loopholes to be introduced into the language of the resolution that would allow the syrian government to continue its assault on the rebel forces they also say that they actually preplanned this this individual ceasefire thames by forcing the u.n. or. demanding that the u.n. not create an exact starting date for the thirty day cease fire they say that they're basically or some of these critical voices say that russia was attempting to give the assad government a little bit of a time to continue its assault and actually create new facts on the ground in eastern gota so there is a chance that if the syrian government has some successes in its campaign against
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the rebels that we could see than russia to throw its support behind the larger thirty day cease fire but again that all depends on what the developments on the ground are in the next several days there until the following the story for us in moscow thanks very much on. now for a look at some of the other stories making news this hour saudi arabia's king saul has fired a number of the country's top military officers officers in a major shake up they include the military chief of staff general don't roam on all but none as well as other defense officials no formal reason has been provided for the move which is announced early tuesday. prosecutors in south korea are demanding a thirty year jail term for former president arkan hay in a landmark corruption case the ex-president was impeached for corruption last march and is facing more than a dozen criminal charges or has been in custody for about. well
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the conflict raging in yemen has the arab world's poorest country on the brink of a humanitarian disaster a saudi led coalition has been bombing targets in yemen controlled by rebel who these united nations is warning that yemenis caught in the conflict are at risk of famine the security council is expected to meet for the latest on this crisis later today here's a look at what's behind the fighting in yemen now in a room a stalemate. the conflict in yemen dates back to a failed transition of power after the arab spring uprising in twenty eleven authoritarian presidents ali up to the saw that was forced to hand over power to his deputy but president up to rubble months or haiti struggled with various issues including al qaeda attacks putin security and high unemployment who the rebels took advantage of this political situation and over several years gained control of various provinces. in twenty fifteen who these and their allies seized control of
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the capital sanaa president haiti was forced to flee last month government forces based another foe separatists captured large parts of the southern port city of aden they want to restore the independent state of southern yemen which existed until one nine hundred ninety the conflict reaches far beyond yemen's borders it's become a fierce struggle for regional dominance between saudi arabia which backs the government and iran which backs the who the rebels as the battle for regional control grows so does the enormous toll on civilian lives the u.n. calls it the world's worst manmade humanitarian disaster. well millions of people in yemen are completely dependent on food aid and many of them are children our next report looks at the situation then a rebel held region where doctors or to ease the plight of the children there a warning to our viewers this report contains disturbing images. it's the start of
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a long and busy day for pediatrician a shrug my how to him today she'll be making house calls in the countryside. but first a father is waiting anxiously at the central clinic in what data with his emaciated daughter a shrugs occupation requires her to remain optimistic but she's frustrated during the three years of fighting the number of undernourished children has risen dramatically for her the suffering is unbearable especially when the children are brought to the hospital when it might already be too late. crime idea don't cry don't be afraid. doctors hope to save the child's life with an infusion of liquid nutrition when asked what her name is the six year old cannot answer she's too weak to talk. of a citizen name as i shot the goal doesn't utter
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a single word during the examination. will try to help her but the effectiveness of her work depends entirely on adequate deliveries of medicine actually reaching yemen. a shrug drives to the harbor area of the data to find out what kind of relief aid has been delivered this time but when she arrives she can hardly believe her eyes the united nations sent this ship. asks the harbor workers if they know why such a small ship was sent but they say they don't know the reason. the benefit was not enough unicef sent back we need unicef the medications for food to combat the malnutrition among children cholera. can unicef only least ships this mall it was not supposed to be enough for twenty seven million people. a day does harbor is the largest and therefore the most important port in the hoofy rebel
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held area it's under constant attack by the saudi led coalition but i shrug says the bombardments of civilian homes nearby is a worse crime than. again this district is close to military base says the airport is nearby that's why it is continually bombed including the university's medical. ash waka drives to a village south of her data the war is also hitting people in the countryside hard and the few deliveries that do arrive really make it out of the city that's why the doctor makes these trips. the town of adam now is near the coast the fisherman who live here are very poor. is able to help them because of her relatively good income when she arrives she can see how rightful the people are she's almost their only
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contacts to the outside world the war's effects are highly visible here. the children are terribly undernourished. and. before i could give my child milk every two days but i haven't gotten anything for two months now. if their parents are grateful to us work for treating the children for free and give her a gift of him it's a small gesture that allows fees poor people to maintain their dignity. and has made it her mission to help people but this is becoming increasingly difficult she sees no end to the war and has made a professional decision. in the health of the children is deteriorating because they are not getting adequate treatment and i've decided that if they can't provide food supplies to adults we have to at least teach the children that because they
