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tv   Close up - Risking Their Lives - German Aid Workers in Iraq  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2018 4:15pm-4:45pm CET

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in style it was carried to the state on a stage at the great wall of china the country has seen a recent boom in winter sports as luzhin pay has pledged to get three hundred million chinese on skis and states before the twenty twenty two games was like a tall order with just four years ago. a situ of youngsters as they shared their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent job used platform for africa. the berlin based aid organization conduce treats people who've been injured or wounded in the war with so-called islamic state the obvious that. they haven't seen a doctor in three years imagine that and now they need some kind of medical care it seems awful all. day work where others fear to tread right behind the front lines
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in villages that have just been liberated from i.a.s. . their bill is the capital of the autonomy region of kurdistan in northern iraq the local headquarters of kut whose is in the district of uncommon where a rented house serves as both office and accommodation the. final preparations for a mission are underway this rise was a c n i know it can go wrong i know it can happen to the team which is one of the reasons why we have to work so closely with the military but this. is the wrong expression. it's more like treating the violence with respect in
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a negative sense it's immense it's. divided so humans and. shave bowman is responsible for the mission in iraq the former event manager has been in northern iraq for months she coordinates carter says work in the war zone has. its roots you know when you have a baby or to sit down to get a get organized and stuff that in the book or done on fronts without. is a surgeon in berlin he's taken two weeks' leave for this mission the team aims to set up right behind the front line in a couple of days. sometimes hiking all the talking all stiglitz into a single box that everything's in the same place but the great includes devices for measuring blood glucose and blood pressure and opinions so i sent an ultrasound device to cope with the windows open. is international the current
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crew is made up of two doctors a paramedic and a nurse. canadian heather dollhouse often worked in crisis sounds right i wanted to come and work in iraq because i been working so far once a year going to haiti and doing medical clinics there and a few years ago there was a big tide in the philippines and a way into the relief work with a nurse friend of mine and i'm the only grey here here but everybody else is very young twenty's i guess but i'm a grandmother and i'm here to help as much as i can. cut loose was founded less than three years ago crews of volunteers change regularly they need a range of permits to operate in the war zone. office manager priya poverty. takes
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care of that side of things and i guess the risk is always that things change so quickly so today or tomorrow morning when we leave they can say to us the perimeter is fine it's safe go ahead but by the time we get there something minor change they might have retreated to the front line might have moved. so i think the uncertainty of the situation is always the biggest danger but we do our best to try and sort of be informed and be mobile and be organized so that we can move back and forth as the situation changes all the missions are agreed in coordination with the world health organization failed bomb and also has to coordinate with the iraqi army for security reasons. the destination for cardoso this time is the region of how we just outside the kurdish autonomy is region. to specializes in treating seriously wounded victims of war to get to the war zone the crew needs passengers and special permits for both the kurdish and the iraqi territories.
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as ever you know make its requirements become it will definitely have to pass a lot of checkpoints just as we have permits for all of them they're all in our list items but the problem is things can change overnight the way in and out of clear days away some issues the most but this and that can cause us to lace the system fits with i'm going to. filming is strictly prohibited at the checkpoints. at the convoy leaves an appeal heading toward mosul. from there it heads south toward probably at the time of filming most of the area around the city was held by the ins. hours later in
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the early evening the crew reaches the war zone the iraqi army only reconquered the villages in the area just a few days previously. the cutter's crew is put up in a house requisition by the army the iraqi army medical corps has already set up a makeshift field hospital next door. if you put. it on. its he quipped with the bare minimum to treat the wounded this is where the cut to screw will work. the son of man who thought this surgery has five beds. we basically use that to stabilize patients enough for them to make the journey to the merest hospital. area was the scene of fierce fighting just a few days earlier i asked fighters had taken up positions on the roof of the
