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everyone has the right. everyone has the right. this is the dublin years live from germany rules that cities are allowed to batten diesel cars to reduce pollution it's a victory for environmentalist but a huge blow for the car industry and for the millions of motorists who may not be allowed to use their crops also on the program. the united nations says fighting is still raging in east included despite a temporary truce with each side blaming the other for the new attacks humanitarian workers say no and it is getting through. the six year old i should be so weak
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she can't even say her own name and she's just one of many children starving to death because of the war in yemen we'll hear from one of the doctors trying to help but forced every day to make painful decisions. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. one of germany's top court says ruled that cities are allowed to ban diesel cars to curb pollution environmentalist's been calling for a bad for years saying that diesel emissions a killing thousands of people they took to german cities to court for not doing enough to reduce emissions the cities argued that they didn't have the legal power to impose restrictions now the federal administrative court has ruled that they do . at the moment most vehicles may be driven in germany cities regardless of what
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engine they have but following today's ruling cities with high levels of air pollution could opt to outlaw all but the most modern diesel engines a clear victory for the environmental group that initiated the legal action. as this today is a great day for clean air in germany we have fought for clean air for people in cities. for years the legal thresholds for air pollution have been surpassed in many german cities the nitrogen oxides emitted mainly by diesel cars are highly damaging to people's health the german government says the fumes are implicated in six thousand early deaths every year so many german support a ban. on wonderful it's about time for the city center to just be made car free that would be super for man the things immediately their dirty thoughts are. many diesel owners no fear they will no longer be able to drive in urban areas of the fifteen million diesel cars in germany the ban could affect some nine million many
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trucks and delivery vehicles could also be banned. members he would have to shut down right away we cannot transport our goods by street car the german government is keen to prevent driving balance angela merkel trying to calm nerves and said cities will receive help to combat air pollution is good i insisted this applies to individual cities where more needs to be done but this really does not affect the whole of germany or all car owners in germany i think it's important to make that clear today. there is still one way to prevent driving bans auto manufacturers could retrofit their diesel engines to make them cleaner experts say that is possible the costs might be high but the alternative could be millions of angry customers not an attractive option for germany's carmakers either. but you saw you can ration that reporters had of environmental action i asked him what this ruling means for people in polluted cities. this means clean air and they will have
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better quality from next months on because it'll start about in september or october of this year so for a lot of steel. and not allowed to enter the city is this year and a big group five. eagles will be burnt next year. so that's a huge cow destry has no it do to help these people because they sold the towers if ya go around it's in the minds of friendly it's poor climate and it's for employment and it was cheating cowan's street was cheating there past the home base sold about nine million euro five you thinks the. earth was a liberal relation only in lab situation but not in reality in average when you
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are six times more poisoning the city has been allowed and this is the reason by the highest court no total stock that is last would be banned and they have to start now and so what we're saying so there's that people who run businesses and perhaps people who own a small older days or vehicles who say well we i can't afford to buy a new car and by now my business will go out and now i will go out of business. no you have to have these people because they didn't you about the quality of your cheating or encounters and. they're into the gender thing compromise if but your five powers have. done more months most trance for vehicles for businesses are i were you were five or you were six so we don't have to solve the problem. but congress really has to start immediately
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so it has to give me her interrupting you certainly just just so i'm clear you're as far as you are concerned this is the responsibility of the car industry to fix the car industry should should watch and pay pay these people money to buy new cars or to have them upgraded watch the. both of you but unity is now look to the united states for its. two opportunities to buy back the cheating costs or to root have a and with this decision today be out almost have a much easier of maturity to force industry i've got to retrofit a car door to sell a. vehicle also very intense this discussion now in germany also with our association urging industry to repair what they are but have they have done its
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part of free our loss or their arm and you have to replace the. shuttle is a tele and. it's it's technically possible and they can pay i hope the politician i got a map of the earth this moment. she is also one of the great ok she has got their hero industry friendly politic and has to fight for the people who are suffering and dying because of the poisoned arrow of these are missions ok you're going to ration from environmental action germany thank you so much for joining day w. your art. as you can imagine lots of ramifications through the business world let's go to war for monica jones of the business desk well phil it's interesting to note that germany isn't the only country struggling with high emissions levels in fact more and more urban authorities round the world are introducing different measures to improve local air quality in the last to january when air pollution was
