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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2018 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin reports of mortar fire for a truce in syria's eastern huta these buses are meant to evacuate civilians but there's a raid mt russia's military says rebels are shelling a designated humanitarian corridor but the rebels deny this accusation and also coming up millions of people are driscoll from a name given as a bloody civil war rages on a rare look behind the red lines following one doctor's quest to see on the edge of
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survival. and a tough job the court is set to decide on a bank for heavy polluting disease because tests across the nation show many cities exceeds safety limits. and welcome. in syria daily five hour truce announced by russia went into effect a short while ago but russia's military claims rebel groups are conducting bombings despite the temporary ceasefire moscow says the shelling means civilians have been unable to evacuate from the rebel stronghold of eastern huta driven factions in eastern who did not buy syria's government and its allies last week it groups say helping civilians must be a top priority. many think an axis should be separated from political
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agreements we can agreements to each we didn't need long lasting and systematic use fact what we need useful or those fighting agreed to windows doing which humanitarian aid. joining me now is the un and the daughter from save the children based in amman jordan not what are you hearing about the situation on the ground in eastern huta. we have reports this morning but it's easy to be able to very private moments but we know we have heard from families today is that most of the families are still. children is on the ground people are still scared to leave their homes in case the bombing starts again i think in this general lack of trust that. any cease fire will actually hold and come into effect a couple of days ago when the u.n. security council announced
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a cease fire. people came out of the shell to try and find a family or check on the houses and. there are very short time later the building starts up again and more people were killed at the moment people are still very very scared very afraid. every concert. and so until it's clear that the cease fire is holding exactly what your colleagues telling you what is their assessment about whether this five hour a day ceasefire is enough we're told and how much help civilians at least in hotel . it's definitely not enough even if it holds which is still unclear and the un security council was very clear a few days ago that there needs to be an immediate thirty day truce accompli society and the hostilities on humanitarian access five hours a day is just a. relief from the bombing it still means that for nineteen hours a day children and their families are going to be hiding underground trains were
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aboard the bombing made agencies local aid agencies in eastern goods are trying to do distribution and trying to provide people with food and so on the. often come under attack in the past week say a five hour window i mean it's really just not good enough given the massive scale of needs in the area that hearing about the ports that what russia is saying that in fact the rebels at carrying out bombings and affecting the humanitarian corridor which would allow civilians to leave. well as i said we can verify what's going to happen today at the moment it's the same but from talking to families in. most of the very very reluctant to leave there are more than three hundred fifty thousand civilians in the area. it's unclear where they'll go it's people don't want to leave their homes and their families behind especially not
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when the when there is such a short window what people want and what was agreed of the security council is that age should be allowed in and people should be able to get through to medicine that's been denied to them for many many months now so i don't know donna from save the children thank you very much for talking to. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild prosecutors in south korea demanding a thirty year jail for prison. in a landmark corruption case the ex-president was impeached for corruption last march and is facing more than a dozen criminal charges bach has been held in custody for. the frontrunner in colombia's upcoming presidential elections gustavo petro has alleged voting is at risk of massive fraud games the decision not to digitalize the results
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from the country's polling stations makes fraud more likely colombians will vote in a presidential primary on the first of march. saudi arabia's king on has fired some of the country's top military offices in a major shakeup to include the military's chief of staff general of good. and other defense officials nor former reason has been provided for the move which was announced early on tuesday. of a shake up in saudi's military comes as it has failed to make gains in its conflict in neighboring yemen yemen is the poorest country in the middle east is caught up in a fierce struggle for recent dominance between saudi arabia which backs c.m.e. government and iran which backs whose the rebels the conflict dates back to a feel strong of power after the arab spring uprisings present. struggled with various issues including attacks food insecurity and high
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unemployment now hooty rebels took advantage of the political instability and over several years gain control of various provinces according to the un yemen is on the brink of a famine millions of yemenis are dependent on humanitarian aid our next report follows one doctor trying to ease the plight of children caught up in the conflict a warning this report contains some disturbing. images. it's the start of a long and busy day for pediatrician a shrug my how to today she'll be making house calls in the countryside. but first a father is waiting anxiously at the central clinic in her data with his emaciated daughter a shrugs occupation requires her to remain optimistic but she's frustrated during the three years of fighting the number of undernourished children has risen dramatically for her the suffering is unbearable especially when the children are