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building now iraqi army vehicles are advancing. a special u.s. army unit is also operating within sight of the katter's team officially they are there in an advisory capacity but their armored vehicles suggest otherwise exactly how many u.s. soldiers are involved in the fight against i.a.s. is kept secret. the responsible medical officer from the iraqi army is major mohammad hassan he decides we can and can't go in a division finish all the missions alive to the. ok finish finish the. years until now i think they can you are. only your mission and your mission i think in a few next days beginning a new mission but by knowing all the information on this mission. the offensive made for. aster progress than expected but without major casualties already
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attention is turning to how to help the civilian population in the liberated villages. condo's is based in berlin it was founded by sebastian you know mom a qualified psychologist and paramedic. in a workshop beneath the rail track boxes are welded spare parts prepared and vehicles refit it some of the staff have known each other for years they used to organize music festivals now they want to save lives you know money is no stranger to international aid work. was a good for you i never really liked the way the missions were set up all the working out was fair in the aid organizations i spent more than ten years old and eyes in festivals with people who were enthusiastic and fun to work with and then one day we had the idea of trying to translate this
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excellent cooperation into an aid context to the. politics with its approach. because carter's doesn't get any government funding all its staff are volunteers they want to save people from war and injustice in the world. existence mentionable i think it's important to help these people sort of happy to spend my time here. i do p.r. work on that because i have no medical or technical training and be able to so i do what i can to make my contribution much just a shotgun and mentor to most of. us believe on tactical i found my way environ voluntary internship and i can identify with the values of count of such a humane value of. things we should be able to take for granted that everybody can live in freedom and equality. unum and seldom personally takes part in the missions he has to raise money otherwise conduce could not exist
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though so i live in photoshop for some of us it's a full time job with no regular pagel the motivation comes from somewhere else i wish the projects were paid for by third parties so that we would not have to rely one hundred percent on the nation's t.v. because it's a daily struggle that really takes it out of you and i hope it continues to grow out of the stuff that nobody gets hurt and that we can carry out more projects just female which we have to do for go. down twice a week to unum and works as a bouncer in a popular berlin nightclub it's the only way he can earn a regular wage and keep his national health insurance. will know that it is a just cause when you found an organization like this you don't have enough money at the start of as you have to choose between spending donations on yourself
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putting them into projects or finding other sources of income that i can earn money at night and when i say i have to go away from us to take part in a mission accommodate that then with that assume it is from us and i'm grateful. to so also for you some day but. you know man lives his life between the nightclub and the war zone. it's day. three after the volunteers arrival. it's time to get to work surgeon much is up at the crack of dawn getting ready for the crew's mission in a village it was liberated just a couple of days ago. yet for the fight. i just saw today we're going to a little village where the people probably haven't seen a doctor in three is. nothing to see in are just it's just
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until very recently it was all i asked territory that's now been liberated. you. will see how the civilian population is doing and try to help where we can know many a focus on trauma patients but in this case they are natural the patients because of isaac the coma but of the people need is primary medical ok i did my bit it's. the convoy now including three iraqi army ambulances head south making a big detour to steer clear of territory still held by i.a.n.s. . dr heather dahl is expecting to encounter a range of everyday illnesses and probably ceasing to hydration children and adults and then we'll see chronic medical conditions maybe some. i'm going to do a small minor surgery procedure on our patients e-mail thank you so we are all
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pretty much all of the medications that prepare for primary care as well as our emergency care for if we have to treat anybody from the front line so. when the war broke out many doctors fled and. there's simply no medicine left here . now it's up to congress to help although that's not what it was set up for according to the. volunteers this is kind of all of them we can't offer a long term care here that's for the iraqi state to do what we can do here is just a drop in the ocean we're not in a position to organize anything long term use of. this streets are badly damaged from the fighting. one of the iraqi ambulances runs into trouble one of its bumpers has come loose. but. stopping is always risky there are improvised explosive devices almost everywhere.