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particularly also low in norway placed a one day ban on most diesel cars traffic was down thirty percent and even though there were many exceptions diesel trucks taxis police cars and other official vehicles were except paris has already banned diesel cars made before two thousand which produced more pollution than other models and starting a twenty twenty all diesel cars would be banned from the streets of paris but these two cities aren't alone the mayor of london has announced that he'll also ban diesel cars in twenty twenty meanwhile madrid to athens and mexico city they've all pledged they'll do the same five years later in an effort to curb nitrogen oxides and other toxins in their cities well today's court ruling here in germany and cities to ban diesel cars didn't go down well with investors cautious have taken
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a hit daniel cope is joining me now in frankfurt daniela how are shares fairing towards the end of the trading day. well monica when the news was actually bori king car shares really went down some even of a level of about two percent now by the end of the trading day they have actually recovered dime their shares are actually slightly volkswagen shares down at the moment with about a one percent walks like a company that has been producing a lot of these cars but when you put this into perspective this is not as much as some investors were actually expecting virus but we also have to remember how many billions of do you as dollars and euros were already lost in the equity market because of all this these gains again go now this was the investor reaction what about the reactions from the car industry. yeah very interesting we have not received any kind of statements so far from the big car makers here in germany i
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was also looking at their social media feed there simply ignoring the topic at the moment trying to avoid to talk about it but yes we're getting lots of negative comments from the german industry as this month for my traffic minister now a number one a lobbyist of the other industry is saying that it will be very important to have the same rules for all germany and that it's very important that also small businesses won't be too much affected by us because we have to remember that also lots of small businesses now maybe have to rethink i was reading a statement earlier from a german a bakery outside of just last year they were buying five new diesel cars now they have to think you know what you do if they will have to invest lots of more money also negative comments from the also see asian of the german craft industry calling all of this a massive intervention of the ownership so besides the people who might be able to breeze from now on or from next year better air lots of people are also very war it
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and concerned all right a lot to digest there for you cope in frankfurt thank you so much. i'll have more business stories later in the show failed i should look forward to it monica thank you now to syria troops meant to relieve the suffering of east inducer is being ignored united nations says renewed fighting has made delivering aid impossible war planes and helicopters resumed their bombardments of the besieged rebel long play with each side blaming the other the truce is collapse russia's military says shelling from rebel groups means you can leave east and go to the rebel factions denied bombing the evacuation routes or stopping people from leaving. care international's middle east a regional coordinator is martin media see joins us from amman jordan welcome to d.w. what are you hearing about the situation in eastern tutor. so basically after nine days of unprecedented level of facilities people are tired they're hungry they're
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free and we have seen hundreds of people that have perished in the bombing campaign . and we know off around twenty four have facilities that have been bombed deliberately. and basically we had seen after that announcement of the u.n. security council we had seen like a brief lull there was a calmer night or partners were telling us in the morning that people were emerging from the shelters they were cleaning the roads to give space for the ambulances to go through there are trying to get food and water but then late in the day around lunchtime the borning started again and then people went on the ground and into the business again. it's important to remember that this was not a cease fire that was that was agreed but the series of five causes what kind of humanitarian groups achieve during five. i mean one
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was agreed to cite the un security council resolution said as should be a. cease fire however there was a bank door that there's a prescribed groups inside he says who said that are kind of excluded from that agreement and that's why these five foer truce is really really very. very little time to bring in humanitarian assistance care has been able through one of our partners today to distribute a little bit of wheat flour. to some of the people that were able to come through the distribution point but all the asli it wasn't even five hours today it was even three hours the bombing started again soul yeah it's not enough given the current situation so do you believe the united nations is doing enough about the situation
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i mean we are calling for the implementation of the u.n. security council resolution decision. there is of course there is government hers that sit on the security council that have influence on the warring parties so at the moment definitely we are very much frustrated with the efforts by the u.n. and with the lack of implementation of a decision as was taken on saturday so if another decision is taken another series of cease fire was. agreed upon a people likely to trust that. i mean at the moment it's really i mean we have seen that in aleppo you know if you open these humanitarian corridors. people will be very much on it would be unlikely for them to you know to come out from the shelters and try to cross what are active front lines and in an ongoing war so all people would be very much reluctant and has