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brought to the hospital when it might already be too late. crime idea don't cry don't be afraid. doctors hope to save the child's life with an infusion of liquid nutrition when asked what her name is the six year old cannot answer she is too weak to talk. her father says her name is i shot the girl doesn't utter a single word during the examination ash work will try to help her but the effectiveness of her work depends entirely on adequate deliveries of medicine actually reaching yemen shrug drives to the harbor area of the data to find out what kind of relief aid has been delivered this time but when she arrives she can hardly believe her eyes. the united nations sent this ship. a swag asks the harbor workers if i know why such
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a small ship was sent but they say they don't know the reason. that caviar yanni that benefit is not enough unicef's and that ship we need unicef for medications for food to combat the malnutrition among children cholera dysentery can unicef only least ships this small if you want is not supposed to be enough for twenty seven million people. a day does harbor is the largest and therefore the most important port in the hoof the rebel held area it's under constant attack by the saudi led coalition but i shrug says the bombardments of civilian homes nearby is a worse crime than. this district is close to a military base says the airport is nearby that's why it is continually bombed including the university's medical faculty. at the end of the ash walk drives to a village south of hard data the war is also hitting people in the countryside hard
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the few aid deliveries that do arrive really make it out of the city that's why the doctor makes these trips. the town of adam now is near the coast the fisherman who live here are very poor ash walk around is able to help them because of her relatively good income when she arrives she can see how rightful the people are she's almost their only contacts to the outside world the war's effects are highly visible here the children are terribly undernourished. one room and. i'm sure i could give my child milk every two days but i haven't gotten anything for two months now. the parents are grateful to us work for treating the children for free and give her a gift of him it's a small gesture that allows these poor people to maintain their dignity. and has
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made it her mission to help people but this is becoming increasingly difficult she sees no end to the war and has made a professional decision. ahead of the children is deteriorating because they are not getting adequate treatment and i've decided that if we can't provide food supplies for adults we have to at least their n.t. the children that because they need nourishment more urgently. that's why she's come to this village bringing only powdered milk. and believes it's the children who must survive because they are humans only hope. the hapless receiver usually from the un to aid organizations journalists really get access into yemen journalists all over adama did manage to get into the country recently he joins me now from our studios in bonn a welcome all of a resource a heartbreaking pictures from yemen in the report is the situation the as bad or
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even worse. yeah you have to care for that i've been to the south only the pictures you've seen have been from the north and the north is by far more hit by the war but coming back to the south where i've been there last month the situation was very homogeneous i was expecting a blank in pure poverty but i've only seen of it but i've also seen pictures of wealth i've seen for markets full of fruits vegetables meat and so on i've been to restaurants full of people having been to an entertainment center where children were riding on roller coasters that was the one side wealthy side but i've also seen lots of poverty expression if you leave aiden center you go to the districts and there you have a lot of camps of displaced people coming from the north from the rebels and they are very much dependent on food supply and that also is creating
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a lot of anger between the people you have a refugee camp on the one side and next to it is a village where the people live and they don't get any food supply and the people there tell me why do they get some something to eat and why don't we get something with why don't we get any help so the conflict is. even creating within the people a lot of conflict as well so that is really the shaming part of it so i don't know why and food supplies getting in the u.n. is warning that lots of yemen on the brink of a famine and we saw the doctor in our report complain there is not enough aid coming in from the u.n. . it's very difficult to get something into the country expression in the north because in the north we have the blockade in the south it's a little bit easier but still if you want to deliver something a container to aid in for example it has to go to a lot of clearances and so on it's very complicated to bring in things me as an
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example if it took me months almost a year to get into the country i had to fill out so many forms and so it's really very bureaucracy and a lot of mistrust going on so that leads to conflicts that leads to problems to get things into the country and at the end of the people are suffering because they do not receive their medicine for example and despite the intense suffering in parts of the gun to this conflict has been more or less ignored by the international community but now the united nations is set to discuss yemen today and the security council what are yemenis hoping and expecting from this meeting. i would say after my experience that the people are very hopeless and they don't believe anymore in conferences in meetings and so on but the only opportunity the united nations have is bringing all conflict members on the same table but this happened before it was tried before and it never succeeded and so i would say from
