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tv   Check-in - Berlin Film Capital  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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arguments analysis. for journalists discuss the topic of the week. quadriga on g.w. . berlin a city with many facets there are photo opportunities everywhere and not just for tourists the filmmakers can find the perfect backdrop for almost any occasion movies and their locations cinema and their history this is my travel plan for today. berlin is a movie city and has been for
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a long time thousands of movies have been shot there are stars and starlets from all over the world come to religion and it's exciting cinema landscape this check in and this is in specially for movie fans. that's why today's show is also about the berlin film festival a top event in the film industry. we have a shopping tip for a movie fans the berlin them or a billion a shot. and a viewer takes us to the glamorous seaside resort. in europe why. my first stop is that so plus perhaps the most famous scene among berlin many important film so for me are here. there was a cinema here in one thousand nine hundred fifteen it was destroyed in world war two and rebuilt in the fifty's. that super lost was extensively renovated from
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twenty eleven to twenty thirty today there are seven cinemas here the concept is feel good cinema the back rests are it just the bill and drinks are served. this is berlin's largest cinema with each hundred fifty seats i met the managing director hunts you who fled. which internationally known stars have you met here. as here in berlin as for the front a lot of us and german film stars come to the most famous ones were perhaps steven spielberg. tom hanks and they came onto the stage here and said how much they like this cinema he told the disc you know. ok about this do they keep to themselves much. most of the big stars are very friendly some are arrogant some a bit out of the ordinary tip johnny depp came here really drunk so you couldn't
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really talk to him but you know most of them like tom hanks and steven spielberg are totally normal friendly guys with him and good income everybody it's the last is quite an institution in berlin is there anything left of its old flare. with. when i started last was germany's number one cinema we still streams newsreels and we had all the crimea as with sophie and iran and gregory peck on the red comment was in all the major us stars were here and we kept a lot of the flam from the fifty's and sixty's so yes it is a listed building on that we have modern technology and that's a fascinating mix but as he has a mix. for this with what makes berlin cinema landscape so fascinating if you're an insider you have been around for forty years but there is a huge variety from art house to main street and films in the original version but every film that is shot is shown in berlin. well you know when you don't have that
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in smaller cities. people say there is a film festival every day in berlin the focus is on special genres directors or countries but everything really is all about the. here's a quick look at the history of this exciting festival. the stars from to the bell an honor to be seen on the red carpet. they all hope to go home with a golden bear. the festival started in one thousand nine hundred fifty one six years after the end of world war two the americans organized the festival it was designed to be what they called a showcase of the free world. the city was
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divided among the occupying powers the film festival took place in the western sectors. for the berlin wall was built east berliners also frank to the festival. the city was rebuilding itself and the song cinema was built in the western city center it became a venue for the pearl in international film festival in one nine hundred fifty seven. in the following years the festival became increasingly political it showcased maverick such as director hina venner fassbinder one of the most important exponents of new german cinema. provocation was on the agenda in one nine hundred seventy four joining the cold war the festival showed its first soviet film. a year later became an east german film. about. jacob the lion even won
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a silver back. by the diamond and not. after the wall fell and nine hundred eighty nine the berlin are also rolled out the red carpeted cinemas in former east berlin here the keno internazionale. since two thousand the festivals main venue has been the movie theater on potsdamer platz the girl and is still open to the general public and it's popular despite the fact that it's becoming increasingly hard to get tickets some are sold online but most of the various box offices that means a lot of waiting. i want radio listeners free hours but i was out of the front of the queue well it has its own feel it has its own energy and so that also gets translated into the film it's a really different experience it's not about popcorn it's a gathering of people who are interested in a film that it comes out. every year around three hundred
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films are shot in berlin and kalki knock off chick takes film fans to famous locations. he had some of the self care for instance this was also a film location and it's hard to believe because it's almost completely changed. but i'll show you a photo from a very important film as if this is the same perspective. in nineteen twenty nine the silent movie people on sunday was shot it was one of the first independent films. the film shows what young people used to do in berlin in the one nine hundred twenty s. on sundays and bet's why it's so interesting because it documents what berlin looked like before world war two by the way billy wilder wrote the script. we take the subway to because. we are looking for the right perspective. that. that's it but it matches the scene takes place in one nine hundred sixty one
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the wall divides the city not so easy to find often take scenes today but this place is just right in the film it is a border crossing between west and east berlin. in bridge of spies tom hanks plays a lawyer who wants to exchange american prisoners for a russian spy for this he has to go to east berlin. as empathy pumping and so basically none of the surroundings have changed they've just set up this border post and a bit of barbed wire. bridge of rich of spies is a major hollywood production why do they come from so far to produce here in berlin they are by there because the story is also a berlin story of steven spielberg wanted to shoot at original locations steven spielberg but as a summer but another reason hollywood people like to shoot here is because it's so cheap. and all besides how you not cover chick tells me the stars enjoy being here