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on the way into the village the volunteers encounter huge convoys of fighters including the notorious shia militias who are accused of committing war crimes it's best to avoid them but the volunteers are not scared. something to pull me mad and i'm sure some people to the time still feel quite safe and secure and we haven't had to put on a flak jackets and they haven't been any critical situation everything's been calm so far and. takes the convoy around two hours to cover seventy kilometers finally it arrives in the village of sharia the army has selected what it deems a safe house. so that. we always have to be on the lookout for booby traps everywhere we go. but as long as we stick to the barracks
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we know have been used by others before us it should be ok if on board and a lot of the gun. assigned. to cut his team has to hit the ground running because it's not clear how long the army will stay here with the crew turns a former living room into a surgery. because. this is a virus is still what. led to his. doing is organizing things by class of medications so that we can access it quickly and hopefully be able to get the medications for each of these examining beds. within minutes of the crew's arrival people start coming in droves. one man brings his injured son saying he fell from a tree there is no telling how true that is. the full fault of the fall he fell off ill from the day while little fellow the boy is suffering from pain in
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his legs and back. the doctor's instructions are translated by tiger occurred from the air below area. mathias high sick examines the boy but without an x. ray machine can't make a diagnosis his main complaint of pain seems to be in his there asx my hair it's possible because he landed on his feet i have a compression fracture this vertebrae at that level for there's nothing one minute that he very well first. of all the doctors also suspect concussion all they can give them is pain killers and medical advice tiger can you explain that with a head injury takes a while for the brain to get better. if you follow football ok i feel dizzy they're actually able to do a holiday travel trouble or still. get it right close organise your
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car trouble with memory. as the day progresses more and more people arrive this old woman can't walk another collapses right in front of the doctor's an elderly man complains of heart problems it's hard to make a diagnosis because of stuff without fear he says he has problems with his heart especially when stressed that suggest a cardiac insufficiency which is hard to treat long term in the situation. it could be stress but it's probably a chronic illness it's hard to establish that in a brief conversation this. this young man has an infected abscess behind his ear known as an actor roma he needs to have it lanced otherwise he could get blood poisoning. yet on the surface of what he had in effect after almost by dizzy or that we had to open up the city in principle that's something we can do here and it would require an operating theatre in germany either we just need local
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sterilization but we can't tell how well the wound will be treated afterwards normally we would remove the capsule we didn't do it in this case because it would have caused heavy bleeding there is also the risk that it will come back and this is just all this is going to decide. this is. this fourteen year old boy can hardly walk his means are deformed there's little the doctors here can do i tell you really sirota tell him just what i especially i used to have that at this point it is very worried it. would be a very lazy or this was especially if it is a little hole while they only because. after five hours lines of patients still aren't getting any shorter the doctors and medics work without a break until they're at their limits. or candidates just cos we work as fast as possible because there's a long line and we don't have that much time and it's like
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a conveyor belt but we do try to take time for every patient. the condo's mission in iraq began in mosul where you know man and his staff set up a mobile first aid center right behind the front lines on behalf of the world health organization. they turned a former car garage into an emergency room. while the iraqi army. he advanced on i os positions in the old town civilians arrived around the clock many of them had shrapnel or gunshot wounds. sebastian unum and spent several weeks here with his team trying to treat the many casualties because. you're not. a good little girl if you're this little girl that's up. in international jargon an emergency room like this is known as a t.s.p.