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need nourishment more urgently. that's why she's come to this village bringing only powdered milk. believes it's the children who must survive because they are humans only hope. and you can find out more on the situation in yemen by going to our website you dot com or you can follow us later today will be following the talks as well on yemen the u.n. security council this is day to view news still to come on the show germany's olympic champions returned from bringing home the country's best ever haul of winter games medals. saying in germany chris office here now no final decisions being made in the country today on whether major cities can ban completely diesel vehicles dr brian and it is a move that activists say is long overdue in a bid to cut down on pollution levels germany's top minister of cord in lives a year is expected to rule on whether individuals cities can ban diesel engines
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from rolls and dozens of german cities have emissions levels that exceed your limits and germany is on the pressure to bring them into compliance with the law all diesel bans could prove problematic though for german carmakers as market shares of diesel cars have grown rapidly in recent years up until almost fifty per cent in trying to sixty. now let's get the market view on this issue with our correspondent daniel kolbe in frankfurt ben you know how is the mood ahead of this decision that could have an impact carmakers and their subcontractors. here good morning chris of what i guess they're all very very nervous here we're expecting the verdict to happen at around noon and yes even though you mentioned the sales of these are cars were dropping the diesel is still a very very important for the industry and also if this case if this court today rules and makes those diesel bans may be possible in the cities of this is dolphin
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experts here on my and are very sure that we would see other bands happening in other cities as well with consequences at the moment that are very very hard to a project but many feel that this could actually need the end of these are current germany and yes you mentioned sub contractors those could be hit even harder a company in the state of saving a little bit earlier that they would have to let many people go now in light of the emissions discussion what's the opinion frankfurt are car makers on track when it comes to finding alternatives to the diesel and gasoline powered engines. well that's exactly the issue i mean remember i'm stating a few years ago that by twenty twenty she wants to have one million. cars on the road we are still very very far away from that and yes that's the problem that the industry here in germany carmakers see in germany have been very slow to produce cars that are attractive from
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a prize also of course attractive from the range that they can actually drive trying to promote right now their ego is still with very very little. success story and certainly carmakers were not able to create this hype that for example tesla was able to generate in the united states and worldwide then you're in frankfurt thank you. for making our already very smart phones even smarter is something that is harder and harder to do that's why many say the real innovation of this year's mobile wolf congress in barcelona is in the tech network that keeps us connected the term on everyone's lips is five g. the blazingly fast networks that most european operators want to roll out within the next two years and which promises to make driverless cars or talking fridges a reality. rather than just seeing what it's like to be spiderman how about feeling it sony's build
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a new dynamic vibration system into its top flight smartphone the japanese company can also turn you into a three d. avatar the new camera technology can record and display high dynamic range images based on chips also produced by sony for us actually creating components that others purchase from us is extremely important meaning we want to be at the forefront of technology with our own smartphones but we do effectively have a lot of the value chain by selling our proponents to others the company is looking to the future by the end of two thousand and nineteen sony aims to sell the first five g. compatible device the new mobile network standard is the topic at the trade show this german antenna maker expects five g. will be rocket fuel for their business the new cellular masts can handle massive data volumes without any frustrating lag. the finnish network supplier nakia is in barcelona showing off how five hundred data streams can flow seamlessly the company
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says they're ready to master the torrents of data expected from the networks of the future between all kinds of devices. with. means will end to brand new territory in things cost he shuts the healthcare industry it means that volume will be much higher than we've had in connection technologies so far. if the waves of new fangled tech leave you feeling lost at sea you might want to downgrade you can pick up calls with a touch of your thumb just like the forerunners to the smartphone forget three d. and five g. this phone can make calls and not much else but even that has its own charm. some say it's a revival of ancient trade routes others claim it's a way of increasing china's influence on the world whichever way you see it china's belt and road initiative is a massive undertaking and aims to connect almost seventy countries and german companies believe they could benefit greatly from this so-called new silk road but
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despite the big potential there are pitfalls. the gigantic project is expected to cost a total of nine hundred billion dollars it involves sixty nine countries together home to two thirds of the world's population china launched its bells and road initiative also known as the new silk road five years ago. it consists of two major trade routes the land based silk road economic belt winds its way from china through central asia the middle east and on to europe the maritime silk road creates a ceiling connecting southern china southeast asia india east africa and also europe. industry representatives say the project off is enormous potential for german companies which can deploy the necessary resources. if it involves developing physical infrastructure especially in central asian
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countries which aren't as well linked or developed and that's clearly something which well known and large german infrastructure developers or conglomerates very much at home with. but there could also be plenty of orders for small and medium sized enterprises they can supply specialized machinery and other equipment to foreign partners involved in the large scale projects so there are some high hurdles to clear. as a good touch because many projects on put out to tender are financed by the chinese banks in the same way we used to doing things here and there are plenty of challenges when it comes to calculating prices as well. on top of that beijing hands over eighty percent of the contracts china is funding straight to chinese companies many of the countries along the two routes are politically unstable and there's a high risk of payment default but german business representative still hope companies here will manage to get a piece of the new silk road action. it's back to brian now and the central