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out of my experience in yemen the people are completely helpless and they're just thinking about themselves how to survive how do we get along for the next day so it's really difficult to say what's united nations security council and so on should do. one of the drama of genesis this return from yemen thank you very much for your insights. crist of joins me now on a top court in germany said to decide with a heavily polluting diesel cars should be banned a highly anticipated decision on radio germany's top administrative court is set to announce the ruling in the coming hours a move that activists say is long overdue the expect the decision comes amid attempts to cut down on pollution levels dozens of german cities have a mission levels that exceed e.u. limits and germany is under pressure to bring them into compliance with e.u. law these are all bans could prove problematic for german carmakers as market
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shares of diesel cars have grown rapidly in recent years up until almost fifty percent in the year of twenty sixteen. let's get the market view on this issue with our correspondent daniel kolbe in frankfurt daniel shares of car makers are up this morning ahead of the ruling are investors not concerned about the impact of such a possible ban on carmakers and their subcontractors. yes sometimes the market is very difficult to understand because of your right shares of b.m.w. and diamond all up which weena zero point three and a half per cent i don't know if this is optimism because investors really don't know what to expect what to expect from this verdict now happening in about forty five minutes from now but even though sales numbers of these are cars have been dropping they're still very important for the entire industry also if the court in life is now really going to say that these are bans would be possible in the cities
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of. many other cities most likely to follow and carmakers are worried but also small businesses i was just hearing a report about a small bakery outside of stuttgart they just board five new diesel cars in order to bring their bread inside of the city now with a possible ban they would have to invest thousands of euros in order to keep their business still running this ongoing discussion about emissions do investors see car makers on track when it comes to finding alternatives to diesel or gasoline powered cars. yeah well pretty much not at all remember that i'm going to america the german chancellor said by a twenty twenty she would like to have one million mobility cars on the german roads that's certainly not going to happen the problem is that the entire industry has been very slow to produce cars being attractive from the prize also being attractive from the range they can actually drive so there is still
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a lot of more whole work that needs to be done in order to create a similar hype that we have seen for example happening with tesla in the united states and your corp reporting from frankfurt thank you. now in a surprise move us cable giant comcast has thrown down the gauntlet to tycoon rupert murdoch says it's a bidding him offering more than twenty five billion euros to. by european pay t.v. group sky murdoch had already agreed to buy the sixty one percent of sky he doesn't already own but british regulators fear his company twenty first century fox could become too powerful comcast says fox would be a perfect fit and it's now reportedly teamed up with disney which has its eyes on some fox assets this comes only two months after business said it aims to buy fox by itself. now making our already very smart phones even smarter is something that is harder and harder to do that's why many say the real innovation of this year's
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mobile world congress in barcelona is in the tech network that keeps us connected the term on everyone's lips is five g. the blazingly fast networks that most european operators want to roll out within the next two years and which promises to make driverless cars or talking fridges a reality rather than just seeing what it's like to be spiderman how about feeling it sony's build a new dynamic vibration system into its top flight smartphone the japanese company can also turn you into a three d. avatar the new camera technology can record and display high dynamic range images based on chips also produced by sony or us actually creating components that others purchase from us is extremely important meaning we want to be at the forefront of technology with our own smartphones but we do effectively have a lot of the value chain by selling our components to others the company is looking
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to the future by the end of two thousand and nineteen sony aims to sell the first five g. compatible device the new mobile network standard is the topic at the trade show this german antenna maker expects five g. will be rocket fuel for their business the new cellular masts can handle massive data volumes without any frustrating lag. the finnish network supplier nokia is in barcelona showing off how five hundred data streams can flow seamlessly the company says they're ready to master the torrents of data expected from the networks of the future between all kinds of devices. for five g. means will and to brand new territory in things cost he shuts the healthcare industry it means that volume will be much higher than we've had in connection technology so far. if the waves of new fangled tech leave you feeling lost at sea you might want to downgrade you can pick up calls with a touch of your thumb just like the forerunners to the smartphone forget three d.