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a tend to take their families to take their children to take the adelies through an active conflict zone that has really been relentless for the last ninety days killing hundreds and injuring would could could be more than a thousand people well so in the millions from care international thank you you thank. now answer some of the other stories making news around the world prosecutors in south korea are demanding a thirty year jail term for former president park geun hay in a landmark corruption case as park was impeached for corruption last march and is facing more than a dozen criminal charges she's been held in custody for almost a year. a check the court has ordered the release of syrian kurdish leader salah muslim refusing turkey's request for his extradition check or sources to tide them over the weekend anchors request salah muslim denies turkey's claims that he was involved in attacks carried out on its territory. freezing weather is gripping much
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of central and eastern europe with temperatures plunging to minus twenty degrees celsius in some places into several deaths the cold spell is expected to last through. more business news from the start that was a nice picture of that freezing lie and i missed it i was busy working but now it's your turn now it's my if you go we talk about companies that are listed on the stock exchange of course they need investors as long as they don't get too powerful that is the surprise announcement to the chinese automaker g.t. plans to buy almost one tenth of dima has caused a stir not only at the maker of messy discards german politicians also fear for the future of one of the country's most iconic companies. berlin has questions julie found early shoe food is headed to the chancellery to explain just what it would mean for a chinese company to take over ten percent of one of germany's industrial jewels
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it's about more than stock ownership there are concerns about technology transfer and foreign influence on corporate strategy chinese companies have been buying into key german companies bank puts meister concrete systems robot maker kuka. in two thousand and two only two chinese companies bought into german enterprises but that number has increased constantly since then in two thousand and sixteen it was sixty eight. forces but after looking long term in ten to fifteen years we'll have to ask ourselves which parts of our industrial base are still left in germany as more and more of them are relocated to china while on the other hand german investors in china are systematically disadvantaged. german investors in china have long complained of discrimination and have called on politicians to
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do something about it it's one reason why the sale of part of it is raising eyebrows germany's financial regulator an ounce an investigation gili is also on the agenda in parliament but german politicians don't have much decision making power as long as no security related information is involved shareholdings and takeovers cannot be blocked. and in a surprise move u.s. cable giant comcast has thrown down the gauntlet to tycoon rupert murdoch it says it's out a bidding him offering more than twenty five billion euros to buy european pay t.v. group sky murdoch had already agreed to buy the sixty one percent of sky he doesn't already own but british regulators feared his company twenty first century fox could become too powerful. cassis fox would be a perfect fit and it's now reportedly teamed up with disney which has its eye on some fox assets only two months after disney said it aims to buy fox itself.
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to yemen now the poorest country in the middle east it's caught up in a struggle for regional dominance between saudi arabia which backs the yemeni government and iran which backs the rebels the conflict dates back to a failed transition of power after the arab spring uprising present a man so hard they struggled with various issues including al-qaeda attacks food insecurity and high unemployment with the rebels took advantage of this political instability and over several years gained control of various provinces according to the un yemen is on the brink of a famine with millions of yemen is dependent on humanitarian aid. our next report follows one doctor trying to ease the plight of children caught up in the conflict and i should warn you this report contains very disturbing images. it's the start of a long and busy day for pediatrician
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a shrug know how to today she'll be making house calls in the countryside. but first a father is waiting anxiously at the central clinic in her data with his emaciated daughter shrugs occupation requires her to remain optimistic but she's frustrated during the three years of fighting the number of undernourished children has risen dramatically for her the suffering is unbearable especially when the children are brought to the hospital when it might already be too late. crime idea don't cry don't be afraid. doctors hope to save the child's life with an infusion of liquid nutrition when asked what her name is the six year old cannot answer she is too to weak. talk. her father says her name is i shot the girl doesn't utter a single word during the examination ash work will try to help but the
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effectiveness of her work depends entirely on adequate deliveries of medicine actually reaching yemen. what drives to the harbor area of the data to find out what kind of relief aid has been delivered this time but when she arrives she can hardly believe her eyes. the united nations sent this ship. ashworth asks the harbor workers if they know why such a small ship was sent but they say they don't know the reason. the planet is not enough unicef's and that ship we need unicef committee coalitions for food to combat the malnutrition among children cholera dysentery can unicef only least ships this small it was not supposed to be enough for twenty seven million people. a day does however is the largest and therefore the most important port in the hoof