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next stop potsdamer platz here a blockbuster was shot in the sony center and they are approaching the emma now by the way yvette sienna yes it is vienna there's an explosion here it's the bombing of u.n. delegates from captain america's civil war. is wrong to extend this and in these other gods. here at potsdam up lots of inventors also short wings of desire a nine hundred eighty s. all marched to berlin and to love. this is where the wall was but it's gone thank goodness the film tells the story of two angels odds isn't one and they're invisible so they can live freely in the city that's why they often accompany other people the most into them mention what they're saying what they think is the sadness of a. and there is this history
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punched in the pants for. me not just chick of course knows many other locations and she officer tour in several languages unfortunately for me the two were in severe if you want to pick up if you need souvenir of the movie theater berlin then i have a tip for you collectors will be happy for your. five million photos and postcards all sorts of film programs d.v.d.'s books and thai collections on aspects of cinema history. patricia kaufman's film memorabilia shop is full of treasures from the past. not to make the once a ligament we have so much material it's impossible for us to know what all the items are if it gets no hot. from the beginnings to this day every phase of cinema
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history is represented there are many items of little value that if you damage about you can find unique specimens of original prints by the illustrator quit dagon for example you design many posters for classic films. a poster can cost up to seven hundred euros. the was a bizarre not something like this is special of course because it's hand painted not like today's digitally printed posters and when you come out of a machine or and after a while they no longer look as good as the posters that were painted. the shop has existed for about fifty years when it's only gave up the business in two thousand and eight and retired patricia kuhl flint took it over she collects posters herself and discovered this shop as a customer. i like this and so much
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that i didn't just buy those on the posters i bought the whole shop. if you run into ballot you can find one side also graft cuts signed his mother for example james dean o'malley omission eighteen stein pers would germany. shop in the interlocking the district is a treasure trove for any film lover. i am now making a visit to the deutsche uki martinique the museum for film and television it has one of the leading historical film collections in europe. their journey into film history begins with silent movie stars like katie paul and aston you'd see. in addition to expressionist works there are also recordings of molina d.t.h. the diva became famous in one thousand nine hundred thirty with the movie the blue
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angel. a whole section is dedicated to the silent film metropolis it was the first science fiction feature film and first shown in one thousand nine hundred twenty seven. and mother highlight is the special exhibition the one foot history of a brand to offer as one of the oldest film production companies in europe and was particularly successful in the thirty's and forty's a serious competitor to hollywood. needs vanity curates the exhibition he shows me a special piece from the molina d├Ždalus collection her morning robe from the blue angel and for food. it was established in one nine hundred seventeen at the end of world war one germans felt they were lagging behind other european countries when it came to using. propaganda to motivate their own population to go to war.
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that was a major reason the it was founded. to produce dynamic and appealing propaganda films. they did can you name some. of the first as metropolis by fritz lang from one nine hundred twenty seven then maybe during the nazi era in one nine hundred forty two. as most successful film with it i don't have the exact numbers in my head but i think twenty million people saw the film let me jump to fast forward and leave out the one nine hundred fifty s. sixty's and seventy's and mention a very successful t.v. mini series that the present a new friend has produced a generation war which takes a critical look at the nazi era. how did the awful position itself at that time. in one nine hundred twenty seven a company which was in deep financial trouble was taken over by
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a certain hand. it was a nationalist and very close to the nazis so the company had already been brought into line and yet. after nine hundred thirty three toed the nazi line completely and was one of the first companies in germany to fire almost all its jewish employees. the relatives i think. they should but what did you do for me to berlin as a movie city back then and such a date. for now represents filmmaking in berlin in the collective memory they go together in many films were shot in berlin and the surrounding area and the big studios were outside berlin and bubbles burst. with that as it may as the filmmaking center and the company are indivisible what. needs vanny could give me the perfect keyword. half an hour's drive from berlin if pop them in there is
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europe's largest and that it right next door there is a park where everything revolves around one big movie. and action the stunt show and bubbles back film park really pulls in the crowds. in addition to tours through real film sets you can learn some of the tricks of the trade. in special shows animal trainers demonstrate how they prepare the animals appearing in films for their roles. next door on the studio grounds films have been produced since one thousand nine hundred twelve the set builders are world renowned for their high quality craftsmanship. the props warehouse office everything
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a producer's heart could design. then there's beilin astrologer a huge set with full streets in various architectural styles thousands of photos of pretty world war two but when served as a template. it's where tomtit recently shot the most expensive german t.v. series to date. the crime series babylon balinese set in the spring of one thousand nine hundred twenty nine but then as we're dealing with the consequences of world war one growing poverty and unemployment were spreading throughout the city. at night people policy and darren's the charleston. the roaring twenty's brought to life again on location and palin and barbara's battle. to. bash the. whatever hollywood can do
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can do to berlin has its own walk of fame here ok so it's a bit smaller than the first star went to my leaning in tony ten. no for a change of kong to me our viewers governor you like are you on shows us where the rich and famous in south america are like chill out you know or meet a local flood she takes us to the churn the seaside resort of. europe wide. mellow and welcome to day i'm gabriella and today i'm going to take you on a tour through one of the most exclusive resorts in latin america will begin at the port authority about a boy. in the high season the port is filled with tourists. mainly argentinians and brazilians come with their own luxury yachts and sailboats. they really don't room to room for.