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and five g. this phone can make calls and not much else but even that has its own charm. and that's all your business for now and i can tell you i'm married and i we are pretty pretty nice and snuggle up in our studio here because it's so cold outside and it's going to get cold it's minus thirteen outside in but it has been cold the best of the east a cold front that has blasted across much of europe a number of people have died across lithuania poland and france as the muck replanted here in germany homeless shelters are closed to maximum capacity as temperatures drops to minus twenty degrees centigrade in some parts of the country the snow is also through in the italian capital into a state of slippery. snow in temperate rome can wreak havoc some of the trees here given to the extra weight since they're almost never burdened by anything more than rain drops extra slippery streets and temperatures
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well below zero the transport system falls apart and businesses need to close. still seriously when do the locals or tourists get to see this. the coliseum covered in snow. or when can they do with this. i'm a ridge and slide down in circus maximus. invent a can city a snowball fight. it's been six years since a significant snowfall here but even catholic priests see something of a winter miracle do you think it is just incredible mother nature has gone mad today. of course not everyone loves a blanket of white and blue monday kitchen snowing ready because we're just not ready for it in russia they are ready for it but even the residents of moscow could
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be caught off guard by temperatures south of minus twenty degrees celsius the cold is caused by a giant low pressure system of. the n.t. cyclon covering the scandinavian peninsula is really big and spreads to poland the front of us on the side clone has brought the cold from the european parts of russia east into the rest of europe. it's the poorest who bear the brunt of the cold in poland officials are appealing for citizens to help the homeless and the elderly. the freezing weather is expected to hang around europe for the rest of the week extending even past thursday when according to meteorologist snow men and women even in rome are supposed to be long gone. and winter should give way to spring. to suck anon don't one host an al smith on monday night to cap off match day twenty
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four in the bundesliga despite the hosts setting off to an early scoring start out that would determine to a point and avoid their third straight defeat. go into marco royce fresh off a goal with his last time out back in front of home fans and they were cheering him on the black and yellow tasted honey in the first half surely with ball he's a chip cut by my hit record chipped in by royce marco royce the second goal in three games for the top one favorite. the trio of mario goodson surely in royce on the same page gave doormen in early one newly. outs work nearly equalise before the break but roman burkey prevented unity in smith's free kick from levelling the score. a second half out burke want to keep bruin berky's clean sheet of the season. and first if you don't succeed kevin
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ganso finishing off that cliche the header blocked but the follow what was it. out spur endorsements three game win streak and start an unbeaten streak of their own one one the final score. double in pick champions as lead at sky is back home in the czech republic with fans celebrating a brilliant display at the punk chango winter olympics games thousands of people filled progs old town square on a chilly evening to give a warm welcome to the history making medal winner that scott became the first person in winter olympics history to capture the gold medals in both alpine skiing and snowboarding. and his engine with the winter olympics team was also given a hero's welcome off their success at the chung winter games with fourteen goals and thirty one medals in total the jetlag athletes had plenty of reasons to smile
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as they arrived home to rapturous welcome. touching down in. ordinary flight. and precious. germany's most. welcome here. it's amazing. how many people are here after that long flight i never expected this . started celebrating off to the. five in the morning. i finally.
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found. chris.
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among the all school nominees these europeans know the best chances. but all they all of. is a real shot at changing the coveted prize we get the lowdown from our film expert scott rockstar. kill fingers crossed you never know. what's good for you're a. good mom. because . it's played such it is back on champions league
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future fund t w dot com science and research for a shot. greetings from frosty berlin and a warm welcome to our latest edition and we are all warmed up and ready to go with the following topics. pretty woman find out what it takes to become miss germany. academy awards this year's nominees for the best original score oscar.


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