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the rebel held area it's under constant attack by the saudi led coalition but i shrug says the bombardments of civilian homes nearby is a worse crime than. again this is a district this close to military base says the airport is nearby that's why it is continually bombed including the university's medical faculty. at the. drives to a village south of hood a down the war is also hitting people in the countryside hard the few eight deliveries that do arrive really make it out of the city that's why the doctor makes these trips. the town of adam now is near the coast the fisherman who live here are very poor i shrug my heart i'm his able to help them because of her relatively good income when she arrives she can see how rightful the people are she's almost their only contacts to the outside world the war's effects are highly
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visible here the children are terribly undernourished. and. before i could give my child milk every two days but i haven't gotten anything for two months now. the parents are grateful to us shrug for treating the children for free and give her a gift of him it's a small gesture that allows these poor people to maintain their dignity. and has made it her mission to help people but this is becoming increasingly difficult she sees no end to the war and has made a professional decision. to have of the children is deteriorating because they are not getting adequate treatment and decided that if we can't provide food supplies to a gal it's we have to at least here in t. the children that because they need nourishment more urgently. that's why she's
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come to this village bringing only powdered milk. believes it's the children who must survive because they are humans only hope. and us sherry is from the n.g.a. n.g.o.s save the children she joins us on the line from yemen's capital sanaa welcome to day w m tell us about the work save the children is doing there. well save the children along with other organizations in yemen are working to save lives and provide the necessary assistance that almost. seventy six of the population need we are running nine health facilities fixed for salaries and. we are we are working across the country running ninety seven health facilities and ten mobile health teams that are contributing to the human tarion work that is done in yemen to save children's lives and you're helping support you're helping support
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on both sides of this conflict. yes what a crew we were working in twenty one out of twenty two governorates and we're working everywhere to save children for example rocking in yemen and north yemen where the horses are in control and we're contributing to the to the assistance that everybody's doing and we're saving lives of children throw as little providing food assistance with medical assistance maternity health assistance assessor and similarly were doing in the south with the children who are victimized by by the bombardment by by landmines suicide attacks etc so we're working everywhere in the country in order to save lives and and. trying to push all sides to to neutralize the civilians but when a country is as poor as yemen one wonders what there is left to fight over do you find that people that are particularly loyal to one side or the other owner they
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get caught up in a bigger game well to be honest people have had enough on people want to live their life and now they're looking for food to eat the looking for school or schools to educate their children they're looking for water to drink they're looking for the basics they're not really in speak as i see an increased rate of poverty for example people of the the biggers and the seats number has increased significantly i see in the streets children who are either bigging or too weak. and skinny so. i also see hospitals that are that have nothing to provide to people's like the health system has almost collapsed and the amount if you get sick you may die because of preventable diseases. we wish you well thank you so much for joining us on a search from the save the children thank you for just how you're going to top
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story. the germans top administrative court has ruled in favor of allowing cities to heavily polluting diesel vehicles environmentally safe thousands of people died prematurely as a result of matching topside emissions and diesel insults. as a group say asteroids are fed syria's rebel held east into to join a five hour day beatrice but the syrian government denies that such attacks happened in while russia's military says that. a planned evacuation route for survivors that's up to date for the tough.
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i could go. on champions league. women and the game has moved to take. germany down the as a relegation battle reigning be trembling with a huge win and they fight against the drug. problem in a professional. you know promising. training program helps women to find a new career. many men are skeptical. but these women bring skill and in the absence of their work. it's never an important step towards more gender equality in the
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arab. league three thousand and sixty minutes. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for mines. every journey begins with the first step and every month for each of the first words published in the book niko he's in germany to the german. business us why not tell him. in simple online on your role model and frame. stuff. t w z e learning course speak german maybe see.
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the way. things are getting frosty in the league on the cold as much day of the year a coach makes his comeback happy to be back mr. cummings like a position it's kind of poise.


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