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their ideas and this resort is especially popular with celebrities like in life because in addition to infrastructure and glamour it offers them tranquility so they can enjoy their vacations with their families or friends and i mean. everything going to be less day is a pencil out on its west side is the real deal and the atlantic ocean is to the east indies when. it comes to now we're in the west on platinum on south beach. the water here is quite calm because the beach is protected from the wind and ocean currents by the ports in antiquity island today the theory. is that better than not they don't because there are no waves here it's perfect for swimming and everyone comes here to enjoy dip in the water.
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nothing wonderful now we're on the eastern side of the peninsula at the playa proud of the wild beach which is exposed to the winds from the atlantic ocean or you can more than that today there are no waves but when there are it's preferred by surfers and windsurfers we said. i get everything this is also where you'll find a symbol of point to the last day the fingers or the hand by a chilean sculptor has become a national icon to. lend a hand to one of the most visited streets is cash event a prime fashion location with many international labels. left where the city has fifteen thousand residents in addition and half a million tourists come here in summer so there are lots of hotels. and they're all booked don't need that they've got out. of newark one of the best known places in
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pointed l.s.d. is the hotel conradt with restaurants a spa that loves some cool shops and conference hall so mark. it is here you need to start because many international artists come here and i never ensure a soft spot at some point. in going up i mean my take on that also has a casino one of the most important in latin america and the style of las vegas good and more but all kinds of tourism has developed around the casino independent of the summer season with many international poker tournaments to hit. this in detail i invite you to end our tour with a drink at one of the many beach bars at sunset that many people follow that up the line joining the nightlife.
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why don't they have our say goodbye now you know i hope you've enjoyed it and see when pointer. now it's time to take a stroll along the crew for some gum or grease jelly and molina deeply one stroll to. bumping into tom hanks or scarlett johansson in berlin that's quite possible. or coffee einstein are only two of the city's well known celebrity restaurants but filming there is a no no so i'm trying my luck here and i think off. by the way another movie was shot here the bourne supremacy a hollywood movie starring matt damon. i'm keeping my eyes open but i can't see any hollywood star city.
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instead i can spot a berlin style icon the lady would fact she once owned a club in berlin. now the contrast programme to the chic who first dumped facebook leads me to like her because this is where the mobile cinema is setting up its chairs today pop up cinema it's the name of the concept two friends came up with they set up their cinema every night always in different places. the piece made in noise current is actually a techno club that men know where to is one of the inventors of the mobile cinema. from the where does your pop cinema pop up in general well it's basically in berlin and different places clubs gardens. in the middle of the forest whatever we can find a place to play or we find
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a pleasure in. it's interesting to our political there we're going to we're going to show you this but what's the idea behind all this behind the pop up cinema we want to have a cinema that is not up to germany so when they arrive to the world and i realize most of the cinemas have films in germany and we even think that i was correct the film has to be and the and the original language and that's why we decided to start with this with this project we don't show extremely commercial films for example comic films in a way although we show a lot of animated films but it has to be films that are half there are intelligent that makes you think a little bit more power from that you come out of the sentiment and thing like all what did i just see you have to process a little bit more are there any plans for the future right now or is it ok just like that we would like to get to the point that we are based in different cities probably for a cs song to say like the summer season three different cities or in another
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country like we have done before we go to festivals. so night it's a david lynch movie on the program. so now i'm going to sit back and relax in the cinema but the brylin was awesome great movie exciting locations and i got to know the city from a whole new perspective that's it bye bye see you next. the be.
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abiding the as it's the be . the least the laws. come highlights the are silly. with feet to. make some special. truth. possibly. because more than football online. the stasi made
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a point to still. represented the. architect of east germany's police state. of the land if i had my way. east germany would still be. master of fear. for human obama. starting march thirteenth d.w. . the limbs barely feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for the. former city's edge but. they have survived the two they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but they also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create
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something. new beginning in peace time who are the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after war. starting march tenth on t w. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin a temporary truce for
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a second day in syria monitor groups say there were clashes before the russian ordered ceasefire midsole syrian forces advance into the rebel held on cable piece and who still don't sign of civilians using a designated humanitarian corridor to leave also coming up more next.


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