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european nation of slovakia is in shock after a young journalist and his fiance were found dead in their home twenty seven year old young koos yack worked for a popular news website police believe he was killed because he was investigating corruption linked to top politicians as last reported examined financial transactions that were part of a political scandal. in his short journalistic career young had attempted to shine a light in some very dark places political corruption corporate tax evasion suspected italian mafia links to slovakia on sunday twenty seven year old coots and his fiancee were phone dead in their home and say brought to slava they had been killed by gunshots to the head and chest police said it was likely that murderers wanted to put an end to his probing. the motive of this crime is probably related to his investigative journalism activities we will assign all our money to
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this case. but in a conversation with t.w. former editor cast doubt on the police's willingness to get to the bottom of the case. unfortunately i ten months really said i have a confidence but but you are going to a lot of pressure on the follies because you feel confident in your friend the property you see murder is serious. the slovakian government at least appears serious about finding the killers that has offered a one point two million u.s. dollars reward for information that could lead them to the perpetrators. now it's been called the beast from the east a cold front that has blasted across much of europe here in germany almost shelters are closed to maximum capacity as temperatures dropped to minus twenty degrees centigrade in parts of the country now
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a number of people have died in lithuania poland and france as the mercury plummeted and the italian capital while it saw a rare snowstorm. the coliseum covered in snow. writing sledge is in the circus maximus. and in the vatican. was a snowball fights. room hasn't experienced snowfall like this in six years and it's caught tourists are surprise even the priests are enjoying this winter miracle do you think it is just incredible mother nature has gone. but you. but not everyone is in china to buy the blankets of rights and room and it shouldn't snow in rome because we're just not ready for it it started at three o'clock this morning it seems like five centimeters
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a fall and but actually it's much more and it's cold. in russia we are used to the cold but even the residents of moscow can be caught off guard by temperatures of minus twenty degrees celsius. the cold snap is caused by a giant loop pressure system. going to call into the empty cycle and covering the scandinavian peninsula is really big and spreads to poland in the front of us on the side clone has brought the cold from the european parts of russia east into the rest of europe. to show you what. it's the poorest to bear the brunt of the cooled in poland officials are appealing for citizens to help the hopeless and the elderly . the freezing weather is expected to hang around europe for the rest of the week extending even past thursday when according to meteorologists winter gives way to
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spring. we have some football now and in the german bundesliga last i dortmund look to improve their eight game unbeaten streak as they long horns with bergen home dortmund opening the scoring on seventeen minutes when marco royce cleaned up a defensive mistake from housewares martin. it was the second goal of the three games since making his comeback from injury out for got back into the game seventy three minutes into play thanks to kevin downs of goal one one the final small square that. the double olympic champion esther led that sky is back home in the czech republic with fans celebrating her brilliant display at the dongfang winter games thousands of people filling progs old town on a chilly evening to give a warm welcome to the history making medal winner let's go became the first person in winter olympic histories to capture gold medals and both alpine skiing and snowboarding. and the german olympic team is also back home they received
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a hero's welcome after their success at the winter games with fourteen goals and thirty one medals in all it was germany's most successful winter games ever giving the jetlag athletes plenty to smile about. touching down in frankfurt this was no ordinary flight. tired but happy german athlete and precious metal. fourteen gold germany's most successful when. the temperatures may have been cold welcome here anything. cars it's amazing i'm bowled over by how many people are here after that long flight i never expected this. started celebrating after the much until five in the morning we demonstrate to the airport i finally slipped a little. rest. will
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be back on the ice on wednesday. top stories at this hour a five hour truce ordered by russia has taken effect in the rebel held area of the . russian president called for this. over the past week have killed more than five hundred civilians there. and the un security council set to meet over stalemated civil war today and that's warnings of. putting . a coalition fighting. has fired some of its top military officer. thomas from the entire. thanks so much for being with us.
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they were crowding in a professional. commons in jordan. training program helps women to find new careers. many men are skeptical but these women bring skill and into their work. a small but important step towards more gender equality in the arab world. three thousand. dollars.
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disappeared. thousands of people kidnapped tortured and murdered until nine hundred ninety six. victims of the one to man in military dictatorship. their loved ones are still fighting to get justice for them. in their feeling. against for getting. on. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for minds. we make up of what we watch as of after that hundred twenty five we ought the civil service or. the want to shape the continent's future.
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parliament and join african youngsters as the share their stories their dreams and their challengers. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa during. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h.l. . this week a global three thousand heads to the seychelles what can be done to protect the nation's endangered taal reefs. in ecuador top chefs in.


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