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. she is a piece of almost a musician point a t.s.b. as a trauma stabilization point that means it's not a hospital where we can perform surgery. we are right behind the front lines and we keep following along with the first port of call the wounded civilians all combatants regardless of what side they buy you know guilt hospital. and the surgeon chef on ya is looking after an injured boy. there you go and it's not for the ethical we don't know where they're from is all of this it's often like that here that civilians are brought in from somewhere and any old vehicle rather than an ambulance one that's a very good idea if i did a quick look at this guy tells me that he's reasonably stable because i mean his life is not in acute danger is this our food lives could fit. the boy his upper body covered with inadequately trained burns arrived with another injured boy three days ago. that if it's right that we're in the if a mortar round landed near him
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a couple of days ago and he sustained these wounds it will be. ok. sure. he will take off the bandages say it. was fifteen year old us was at home when the shells hit the doctors want to know where his parents are and get it all ok and then they were separate from that that the do not. on our local. our local has a two hour long. no bargain bucket thought of just nothing they all did ok. the second boy has a bullet wound in the face but he's alive so i go up there i think it's him and all of. the doctors don't know if the boys have any family left. then it will be midnight or they're on accompanied or their parents are dead
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according to the boy so as for us that means we don't just treat their wounds we have to inform the un that we have unaccompanied minors here. because the un has a special protocol for the situation here is able to close the door to check in and i don't mean for global. the boys will probably end up in a un refugee camp for the time being. until it cut to set up a t.s.p. in the old town of mosul where the iraqi army met resistance from the remaining pockets of i.a.s. fighters many of the civilians brought here had been used as human shields anyone who tried to escape was shot. but if there is need to pull yourself up in oxford yesterday we had to pay both had been shot trying to escape and there ones were so bad that they died in but most of the civilians are just at the limits of the human insurance they've been besieged for months some of them of the families of biassed fighters wives children who haven't had anything proper to eat for weeks but they
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didn't hydrate it it's forty five degrees in the shade here during the day he would if they were in his jobs addressed him back in that heat and they're totally hydrated and i have circulation problems and difficulties before but i'm going to see myself if. i can cut those has been working in mosul for nearly two months to good effect they've saved many lives. and that's also used it. there's no emergency service here with trained paramedics that means there's no proper treatment available until someone reaches a hospital and many of them have been bombed here in the city so it can take a long time to get to a hospital but they have got it so there's no doubt it's without the forty s. peace here in the us and three other organizations hundreds more would have died. had this awful not to hold back here. the guns have been silent in mosul for months now but ninety percent of the city is in ruins. the w h o's latest mission for
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cutters is behind the front line up. in contrast to mosul there are no badly wounded people in the rural region of how we judge. so condo's turned its attention to the villagers who receive little or no care otherwise. the crew has a few toys for the children who are brought here. these children haven't seen a doctor for more than three years time and again they had to flee the fighting with their parents many have been traumatized by the ongoing violence and constant fear. that the kids is that person be honest i have the impression that the children are confused understandably. i think it will take a while for them to realize what's going on i've never. let a child just now for example probably didn't really know what to do with the toys
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and that's perfectly normal in a second sounds as at least the parents i had. thought it was. for security reasons there are always soldiers in the surgery to look for the hygiene in a village is problematic this man has a skin rash and is itching all over. as if still to wash off the soles to wash was. but all of us will all go because we all have to station thank you that a particular body has paid. so beaching is because of the water. that is good something about the needs so it's. good water over well if you just want it over with if you don't do that i can't do it with your kids so you need squid water. suddenly a young man is brought in needing urgent help thanks. to secure
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a shelter that. he has a gaping head wound and has already lost a lot of blood clearly solicitous of this reality. allegedly he jumped in a river we're not told why he won't say anything himself it's not true i just use one syringe for it and then give it back to you yet just that it is already the circumstances of the young man's injuries remain unclear what we do know is that he was brought in by iraqi soldiers it would not be the first time that iraqi troops have maltreated a civilian. oil fall of any team fallguy those are all iraqi army and you know maybe this date because stolen this day and much of the they may be to quote he's a. right as nobody knows who will take over when conduce leaves the troops are being withdrawn and the crew has to go with them or they'd have no protection.
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it wasn't you could leaving in five minutes after that the army will be gone maybe i'm just saying this was this was you know that the volunteers worked for almost six hours here without a break there's no telling how many patients they treated all together. they kept at it like that about how if you have straggly but some might say i have no idea how many patients we treat it could have easily been one hundred i thought it was a hell of a good. we worked for hours with no break there lee any food or water lots of patients. the volunteers came expecting to treat trauma patients but the people treated today really need long term medical care there's no hope of that without a local doctor. if as you saw in the case of the head trauma it's a very. black blood in cuts things like i say and it is a trauma service at this trial service so this was difficult i think for the guys
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that were here today because they came expecting to do trauma work and it's primary care that we've been doing it's not very sexy it is very necessary for the general health of the population so. i don't blame them their own young they all gravitated to that you know that sexy thing but the thing is we're here for the rest of people because we have to see her out of. this mission is scheduled to continue for about two weeks then the w.h.o. will decide where katu scones next but there's no shortage of places that need.
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